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June 26, 2016

***Due to preemptions, these spoilers might contain peeks at the following week***

Sam learns of Alexis's trouble.
Ava wakes up to a nearly naked Nik.
Tracy and Michael try to sidetrack Monica.
Ava can't fathom her actions.
Finn makes a dire diagnosis for baby Edward.
Sonny drops a bomb on Julian.
Julian considers killing his wife.
Morgan warns Dillon to stay away from Kiki.
Sonny speaks to Anna about Alexis.
Alexis and Anna come to an understanding.
Nina and Franco hash out their relationship and feelings.
Kristina and Aaron discuss their relationship.
Kristina is unsure where her feelings are headed.
Anna and Griffin talk. He tells her why he left the church.
Anna is stunned by Griffin's admission.
Finn begins to crash again.
Hayden turns to Tracy for help in saving Finn.
Tracy and Hayden ally to help.
Maxie interviews a possible new hire for Crimson.
Sam and Jason find Nikolas.
Ava knocks Jason out.
Maxie takes a liking to the applicant, not knowing she is Claudette.
Carly finds a clue in her search for answers.
Nik and Ava escape, heading to Cassadine island.
Ava worries that her problems will follow her.
Michael and Sabrina make steps toward each other.
Lulu and Dante want to honor Nikolas.
Valerie is assigned to the GH case.
Hayden discovers that at one point, Nikolas and her father's business intersected.
Valerie has to make a decision, and it's not easy.
Liz witnesses something odd and a bit frightening.
Liz has a weird and unsettling encounter with Dr. Mayes.
Sonny becomes concerned that Morgan is focusing on Kiki for his happiness.
Kiki is caught in the middle of a fight between Dillon and Morgan.
Michael makes a stand.
Maxie thinks she is jinxed.
Jason and Sam go after Nik and Ava.
Finn needs lifesaving drugs.
Sam let's Jason know that she is all in on the adventure, and Alexis will be fine.
Alexis loves Julian, but knows she must protect herself.
TJ is angry that Jordan lied to him for years.
Liz and Franco continue to grow their friendship.
Franco works with Jake about his time with Helena.
Alexis makes a gesture to Julian, catching him off guard.
Franco gets an offer.
Monica guesses that Tracy is up to something.
Jake recovers a memory.
Lab results on Finn's syringe come back.
The killer walks the halls at GH.
Tracy arranges for Finn to get the drugs he needs.
Laura overhears Spencer talking on the phone. Spencer downplays it.

***Monday, July 4th is a repeat episode. It is Nik on the rocks, with a Jason chaser***


Nathan arrests Alexis for Carlos's murder.
Alexis is shocked, but not surprised.
Sonny is livid and shows that he will never walk away from Alexis.
Hayden helps Finn as his condition deteriorates.
Julian tells Alexis that she can beat the charges and they can forget it ever happened.
Alexis is stunned by Julian's impossible scenario.
Sam and Jason search for Nikolas in England.
Julian stays silent.
Anna and Paul want to question Alexis.
Dillon and Nina have a heart to heart talk.
Jordan objects to Anna's involvement.
Paul stands firm for Anna.
Griffin feels guilt over Nathan.
Diane and Alexis plan their strategy.
Franco attempts to talk to Nina.
Nina tells Franco that they can have sex without any personal involvement.
Finn confides in Hayden.
Franco is hurt and needs a friend to talk with.
Sonny tries to get Alexis off the hook.
Sabrina heads to Felix for talk and advice.
Anna, Sonny and Jordan all want Alexis to help nail Julian.
Anna tries to get Alexis to give up Julian.
Alexis has her own plans for Julian.
Kristina decides to try for a relationship with Aaron.
TJ is blindsided by what Curtis and Jordan had to say.
TJ tries to get more info out of Curtis.
Ava demands to know why Huxley Trent is holding her.
Nikolas is caught in Ava's trouble.
Jordan is unaware that TJ knows the truth.
Franco goes to see Elizabeth at her new home.
Elizabeth listens to Franco's troubles with Nina.
Empathy turns into compassion and a kiss.
Both Liz and Franco are surprised by the kiss.
Nina's new deal with Julian puts her in an awkward spot.
A package for Julian is delivered to Crimson, putting Nina and Maxie on edge.
Olivia witnesses a moment between Nina and Julian that makes her uneasy.
Morgan is released.
Michael gives Sonny and Carly good news.
Kiki and Dillon prepare for their "real" date.
Morgan's appearance gives Kiki pause.
Anna accepts a blind date from the dating site Emma set up.
Franco and Liz see each other in a new light.
Morgan talks to Kiki.
Ava refuses to give up her expensive and stolen artifact.
Tracy asks Finn to come to the Q mansion.
Sam and Jason try to "rescue" Nikolas.
Finn's health  deteriorates.
Diane uses her skills to protect Alexis.
Finn is seriously ill, and is running out of time and money.


Carly offers Alexis some advice after seeing her with Julian.
Sam is being followed and takes appropriate steps.
Jason tells Sam that he believes Spencer knows where Nik is hiding.
Emma has a Berlin diamond.
Griffin slips while talking to Maxie.
Spinelli pretends to know more about Nathan than he really does.
Spencer is preparing to meet Nikolas.
Kevin deciphers another clue.
Sonny sends a package to Jason.
Anna looks for evidence to pin Julian for murder.
Jordan's jealousy rears its ugly head, causing her to leave Anna without help.
Jordan allows personal feelings to interfere with her job.
Jordan tells Andre how she feels, and he makes a decision.
Ava learns that the PCPD is eyeing Julian for Carlos's murder.
Spinelli finds a clue.
Julian and Nina bond.
Kiki can't shake her feelings for Morgan.
Andre tells Anna that he has strong feelings for her, so they can't be friends anymore.
Sonny, Anna and Paul work together.
Obrecht gets her aha! moment with Finn.
Andre tells Jordan he loves her.
Mr. Huxley debuts. He will be part of a mystery. He has an assistant, Margarethe.
Spinelli offers his shoulder to Maxie.
Finn has another bad moment.
Alexis has genuine fear of Julian.
Brad and Lucas are about to wed...then, interrupted again.
Julian tells Ava to make herself scarce.
Ava takes a trip.
Leaving on a jet plane...Ava meets her seatmate.
Nikolas and Ava are shocked to see each other.
Carly digs deep for answers about the kidney.
Monica is forced into making a decision to the delight of Obrecht.
Tracy is angry at Monica.
Jason comes to Sam's rescue.
Spinelli is happy that Jason has his memories.
Spinelli comes through for Jason.
Jason and Sam follow the evidence out of town.
Laura and Lulu wonder if the death of Nikolas is all it seems.
Sonny moves to make Dante and Lulu happy with a gesture.
Nina turns out to be a good friend to Julian.
Julian and Nina make a deal.
Liz warms up to Franco's kindness.
Emma interferes in Anna's love life.
Dante is unsure about Lulu's decision to look into Cassadine machinations.
Sonny gets down to business.
Jake opens up to Franco, shedding light on his time with Helena.
The search for the murder weapon centers on Julian.
Dante and Lulu are in for a shock.
The dagger is the key.
Jake casually brings up a memory.
 Nathan gets a search warrant.
A package is delivered to Crimson causing Maxie and Nina to freak out a little.
The PCPD breaks up the wedding by searching for that pesky dagger.
Naomi Berlin shows more interest in Elizabeth.
Hayden fears imminent arrest, but Mama Berlin covers for her.
Hayden begins to wonder about Spencer's demeanor..
The lab finds evidence on the dagger.
Nathan gets an arrest warrant.
Guess who the warrant is for?
Julian is willing to let Alexis take the heat.
Carly gives Elizabeth some advice.
Elizabeth gets to hear all of the unsavory details of the trainwreck that was Francly.
Carly's words give Elizabeth pause.
Valerie graduates with Curtis in attendance.
Curtis longs for his police days.
TJ overhears a conversation that shakes him. He seeks out Curtis.
Tracy champions Finn.

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Brad and Lucas try to make wedding plans.
Jason considers telling the cops his suspicions.
Franco sees Liz's frustration and coaxes the reason out of her.
Franco offers to help Liz bring down Hayden.
Hayden's mother brings news.
Laura leans on Kevin for support.
Nathan tells Maxie that he shot someone in cold blood.
Nathan's confession gives Maxie pause.
Finn refuses to talk about himself.
Julian figures out that Alexis didn't burn the shirt.
Julian tries to get into Alexis's head.
Ava makes a new circle of friends.
Spinelli comes back.
Spinelli helps his friends.
Tracy greets Sabrina warmly, confusing Michael.
Jordan becomes insecure again.
Julian realizes he is scaring Alexis and changes tactics.
Spinelli is overjoyed that Jason remembers him.
Nina and Julian form a friendship, where they can relax.
Sonny has concerns about Aaron.
Kristina and Aaron get closer.
Kristina has Parker on her mind, and that makes her unsure.
Hayden doesn't trust her mother.
Monica has to ask Finn hard questions.
Dante has someone followed (Spinelli).
Ava makes plans for a trip after talking to Julian.
Sonny figures out that someone is keeping Morgan and Kiki apart.
Evidence keeps pointing to Finn as the assailant.
Anna and Sonny join forces once again.
Spinelli makes a discovery.
Someone worries that Lucas will remember.
Jason needs to get into Windermere undetected.
Jason finds incriminating evidence.
All evidence points to Jason.
Naomi covers for Hayden, but there is a price.
Carly makes an accusation.
Griffin wonders if he should speak up.
Liz accepts Franco's help.
Julian believes that he and Alexis are done and contemplates his next move.
The stress from keeping secrets is too much for Griffin.
Tracy makes an offer.
Emma receives a gift.
Anna gets some company...
Jason and Sam follow the clues.
Paul makes a declaration to Anna.
Jason has an idea and he and Sam go off to search for the truth.
With Jason gone, Franco is able to talk to Jake.
Who is Huxley and what is his agenda?
Spinelli will be around longer for this run.
Nathan worries that his lies by omission to Maxie may have destroyed their relationship.
Nathan gets a warrant.
Obrecht continues to look for more damning evidence.
Alexis is torn over Julian.
Support turns to sparks for Kevin and Laura.
Sonny and Alexis talk.
Sonny tells her he can't give Julian a pass anymore, and urges her to tell the truth.
Anna wonders if she misread Paul.
The search for the knife that killed Carlos heats up.
Maxie makes a decision regarding Nathan.
Morgan is happy to come home, but fears he might not be strong enough.
Andre finds himself drawn to Anna.


Laura and Lulu hold vigil, preparing for the worst case scenario.
Nikolas is presumed dead.
All eyes turn to Jason as a person of interest.
Sonny backs Ava down.
Ava pleads with Sonny.
Elizabeth brings Spencer home from a sleepover.
Laura quietly tells Liz that Nik is dead.
Laura worries about breaking the bad news to Spencer.
Brad gets bad news.
Liz is angry that Hayden's finger pointing is causing problems for Jason.
Liz begs Jason to stay calm and not do anything to damage his integrity.
Franco offers to help Liz.
Liz vows not to let Hayden get away with hurting Nik.
Liz tells Jordan about the diamonds and Hayden.
Surveillance footage may prove to be a problem for Jason.
Spinelli is happy to find that Jason remembers him.
Nathan decides to tell Maxie the truth about Claudette.
Spencer takes the news about Nik a little too well.
Jordan tells Jason not to leave town.
Sam and Jason work together to solve a mystery.
Carly learns the details of what happened to Lucas, including Finn being a suspect.
Finn is in bad shape and Hayden finds him.
Sam and Jason solve a mystery.
Sonny makes a very surprising offer to Ava.
Carly is stunned by Sonny's decision.
Finn tells Hayden to forget what she saw.
After hearing from Obrecht about Finn's last employment, Carly has questions.
Carly knows that Finn lied to her, but she doubts he is a killer.
Carly demands answers from Finn.
Tracy doesn't want to give up baby Edward.
Laura witnesses a sweet and heartfelt moment between Hayden and Spencer.
Another mystery may interfere with Dante and Lulu.
Sparks between Laura and Kevin ignite.
Naomi Berlin arrives and is about to turn at least two lives upside down!
Franco gets through to Jake.
Dillon and Kiki make a date.
Tracy give unequivocal support to Finn.
Alexis worries that Julian might consider her expendable.
Carly pushes ahead with her curiosity about Joss's kidney.

Rachel's mother reveals a long held secret. It will upend and upset many lives
Video makes Jason appear guilty. Spinelli comes to the rescue. Nikolas's "death" opens up more clues and mysteries, sending Lulu and Laura on an adventure. There is an unexpected twist.
Dante feels left behind again, but this time he steps up. Valerie graduates and becomes a cop. Her first assignment is the thefts and deaths at GH. Sonny works with the cops to bring down Julian. Anna and Sonny join forces. Carly's quest to find the kidney donor causes huge repercussions for the family. Nina takes stock of her life and decides to move on with her life, without Franco. The connection between Nathan and Griffin is revealed. Kristina and Aaron open a business, backed by Sonny. Secrets from Jordan's past are revealed. She makes an admission that sends TJ to Curtis. Paul moves against Julian and Anna. Anna wonders if she misread Paul.
Elizabeth will see her family expand. Franco begins to unlock the secrets in Jake's head. Franco has feelings for Liz, as she begins to see him as a friend. A host of clues lead to a surprise. Nikolas's agenda is revealed. Elizabeth's family gets larger. Maxie and Claudette meet face to face.

Brad asks Felix to be his best man.
Someone is lurking in the hallway.
The hospital is the location for an attack.
Lucas is in the wrong place, and comes upon someone committing a crime.
Franco is in the right place at the right time.
Franco saves Lucas from a worse fate.
Obrecht warns Liz to stay away from Finn.
Obrecht is certain that Finn is dangerous.
Alexis fears that Julian is trying to bribe her.
Alexis realizes that she has zero trust in Julian.
Nikolas is walking a razor's edge with his temper.
Obrecht plans to sabotage the Ball.
Nik and Hayden attend the ball together.
Liz is someone's target to be humiliated.
Someone comes to Liz's rescue.
Nik and Jason are at odds on the red carpet.
Sonny and Michael are able to get to Sabrina in time, before Marco can kill her.
Michael learns the awful details of what happened to Sabrina while on the run.
The Nurse's Ball is off to an epic start.
Paul tries to manipulate Ava.
Ava makes a statement to Paul, shaking him up.
Maxie asks Griffin for a favor.
Liz sees what Nik is up to, and gives him a warning.
Griffin escorts Maxie on the red carpet.
Nikolas makes another move.
Hayden asks Finn to hear her out.
Dillon sees a different side to Tracy when she is with the baby.
Carly has plans to keep Avery away from Ava.
Dillon asks Kiki out on a real date.
Alexis begins to fear Julian.
Nik loses control.
Robin and Emma come to visit.
Lucy drafts more performers.
Emma does a number with Ned.
Kevin and Laura draw closer.
Jordan makes a decision.
A surprise arrest at the Nurse's Ball.
Morgan witnesses Kiki and Dillon kiss, and is heartbroken.
A body is discovered, and a link to a crime.
Lucas isn't the only one to witness a crime.
Sam finds a mess, and signs of a struggle.
Jason and Sam set off on an investigation.
Spinelli helps Carly with the kidney mystery.
Griffin is suspicious of Dr. Finn.
Curtis comes to Hayden's rescue.
Carly makes a threat.
Alexis has to make a call...
Avery is the pickle in the middle.
The drug thefts get more violent.
Kiki passes on Ava's offer.
Nikolas loses his veneer of respectability.
Magic Milo does NOT disappoint.
A crime comes to light.
Ava and Carly face off over Avery.
Sabrina tells her story and Michael is sickened.
Dillon comes to a conclusion about Tracy.
Sam fears that her mother is endangered.
Jason let's Sam know that she isn't doing this alone.
Clues lead Sam and Jason on a quest.
Carly comes upon something disturbing.
It's obvious to everyone that it's a crime, not a paperwork error.
Someone suddenly falls ill.
A connection between two incidents is found.
Finn looks guilty.
Anna says goodbye to Duke.

Sam and Jason enjoy their new closeness.
Reality intrudes as Jason and Sam realize they have a new life.
Kevin and Laura join together to uncover the mystery of the book.
Lucy returns.
Planning for the Nurse's Ball is in high gear.
Sonny and Jason have a heart to heart talk.
While the friendship is mended, Jason makes it clear to Sonny that he is no longer interested in the business.
Alexis and Julian have a huge fight.
Alexis realizes that Julian has been manipulating her emotions.
Brad and Lucas have their wedding plans in place.
Brad asks Felix to be his best man.
Ava demands Avery.
Carly and Ava argue. Carly makes a demand.
Liz explains to Jake that he will be seeing a new therapist.
Jake begs Liz to let him see Franco.
Kevin and Laura's quest leads them to the past.
Jake acts out, frightening Liz.
Lucy gets the wrong idea about Kevin.
Dr. Obrecht starts her own investigation.
Hayden finally gets the helplessness of her reality.
Morgan and Kiki reconnect.
Nik makes a move that can have disastrous consequences for someone.
Ava thinks that Morgan is the reason that Kiki won't renew the mother-daughter bond.
Ava asks Morgan for help.
Tracy gets a delivery that is unsettling.
Monica makes a decision.
Morgan pulls back from Kiki.
Liz must make a choice.
The Julexis marriage starts to crumble.
Jason and Sam plan on how to move forward.
Missing drugs become an issue.
Hayden goes to Tracy for help.
Michael hears the whole sick tale of what happened with Sabrina and Carlos.
Sam faces some uncomfortable truths.
Sonny is ready for Ava.
Jason explains to Sonny that he will always be there for him and the family, but he is done being the enforcer.
Finn asks Felix for help.
Julian faces losing more than Alexis.
Nina puts the clues together, but keeps Julian's secrets.
Jason and Monica have a wonderful conversation.
Anna has some serious thinking to do.
Hayden faces a hard reality.
Nik takes a drastic step.
Things get dark for Hayden.

While semi conscious on the road, Jason hears voices of Robin and Sonny.
Carlos manages to escape.
Jason sees Robin.
Jason also sees Sonny, Carly and Sam.
Dante and Nathan need help.
Jason has a flash, then a flood of memories.
Carlos let's Julian know he is free and needs money.
Jason uses his skill set to help the injured.
Will Jason remember all he learned as a med student?
Jason manages to keep Nathan and Dante alive until help arrives.
Franco attempts to woo Nina, but fails.
Jordan and Sam each confront Alexis.
Kiki tries to intervene on Franco's behalf with Nina.
Anna is feeling hopeless, and gets an ethereal visitor (Duke).
Sam finds Jason, and is unprepared for what he tells her.
The escape is high priority and the PCPD is in the hot seat.
Sabrina sends Michael a message that pushes him to find her.
Liz and Hayden face off.
Julian denies involvement in the escape.
Franco goes to Heather for some advice.
Sam blames Julian and Alexis for Jason's, Dante's and Nathan's injuries.
Alexis puts the pieces together but is unable to confront Julian.
Julian puts the dagger to use.
Sonny demands retribution after his son is injured by Carlos.
Michael to the rescue! Michael follows the clues in Sabrina's message.
Sonny goes to Anna so they can talk about Duke.
Griffin drops a bombshell on Anna and Sonny.
Duke's presence comforts Anna.
Liz gives Nik advice, while Curtis does the same with Hayden.
Andre gravitates to Anna again.
Dr. Obrecht wants to ruin Finn.
Carly and Sonny must deal with Ava.
Kristina tries to enjoy a friendship with Aaron.
Elizabeth looks  for a way to explain to Jake that he won't be seeing Franco.
Sam isn't sure how to take Jason now.
Jason reconnects with friends, family and loved ones.
Jason looks at his past with a different eye.
Julian is acting suspiciously, and Alexis worries about what he is doing.
Maxie and Lulu wait for news.
Maxie and Leisl have an emotional bonding moment.
Sonny comes across a golden opportunity.
Alexis and Julian have a huge fight.
Dante and Lulu count their blessings and talk about the future.
Sonny is grateful to Jason.
Carly and Finn look for clues.
Hayden finds herself against a wall.
Dr. Finn will be a great advocate for his patients, does not tolerate doctors who don't do their jobs and has an addiction issue.
Dr. Finn's mood swings call attention to him.
Hayden must ask Tracy for help.
spoilers are in random order and may change due to rewrites, preemptions or time constraints.

An argument between Jordan and Andre turns passionate.

Sam asks Julian for answers and help.
Sam fears that Carlos will destroy Julian.
Nikolas takes on Hayden.
A nurse at the hospital gossips to Maxie.
Franco and Liz discuss Jake's art therapy.
Paul tries to neutralize Anna.
Alexis begins to seriously doubt Julian.
Jason tries to demand that Liz does as she is told.
Franco sends Nina the sketch as a gift.
Mac has questions for Griffin.
Griffin is evasive in his answers.
Anna makes an accusation to Alexis
Jason gives Michael a bit of assistance.
Anna's questions put pressure on Julian and Alexis.
Julian covers his bases.
Franco confides in a sympathetic ear.
Finn gets unexpected news.
The FBI makes Hayden uncomfortable.
Kristina tells Molly that she met someone.
Kristina still has feelings for Parker.
Anna is at the end of her rope.
Alexis demands the truth from Julian.
Liz tells Jason that he can't dictate who she can be friends with.
Sam has an update for Maxie.
Sonny takes charge.
Trouble finds its way to the PCPD.
Dante and Lulu discuss having their embryo implanted.
Hayden and Nik plot against each other.
Carlos has the power to ruin the happiness of Julexis.
Nathan and Maxie continue to plan their wedding.
Dr. Obrecht accepts a position at GH.
Anna comes face to face with Julian.
Julian's actions are becoming obvious.
Griffin reveals more of himself to Anna.
Alexis confronts Julian and accuses him of betraying her trust.
Kristina and Aaron make plans.
Carlos wields his power.
Michael doesn't trust Carlos's information about Sabrina.
Curtis and Valerie get closer, but his feelings for Hayden could be a problem.
Finn and Obrecht clash.
Elizabeth and Hayden have another faceoff.
Julian takes care of a problem.
Ava makes plans to bring Avery home.


April 24, 2016

*A twist in the case with Carlos.
*There is a surprise witness to Duke's shooting.
*Nina finds Julian in her office. The two make a connection.
*Finn is hired.
*Tracy goes back to ELQ.
*Franco gives Jake the puppy.
*Jason feels rage toward Franco.
*After a near violent confrontation with Franco, Sam and Obrecht step in to stop it.
*Jason recovers a memory.
*Hayden believes she can still use ELQ and Tracy.
*Sam fills Jason in on their history with Franco.
*Jason is not happy to see Franco, and loses his temper.
*Carlos gives Alexis an ultimatum.
*Sonny finds out what Alexis is doing for Julian with Carlos..
*Scott gets Anna out on bail.
*Nina leaves Franco a message that makes him lose hope.
*Jason worries about his temper and over the top reactions.
*Kiki and Dillon become friends.
*Dr. Obrecht encourages Franco to call on his dark side.
*Michael worries about what Sonny plans for Carlos and Sabrina.
*Tracy fires Hayden, but will she go quietly? Not so much.
*Alexis begins to see what is really happening.
*Ric is back, and has advice for Sonny.
*Franco tries to make Jason see that things are different now.
*New guy Aaron finds Kristina captivating.
*Julian takes advantage of Alexis's position as Carlos's lawyer putting their marriage at risk.
*Julian makes a confession to Ava.
*Ava is afraid of what might happen if Carlos flips on the Jerome's.
*Kristina is glad she took Sam's advice.
*Maxie asks Sam for help investigating Claudette.
*Jason and Sam are being watched.
*Sonny has contingency plans in place.
*Jason questions Sonny's motives.
*Michael and Sonny clash over Sabrina.
*Felix and Michael are getting closer to finding Sabrina and the baby.
*Hayden's life gets worse..
*Paul makes a move.
*Julian betrays Alexis's trust.
*Nina misreads Franco.
*Carly is wary of Finn.
*Andre comes to Anna's defense.
*Alexis gives Carlos news that could spell big trouble.
*Nina and Julian reach an accord, and work together.
*Lucas and Brad make wedding plans.
*Jason and Sam are in danger.

April 17, 2016

*Julian must ask Alexis for help, but doesn't tell her the whole truth.
*Alexis goes to the jail to represent Carlos.
*Ned learns that Olivia and Julian are co-parenting Leo.
*Griffin is stunned by Nathan's appearance.
*Ned doesn't think Tracy is really as mellow as she seems.
*Nina can't quite accept Franco's apology.
*Sam has a nightmare about Jason that scares her.
*Kristina confides in Sam about her confusion.
*Griffin and Nathan are surprised to see each other. And not in a good way.
*Alexis gives Carlos wise advice, but he doesn't trust her.
*A confession causes chaos.
*Julian tries to get info from Alexis.
*Paul and Anna are exposed.
*Jordan catches heat from the mayor.
*Monica confronts Dr. Obrecht about Finn.
*Sonny puts pressure on Julian.
*Sonny worries that Alexis and Kristina are in danger.
*Paul and Anna are arrested.
*Paul's words leave Anna horrified.
*Andre rushes to Anna's side when he learns she is in custody.
*Obrecht unwittingly gives Monica an idea.
*Michael and Felix join forces to find Sabrina.
*Paul and Anna have a confrontation.
*Andre is asked to give a psychiatric evaluation.
*Michael and Felix head for Puerto Rico.
*A drunk and upset Nina cries on Dillon's shoulder.
*Carlos doesn't trust Alexis.
*Laura begins to unravel the mystery of her inheritance with help from Kevin.
*Mac and Felicia hire Scott to represent Anna.
*Sam wonders about Jason's hair trigger temper.
*Franco and Kiki start art therapy together.

April 10, 2016

*Sonny and Anna talk on the plane.
*Anna tells Sonny about shooting Carlos.
*Paul goes to Jordan and spins the situation with Anna to his benefit.
*Anna figures out Paul's game.
*Carlos is one step ahead.
*Sonny and Anna come face to face with Carlos. Shots are fired.
*Anna and Sonny survive....
*Jordan doesn't trust Paul.
*Tracy wants Finn to stay in Port Charles.
*Jason and Sam come up with a plan.
*Jason makes Nikolas an offer.
*Nik has to sell Jason ELQ or go to prison for attempted murder.
*Hayden still has plans for Nik.
*Kiki starts art therapy with Franco.
*Paul talks to Julian, and Julian learns new information.
*Sonny gives Michael an update on Sabrina.
*Sabrina's whereabouts are a mystery.
*Nina gives Nathan advice.
*Nathan is unsettled by his talk with Nina about Maxie and Claudette.
*Maxie searches the Internet for Claudette.
*Dante and Lulu make good progress.
*Laura is taken in an interesting direction while researching her "inheritance".
*Sonny and Anna reach a new dynamic.
*Julian spills to Ava that he is back in the mob.
*Anna and Sonny are accused of being hypocrites.
*Jason informs the family about ELQ.
*Carly and Finn have an interesting chat.
*Finn and Carly come away with a new understanding.
*Nina is still hurt by Franco and his adamant stand about children.
*Franco benefits from helping Kiki.
*Tracy realizes the truth of her situation.
*Julian fears that Carlos will turn on him.
*Morgan begins making real progress.
*Carly finds Finn in a bad way and helps him.
*Paul is desperate to protect himself.
*Monica asks Dr. Finn to stay.
*Valerie questions whether or not to consider seeing Curtis.
*Anna is ready to accept the consequences of her actions.
*Sonny respects Anna and looks for a way to protect her from prosecution.
*The search for Sabrina is on.
*Michael refuses to sit back and wait.
*Michael talks to Felix.
*Julian looks for a way to keep Alexis in the dark.
*Jason is still angry at Nik and wants him to pay.
*Sam asks Jason to back off because Nik is going through hell.
*Jason agrees.
*Michael asks Dante to help him find Sabrina
*Sam and Jason get caught up in the moment and make love.
*Dante fears Sonny is going to kill Carlos.
*Alexis does something that stuns Kristina.
*Nina finally gets that Julian is behind the sabotage of Crimson.
*Anna gets the upper hand with Paul.
*Tracy's actions concerned Dr. Finn.
*Julian lies to Alexis.
*Tracy has a setback and requires surgery.
*Alexis demands that Parker tell her how she got involved with Kristina.
*Ava comes home to a frightening sight.
*The message to Ava is unmistakable.
*Haychel tells Nik that she knows he tried to have her killed.
*Sam tells Jason that she doesn't think he was the target.
*Jason and Sam go to Pentonville for answers.
*Shawn gives Sam enough to question what really happened.
*Wedding planning leads up to a May sweeps wedding for Lucas and Brad.
*Anna takes charge of her own destiny.
*Carly wants Jason's help, and expects him to drop everything.
*Morgan decides to get healthy so he can help Kiki.
*Sonny has been thinking about what Griffin said about forgiveness, but for whom?
*Nina gets news about her fertility tests.
*Nathan tells Maxie about Claudette, but not everything.
*Dante considers calling the FBI for help.
*Sam and Carly butt heads.
*Franco tries to talk to Liz about her future plans.
*Julian makes Nina an offer, and she can't refuse.
*Curtis let's Haychel know he has her back.
*Sam and Jason are shocked by Nik.
*Curtis makes Nik a proposition.
*Tracy undergoes a personality change.
*Maxie begins to have doubts.
*Carly warns Sonny not to kill Carlos.
*Anna pulls a fast one on Paul.
*Paul has no clue that Sonny is helping Anna.
*Julian isn't sure about Sonny.
*Kristina is humiliated and hurt that Alexis went to Parker.
*Julian warns Sonny to back off of Ava.
*Nik is furious with himself and Hayden.
*Jason feels a strong pull to the Quartermanes.
*Nik calls Sam to tell her about Rachel.
*Sonny and Griffin have a heart to heart talk.
*Sonny likes and respects the young doctor.
*Kristina opens up to Alexis after some gentle prodding.
*Dr. Obrecht has a misunderstanding with Dr. Finn.
*Anna turns to Sonny for help.
*Kiki is having trouble dealing with the shooting.
*Leisl is confused by a doctor.
*Morgan is still very depressed.
*Sonny has Julian's phone tapped phone tapped after telling him Carlos is alive.
*Julian is concerned about what Curtis may find.
*The town is shocked by Hayden's true identity.
*Sam and Jason look into Hayden's real past, and what is happening.
*Kiki wants to help Morgan recover.
*Kiki has an idea on how to reach Morgan.
*Nathan gives Maxie more details about his past.
*Nina tells Julian that Curtis came up empty, and Julian is relieved.
*Julian tells Nina to let it go.
*Nina knows Julian is the saboteur.
*Kiki asks Ava for a special favor.
*Sonny taunts Julian with the truth that Carlos is alive.
*Jason and Sam look into the shooting, and whether Shawn is innocent.
*Nina asks someone special to write a guest column, Joe Zee.
*Laura goes to Scott for help with the clues.
*Tracy gets a gift and is truly touched.
*Ava gets another warning.
*A fearful Ava pays Scott to move in to help keep her safe.
*The DNA results are on on Griffin Munro.
*Jason moves to reclaim ELQ.
*Liz and Hayden argue.
*Julian gets an offer...
*Anna gets a special visitor.
*Curtis offers his services to Nikolas.
*Both Franco and Julian are shocked by Ava and Scott living together.
*Emma Drake is back for a visit and meets Griffin.
*Jason and Dillon are made aware of Hayden's true identity.
*Ned returns to help Tracy, and vows to stay and help reclaim ELQ.
*Nina is not about to lose Crimson.

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*Monica is fighting for Tracy's life.
*Curtis and Valerie enjoy their win and celebrate their victory.
*Alexis calms Carly and Carly decides to fight back against the mayor.
*Carly's actions turn the tide.
*Dillon calls Ned and clues him in on Tracy's health.
*Laura begins her search for the lock that the key fits.
*Lulu's curiosity makes her join Laura to uncover whatever Helena implied.
*Dr. Mayes loses his temper with Brad and Griffin.
*Tracy feels some hope.
*Nina is determined to find out who is sabotaging Crimson.
*Laura finds a trunk that is opened by the key.
*Griffin and Sonny talk and feel a connection.
*Laura finds something in the trunk that reminds her of someone from her past.
*Laura and Lulu find all of their clues lead to Scott.
*Liz has an idea about unlocking Jake's memories.
*Liz overhears Hayden, and hears a big secret.
*Nina moves forward with her plan to have a baby.
*Sam and Spinelli dig into Hayden's past.
*Sam mentions the name Naomi and Hayden's cool slips.
*Nik is afraid to know about Hayden.
*Nik learns some shocking news.
*Nina hires Curtis, and his first assignment is to find the saboteur.
*Kristina is shocked by Parker's appearance at her home.
*Kristina is rattled and makes a reckless and impulsive decision.
*Spinelli uncovers some information about Hayden.
*Dr. Obrecht finds herself outvoted.
*The new doctor arrives!
*Crimson is a hit, and Julian's plan is set back.
*Maxie has an idea involving Griffin.
*Anna wonders about Griffin and his true motives.
*Julian begins to wonder if he can make the magazine fail.
*Sonny and Griffin bond.
*Sam and Jason divorce, so they can start over.
*Sam and Jason begin their courtship.
*Sweet gestures from both Sam and Jason make each other happy.
*Anna realizes that her paranoia is coloring her judgement.
*Curtis starts looking for the guilty party.
*Paul attempts to cover his actions.
*Julian is taking control.

*The will reading begins.
*Helena's words have a chilling effect on the gathered group.
*Laura is left with more questions than answers.
*Ava receives a frightening message.
*Julian is busy trying to sabotage Crimson.
*Morgan is hitting bottom and feels hopeless.
*Mayor Lomax tries to bully Alexis and Olivia into dropping the lawsuit.
*Sonny has a plan to keep Avery.
*Circumstances make Sonny  see the bigger picture.
*Sonny comes to the aid of Ava and Kiki.
*Anna figures out who Griffin really is.
*Dante talks to Valerie about the progress he is making with Lulu.
*Griffin has a connection to Sonny.
*Helena leaves each person a final declaration and her personal brand of hatred.
*Nik is left confused by Helena's words.
*Nathan tells Dante the story of Claudette.
*Maxie and Dillon get a shock when they follow up on the Crimson printing.
*Nina realizes that they are facing sabotage, not accidents.
*Valerie resents Dante's concern over her well-being.
*Valerie stops Dante and tells him she is done with his drama.
*Nina blows up at Franco over his day trip to Philadelphia.
*Franco explains he went for Jake, not Liz and that makes Nina more angry.
*Liz thinks she knows a way to unlock Jason's memories.
*Dr. Obrecht questions Franco.
*Leisl makes her case, and Franco blows her off.
*The Crimson team makes lemonade out of the lemons they were facing.
*Alexis hopes the magazine shoot will bolster their case against the mayor.
*Griffin has many questions.
*Franco fails his test.
*Carly's actions tip the scales in the breastfeeding case.
*Epiphany gives Liz strong advice and a warning.
*The results of Tracy's biopsy are in.
*Monica looks for answers about Tracy.
*The results of the biopsy are confusing.
*Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is hiding something.
*The tuition check for Kristina was never cashed.
*Alexis and Sonny confront Kristina, who feels cornered.
*Sam and Spinelli dig into Hayden's past.
*Kristina admits she was kicked out of school.
*Sonny and Alexis push and Kristina tells them she offered a teacher sex for grades.
*Sonny assumes the teacher is a man.
*Jason tells Sam he needs to get ELQ back into the family's hands.
*Liz begins to move forward and away from what happened with Jason.
*Alexis realizes that there is more to Kristina's story.
*Sam tells Jason that they need to go slow until he knows who he is and what he wants.
*Kristina opens up to Molly.
*Nina hires Curtis.
*Laura fears that something more is coming, courtesy of Helena.
*Julian's plan to destroy Crimson backfires in a big way.

*Sonny and Carly dissect and discuss their marriage.
*Sam meets with Baxter Corbin and asks probing questions.
*Baxter becomes evasive when the subject of Rachel/Hayden comes up.
*Jason has a memory of being Jason Quartermane, and Lila.
*Anna speaks to Sonny and he learns that Carlos is alive and on the run with Sabrina.
*Nikolas is unsure of Hayden.
*Sam makes headway in her investigation.
*Lulu tells Dante she still loves him, giving him hope.
*Tracy fears she may die.
*Nathan sits down to talk about Claudette with Dante.
*Nina gets angry over Franco's mixed signals.
*Helena's will causes confusion.
*Sonny has the upper hand with his new information.
*Valerie and Curtis go out on a date.
*Curtis tells Jordan that he will keep quiet about her past, if she returns the favor.
*Griffin is confused by Tracy's test results.
*Anna asks Andre about his take on Griffin.
*Dillon knows Tracy is lying to him.
*Griffin feels that Tracy has been misdiagnosed.
*Griffin asks Brad for help.
*Nikolas has too many strong women in his house.
*Griffin's attention to Anna becomes noticeable.
*Anna does an online search.
*Anna believes she knows who Griffin is, and why he is following her.
*Laura becomes more tense as the will reading gets closer.
*Jordan begins to wonder about Andre and Anna's closeness.
*Carly talks to Jason about his past with Sonny.
*Helena's symbolic gifts disquiet and confuse the recipients.
*Jason is determined to recover his memories and his life.
*Sonny breaks the news to Michael that Sabrina is with Carlos.
*Michael believes that there is more to the story.
*Monica senses a new chance to be a mother to Jason.
*Sonny learns Anna's secret.
*Paul assures Anna he isn't hiding anything.
*Nikolas has more doubts about Hayden.
*Liz questions Sam's investigation.
*Hayden feels the pressure.
*The consensus is that another opinion is needed for Tracy.
*Dante and Lulu have a long talk about where they stand.

Sam wants to give her parents a special wedding night.
*Maxie demands to know about "Claudette".
*Nathan tells Maxie about Claudette.
*Sam surprises Jason by bringing Danny to Philadelphia.
*Elizabeth isn't sure about staying at Windermere with Hayden also there.
*Tracy has a conversation with Hayden, and begins to feel worse.
*Dillon demands that Tracy see a doctor.
*Tracy is afraid of what a doctor may find.
*Franco visits Liz to offer support.
*Anna comes to the realization that she might end up in jail.
*Franco is upset that Nina is moving ahead with her plan for a child.
*Griffin has a talk with Anna.
*Nathan worries that Nina may tell Maxie the truth about Claudette.
*Jason and Sam have a nice chat while she visits.
*Sam admits that she is drawn to Jason's dangerous lifestyle.
*Ava is tempted to tell Jordan that Paul is blackmailing her.
*Morgan doesn't comprehend the trouble hebis in.
*Diane crafts a plan to protect Morgan, as well as his future.
*Sonny and Carly are still at odds.
*Carly and Sonny make a decision about Morgan.
*Ava and Sonny put aside their differences for now.
*Anna and Paul push each other's buttons.
*Nina begins to wonder why Franco is so comforting to Ava and Liz.
*Jason wonders if he is exciting enough for Sam as he is now.
*Nathan asks Dante for advice about dealing with Maxie after explaining about Claudette.
*Morgan is shocked and angry by the decision his parents make.
*Julian supports Ava during her vigil over Kiki.
*Sonny is still suspicious of Julian.
*Anna feels that she knows Griffin.
*Morgan's desire to prove he can run Sonny's business leads to disaster.
*There is no escape for Lulu.
*Lulu is tied up and thrown in the river.
*Brad quietly tells Lucas that they are free to marry.
*Kiki is in danger.
*Anna confronts Sonny about the gunrunning, and spills all she knows.
*Sonny disavows all knowledge, but learns information from Anna.
*Nina stuns Franco with her desire to move things forward.
*Josselyn questions Carly about Sonny's business.
*Dixon thinks Paul is tipping off someone.
*Morgan's antics interrupt the gun shipment.
*Dixon blames Ava and Paul.
*Dixon heads to the church to exact vengeance.
*Sonny and Olivia sit together.
*Olivia has her vision on her mind.
*The Julexis wedding is crashed.
*Shots are fired, and people are threatened.
*Nathan acts on instinct, and Maxie is terrified.
*Nathan is hurt, and Is unable to save the day.
*Dixon puts his gun to Sonny's head.
*Dixon believes Sonny called the shots to interrupt the shipment.
*Carly comes upon a terrible sight.
*Carly rushes to help Kiki.
*Carly tells Ava some bad news.
*Sonny makes a move.
*Carly feels sorry for Ava for about a minute, and then her rage at Ava spills out.
*Maxie finds something in Nathan's pocket.
*Dante and Lulu are drawn together after facing a near death.
*Maxie hears what Nathan says, and is stunned.
*Nathan is not himself, and appears confused.
*Jordan is angry that Anna and Paul didn't call her.
*Morgan is distraught because of what he did.
*Carly's doubts and fears about the violence surrounding Sonny comes bubbling up.
*Sonny and Carly have to face the fact that Morgan is a danger to himself and others.
*Hayden opens up to Curtis, and Curtis is caught off guard.
*Ava and Franco join together to help and support Kiki.
*Kiki's prognosis isn't clear.
*Fear not, Julian and Alexis get married.

*Dillon persuades Anna to pose for Crimson as a Real Woman.
*Olivia has a terrifying vision.
*More about the relationship between Parker and Kristina is revealed.
*Maxie misconstrues a situation.
*Paul doesn't trust Anna.
*Anna's investigation gets a boost while she spends time with Dillon.
*Sam and Jason rediscover each other as things turn romantic.
*Nathan and Maxie push Lulu to examine her love with Dante.
*Paul makes a confession.
*Morgan is off his meds and off the rails.
*Morgan acts out with Kiki.
*Kiki tells Morgan that she can't keep up with his moods.
*Morgan can't keep it together and Sonny fires him.
*Olivia has a frightening vision about Julian.
*Kiki breaks things off with Morgan.
*Jake is transferred to the Shriners Hospital for his injuries, both physical and mental.
*Jason gets a disturbing phone call.
*Jason and Elizabeth prepare Jake to be transferred to the Shriners Hospital.
*Julian and Alexis get ready to wed.
*Morgan overhears information about the gunrunning.
*Morgan decides to prove to Sonny that he can handle anything.
*Morgan puts innocents in danger.
*Morgan takes matters into his own hands.
*Lulu decides she needs to move out of her and Maxie's apartment.
*Something happens at the wedding.
*Dangerous liaisons come to light.
*Alexis and Julian tie the knot, but happiness is short lived.
*Lulu is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
*Sonny's involvement in the gunrunning blows up.
*A shooting has Carly reexamining Sonny's line of work.
*Sonny wants to cover up Morgan's actions.
*Lucas honors his father, Tony Jones.
*Dante is concerned, and is torn.
*Despite not trusting Hayden, Nik moved their relationship to the next level.
*Manic Morgan is paranoid and out of control.
*Morgan shoots...
*Sonny and Carly must make a choice for Morgan, hospital or jail.
*Dante has to make a choice of his own about Morgan.
*Liz accepts Nikolas's offer to stay.
*Hayden is not happy about her "guests".
*People gather for Helena's will.
*Maxie makes a discovery.
*Kristina looks for answers about her sexuality.
*Nathan asks Maxie to marry him.
*Paul and Anna argue, but Anna is stunned by her reaction to his slip.
*Valerie asks Curtis about his past.
*Nikolas is unprepared for Helena's will.
*Paul is surprised by an unexpected visit from Anna.
*Nikolas begins to question Hayden's past.
*Anna meets up with Paul, who seems to be distressed.
*Anna pretends to be interested in Paul to get closer.
*Paul doesn't trust Anna, but he is drawn to her.
*Paul opens up about his daughter.
*Anna digs into Paul's past.
*Anna asks Mac to find out everything he can about Paul's daughter.
*Sonny is introduced to his new doctor.
*Sonny feels a kinship to Dr. Griffin Munro.
*Jake's confession of Sam's murder shocks Elizabeth to her core.
*Liz begins to gently question her son, afraid of what he might say.
*Dr. Munro is wise to Sonny's game.
*Jason manages to get to Sam just in time.
*Elizabeth's house blows up, taking all of their possessions.
*Elizabeth breaks down under the weight of the last year.
*Carly offers her shoulder to Liz.
*Sam is brought to GH.
*Liz is horrified by what happened to Sam.
*Sonny and Alexis realize that Kristina is hiding something.
*Sonny and Carly give Michael some much needed advice regarding Sabrina.
*The reading of Helena's will shocks the assembled group, and others unable to attend.
*Helena still exercises her control from beyond the grave.
*Tracy is angry after getting her report from Hayden.
*Tracy is acting oddly.
*Hayden encourages Dillon to get Tracy to a doctor.
*Nathan and Maxie decide to move in together.
*Maxie, Lulu, Nathan and Rocco are all roomies now, hilarity ensues.
*Elizabeth gets support from Sam.
*Nathan and Maxie plot to get Lulu and Dante together.
*Franco let's Liz know she isn't alone.
*Nik takes to the internet for answers about his new wife.
*Tracy pushes Hayden, but doesn't like what she hears.
*Hayden feels that Tracy can't touch her now.
*Paul wants Jordan's help to get answers about Anna.
*Jordan plays dumb and clues Anna.
*Robert is on Carlos and Sabrina's trail.
*Ava becomes worried about her involvement with Raj.
*Ava sends a gift to Julian and Alexis for their wedding.
*Ava wants out of her deal with the guns.
*Julian is dragged back in...
*Nathan is uncomfortable with Maxie's close friendship with Dillon.
*Alexis doesn't like the growing closeness of Julian and Olivia.
*Elizabeth opens up to Jake about Jason, and tells him the truth.
*Liz explains that Sam had nothing to do with the breakup, it was Liz's fault for lying.
*Morgan is off his meds and has a bad episode.
*Morgan gets the idea to "help with the business" to show Sonny his worth.
*Morgan gets a gun.
*Jordan warns Valerie that Curtis is bad news.
*Nathan and Maxie try to push Lulu and Dante together.
*Liz is distraught about Sam being hurt.
*The extent of Jake's problems are finally apparent.
*Nikolas opens his home to Liz and her kids.
*Hayden doesn't like it at all, but stops short of saying no.
*Laura is happy that they are all together.
*Jake is still in the hospital.
*Jake needs extensive physical therapy, as well as more surgery.
*Liz catches Hayden in the act..
*Epiphany gets a new position.
*Dillon has a great idea for Crimson, and runs it by Maxie, leaving Nathan as a third wheel.
*Liz meets the new doctor.
*It becomes apparent that Jake needs more intensive care than GH can offer.
*The arms deal becomes dangerous.
*Lulu is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
*Morgan's manic actions spell life threatening danger for another.
*Love to the Rescue. Jake will go to the Shriners hospital for physical and mental intervention.
*Sonny is able to infiltrate.
*Things take a potentially deadly turn for Sonny.
*Carly is not so comfortable with the lifestyle now.
*Regardless of how they feel, Sonny and Carly must make a hard and heartbreaking decision
*Sam is in serious danger.
*Jake is terrified that Sam is dead and its all his fault.
*Nobody realizes that Sam is missing.
*Sam's attempts to get out cause more danger.
*After speaking with Jason and Franco,
Elizabeth finally sees that Jake needs help.
*Fumes get to Sam.
*Nik becomes curious about Hayden's past.
*Nik asks questions of Hayden, which she deflects.
*Hayden worries that Tracy could ruin everything.
*Felix tells Michael that Sabrina is with Carlos, and he is worried.
*Olivia talks to Dante about his marriage.
*Ava finds herself in need of legal advice .
*Lulu tries to show Dante she wants to be with him.
*Ava takes legal action against Sonny.
*Nina takes on the issue of breastfeeding as the highlight in Crimson.
*Julian is not happy about Nina's choice, knowing it could increase circulation.
*Franco has insight into Jake.
*Scott has surprising info for Laura.
*Scott delivers papers to Laura, urging her presence at the reading of Helena's will.
*Several other people learn that they are to be present for the reading of Helena's will.
*Jason and Liz talk to Jake, unaware that Sam is injured in the basement.
*Things happen that put Liz and the boys in danger.
*Jake tries to cover what happened.
*Sam has an hallucination while on the floor...memories of the past.
*Olivia and Alexis decide to move forward against the mayor.
*Mac and Felicia to the rescue!
*Anna and Robert are aided by Mac and Felicia.
*Liz has deja vu.
*Paul doubts Ava's loyalty.
*Paul threatens Ava.
*Dante sees Valerie flirting with Curtis, and jealousy rears its head.
*Kristina pushes Parker's buttons.
*Kristina worries that Alexis might overhear her conversation with Professor Parker.
*Alexis thinks Kristina is hiding something.
*Nathan and Maxie move forward.
*Dr. Griffin Munro joins the staff at GH, and he has ties in town.
*Nik has questions for Hayden, which she deflects.
*Sonny likes his new doctor.
*Jake goes back into the house.
*Jake and Sam both need rescuing.
*Sonny infiltrates the enemy.
*Morgan has a serious reaction to his meds.
*Morgan goes into a serious manic episode.
*Carly and Sonny must make a heartbreaking decision.
*Kristina opens up to Molly about what happened at school.
*Dante is shocked by Lulu's surprise visit.
*Things don't go as planned for Lulu.
*A shift in the focus of the evening, and Lulu is caught unaware.
*Dante and Lulu have a heartfelt talk and the evening ends in a good place.
*Professor Parker is married, and her interest in Kristina is a problem.
*Kiki decides to trust Sonny.
*Sonny takes action to get custody of Avery.
*Sabrina and her baby are missing with Carlos.
*Michael struggles with the knowledge of Sabrina's choice.
*Jake feels bad and tells Jason that he killed Sam. (She isn't dead).
*Liz and Jason put aside their issues to help their son.
*Ava feels cornered and has nowhere to turn.
*With her house unlivable, Liz needs a place to stay.
*Nikolas opens his home to Liz and her boys.
*Julian realizes that Ava is in over her head.
*Sonny makes a breakthrough in his desire to walk.
*Sonny wants to keep his progress a secret.
*Epiphany agrees to stay silent as long as Sonny clues in Carly.
*Morgan turns down a good time with a sure thing, Darby.
*Morgan wants to win Kiki back.
*Jason explains to Jake that he won't be living with him and Elizabeth.
*Jake overreacts to Jason's news.
*Franco tries to impress on Liz that Jake is a powderkeg of repressed violence.
*Jake blames Sam for his parent's breakup.
*Kristina walks in on Molly and TJ's private moment.
*Julian reaches out to Sonny.
*Nik and Hayden become engaged.
*Tracy is overjoyed by the news, thinking its part of the plan.
*Jake is worried by Jakes responses to him.
*Jason and Liz discuss Jake and their fear that something is wrong.
*Tracy runs into a familiar face, and the timing is just right.
*Kristina's professor pushes her for answers.
*Kristina has to answer why she hasn't started classes to her family.
*Lulu asks Maxie and Olivia to help her reconnect with Dante.
*Sabrina begins to have second thoughts.
*Valerie tells Dante to stop drifting between her and Lulu.
*Valerie rebuffs Lulu's apology.
*Valerie wants a commitment or a goodbye.
*Sabrina is in trouble, and needs help.
*Sabrina is in labor and Carlos is ready to deliver.
*Jason's memory resonates.
*Jason wants Sam to fill in the blanks.
*Dante and Lulu have different visions of the future.
*Carly is overjoyed by Sonny's news.
*Robert and Anna follow the trail to Halifax.
*Dillon vows to stand by Lulu's side.
*A troubled and angry Jake lashes out.
*Anna and Robert find disturbing evidence.
*Dante gets jealous when he sees Valerie flirt with Curtis.
Sam attempts to make peace with Liz, but Jake has other plans for her.
*Alexis and Olivia anger the mayor.
*Franco makes Liz wake up to how deeply disturbed Jake really is.
*Julian steps in to take Ava out of harms way.
*Paul thinks Kiki knows too much and is willing to kill to keep his secrets.
*Julian needs Sonny's cooperation.
*Kristina makes a confession to Sam.
*Jason, Liz and Sam are all uncomfortable.
*Sam believes that Liz faked everything.
*Valerie is in trouble when the cabin catches fire.
*Johnny planned to get rid of Valerie and make it impossible for Lulu to stay with Dante.
*Lulu heads to the location Johnny left her on the phone.
*Robert partners with Anna to investigate Paul and Carlos.
*Robert calls in a favor.
*Andre helps with locating Sabrina and Carlos.
*Lulu realizes that Johnny is unstable.
*The fire escalates and Lulu and Valerie fight to get out.
*Jason asks Sam to help him uncover who is behind the stalking.
*Johnny is arrested.
*Hayden is torn between Nik and Tracy.
*Liz takes Jake to a psychiatrist, or two.
*The doctor believes Jake would benefit from working with Franco.
*Olivia finds herself supported by a former adversary.
*Jordan demands that Curtis stay away from TJ.
*Nina has a brilliant idea.
*Sam accuses Liz of orchestrating the break ins to tie Jason to her.
*Liz is angry and tells Sam and Jason she doesn't want Sam involved.
*Lulu has a talk with Laura.
*Curtis ignores Jordan's demands.
*Anna and Robert search for Sabrina.
*Carly asks Ava about Avery coming to visit.
*Sonny finds new reason to hope.
*Jordan and Dante put the clues together.
*Sonny makes a huge breakthrough, but tells nobody.
*Jason has a talk with Jake about Sam.
*Jakes comments concern Jason.
*Back at the hotel room, Liz gives the impression to Sam that she is "with" Jason.
*Jason returns with Jake and explains to Sam what's happening.
*Jason has a memory breakthrough that stuns him.
*Olivia has an encounter with the mayor.
*Nina sees Olivia's passion and jumps in with both feet.
*Dante isn't sure he can forgive Lulu for hiding Johnny.
*Hayden and Nik grow closer, but she fears Tracy.
*Franco begins working with Jake.
*Jake's inner rage and darkness shock Franco.
*Jason rethinks his decisions.
*Liz worries about Sam's involvement with the investigation.
*Nik is unaware of the witness, but that is about to change.
*Nik is desperate to hold on to ELQ at any cost.
*Maxie is concerned by Johnny's appearance with Lulu.
*Nikolas steps up his romance with Hayden.
*Elizabeth and Jake walk in to a frightening site at the house.
*Carly and Sam join forces to clear Jason.
*Jason and Liz fear that they are being targeted by someone.
*Anna tells Jordan that she believes Paul is involved in Sloane's death.
*Carlos tries to locate Sabrina.
*Jordan and Anna try to find Carlos through Sabrina.
*Anna turns to Robert and Mac for help.
*Franco attempts to make Liz see that Jake is troubled.
*Sonny meets his new doctor, and is not impressed.
*Sonny promptly fires new doc.
*Crimson's "green" issue is a hit.
*Jason fears that Liz and the boys are in danger.
*Jason wants all of them out of the house, feeling they are not safe.
*Jason tells Liz they are moving to the MetroCourt with him.
*Liz balks at Jason's suggestion, and says no.
*Jason presses the issue, playing the parent card. Liz agrees.
*Valerie runs into "Craig" again.
*Sam finds a lead about what really happened between Nik and Jason.
*There was an eyewitness to the confrontation between Jason and Nik.
*Nikolas reacts strongly when Emily is mentioned.
*Liz and Jason come to the conclusion that someone is terrorizing them. They consider the Cassadines.
*Jason recalls the veiled threat Nik made about Jason's loved ones being hurt.
*Tracy demands quicker results on ELQ.
*Hayden has no clue on how to proceed.
*Michael finally takes Sonny's advice. Is it too late?
*Sabrina sends Michael a letter.
*Jake seems very secure with both parents close by.
*Liz attempts to move back to her house.
*Liz worries that her sons may get their hopes up about Jason.
*Jason talks Liz out of leaving.
*Morgan shows his parents he is trying to be responsible.
*Kiki observes Ava's demeanor and thinks she is in trouble.
*Nathan and Maxie share a rare evening together.
*Nathan mentions his job stress to Maxie.
*An envelope is found at the PCPD.
*Maxie feels guilt for keeping Johnny secret...again.
*Maxie comes clean.
*Lulu's guilt overwhelms her.
*Lulu worries that Johnny may go too far.
*Johnny wants Lulu and wants to impress her with his plan for Valerie
*Valerie is in danger.
*Julian is outraged that his attempt to sink Crimson was an epic fail.
*Jason and Sam spend more time together and he gets more flashbacks.
*Sam goes to the hotel to see Jason to share what she learned.
*Liz answers the door to the suite, to Sam's chagrin.
*Liz explains she is there at Jason's insistence. She tells Sam what is going on.
*Alexis tells everyone that she doesn't want an engagement party.

*Nina and Franco make love.
*Anna pushes Sabrina for answers about Carlos.
*Robin and Patrick remarry.
*Anna confides in Jordan.
*Jake unintentionally brings his parents together.
*Sam and Jason's moment is interrupted by a panicked call from Liz.
*Lulu stops herself from making love to Johnny.
*Johnny makes it clear he wants Lulu back.
*Jason assures Liz he will coparent with her.
*Jason looks for a place to live.
*Laura tells Nik not to trust Hayden.
*Dr. Obrecht gleefully assures Robin she has her where she wants her.
*Tracy is keeping a huge secret she discovered about Hayden's past.
*Sabrina is rushed to the hospital.
*Morgan tells Kiki about his diagnosis.
*Kiki talks some sense into Morgan.
*Anna and Mac dig deep into Paul's life.
*Tracy focuses on getting ELQ back.
*Sonny is reinvigorated after feeling his leg move.
*The first new issue of Crimson hits the stands.
*A huge mistake in the issue could prove embarrassing.
*Paul tells Julian he has no interest in prosecting him.
*Patrick in encouraged by Sonny's progress, but cautiously.
*Paul thinks he is untouchable.
*Liz talks to Laura about Jake.
*Laura knows how evil Helena could be, even to a child.
*Patrick, Robin  and Emma talk about what their future holds.
*Emma is the voice of common sense.
*Dante knows that Lulu is hiding something.
*Johnny moves ahead with his plan.
*Franco takes the next step with Nina and proposes.
*Anna tells Julian that she hasn't forgotten that he ordered Duke's death.
*Jordan and Anna start to flush Carlos out of hiding.
*Franco finds something disturbing.
*Hayden let's Nikolas know that she is aware that he had her shot.
*Hayden has a list of demands.
*Michael is concerned about Sabrina.
*Patrick and Robin throw a big party with family and friends.
*Elizabeth is shocked by what she finds at home...
*Nikolas blackmails Jason to keep him in line.
*Patrick, Robin and Emma say goodbye to Port Charles.
*Lulu and Johnny step up their plan
*Sam finds Robin with Patrick.
*Paul underestimates Tracy
*Spinelli rushes to defend Jason.
*Jason and Sam revisit territory.
*Patrick and Sam talk about whats going on.
*Robin runs into Jason at an important place.
*Valerie makes a move on Dante.

*Tracy throws Paul out.
*Patrick proposes to Robin.
*Johnny and Lulu share a kiss on NYE.
*Liz begs Nik and Hayden to take back their stories.
*Curtis has bad news for Hayden.
*Hayden is unsure how to proceed with the news that Nikolas had her shot.

*Paul tries to charm Tracy to get back in to the mansion.

*Curtis tells Hayden that Shawn shouldn't be in jail.

*Spinelli assures Jason that he is a good man and would never hurt an innocent person.
*Franco wants Nina to take the next step and share his bed.
*Robin visits friends and loved ones.
*Jason decides to be pleasant to Liz.

*New Years Eve promises to be eventful.

*Kristina and Morgan have each others backs.

*Morgan finds himself in a bad position.

*Michael has some bad news to share,

*Can Robin jumpstart Jason's memories?

*Patrick tells Sam he still loves Robin.

*Sam is confused and unsure what to do next.

*Morgan is in over his head.

*Ava and Kiki make slow progress.

*Dante is surprised by Valeries bold moves.

*Curtis tells Hayden that Shawn is innocent, and should be released.

*Hayden is unsure what to do, as she has feeling for Nik.

*Mac tells Anna that they can prove that the body was not Carlos.

*Carly resents Liz for being part of Jason's life.

*Sam is encouraged by Jason's remembering the necklace.

*Morgan is in the wrong place at the wrong time

*Julian and Alexis celebrate their engagement.
*Patrick finds a seemingly lifeless Robin.
*Riddled with guilt and pain, Patrick kisses Robin goodbye.
*Tracy loses faith in Paul.
*Michael asks Sabrina if her baby is really his.
*Robin awakens when Patrick kisses her.
*Kristina is in trouble at school, and plots to make her troubles go away.
*Nina makes a statement on her competency to Julian and the fashion world.
*Nikolas tries to provoke Jason into attacking him.
*A battle begins.
*Nik hopes for leverage by threatening Jason with jail.
*Sam is taken aback by what she witnesses.
*Carly and Sonny must intervene for Jason.
*Sonny and Sam have a talk about the past, and about Jason.
*The Gala features India Arie as the musical artist.
*Jason has a flashback of his romantic past.
*Maxie and Dillon are thrilled with their success.
*Jason flashes on life with Sam.
*Maxie gets a holiday surprise!
*Sam sees Jason with Liz and feels anxiety.
*Spinelli and Ellie bring Georgie to visit.
*Laura knows that Lulu is up to something.
*Lulu refuses to admit to anything.
*Johnny puts his plan into action.
*Jerry faces justice at last.
*Robin is reunited with Emma.
*Anna and Robert are upset that they didn't figure out that Robin was in trouble.
*An emotional family reunion for the Scorpio Drake Devane clan.
*Patrick admits he never stopped loving Robin.
*Robert and Anna apologize to Robin.
*Robin talks to Emma and make her a promise.
*Kiki does something wonderful for Sonny.
*Elizabeth sets the boys down for a painful talk.
*Jason ponders his life, what has happened and what to do next.
*Paul's attraction to Ava is a big problem.
*Sabrina and Michael have a difficult conversation.
*Kiki softens toward Ava.
*Christmas in Port Charles looks peaceful and happy, but trouble is brewing.
*Michael, Morgan and Dante share their troubles.
*The rescue party returns, bringing Robin with them.

*****Expect the unexpected as the new year begins. Sonny lulls his enemies into a false sense of security. Those that equate the wheelchair with weakness are in for a shock. Jake's time with Helena will be uncovered, and we will see how scared and insecure he is. Ava says she wants to keep Avery safe, but continues her dealings with Paul. Robin and Patrick take Emma and leave town, after they say their goodbyes. Jason will juggle two women in his life with expectations of his persona. Jason forges a new life. Morgans health will cause strife between his parents. Jason has a newfound independence. Lulu and Johnny dismantle Valerie's life. Carly will begin to try to assert her control over the men in her life. Another proposal. A new friendship develops. Sonny makes a move. *****

*Jason tries to balance who he is with who he was.
*Liz tries to explain her actions without getting emotional.
*Jason let's his intentions spill out.
*Jason gets his clothes and leaves.
*It's time for Nik to pay the piper.
*Jason finds Nik at the Floating Rib.
*Jason focuses his rage on Nikolas.
*Laura thinks Lulu is way too calm about Dante and Valerie.
*Dante realizes he wants his family back.
*Johnny is in place to come to Valerie's aid.
*Dante reaches out to Lulu.
*Johnny learns Valerie's weakness.
*Dante tries to set someone straight.
*Carly verbally attacks Liz with undisguised venom.
*Franco overhears Carly laying into Liz.
*Liz is left shaken and upset.
*Franco is surprisingly kind to Liz and an unlikely friendship begins.
*Franco gives advice on facing a hateful town.
*Maxie and Dillon solemnly honor the anniversary of her sister Georgie's death.
*Maxie has choice words for Valerie.
*Valerie lets Maxie have it with both barrels.
*Elizabeth and Nikolas must face all the angry people.
*Tracy begins to have real feelings for Paul.
*Michael has questions about the baby.
*Monica analyzes Sabrina's sonogram.
*Carlos is still skulking around Sabrina.
*Morgan is not diligent taking his meds, and he begins to act out.
*Monica has some information for Michael about the baby.
*Kristina has a secret.
*Julian asks Molly and Kristina for some cooperation.
*Ava sees green when Paul has a date.
*Paul and Monica clash over a donation.
*Anna and Mac begin to uncover Paul's personal life.
*Patrick and Emma look for Robin in Paris.
*Unable to locate Robin, Patrick and Emma realize something is wrong.
*The Nutcracker Gala begins.
*Elizabeth shocks everyone when she shows up with an unlikely date.
*Sam tells Jason the truth.
*There is a confrontation between Jason, Sam and Liz.
*Julian makes a confession.
*Laura tells Lulu to think thinks out before she makes a mistake she can't take back.
*Finding that everything they were told by Robin is a lie, the Drakes look for clues.
*Patrick finds a clue to Robin's location, as well as an idea who she is with.
*Emma finally tells Patrick that they need help. Call Grandma now!
*Patrick calls Anna who comes running. She calls backup.
*Robin's family gets disturbing news.
*Robert Scorpio swoops in to find his little girl.
*Nina hires Dillon for Crimson.
*Nina has an idea to put Crimson back in the public eye.
*Maxie is impressed by Nina, and tells her.
*Nathan and Maxie get some bed time together.
*Anna is tapped to play Mrs. Claus.
*Kiki is her elf helper.
*Olivia gives Julian a Christmas gift.
*Julian is moved by the gift.
*Alexis feels a bit left out of the family moment shared by Olivia and Julian.
*Maxie and Nathan are going to the Gala.
*Spinelli and Ellie come back for Christmas.
*Franco and Nina attend the gala.
*Monica and Tracy host the Nutcracker Gala to benefit Toys for Tots.
*Paul's control of his people slips.
*Nik has questions for Hayden.
*More secrets spill out.
*Jerry Jacks underestimates his enemies.
*Carlos isn't exactly hiding.
*Jason pleases Monica by attending the Gala.
*Nik and Hayden attend.
*Nik stars in his own version of Biggest Loser.
*Santa Claus!
*Robin's fate is finally discovered.
*Robin's family is there, together.
*The truth comes out...
*Patrick can't believe his eyes.
*Robin finally gets to hold her loved ones.
*Sam confronts Liz with her suspicions.
*Sam tells Liz that Laura confirmed everything.
*A nervous Liz denies Sam's accusations.
*Jason walks in and takes Liz's side, he ushers Sam out.
*Lulu has had enough of Valerie and makes plans for revenge.
*Maxie has Lulu's back.
*Mac is onboard to help Anna.
*Patrick sees that Sam won't let go of Jason.
*Robin's captors let their displeasure be known over her failures.
*Emma sees the failure of Sam and Patrick as a couple.
*Emma is distraught over losing another mom.
*Patrick gets advice from Sabrina, been there, done that.
*It's time to let go of Sam. Patrick has to say it's not working.
*Patrick let's Emma call Robin.
*Emma feels that her mom is trouble.
*Patrick gets suspicious over Robin's circumstances.
*A trip is in order for the Drakes.
*Sam gives Jason an earful about Elizabeth.
*Jason storms off and heads for Liz.
*Hayden tells Nik about her past. Is it real?
*Johnny Z is back, and Lulu is happy to see him.
*Carlos has a plan to keep his little family for himself.
*Jason tells Liz what Sam told him. He wants answers.
*Liz's guilt overwhelms her and she confesses to Jason.
*Jason is blindsided by the betrayal and walks out.
*Jason goes to Sonny..out of instinct?
*Jason fills Sonny in on what has transpired.
*Sonny is thrilled that Jason turned to him to unburden.
*Sonny has some sharing to do, as well.
*As events unfold, Nik is in trouble.
*Johnny has to stay low, but he is there for Lulu.
*Johnny wants to help.
*Lulu tells Jordan about Dante and Valerie.
*Olivia learns about Dante's not so secret girlfriend.
*Mama Falconeri has the good sense to slap Dante upside his head.
*Nina and Maxie make a big splash in the fashion world.
*Ava is bitten by the green eyed monster when she sees Paul on a date.
*Once again, Ava focuses on herself and what she wants.
*Sonny finds something that gives him hope that he can get Avery back.
*Mac proves to be a great ally.
*Sam may have exposed Elizabeth, but her victory is hollow.
*Sam loses more than she expected.
*Paul isn't as insulated as he believes.
*Paul doesn't trust Ava as much as she believes.
*Carlos ignores Paul's direct order.
*Nik and Liz prepare to deal with the fallout of their actions.
*Dillon sticks around, hoping to get Lulu's forgiveness.
*Lulu and Johnny come up with a course of action to make Valerie pay.
*Sabrina's life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.
*Paul becomes concerned about Anna's motives.
*A twist is coming to capture Anna's attention.
*Coming; Team Scorpio/Drake/Devane.
*Paul has his fingers in too many pots.
*Elizabeth and Nikolas worry about what and who, comes next.
*Michael has questions about Sabrina's pregnancy.
*Sam latches onto little Jakes comments to Danny about Jason.
*Sam can't stand to see Jason and Liz together.
*Ava gets her orders from Paul.
*Franco gets under Julian's skin.
*Julian nearly reverts back to his old ways, but stops himself.
*Lulu walks in on Dante and Valerie.
*A devastated Lulu rails at an unrepentant Dante.
*Dante stands by Valerie and hurls hurtful words at Lulu, and allows Valerie to join in.
*Valerie acts as though the loft is her home and Lulu isn't welcome.
*Sam pretends to Patrick and Emma that all is well..
*Jason is invited to visit Danny.
*Patrick and Jason have a tense interaction.
*Sam invites Jake to a play date with
*Paul learns that Carlos may be in town.
*Carlos is worried about Paul.
*Paul warns Carlos to remember who is in charge.
*Paul knows that his leverage over Anna could disappear.
*Carly demands equal time with Jason.
*Liz tells Carly that she can't make demands on Jason. The war begins.
*Patrick sees what Sam is really up to...
*Sam interrogates Jake, who feels cornered.
*Anna investigates Carlos and his appearances.
*Maxie has an offer for Dillon.
*Sam questions Laura about Liz and her secret.
*Maxie helps Nina become a fashionista.
*Hayden meets up with her contact from Shawn.
*Jason assures Liz of his love and commitment.
*Hayden does exactly what Shawn wants her to do.
*Tracy is roped into arranging the Nutcracker Gala.
*Tracy taps Paul to help her.
*Patrick knows that something is up with Sam.
*Sam becomes single minded in her quest to reclaim Jason.
*Tracy wonders about the implications of Jason's return in regard to ELQ.
*Tracy feels that ELQ is within her grasp.
*Andre offers Anna his help, even though he thinks she may be wishing for Carlos to he alive.
*Anna turns to Mac as a sounding board.
*Hayden finds some interesting info about her shooting.
*Ava finds out something about Paul.
*Liz fears she is about to be exposed.
*Anna secretly sets out to prove that Carlos is alive.
*Paul is surprised by an unexpected visitor.
*Hayden realizes that she has the power to destroy Nikolas.
*Ava is reminded of her place.
*Jordan is shocked by a blast from the past.
*Hayden tells Nik what she knows about her shooting.
*Nik panics when he realizes that Hayden is aware of his actions.
*Carlos wants Sabrina, but isn't above pushing her emotionally.
*Sabrina comes to a decision.
*Felix helps Sabrina cover Carlos's presence.
*Sam puts things together, but has no proof.
*Nik begins to buckle under pressure.
*Nik lashes out at Laura.
*A timely return may be just what Lulu needs.
*Nik tells Alexis that Helena is dead.
*A shocked Alexis is skeptical.
*Maxie has some advice for Dillon.
*Nikolas calls Liz to warn her that everything is falling apart.
*Liz realizes that it's time to come clean.
*Johnny's return surprises everyone, since he is no longer wanted by police.
*Valerie is feeling really good about moving on with Dante.
*Morgan is facing a new reality, with his family by his side.
*Dante is angry with himself even though he feels that everything is Lulu's fault.
*Nina finally begins to feel accepted.
*Morgans behavior becomes frightening.
*Helena has a stunning surprise for her audience.
*Jason gets no real answers from Helena.
*Is Helena dead? Or is this another Cassadine game?
*Nikolas appears to be taking the loss of his grandmother very hard.
*Nikolas assures Liz's secret is safe.
*Kiki gets a chance to call Clan Corinthos, cluing them in to their location.
*Michael and Carly go after Morgan.
*The adventure ends for our band of Jason groupies.
*Jason decides to stop forcing the past.
*Shawn puts Hayden in touch with someone to help her, and by extension, himself.
*Thanksgiving proves to be uncomfortable for several people.
*Kristina comes home for Thanksgiving.
*Sam returns to Patrick and assures him she still loves him.
*Sam and Patrick have a loving reunion.
*Sam refuses to let go of Jason emotionally.
*Carly helps Kiki out with a generous act.
*Alexis and Julian host a tense Thanksgiving dinner.
*Ava arrives with Avery for the family dinner.
*Olivia and Leo make an appearance to visit Julian for dinner.
*Sonny and Morgan have a deep emotional conversation.
*Carly insists that Morgan go to the hospital.
*Jason and Elizabeth join the Quartermanes for Thanksgiving.
*Jason lets Liz know he loves her.
*Jason and Liz tell the Q's that Helena is dead.
*Jason and Liz announce that they are postponing the wedding.
*Jason is planning to get a divorce.
*Nina and Franco celebrate quietly.
*Anna confesses her Carlos secret to the doctor.
*Lulu and Dante both stress over the state of their marriage.
*The holiday season will be fraught with drama and secrets uncovered.
*Jordan sees a face from the past, leaving her shaken.
*Tracy finds the tide turning in her quest to recover ELQ.
*Dante gets something from a visitor.
*Nikolas seems unaware of what Hayden is doing.
*Despite her fear, Hayden looks into her shooting with help from a criminal friend of Shawn's.
*Sam struggles to accept that Jason doesn't remember her and has no feelings for her.
*Does Nik know about Robin's whereabouts?
*Patrick feels that Sam's feelings have changed, despite her denials.
*Sabrina makes a decision about Michael and the baby.
*A surprise visitor for Sabrina.
*Epiphany is getting Sonny ready to get out of the wheelchair.
*The battle for Avery is not over.
*Sonny gets motivated.
*Valerie is determined to become a *****Repeat episode on Thanksgiving day. It will be the November 6th wedding show. No show on Friday the 27th.*****
We would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and we are thankful that you have followed our page and Facebook group.
*Jason is tired of not knowing what happened to him.
*After Jason's encounter with Sam, he goes to Liz.
*Jason explains his confusion and upset.
*Jason calls the only person who makes no demands on him.
*Spinelli gets a call from his friend and mentor asking for help.
*Valerie sends an email that is totally misunderstood.
*Hayden has a meeting with her associate, Tracy.
*Liz confronts Sam.
*Hayden wants to know who shot her and why.
*Morgan wants to join Sonny's business.
*Spinelli returns.
*Jason heads out of town for answers. *Liz and Sam realize he is gone. So they are hot on his heels.
*Paul and Ava get cozy.
*Emma confides in Spencer that Sam probably doesn't want to be her mom.
*Carly tells Sonny that she is worried about Morgan.
*Sonny and Carly get into a horrific argument.
*Morgan tries to help Kiki, while denying her involvement with Carly's accident.
*Nina and Maxie begin working on Crimson.
*Emma has a scary encounter, unaware that it is being recorded to keep Robin in line.
*Patrick knows that Sam has pulled away emotionally.
*Emma is left shaken and terrified by the woman in the park.
*Nik confesses, and blames Helena.
*Nik protects Elizabeth.
*Anna continues looking in to things that Paul wants to keep buried.
*Morgan offers to help Sonny with Ava.
*Morgan starts to show his manic side.
*Nina realizes she is out of her league at Crimson.
*Maxie comes to Nina's rescue.
*Nina is grateful for Maxie's help.
*Maxie gives Nina a makeover.
*Valerie is secretly thrilled to be spending time with Dante.
*Anna make another appointment with Dr. Maddox.
*Morgan wants Kiki to run away with him.
*Nathan investigates Carly's accident.
*Nathan finds evidence that leads him straight to Franco.
*Franco covers up for Kiki.
*Morgan suggests that Kiki gets a job.
*Kiki is starting to realize how destructive her actions have been.
*Olivia and Lulu talk about Dante.
*Jason finds something shocking.
*Sonny and Patrick discuss how Jason's return impacts their lives.
*Epiphany puts Sonny through his regimen.
*Hayden and Tracy continue with their plans.
*Sam and Liz have a heated and ugly confrontation.
*Liz's desperation to hold on to Jason blinds her to Jake's issues.
*Sam and Liz go to extremes to win Jason.
*Paul questions Ava about her ambition.

Jason confronts Nikolas.
*Everyone is shocked by the reveal of Jason.
*Sam and Patrick get hit the hardest by the news!
*Hayden tells Nik she is starting to remember.
*Sonny is upset that Carly is a no show at the hearing.
*Jason has trouble reconciling his past with who is is now.
*Sam asks Alexis for advice.
*Sam attempts to jog Jason's memories.
*Ava pushes Sonny into blowing up in front of the judge.
*Scott  pushes Michael and Morgan to make them look bad in court.
*Jason can't accept that he was a hit man, or that he has a wife in Sam.
*Sam is hurt that Jason isn't in to her.
*Jason understands Sam's frustration, he is feeling the pressure too.
*Liz stays silent about her role in the deception.
*Jason tells Liz that he loves her, and that won't change.
*Jason is confused about what to do next.
*Liz witnesses Jason and Sam trying g to come to grips with their new reality.
*Anna and Paul have a tense confrontation.
*Paul took Emma's picture for a reason, and he let's Anna know why.
*Anna doesn't take kindly to Emma being threatened.
*Sam and Patrick discuss the ramifications of Jason's return.
*Sam tells Patrick that they are over, as Jason is back.
*Hayden contacts her partner.
*Liz goes to see Monica and tells her a fantastic bit of news, leaving out some guilty parts.
*Monica is shocked and overjoyed over her son's return.
*Monica recalls her conversation with Jake, and his desire to hear about Jason Quartermane.
*Paul bonds with Dillon, who is in need of comfort.
*Carly faces Sonny's wrath, until she explains why she missed court.
*Emma and Spencer get together for the day.
*The custody hearing comes to a head.
*Patrick makes a call...to Robin.
*Patrick fills Robin in on what is happening.
*Aftershocks pile up in the wake of Jason's resurrection.
*Carly brings Jason to see Sonny.
*A school assignment sends Emma and Spencer to the park.
*Emma is endangered.
*Nina looks for a job.
*Laura and Dante meet up, and Laura is very angry.
*Laura tells Dante that he screwed up the best thing he ever had.
*Dante asks Laura about what he should do.
*Valerie's new assignment places her with Dante.
*Valerie embraces the closeness.
*Lulu is hurt and needs something to hold onto.
*Lulu makes the decision to go ahead with the embryo, but without Dante.
*Kiki's role in Carly's accident won't disappear.
*Maxie thinks her new career is over before it began.
*Dillon bolsters Maxie and tells her to live her dream.
*Maxie gets a new job!
*Valerie harbors deep feelings for Dante and hopes he feels the same with Lulu out of the picture.
*Lulu discovers Dante and Valerie again.
*Franco feels fatherly toward Kiki.
*Kiki's is out of control and unable to stop.
*Sonny is overwhelmed.
*Sonny's new trainer pushes him. Its Epiphany!
*Spinelli returns to welcome his friend back and to help him deal with everything.
*Sam and Liz talk.
*Hayden, Nik, Laura and Liz discuss their shared secret but it isn't a pleasant conversation.
*What is Tracy up to?
*Paul wants Anna to back off looking for Sonny's shooter.
*Anna gets her edge back.
*Morgan wants to help Kiki's deal with her pain.
*We haven't seen the last of Carlos, and neither has Anna.
*What will Hayden be doing at ELQ?
*Jason knows he doesn't want to be Sonny's enforcer.
*He may be a kinder, gentler Jason, but he is no pushover.
*Sam has competition for Jason's heart.
*Carly sees Jake's pre accident face.
*Carly looks at Jason on the computer screen and nearly collapses.
*Carly is incapable of speech as Jake, Liz, Sam and Patrick exit the elevator.
*Carly rushes out!
*Liz and Jake are very excited about their wedding.
*Olivia visits Sonny, and Sonny tells her that Dante cheated on Lulu.
*Olivia is shocked and saddened.
*Carly needs proof and gets a DNA test on Jake.
*Ric is determined to prove his worth and loyalty to Sonny.
*Ric takes on the custody case.
*Lulu, and everyone on the Haunted Star witnesses Valerie and Dillon onscreen.
*Dillon turns off the video, but Lulu demands to see it all.
*Valerie's confession destroys Lulu.
*Lulu turns on Dante and skewers him for betraying and lying to her.
*Carly scrambles to get Jason's DNA test before his wedding.
*Kiki sees Morgan moving on and flips out.
*Morgan tries to help Kiki, but she is too angry.
*Kiki has the keys and rushes to her car.
*A drunk and upset Kiki is on the road..who will get hurt?
*Carly is in a bad situation!
*Liz prepares to marry Jake.
*Carly is nowhere to be found.
*Morgan reaches out to Kiki as a friend.
*Sonny and the boys worry about Carly's whereabouts.
*Liz sees Sam with Jake and reacts negatively.
*Jake has a very strong deja vu moment with Liz.
*Jake warns Hayden to behave at the wedding and not upset Liz.
*Nik assures Jake that they are only there to celebrate.
*Jake goes out to find Carly.
*Laura tries again to make Liz tell the truth.
*Nikolas tells Laura that it would be catastrophic if the truth is revealed.
*Nik reminds Laura what's at stake.
*Carly learns the truth and scrambles to find Jason.
*Sam and Patrick bond as a family with the kids.
*Hayden confronts Liz just before she walks down the aisle.
*Hayden imparts her knowledge of the lie to Liz.
*Ava and Sonny prepare for court.
*Will Carly get to the church in time?
*The truth is revealed! Jake is Jason!
*Sam is shocked down to her stilettos.
*Liz is blindsided and realizes the jig is up.
*The whole town reacts to all the shocks.
*Dante begs Lulu to forgive him.
*Who hit the play button on the sizzle real? Dillon.
*Scott tries to make Ava listen.
*Ava's temper could be an issue.
*Jason is stunned to learn who he is.
*Jason doesn't remember his past.
*Carly is overjoyed that her best friend is alive.
*Sam and Carly feel bad that they didn't see the obvious.
*Jason still loves Liz and doesn't have the husbandly feelings for Sam.
*Paul tells Ava that she needs to bait Sonny in court, so he loses his temper.
*Will Kiki punish Morgan and testify for Ava?
*Maxie guesses that Nathan was keeping Dante's secret.
*Maxie turns on Nathan for not telling her.
*Maxie is team Lulu all the way. Nathan is at a loss.
*There is a new doctor in town, and he treats Anna.
*Ava blows up at Sonny.
*Sonny is stunned that Jason is alive.
*Sonny and Jason speak to each other.
*While some things are resolved, new mysteries emerge.

*Liz dances around little Jake's announcement that Jake is his father.
 *Spinelli is in serious legal trouble.
*Sam reaches out to get Spinelli help.
*Diane Miller to the rescue!
*Diane gets Spinelli released.
*Sonny and Carly think that Michael and Sabrina should marry.
*Sabrina feels guilty.
*Nikolas has a confrontation with Sam over invading his privacy.
*Ava and Paul share an emotional moment.
*Sam assures Jake that she will find out who he is.
*Paul seeks out Anna, and finds her on the docks.
*Sabrina begins to feel uncomfortable with her secret.
*Paul makes a confession to Anna, keeping her off balance.
*Audrey gives Liz a wedding gift, causing her to feel nervous about her nuptials.
*Jake takes the boys out trick or treating.
*Hayden tries to score an invitation to the wedding.
*Olivia tells Dante how proud she is of him for being a good husband and father.
*Dante gets stressed over Olivia's comments.
*Sonny and Carly react to Michael's and Sabrina's news.
*Julian gets to spend time with Leo.
*Julian introduces Leo to his siblings.
*Dillon wants to tell Lulu the truth.
*Dante and Dillon have another tense encounter.
*Paul gives Dillon advice about Lulu.
*Alexis witnesses a close moment between Julian and Olivia, leaving her uncomfortable.
*Valerie and Lulu have a heart to heart talk.
*Dante sees Lulu talking to Valerie and panics.
*Dante tells Sonny what he did with Valerie.
*Dante confronts Valerie. He wants to know what she said to Lulu.
*Valerie has good news for Dante.
*Dillon witnesses Dante and Valerie in deep conversation and gets the wrong idea.
*Lulu and Dante are ready for the implantation.
*Carly gets some eye opening information.
*Jake gives Spinelli info that may uncover the truth.
*Liz ignores warning signs about little Jake.
*Hayden scores a wedding invitation.
*Ava asks Kiki to help her get Avery back.
*Ric imparts legal advice to Sonny.
*Sonny doesn't want to listen.
*Carly wants to prove that she is Jake's best friend.
*Sam finds herself questioning her own choices after looking into Jake's past.
*Spinelli combs Jake's medical files to uncover who he is.
*Sam can't let go of finding Jake's past.
*Spinelli finds some information while checking xrays and medical records.
*Is Liz getting cold feet?

*Ned (Wally Kurth) is back for one day to settle things with Olivia.
*Jake confronts Nik and demands answers.
*Nik is not about to offer any information.
*Sonny gets bad news.
*Michael is blindsided by Sabrina's news.
*Spinelli makes a discovery.
*Spinelli learns that Nik had compared Jakes DNA to Jason's.
*Alexis tells Julian some impossible news.
*Julian is shocked to learn about his son.
*Julian wants to confront Olivia.
*Alexis calms Julian and advises him to be smart.
*Hayden overhears Nik talking to Spencer about his feelings for her.
*Nobody is aware that Paul has a doctored autopsy report.
*Maxie has an idea to help Dillon's movie.
*Jake tells Carly he is trying to find his identity.
*Carly is team Jake all the way.
*Anna is consumed by stress and guilt.
*Kiki and Morgan have a tense encounter.
*Nina invites Nathan and Maxie over.
*Nina has no clue what to do in this social situation.
*It's Kiki to the rescue as she helps Nina.
*Olivia must face the consequences of her decisions.
*Kevin gets some patients.
*Liz asks Jake to stop looking into his past.
*Laura is worried about little Jake.
*Laura thinks he needs to be evaluated and get some help.
*Lulu notices the tension between Laura and Nikolas.
*Julian makes a mysterious phone call.
*Darby appears. She is a friend of Molly and TJ.
*The staff at GH gives Liz a bridal shower.
*Michael tells Sonny and Carly they are going to be grandparents.
*Nathan feels the weight of the secret.
*Nathan urges Dante to tell Lulu the truth.
*Hayden works on her hidden agenda.
*Nik starts to realize that Jason won't give up.
*Anna makes a startling discovery.
*Alexis is consulted by Brad.
*Brad confesses his legal issues and asks for help.
*Julian has some shocking info for Alexis.
*Sam is unsettled about Jake.
*Laura thinks little Jake needs professional help, but Liz won't listen.
*Paul tightens his grip on Ava.
*Paul wants Julian to join them.
*Lulu shuts Dillon down. She doesn't feel the way he does.
*A hurt Valerie and a humiliated Dillon lean on each other.
*Sam and Jason are in a tough spot at Wyndemere.
*Sam slips. Jake saves her from falling.
*Lulu tells Dante about the kiss. She doesn't want secrets between them.
*Kiki is drinking and goes off.
*Franco intervenes as Nina looks on.
*Nina and Franco show unwavering support to Kiki.
*Nina worries that Kiki will always be first in Franco's heart.
*Maxie and Nathan feel awkward.
*Dante confronts Dillon, and Dillon shuts him up be revealing he knows about the affair.
*Alexis has doubts about Olivia's story.
*Sabrina tells Felix she is pregnant.
*Sonny faces off with his sons.
*Tracy figures out that Sabrina is pregnant.
*Hayden is examined by Patrick.
*Patrick is at a loss as to why Hayden still can't remember anything.
*Sam calls Spinelli for help with Jakes request.
*Spinelli returns to Port Charles.
*Nathan apologizes to Valerie.
*Elizabeth questions Hayden about what she knows.
*Nik gives Hayden a job.
*Jordan questions Anna about Carlos.
*Paul continues his cat and mouse game.
*Ava is shocked by Kiki.
*Franco opens up to Nina and she sees his feelings.
*Spinelli's return kicks off the Jason reveal.
*Little Jake has a secret about Jason. He now knows his father is alive. Will he share this with Jason?
*Maxie and Dillon come across something that stuns them both.
*Nathan and Maxie are both torn between loyalty to each other or their friends.
*Little Jake's loner attitude and odd behavior becomes noticeable.
*Lulu gets news from her doctor. She can carry the embryo.

*Laura returns to try to make things right.
*Laura walks in on Nik and Hayden making out.
*Emma tells Anna that she is proud of her.
*Carly begs Sonny to fight to live.
*Sonny gets bad news.
*Nina and Franco turn up.
*Tracy overhears Paul on the telephone.
*Paul and Tracy argue.
*Paul wants Anna under his thumb.
*Nik worries that Hayden is getting to close to the truth.
*Laura accuses Hayden of keeping Jakes identity secret.
*Hayden excuses herself so Nik and Laura can talk.
*Hayden eavesdrops on their conversation.
*Laura blasts Nik about not telling the truth.
*Hayden overhears Laura asking Nik about the shooting of Hayden.
*Liz gets a phonecall,  leaving her rattled.
*Sonny learns about his health and losing Avery.
*Carly is not giving up on getting Avery back.
*Hayden tries to get Nik and Laura to reiterate their conversation.
*Hayden puts some pieces together.
*Laura intends to tell Sam the truth about Jason.
*Laura changes her mind after seeing Sam and Patrick happy together.
*Jake sees that Liz is shaken after a phone call.
*Jakes asks what's wrong but Liz evades answering.
*Laura suggests to Jake that he learn more about himself before marrying Liz.
*Tracy accuses Michael of being disloyal.
*Michael explains what his motives are.
*Paul and Tracy offer help and counsel to Michael.
*Michael refuses to accept help from Paul.
*Dillon asks Paul for advice about his personal life.
*Dante and Lulu share intimate moments.
*Morgan and Michael face off.
*Kiki finds herself in a dangerous situation.
*Franco jumps in to protect the girl he still calls daughter.
*Franco vows to be there from now on.
*Dante confronts Valerie over a rumor.
*Nathan jumps to the wrong conclusion.
*Sam and Anna sit Emma down for a serious conversation.
*Jake asks Sam to help him figure out what Liz is hiding.
*Olivia takes steps to make sure her baby is safe from Julian.
*Sabrina learns something upsetting.
*Jake and Sam find themselves in a bad spot.
*Laura attempts to get Liz to confide in her.
*Ava and Kiki have a tense faceoff.
*The Jason reveal picks up speed.
*Dillon reveals his love to Lulu.

*Michael handles the business with confidence.
*At the Noodle Buddha, Mrs. Yi recognizes Sam and believes that Jake is Jason.
*Daniel Yi tries to tell her that Jake is not Jason and she insists he is.
*She tells them they must renew their vows, right now.
*Sam doesn't want to hurt Mrs. Yi and asks Jake if he would help.
*He agrees and they "renew" their vows.
*Sam thanks Jason and wonders if Liz will be OK with it
*Jake says Liz will understand.
*Nik and Hayden discuss their turbulent history.
*Nik wonders if they can get passed it and move forward.
*Anna thinks about her future and makes an offer to Sam.
*Anna wants to partner with Sam in the P.I. business.
*Tracy learns that Michael is helping Sonny.
*Tracy questions Michaels loyalty.
*Ava prepares to get Avery.
*Michael calls Ava and warns her to back off.
*Carly learns that Michael met with the five families.
*Carly is scared and asks her sons to promise to stay out of the business. They appease her.
*Michael and Morgan have no intention of ignoring Sonny's business.
*Paul asks for Nathan to tell him he can find out about Anna.
*Lulu talks to Dillon about Dante.
*Lulu is worried about the stress Dante is under.
*Franco sees Kiki.
*Dillon confides in Maxie.
*Nina reenters society and reclaims her life.
*Nathan worries about the amount of time Maxie is with Dillon.
*Kiki is falling apart due to everything that has happened.
*Dante is still distraught about Sonny.
*Valerie swoops in and comforts him.
*Nathan advises Valerie to stay clear of Dante.
*Valerie has no intention of walking away.
*Franco apologizes to Kiki for not being there when she needed him.
*Franco tells Kiki that he will be there for her.
*Michael tells Morgan he needs to seek help.
*Carly and Ava square off.
*Anna questions Julian about Duke's murder.
*Anna asks Alexis if she really believes Julian.
*Ava tries to establish her power.
*Ava tells Julian that she met with the five families.
*Paul rattles Anna.
*Sam decides its time to let Jason go and move on with Patrick.
*Sonny agrees to marry Carly immediately.
*Sonny and Carly wed with Jake and Liz as witnesses.
*Jake tells Liz about what happened with Sam at Noodle Buddha.
*Carly makes sure she does all she can to protect Avery.

*Sam is surprised by Patrick's proposal.
*It's Jason and Sam's anniversary. She reminiscences about their life.
*Sam thinks its time to move on with Patrick.
*Alexis uses herself as a human shield as she tries to reason with Morgan.
*Alexis diverts Morgan's anger.
*Julian is touched by Alexis's loyalty.
*Michael and Milo find Morgan before he does something stupid.
*Paul makes it clear to Ava that she will dance to his tune.
*Ava is determined to get her girls.
*Paul meets up with Anna. She is suspicious.
*Ava confronts Carly over Avery.
*Ava drops some knowledge on Carly.
*Michael and Carly ask Morgan to see Dr. Collins. Morgan refuses.
*Jake and Liz set a wedding date.
*Jake goes to see Carly and offers himself and his skills to her while Sonny is down.
*Jason visits Sonny. Sonny feels a deep connection.
*Michael begins issuing orders and dealing with Sonny's business.
*Carly asks him and Morgan to avoid the business.
*Michael assures her that he is no mobster, yet he takes over the business.
*Michael takes steps to protect his family.
*Sonny tells Liz that Jake reminds him of Jason. He ponders where they would all be if he had lived.
*Olivia asks Tracy for help (about Leo).
*Tracy is unaware of Paul's activities.
*Dantes world crashes around him.
*Ric is removed as DA.
*Mayor Lomax installs Paul Hornsby.
*Maxie questions Tracy about Dillon's father.
*Sam runs into Jake at the restaurant in which she and Jason were married.
*Jake is unsettled by Sonny's comments.
*Liz downplays Jakes concern about Sonny. She reminds him that Sonny just suffered major trauma.
*Alexis asks Paul to push to find out who is really behind the mob violence.
*After speaking with Jake, Sam decides to move forward and accept Patrick's proposal.
*Sonny fears that he might not walk.
*Julian asks Sam to look into whoever is trying to frame him.
*Paul tells Ava that if she wants to stay out of prison, she will do as she is told.
*Paul wants Ava to blame the shooting on Carlos.
*Michael tells Morgan to get help immediately.
*Anna gets some news.
*Jake has a serious talk with Michael about the decision he makes
*Dante gets to the hospital to see his father.
*Patrick tells the family about Sonny, and his prognosis.
*Dante has an emotional moment with Sonny.
*Michael confronts Morgan about his out of control behavior.
*Jake visits Sonny.
*Elizabeth panics and can't tell Jake the truth.
*Hayden keeps pushing Nik for answers.
*Nathan advises Valerie to steer clear of Dante.
*Valerie thinks about her feelings for Dante, and what she wants.
*Nathan and Maxie celebrate their life and love, realizing how fragile it is.
*Dante thinks about telling Lulu the truth before its too late.
*It's too late. Valerie has unwelcome news for Dante.
*Valerie breaks the news that she is carrying Dante's child.
*Dante confides in Nathan, unaware that Nathan warned off Valerie.
*Lulu is being supportive of Carly and Dante.
*Dante's guilt is crushing him.
*Ric thinks he is on the road to riches.
*Nina and Franco have developed a new closeness, and a plan.
*Nina shuts down Ric's schemes.
*Scott Baldwin visits Ava and makes an offer.
*Scott becomes Ava's lawyer, and tries to secure bond.
*Morgan is hanging on by a thread, and decides that Julian must die.
*Sonny's business needs leadership to prevent chaos.
*Sonny gets through surgery.
*Sam can't stop thinking about Jake's actions, and how familiar they are.
*Ric thinks Jakes actions are very Jason-like
*Alexis comes back with Kristina in tow.
*The Corinthos clan closes ranks as the mob violence escalates.
*The Davis girls reunite.
*Julian says he is being set up, but who will believe him?
*Julian asks Alexis to leave Port Charles with him.
*Dante works to get evidence against Julian.
*Molly is uncomfortable with TJ's loyalty to Sonny.
*Sam ponders her past with Jason, and her new life with Patrick.
*Sam realizes that she is happy and secure.
*Sam, Emma and Anna make sure Patrick knows he is appreciated.
*Michael steps up to take care of all things Corinthos.
*Dante feels the weight of his actions.
*Lulu thinks Dante is only stressed about Sonny.
*Valerie tells Dante that she can have their baby alone.
*Truths are about to explode everywhere.
*Ava's trial begins.
*Ava gets some unwelcome news.
*Liz tells Nikolas about Jakes little flashes and feelings.
*Jake and Michael chat...
*Sonny mumbles something while Jake is in the room..
*Nik is drawn to Hayden, more than he likes.
*Sonny says things to Jake that are odd.
*Jason tells Liz what Sonny said to him..
*Liz freaks out and tells him that post trauma , patients say weird things.
*Hanging around Sloane could be hazardous to Anna's health.
*Nik feels that Sloane is a loose cannon.
*Dillon's movie is at a standstill.
*Dillon and Maxie end up at the Q mansion.
*Maxie and Tracy talk about Dillon.
*Paul goes to bat for Dillon and calls in some favors.
*Tracy is impressed that Paul saved the movie for their son
*Sonny is down and Jake busts in.
*Sonny will see Jake in a new light. This leaves Sonny confused.
*Sonny is rushed to GH for emergency surgery.
*Carly is unaware that Sonny won't be coming to their wedding.
*TJ is shaken to his core by the events he witnessed.
*TJ feels guilty that Sonny was shot protecting him.
*While waiting for Sonny, Carly and Morgan discuss his mental health.
*Valerie feels nauseated and lightheaded.
*Bobbie sees this and takes her home.
*Bobbie knows the signs.. Valerie is pregnant.
*Maxie tells Carly that Sonny isn't there.
*Police have lots of questions.
*Jason has a flashback that is vivid.
*Jason and Sam try to make sense of his memory flash.
*TJ and Olivia are questioned about the shooting.
*Olivia reveals that Julian was hanging around.
*The wedding party is told about Sonny.
*Everyone rushes to GH.
*Julian appears to be guilty. But appearances can be deceiving.
*Sloane reminds Nik that he had better keep his promise.
*Anna and Sloane talk.
*Anna asks him to tell the truth and he reminds her that she also has a terrible secret.
*Nik has to do damage control.
*Hayden begins to question Nikolas about Jake.
*Anna realizes that Sloane has no intention of coming clean.
*Jason tries to talk to Liz about his memory but she rationalizes it away.
*Panicked Liz calls Nik.
*Anna and Sloane face a huge change in their relationship.
*Julian visits Ava.
*Julian and Ava talk about the pain of losing a child.
*Ric causes a big scene during the crisis.
*Sonny pulls through and Carly insists they marry.
*The true enemy will be revealed.
*Bobbie sees that Valerie is covering something.
*Paul Hornsby make a decision about his future.
*Secrets explode....
*What is Nikolas really after?
*Nina and Franco are released from jail.
*Nina finally has the upper hand over Ric.

*Kiki finally begins to see what has been right in front of her.
*Kiki blows up at Morgan.
*Ric looks for answers.
*Madeleine was at Silas's on the day he died.
*Ric is working with the police, but is worried that his gaslighting will be exposed.
*Sonny and Carly join together to help Morgan.
*Morgan asks Michael to help him deal with Kiki and her anger.
*Michael reaches out to Morgan.
*Michael asks Sabrina's opinion.
*Franco comforts Nina and shows her his unconditional love and support.
*Anna surprises Patrick and Sam.
*Jordan fears a mob war and worries that TJ will be caught in it.
*Anna and Kyle discuss their relationship.
*Anna tells Kyle that she is moving forward with her investigation into election fraud and tampering.
*Molly feels its time for TJ to move.
*Jordan brings Anna up to speed on the mob violence.
* Jake and Sam make progress in their investigation into Nikolas.
*Sonny and Carly's wedding day.
*Bobbie, Lulu and Valerie give Carly thoughtful gifts.
*Lulu pushes Maxie to take the part in Dillons movie.
*Maxie agrees to consider it.
*Lulu hopes to build a relationship with Valerie.
*Sonny and Carly prove to Morgan that he can count on them.
*Michael worries that he is being disloyal to AJ.
*Bobbie wonders what is bothering Valerie.
*Hayden has another memory.
*Carly hopes Michael will come to the wedding.
*Sonny tries to open Morgan's eyes to reality.
*Anna confides in Jordan about Kyle.
*TJ asks Molly to help him with the cake.
*Michael makes a conciliatory gesture, touching Carly.
*Sonny helps TJ out of a jam.
*Sonny talks to Kristina on the phone.
*Julian tries to cheer Ava.
*Ric plays cat and mouse with Madeleine.
*Before Sonny and Carly complete their vows, shots are fired.
*Sonny goes down.
*Kristina reaches out to a seriously wounded Sonny.
*Jake fears that Carly is in danger.
*Carson gets married at the hospital.
*Jake has deja vu.
*Patrick contemplates proposing to Sam.
*Will Morgan get evaluated by Kevin Collins?
*Morgan goes to the hospital.
*Scott confronts Ava in the courtroom.
*Ava does her best to discredit Scott.
*Kiki is stunned with the revelation.
*Morgan is caught off guard.
*Franco tells Kiki an unpleasant bit of info.
*Julian goes to see Sonny.
*Julian insists that Sonny is framing him.
*Sonny is curious but keeps his guard up.
*Nina wants to come forward.
*Franco makes a gesture that can hurt him.
*Nina resists Madeleine and Ric's pressure.
*Madeleine and Ric must find a new way to get Nina to cooperate.
*The stress is getting to Nina.
*Nathan and Dante get a new direction to follow in the murder investigation.
*Dante and Nathan find some new info.
*Julian tells Alexis the truth about Ava.
*Morgan can't wrap his head around the revelations.
*Alexis is stunned by Julian's revelation about Ava..
*Dante and Nathan make an arrest.
*Julian goes to the PCPD to visit.
*Morgan demands answers from Ava.
*Anna returns.
*Anna plans on investigating the election fraud and Nikolas.
*Hayden has more memory flashes.
*Michael and Sabrina plan a future together. Not a proposal, yet, they move forward.
*Franco connects on a deep emotional level and his love keeps Nina sane.
*Jason and Jake spend time together and they feel a bond.
*Elizabeth and Patrick talk about their relationships.
*Paul and Tracy find common ground over their love of Dillon.
*Lulu has a very strong reaction to a line in Dillons screenplay.
*Morgan does something that puts his relationship with Kiki in jeopardy.
*Sonny and Carly try to help Morgan.
*Morgan pushes Sonny and Carly away.
*Dr. Obrecht remembers something important.
*Alexis tries to get Nina to put herself first.
*Morgan wants to hold on to Kiki.
*Julian swears he is out of the business.
*Is there another player trying to unseat Sonny?

Ava and Obrecht have an interesting encounter.
*Julian witnesses an argument between Ava and Obrecht that is an eye opener.
*Nina won't let Franco take the blame to protect her.
*Elizabeth goes to Nikolas to tell him what Jason said.
*Carly and Sonny are still concerned about Morgan's behavior.
*Carly and Madeleine commiserate about children and their attitudes.
*Ric's position as DA makes helping Sonny impossible.
*Lucas is stunned by Brads confession about his past.
*Olivia considers telling Julian about their son.
*Alexis has doubts about Julian.
*Olivia goes to see Sonny. They talk about Julian.
*Olivia has reservations about Julian and his supposed severing of mob ties.
*Jordan questions Sonny about the mob violence.
*Nina decides to trust Nathan, and opens up to him.
*Carly asks Michael his opinion on Morgan.
*Ava asks Julian to help her.
*Scott blows Ava's cover.
*Molly is worried about TJ living with Sonny.
*TJ brings Sonny some info.
*Maxie and Valerie find a peaceful coexistence.
*Truths are about to be revealed.
*Dillon and Lulu have lots of time to talk.
*Lulu and Dillon discuss their hopes and dreams.
*Dante hopes his affair has been successfully buried.
*Michael talks to Sabrina about his past, and dealing with Sonny's bipolar disorder.
*Nina has a realization about Madeleine.
*Hayden confides something to Patrick.
*Sonny and Carly try to get Morgan to open up.
*Franco takes Ava's threat seriously.
*Patrick is desperate to keep Sam.
*Patrick talks to Jake about the history between Sam and Liz.
*Dillon begins to bond with Paul.
*Paul offers to help Dillon.
*After reading Dillon's latest script, Lulu is moved to question her marriage.
*Ric has a new career.
*Scott does something that threatens his position as DA.
*Dr. Obrecht comes across something startling as she tries to help Franco.
*Franco does not open up to Nathan.
*Sonny sends a message to Julian that he can't misunderstand.
*Julian once again proclaims his innocence.
*Sam notices Patrick's odd demeanor.
*Sonny assures Carly that he isn't escalating the war.
*Liz wants to tell the truth but fears what Nikolas may do.
*Valerie moves out of Windermere.
*Nik gets another guest. Hayden?
*Franco decides to protect Nina by taking the blame for Silas's murder.
*Maxie apologizes to Valerie.
*A mystery person reaches out to Sonny.
*Nina confronts Ava.
*Dante and Nathan come across something disturbing.
*Is Lulu getting a clue?
*Nikolas continues to take steps to guard his secret.
*It becomes apparent that Hayden's memory is intact.
*Brad and Lucas have a huge argument over the lies and Brad's wife.
*Olivia returns.
*Flashbacks from the suspects in Silas's murder highlight that they were at his home that night
Franco gets Nina away from Silas's body.
*Morgan goes to Sonny for advice.
*Sonny tells Morgan to be honest with Kiki.
*Hayden is awake.
*Jakeson and Sam hope she has the answers they need.
*Liz asks Laura if she plans on telling Jason the truth.
*Hayden stays silent about Jason.
*Laura is shocked by all she has heard, but stays silent for now.
*Elizabeth tells Nik that Hayden is awake.
*Nik becomes cold and vows that she won't reveal anything.
*Liz has questions about Hayden's shooting.
*Liz asks Nik what happened.
*Nikolas tells Liz the truth.
*Liz is shocked and sickened by everything, especially her part in it.
*Nikolas continues to Jeckyl and Hyde.
*Sam and Jakeson discuss whether Liz can be trusted with them investigating Nikolas.
*Carly confronts Denava about Morgan.
*Nina asks Ric for help.
*Ric and Madeleine capitalize on Nina's plight.
*Ric and Madeleine are more determined than ever to get Nina's money.
*Nathan tells Nina that he believes someone is setting her up.
*Franco asks Dr. Obrecht for help with Madeleine.
*Madeleine warns Ric that Franco could be a problem.
*Morgan agrees to break off his affair with Denava.
*Julian and Denise have an interesting chat.
*Ava makes a surprising admission.
*Kiki comes home and gets the shock of her life.
*Lulu reads Dillon's script and is deeply moved.
*Sonny calls a meeting with the heads of the other crime families.
*Brad is worried when Lucas doesn't come home for days.
*Felix urges Brad to make things right.
*Julian is keeping a big secret..from everyone.
*Liz is overwhelmed with guilt about Hayden and Jason.
*Liz has no clue how to make things right without destroying Nik or her love with Jason.
*Nik's cold and hard demeanor begins to scare Liz.
*Nikolas refuses to admit why ELQ is so important.
*With Sam and Jakes help, Michael has hope to regain ELQ.
*Laura is very troubled by Nikolas.
*Valerie needs a new home.
*Sam and Jake make a discovery about Nikolas.
*Dante and Lulu share an awkward and uncomfortable double date with Dillon and Valerie.
*Carly feels that Morgan is lying.
*Kiki is devastated and Morgan is at a loss.
*Nathan is worried about Nina's living situation.
*Sonny has a good idea who is out to take him down.

*Nathan tries to get Nina to leave Ric.
*Ric manipulates Nina into trusting him.
*Nathan believes Nina is being set up.
*Nathan and Jordan discuss Avery's kidnapping.
*Nathan thinks the case should be reopened.
*Silas goes off on Ava about sleeping with Morgan.
*Franco blackmails Ava.
*Ava turns it around and tells Franco to stick to the plan.
*Luke runs into Sonny on the docks.
*Luke and Sonny have a walk down memory lane.
*Sonny and Luke say their goodbyes.
*Luke disappears into the fog..
*Laura confronts Liz about Jason.
*Liz feels awful about lying and tries to make Laura see why she did it.
*As Laura hears more about Jake, she is more blindsided.
*Sam and Patrick discuss Elizabeth.
*Patrick has news. Hayden is awake!
*Nathan finds something in Nina's room that make him suspicious.
*Denise talks to Nina about Franco.
*Franco let's Nina know he cares about her.
*Madeleine tells Maxie she isn't good enough for Nathan.
*Sonny's business is hit again.
*Scott puts Nik on the hot seat about how he took control of ELQ.
*Michael and Nik face off about ELQ.
*Liz feels guilt when she sees Jason bonding with Jake.
*Madeleine worries that Franco could be a problem.
*Nina gets angry with Silas.
*Nathan fears that Nina is being set up.
*Laura meets "Jake", and she chats with him.
*Franco confronts Morgan about Ava.
*Silas catches Ava and Morgan.
*Franco puts things together about Ric and Madeleine.
*Nina is scared and Ric uses that.

*Valerie breaks down at work, prompting Jordan to intervene.
*Valerie puts on a sweet face for Dante.
*Ric and Madeleine speed up their gaslighting plan.
*Morgan plays with both Ava and Kiki.
*Laura overhears a conversation and learns about Jason.
*Liz has questions for Nik about little Jake.
*Jason goes to speak to Carly about little Jake.
*Patrick gives Jake a complete workup.
*Patrick confirms that Jake never donated a kidney.
*Carly brings Joss to the hospital to check on the transplant.
*Lulu and Luke discuss their rescue of Lucky, and the personal cost to them both.
*Lulu confides that Dante kissed Valerie, and Luke speaks about losing Tracy's trust.
*Brad is under pressure and calls off the wedding.
*Lulu tells Maxie that Dante kissed Valerie and its all Lulu's fault.
*Maxie doesn't think Lulu needs to shoulder the blame.
*Dante talks to Nathan about his tryst with Valerie.
*Jordan calls Dante in and schools him about sexual relationships in the workplace.
*Dante realizes that Valerie spilled the secret.
*Julian swears to Sonny that he isn't behind the attack.
*Sam asks Alexis if she really thinks that Julian left the mob.
*Nik explains his actions in taking over ELQ to Laura.
*Tracy gets some advice from Dillon.
*Tracy makes her decision about Luke.
*Michael and Sabrina move ahead with the plans for the AJ Quartermane Memorial Clinic.
*Michael asks Luke for permission to use his childhood home.
*Luke makes a final visit to the Elm street house.
*While at the house, Luke revisits the past and three ghosts...
*Jason is supportive and loving to Liz.
*Nathan takes Maxie out to a romantic dinner.
*Madeleine crashes the date to confide in Nathan that Nina is unstable.
*Madeleine does not like Maxie and feels she is unworthy of Nathan.
*Brad finally tells Lucas the truth about why he called off the wedding.
*Lulu confronts Valerie about what happened with Dante.
*Laura goes to see Scott.
*Laura tells him that Luke did not kill Jake.
*Laura confides she has another secret.
*Michael and Sabrina heat up.
*Luke goes to see Bobbie and they share an emotional conversation.
*Luke tells Bobbie his plans for the future.
*Franco urges Ava to tell Kiki the truth.
*Liz feels overwhelming guilt about lying to Jason.
*Nathan doesn't believe that Nina is crazy.
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*Liz gets the shock of her life.
*Monica meets Jake Doe and they chat.
*Laura confronts Nikolas.
*Laura also tells Nik her secret.
*Nik comes clean to Laura.
*A furious and hurt Lulu demands honesty from Dante.
*Dante keeps his affair secret.
*Lulu has no clue that Dante is lying to her.
*Valerie does her wounded bird act to Jordan.
*Valerie cries to Jordan about Dante.
*Valerie can't let go of Dante and it becomes obvious that something is bothering her.
*Brad breaks up with Lucas to hide his family secret.
*Sonny tells Carly he is taking over the reins of his organization.
*Sonny hopes Carly will understand.
*Carly loves Sonny, warts and all.
*Carly learns that little Jake is alive.
*Carly wonders about the donor of the kidney.
*Jason is shocked by Elizabeth's news.
*Sam and Jason look into Hayden Barnes.
*Ric puts his gaslight plan in action.
*Jordan joins forces with Scott to go after Sonny.
*Silas warns Morgan to not hurt Kiki.
*Kiki asks Michael to intercede with Sonny so Ava can see the baby.
*Sonny proposes to Carly.
*Sonny's organization is hit.
*Alexis is basking in love with Julian.
*Alexis does ask if he is involved in the attack.
*Franco asks Scott for some intel.
*Dillon isn't sure how to react to Paul.
*Michael asks Sonny if Denise can see Avery.
*Sonny refuses to let Ava near the baby.
*Luke is home and goes to see Tracy.
*Luke finds Tracy with Paul Hornsby.
*Luke is jealous.
*Jordan warns Dante about fooling around with Valerie, and tells him he put his job, as well as marriage, on the line.
*Dante is surprised that Valerie told Jordan about sleeping with him.
*Valerie is very apologetic and Dante forgives her.
*Dante worries that Valerie's oversharing will get back to Lulu.
*Nina walks in on Ric and Madeleine.
*Ric starts his mind games.
*Ric tries to tell her she is hallucinating.
*Nina fears she is losing her mind.
*Nina asks Silas for help.
*Sabrina and Michael resurrect the clinic plan.
*Ava goes to see Silas to vent.
*Morgan demands to know why Ava was with Silas.
*Morgan can't keep it in his pants and he and Ava make love.
*Monica enjoys talking to Jake.
*Hayden wakes up...and Nik makes sure she understands her situation.
*Liz has questions for Nikolas about Jake.

*The rumors about Jake being alive are true. Liz will find out very soon.
*Sam and Jake decide to keep their collaboration a secret from Patrick and Liz.
*Jake and Sam brainstorm in the park with little Danny.
*Neither Sam nor Jake are happy about lying to Patrick and Liz, but think its necessary.
*Liz talks to Nikolas about Jake and keeping the truth from him. She doesn't like it.
*Nik calms Liz and assures her everything is fine.
*Nina begins to doubt Ric's sincerity.
*Nina turns to Silas for an impartial ear.
*Dante and Valerie grow more intimate.
*Valerie has Dante on her mind.
*Valerie runs her mouth to Jordan.
*Luke and Laura rush to save Lucky.
*Liz frets that Lucky hasn't been in touch for a while.
*Liz tells Jake that she is worried because Lucky never went this long without contact.
*Tracy is leaving town on business when she runs into Paul Hornsby, Dillons father.
*Paul tells Tracy his visit is innocent. He only wants to see his son.
*Tracy's trip is put on hold.
*Lulu comes back to a cold and angry Dante.
*Lulu tells Dante where she was, with whom and why.
*While hurt that Lulu didn't tell him the secret in the beginning, he realizes that she was faithful.
*Dante decides to admit his dalliance with Valerie.
*Before Dante spills his guts, Dillon shows up to explain his part in the chase.
*Dillon assures Dante that he and Lulu are just friends.
*Dante keeps his awful secret, but his mind drifts to Valerie.
*Ethan has a bombshell to drop on Luke.
*Luke and Laura make a wonderful miraculous discovery.
*Tracy informs Dillon that his father is in town to see him.
*Sam and Jason make the connection that Nik and Hayden have a secret.
*Brad drags his feet about the wedding.
*Brad confides in Felix that he is keeping a secret.
*Patrick learns that Hayden is showing signs of waking up.
*Sam has questions for Nikolas that leave him worried and unsettled.
*Carly takes Joss to GH for her annual cancer follow up.
*Carly runs into Liz and they talk about the transplant and how well Jocelyn is doing.
*Lulu runs into Carly and tells her about Lucky.
*Lulu and Carly chat about her leaving and Carly accidentally reveals the kiss between Dante and cousin Valerie.
*TJ fears that Jordan will make trouble for Sonny because of him.
*Ava makes a deal with Franco. She will help him with Nina.
*Lulu must deal with the kiss, not realizing how far things went between Dante and Valerie.
*Dante tells Valerie that Lulu is home.
*Liz is at home and gets a surprise visit from Lucky.
*Worry turns to relief that Lucky is okay.
*Luke and Laura ponder the implications of their wondrous discovery.
*Lucky has shocking happy news that brings Liz to her knees.
*Little Jake is alive.
*Monica returns.
*Jason spends more and more time at the mansion.
*Monica and Jason cross paths.
*Lucky and Liz's news shocks Port Charles
*Ric does some fast talking with Nina.
*Ric convinces Nina that he is not working with Madeleine.
*Dante and Valerie go too far.
*Sonny is overjoyed to have Avery back.
*Michael explains he is tired of the drama and wants a cease fire.
*Sonny hopes Michael could have a change of heart and forgive him.
*Luke and Laura accuse Holly of taking Lucky...until...
*Holly drops the bomb. Ethan was also kidnapped.
*Michael and Sabrina take things to the next level.
*Nik offers Jake a job with him.
*Jake and Sam join forces with Michael to take back ELQ.
*Jake feels very much at home at the Q mansion.
*Sam reads Nik the riot act.
*Nikolas is distracted by Sam's tirade.
*Spencer angrily confronts Nikolas.
*Ava is blindsided by the turn of events with Avery.
*Ava scrambles to come up with a new strategy to see her baby.
*Ava shows up at Sonny's.
*Morgan becomes obsessed with DenAva.
*Franco warns Kiki not to trust Morgan.
*Lulu is very upset about lying to Dante.
*Maxie goes to the loft to find Lulu and finds Dante instead.
*Maxie has lots of questions...
*Maxie rants to Nathan about Dante and Valerie's closeness.
*Nathan changes the subject by reminding Maxie about last years Fourth of July.
*Luke, Laura and Holly have a very uncomfortable conversation about Ethan's conception...
*Laura is finally able to confront the betrayal.
*The real kidnapper is revealed.
*Liz is scared that all of the lies will soon be uncovered.
*Patrick gets word that Hayden is waking up.
*Ric steps up his plan to get Nina's money.
*Nina turns the tables on Franco and makes him jealous.
*The Quartermanes are concerned for Michael's state of mind.
*Tracy needs to get away to regroup.
*Ava gets to spend some time with Avery.
*Kiki is clueless.
*Morgan and Ava have another encounter.
*Dante feels guilt and regret.
*Valerie glues herself to Dante's side.
*Kiki says something to Nik that sends him scrambling.
*The race to save Lucky and Ethan is on...
*Luke and Laura enlist Lulu and Dillon.
*Lulu and Dillon hunt for clues to the whereabouts of her brothers.
*Liz begins to worry about Lucky.
*There is more to what's going on with Nik.
*Carly and Sonny have hope that Michael could forgive them.
*Franco asks Dr. Obrecht for advice.
*Michael is touched by Jake and Sam's loyalty.
*TJ and Molly spend Independence day together.
*TJ gives Molly a gift.
*Sonny is happy to have kids in the house again.
*Luke comes face to face with his enemy.
*Luke and Laura ate shocked to discover they know the enemy.
*Luke wants to save Lucky and make things right with Tracy.
*Dante feels awful for doubting Lulu (but he still does) and Valerie is by his side to comfort him.
Sam confronts an unrepentant Nikolas.
*Rosalie buckles under pressure and confesses.
*Nik freely admits what he is doing.
*Sam tries to reason with Nik, but he refuses to back down.
*Patrick and Sam go to dinner with Liz and Jake.
*Patrick and Liz are uncomfortable with the new comraderie between Jake and Sam.
*Luke and Laura run face first into their past.
*Frank Smith's daughter has vengeance in mind.
*Holly is also in play.
*Franco meets Denise with an eye toward using her.
*Michael surprises Sonny with a nice gesture.
*Tracy and Michael call an emergency board meeting.
*Dillon rips into Nik for trying to con him.
*Nikolas orders Rosalie to take back her statement.
*Rosalie is more afraid of her secret being revealed than she is of jail.
*Nik challenges for the CEO seat.
*Lucy has 1% of ELQ.
*Lucy has a story about that share and her vote.
*Valerie listens to Lulu and Dillon and jumps to conclusions.
*Valerie runs to Dante with news that Lulu is keeping secrets from him.
*Dante and Lulu's marriage is in trouble because of her promise to Luke and Laura.
*Dante is hurt that Dillon and Lulu are keeping a secret from him.
*Nik makes his case.
*Madeleine demands that Ric make progress with Nina.
*Franco tries to make Nina jealous.
*Sonny makes an offer to TJ.
*TJ wonders if Sonny ordered the hit on Jordan.
*TJ is reluctant to accept, at first.
*Franco and Ava/Denise go on a date, both to further their own agendas.
*Lulu needs to vent her stress, and Maxie is listening.
*Valerie comforts Dante.
*Luke spills his secret about why he left Tracy.
*Luke swears Lulu to secrecy.
*Jake has his first suspect. Sam!
*Morgan feels awkward around Denise/Ava.
*Tracy needs comfort and Dillon is there for her.
*Luke's confession freaks out Lulu.
*Lulu keeps the truth from Dante out of respect for her family.
*Tracy feels that Lulu is keeping something from her.
*Dante is accused of profiling and wrongdoing.
*Valerie's quiet understanding and empathy draw Dante in..
*Sloane checks in with Nik. He has valuable info.
*Nik is ready to make his move.
*Nik finds an obstacle.
*Liz tells Nik that Michaels office phones are tapped.
*Nik wonders if he will be found out.
*Lulu has a nightmare.
*Sam and Jake talk, and join forces.
*Rosalie fears that her secret is about to blow up in her face.
*Sabrina confesses to Michael that she hired Sam, and why.
*Sam, Jake, Sabrina, Michael and Tracy talk over what is happening at ELQ.
*Tracy reveals what she knows about Rosalie.
*Jake and Sam hatch a plan to smoke out the traitor.
*Patrick, Sam, Liz and Jake go on a double date.
*Sam and Jake pressure Rosalie to reveal who she is really working for.
*Sam has questions for Nikolas.
*Lulu and Dillon catch up, and it becomes very emotional.
*Dillon meets Rocco and he and Lulu discuss her abortion.
*Valerie figures out that Lulu is keeping a secret from Dante when she hears a private conversation.
*Lulu has a face to face with Valerie about Dante.
*Maxie sees that Lulu is worried about her marriage.
*Maxie questions Valerie about her feelings for Dante.
*Valerie wonders if she is coming between Dante and Lulu.
*Lulu gets a funny feeling about Nikolas.
*Morgan crosses paths with Denise once more.
*Morgan lies to Kiki.
*Sonny steps in to talk to TJ about his choices.
*TJ softens toward Jordan, and she has Sonny to thank.
*Laura will be staying after hers and Luke's adventure.
*Luke's current dilemma has him rehashing his past.
*Jake fits right in at the Quartermanes.
*Bobbie gets in Laura's face over Luke and Tracy.
*Lucy talks to Scott.
*Liz is agitated and its causing stress.
*Sonny is positive that Denise is really Ava.
*Silas is in a bad position due to Ava.
*Madeleine was released due to Ric's help.
*Madeleine won't stay grateful.
*Ric and Madeleine both want to get rid of each other.
*"Denise" meets Franco. They figure a way to use each other.
*Jordan worries about TJ and his budding friendship with Sonny.
*The battle for ELQ heats up.
*Michael has to admit that Sabrina is right, and Rosalie is a mole.
*Luke and Laura head out to help their son.
*Corporate intrigue hits a new high.
*The pressure finally gets to Rosalie.
*TJ begins acting out.
*Sloane is shocked by Anna's plans.
*Molly finds out about her new stepmother, and is less than enthused.
*Nik and Rosalie discuss his plans for ELQ.
*Laura's presence gives Nikolas pause..
*Sloane asks Nikolas for a favor.
*Nikolas in turn asks Sloane for a favor.
*Jake sees an ad for a job that he likes. Its at ELQ.
*Elizabeth is worried about what will happen if Jake is hired.
*Ava tries to see Avery.
*Franco finds out that Nina sold the stocks.
*Franco and Nina argue.
*Sonny prepares to take over the territories in Port Charles.
*Franco goes to Dr. Obrecht for advice about how to proceed.
*TJ wants to step into Sonny's world.
*Nina is angry at Franco's interference, but secretly thrilled that he is fighting for her.
*Nathan confides his worries to Maxie.
*Luke makes an announcement.
*Nik sees Lulu as the key to his takeover of ELQ.
*Ric's shiny facade shows cracks.
*Dillon realizes how much he missed Port Charles.
*Tracy sees the old Luke again.
*Laura has news for Luke that changes everything.
*Lulu demands answers..
*People are stunned by Luke's decision.
*Luke tells Lulu the truth.
*Sabrina and Michael brainstorm and conclude that someone at ELQ is a traitor.
*Sabrina has her sights on Rosalie, but keeps it from Michael.
*Sabrina hires Sam to investigate Rosalie.
*Nik has more secrets.
*A visit from DenAva leaves Michael shaken.
*Ava nearly loses it when she sees Avery.
*Aunt Denise is nowhere to be found.
*Sam questions Nina about her new financial condition.
*Kiki is worried about Denise.
*Morgan finds an obviously upset Denise and comforts her.
*Rosalie and Sabrina argue.
*Sabrina issues a warning.
*Silas feels awful about Nina's troubles with the law. He wants to make it up to her.
*Nik spends time with Laura.
*TJ is arrested by Dante and Ric is sent to defend him.
*TJ is still angry at Jordan.
*Dante feels bad about having to arrest TJ.
*Sabrina is kind and empathetic to Tracy.
*Tracy finds herself opening up to Sabrina and a bond is formed.
*Nik decides to use Lulu and her friendship with Dillon to his advantage.
*Jordan finds herself indebted to Sonny.
*Not everyone is happy to see Laura.
*Laura's return will disrupt many lives.
*It's safe to say the Laura has information for and about Luke.
*Tracy sees her future isn't what she envisioned.
*Liz runs to Nik with her fears.
*Jake gets a new job at ELQ. Head of Security.
*Lulu is thrilled that Laura is back.
*Brad's family will impact the entire town.
*Scott, Bobbie and Lucy are impacted by Laura's sudden return.
*Luke has business to attend to...
A DNA test baffles the police.
*Delia Coleridge has a convenient explanation.
*FauxAva is released.
*Tracy gets a wonderful surprise.
*Dillon Q is back to help save ELQ.
*Valerie gets the job and Lulu is not happy.
*Dillon runs into Lulu and they rekindle their friendship.
*Nina still loves Franco..but he hurt her.
*Nina does the unthinkable in Franco's eyes.
*Silas comes clean.
*Nik has Rosalie make a move.
*Nik and Franco ally.
*Dante enjoys having Valerie around.
*DNA doesn't lie. But technicians do alter original samples.
*Olivia makes arrangements to go to her son and Ned.
*Luke comes home.
*The Q's host a huge celebration. B-)
*Michael finds a key to success.
*Jake has good news for Liz.
*Sam and Jake develop a friendship.
*Patrick is uncomfortable and tells Sam.
*Liz fears that closeness to Sam may trigger Jason's memory.
*Lomax offers Jordan the commissioner's job.
*Jordan gets a new job.
*TJ thinks Jordan used Shawn to get ahead.
*Shawn is headed to Pentonville.
*Ric's association with Madeleine is his motive for marrying Nina.
*Nathan tries to push Nina into an annulment.
*Ric and Madeleine put their cards on the table. Will they put their clothes on the floor?
*Lulu has questions for Luke.
*Nik uses Rosalie to get to Nina and Franco.
*Michael thinks he will be successful in getting the stocks back.
*Nik is sure his plan will succeed.
*Laura returns!
*Rosalie finds she is jealous of Sabrina.
*Silas answers uncomfortable questions for Kiki.
*Someone knows what Silas did, and blackmails him into keeping quiet.
*Scott and Lucy finally talk.
*Brad's family will be an issue.
*Anna and Sloane must find a way to make things right.
*Sloane and Anna share a weak moment.
*Morgan and Michael discuss AvaDenice and Avery as well as Kiki and their parents. They reach common ground.
*Kiki is confused by the latest truce.
*Michael begins to soften.
*Tracy begins to have a new respect for Sabrina.
*Luke has an announcement.
*Scott and Tracy have a truce.
*Valerie is excited about her new job and invites Dante and Lulu out to dinner.
*Guess who they run into? Its Dillon!
*Anna feels guilty about what she and Sloane shared in a moment of weakness.

*Is that Ava? Don't be so sure...
*Sloane has a plan to help Anna.
*Julian's good intentions may not bear fruit.
*Julian isn't quite ready to let go.
*Franco goes to Nathan with his concerns about Nina.
*Rosalie is in a bad position.
*Michael and Sabrina move ahead and into bed.
*Valerie applies for work at the PCPD.
*Lulu runs to Nik when she learns about the bad news.
*Nik comforts Lulu, and she sees he is upset as well.
*Mayor Lomax goes to Nik to discuss Sloane.
*Sloane tries to help Anna deal with her guilt.
*Dr. Obrecht has a chat with Franco about Nina, leaving him unsettled.
*Nina has second thoughts...
*Ric's latest scheme is unveiled.
*Nina and Franco have an argument.
*Lulu is not happy that Valerie is trying to work at the cop shop.
*Nik thinks Rosalie may be the key to getting Franco's shares.
*Michael asks Rosalie to trace the ELQ shares.
*Sloane delivers news to Jake.
*Sloane tells Anna all about his dealings with Lomax.
*Jake talks to Liz about what the future holds, and his employment status.
*Shawn is reeling from learning that TJ is his son.
*Shawn must make a choice between his family or his friend.
*Sonny and Jake have a talk about his working for Julian.
*Brad and Lucas joyfully plan their wedding.
*The issue of Brad's family comes up.
*Shawn has a heart to heart talk with TJ.
*Someone has dirt on Silas.
*Sonny runs into Ava's doppelganger.
*Kiki is upset and confused by the Avalganger.
*Jake really wants to be with Elizabeth.
*Ric has a new partner... Madeleine.
*Michael is not so angry anymore.
*Morgan and Michael reach common ground
Sloane struggles to protect Anna from herself.
*Nina and....Ric?
*Hayden never gets a chance to tell Jake and Sam her information.
*A stray bullet quiets Hayden forever, but who really shot her?
*Jake is in the line of fire.
*Julian gets reckless.
*Ned and Olivia have a plan.
*Sabrina and Michael get closer when he notices how upset she is.
*Franco is stunned by Nina's plans.
*Franco tells Nathan that Nina is not rational.
*Julian can't deal with losing Alexis.
*Nina is angered by Franco's statements.
*Carly almost let's the cat out of the bag about Jake.
*A worried Jordan wants out, and comes clean to TJ.
*Jordan goes to Scott to make a deal.
*Shawn and Jordan talk...She confesses.
*Kiki and Morgan argue.
*Olivia breaks the sad news to Julian.
*Nik still has a secret that he isn't sharing.
*Sonny still wants vengeance.
*A shaken Jake thinks he might be close to uncovering his past.
*Sam and Jake head to the PCPD.
*Jake questions his direction in life.
*Jake tells Sloane that he wants out, damn the consequences.
*Sloane agrees to assist Anna in her plan.
*Anna is surprised by Sloane's support and sees him in a different light.
*Ric finds a new ally.
*Sam explains what happened at the garage to Patrick.
*Patrick is scared that he could have lost her.
*Julian needs Alexis for comfort.
*Olivia quietly clues Dante in on her plan to protect her other son.
*Jake knows that anyone around him is a target.
*After Jordan's admission, Shawn's loyalty to Sonny is tested.
*Jake thinks he may have a breakthrough about his identity.
*A shaken Sabrina doesn't want to go out.
*Michael arranges a nice stay at home date for them.
*Michael thinks he may have a way to save ELQ.
*Distraught and shaken, Julian returns home to a surprise. Ava?
*Julian moves Jake up to his inner circle.
*Silas tries to get Ava to stay low.
*Ava goes to see Kiki.
*Duke's murder ripples across Port Charles.
*Sloane and Anna investigate.
*Is Jake a suspect?
*Liz rushes to Jake, as does Carly.
*Sonny feels the weight of guilt on his shoulders.
*He feels he put Duke in harms way.
*Liz feels guilty for lying to Jason.
*Sonny is out for revenge on Julian and his organization.
*Sonny believes Jake was somehow involved.
*Sloane lays out a plan to Jake.
*Jake is reluctant, but has no choice.
*Tracy voices her concerns about ELQ to Michael.
*Sonny must take back the reins of his business.
*Tracy and Michael talk about his romance with Sabrina.
*Jake makes his move and becomes a member of Julian's inner circle.
*Carlos needs Sabrina's help.
*Sabrina has a dilemma.
*Olivia's baby has a rough start, and needs medical intervention.
*Dante rushes to his mother and baby brother.
*Olivia asks Dante to help her with the baby.
*Julian makes it clear that he intends to be a father to his son.
*Ned assures Olivia he stands by her.
*Shawn realizes that Jordan was ordered to be killed by Duke.
*Shawn angrily confronts Sonny.
*Sonny tells Shawn that he never gave the order.
*Jordan knows her cover is compromised and wants out.
*Shawn and Jordan have a talk.
*A shooting goes down... Carly and Sonny are saved, and Jake is wounded.
*Sonny tells Carly that Jake can't be trusted, even though he owes him a debt.
*Carly knows Jake is innocent, but can't tell Sonny how she knows.
*Hayden taunts Liz with the knowledge that Jake is Jason and hints she may divulge that Liz is aware.
*Julian realizes that Franco was blackmailing Olivia, putting stress on her and the baby.
*Sloane comforts Anna.
*Sloane encourages Anna to get back to work.
*Sam knows that Julian ordered the hit on Duke, causing Emma heartbreak.
*Alexis demands the truth. Julian lies.
*Alexis knows that Julian is behind the violence.
*Ned and Olivia discuss their future.
*Hayden is earning lots of enemies.
*Sam comes across jewelry that reminds her of Jason.
*Sam has questions for Jake, and wants the truth.
*Anna and Sloane find something interesting in Sabrina's apartment.
*Lulu is stunned upon stumbling over Hayden and Nik.
*Lulu questions why they are "a couple".
*Rosalie is still funneling info to Nik.
*Sabrina has a decision to make that will affect her future.
*Kiki and Morgan have a long overdue talk.
*Silas is silent about how Avery ended up in the apartment.
*Sonny and Shawn confront an enemy.
*Jake proves his loyalty to Julian, per Sloane's orders.
*A surprise wedding. Maybe Spin and Ellie. (Or Maxie and Nathan? Kiki and Morgan? Nik and Hayden? Ric and...Nina?)
*COMING SOON....Jason figures out his true identity. Will his memory return as well?  Liz will be involved.
Olivia will leave with Ned, but returns in July (after her maternity leave)
Jason won't tell his loved ones he is back right away.
Spinelli and Ellie head back home.
Ned and Olivia have a plan to circumvent Julian. They enlist an ally.
Laura returns to Port Charles.
Luke will leave town, leaving the possibility of a return visit. He is not leaving with Laura.
Ava has mixed feelings about being saved by Avery's bone marrow. She is angry with Silas.
Carly and Sonny will begin to build a bridge with Michael.
Morgan will feel pushed aside again. He will begin acting out toward his parents and others.
Valerie will continue to lean on Dante, causing jealousy in Lulu. She gets some advice.
Hayden is going to be dealt with in a final and permanent way. The obvious suspects aren't necessarily guilty.
Madeleine makes an appearance around the end of May.
*Liz is shocked by Nik's assertion that Jake is really Jason.
*Liz asks Nik not to say anything just yet.
*Liz makes a big decision and heads for Jake.
*Nathan and Ellie are surprised by their evening together.
*Spencer is determined to keep Emma and Cam from dancing the tango.
*Spencer is dejected and feeling low.
*A ghostly visit from his mother Courtney yields some advice.
*Matchmaker Lucy pushes Anna and Duke into their special tango.
*Magic Milo and Eddie Mayne.
*Patrick and Emma perform together.
*Sam guesses that Julian is about to make a move.
*Spencer detours Emma.
*Spencer inadvertently places himself and Emma in the line of fire.
*Sam locates the kids just in time.
*A mob hit is attempted.
*Jake figures out who the target is, just a second too late.
*Shawn fears that Jordan was the target and confronts Julian.
*Sloane tells Jake what he suspects.
*Jake tells him he may be on the wrong path.
*Jake figures something out.
*When the bullets fly, Bruce is hit.
*Shawn realizes that Duke lied to him about Jordan.
*Hayden sexes up Nik and then blackmails him.
*Nik gives in to the blackmail.
*Jake comes upon something at the garage.
*Anna let's Sloane in on her plan, and they agree to work together.
*Anna and Duke talk about what's happening.
*Liz and Jake have an emotional moment.
*Sabrina and Michael talk about where they are headed.
*Olivia tells Dante something important.
*Sam struggles with her secret knowledge of Olivia's baby.
*Olivia goes into labor. Ned is there for her and the baby.
*Sabrina gets a surprise visitor. Rosalie? Carlos? Or someone else?
*Ultimately, Sam comes clean, but to whom?
*Jake saves the day for a friend or two.
*By weeks end, a body..a shock to many.
*Anna and Sloane come upon a shocking scene.
*Duke meets his doom.
*Sonny is grateful that Jake saved Carly, but believes he was involved in the death of his friend and colleague.
*Nathan questions Jake about his involvement.
*Nina shocks Franco with an announcement.
*Lives are turned upside down.
*Things get worse before they get better.
*Ric tries to get Liz to listen to him.
*Ric thinks Carly should pay.
*Sonny, Carly and Michael share an harmonious interlude.
*Valerie gets curious about Nik and his female parade.
*Hayden is mad at the world, and wants to vent her rage. Who will be her first target? Who will be her last?
*Ric plans on a very public proposal to to Liz.
*Molly is aware and does all she can to ensure Ric's success.
*Franco talks to Dr. O about Nina..
*Franco is not reassured about Nina's mental state.
*Lucy gathers her acts for the Nurse's Ball.
*Sam overhears some interesting news..
*Sam gifts a pair of NB tickets to Jake. She suggests he bring his "wife".
*Nik agrees to let Valerie move into Windermere.
*Valerie notices things that arouse her curiosity.
*Hayden shows up at Windermere and Valerie wonders why.
*Hayden tells Ric she needs more cash.
*Julian goes to see Brad.
*The Nurse's Ball begins.
*Sonny realizes that Duke is in way over his head when it comes to decisions.
*Carly looks for Pete Ross, the fake face Jake.
*Maxie sees Nathan and Ellie walk the red carpet together.
*Lucy makes a big deal about the Nellie coupledom.
*Maxie is confused and sees green...
*Spinelli is tied up with Carly and the soon to be reveal.
*Maxie is alone to see the entrance.
*Spinelli arrives with Carly.
*Carly has a big surprise for Ric.
*Brad proposes to Lucas.
*Ava is not totally out of the woods yet.
*Sonny and Carly are not sure how to deal with Morgan and Kiki.
*Michael and Sabrina attend the Ball.
*Shawn let's his feelings toward Julian be known.
*Spencer does his skulking Phantom of the Opera style.
*Emma and Spencer are scheduled to dance.
*Spencer engineers a little detour.
*Spencer does all he can to prevent Emma and Cam from reconnecting.
*A dance between estranged couples leads to a rekindling of feelings.
*Spinelli realizes he still loves Ellie.
*Maxie knows she belongs with Nathan.
*Lots of surprise guests..not Brenda.
*The tango reveals the yearning that Anna and Duke feel for each other.
*Lots of violence and shooting will mar the festivities.
*Olivia begins experiencing cramps.
*Alexis attempts to calm and comfort Olivia as her labor takes hold.
*Olivia thinks she is being punished for lying to Julian.
*Ned and Dante get Olivia to GH.
*Alexis finds the interplay between Ned and Olivia to be odd.
*Ned tells Michael that ELQ has more trouble, since he gave his shares to Franco.
*Ned and Olivia are leaving town.
*Madeleine is back, and she has an agenda.
*Carly outs Ric and Hayden in a very public way.
*Hayden is suddenly displaced.
*Nik realizes that Ric was bankrolling Hayden.
*Hayden warns Nik that he is keeping a big secret too. She may parlay that info into a place to stay.
*The reappearance of Avery raises lots of unanswered questions.
*Suspicion falls on several suspects.
*Nathan and Dante investigate.
*Michael is surprised by an offer from his estranged parents.
*Rosalie is back from her long coffee break to keep Nik up to date on ELQ.
*Sonny continues his suit to regain custody of Avery.
*Sam is shocked to find Jason's ring at Patrick's.
*Patrick assures her he has no clue.
*Jake is certain that he has seen Robin before.
*Valerie is feeling down and Dante offers comfort, just as Lulu walks in.
*The fake face Jake is not going quietly.
*Carly keeps digging.
*Carly confronts Hayden over her lie to Elizabeth about sleeping with Jake.
*Spencer admits to Nik that he took the ring to Emma.
*Nik hustles to Patrick's.
*Emma explains that Spencer tried to give her the ring.
*Nik's ready with answers.
*Ric starts to panic.
*Silas starts to administer the treatment to Ava without her knowledge.
*Guilt overwhelms Kiki.
*Morgan worries about exposure of his scheme.
*Sonny and Michael argue. Michael makes accusations.
*Morgan and Kiki have no choice but to tell Michael the truth.
*Spinelli asks Sam to help him.
*Jake learns that Spinelli is checking on Hayden.
*Hayden and Nik keep sexing each other up.
*Jake tells Carly and Spinelli to back off of Hayden.
*Nik is in damage control mode.
*Carly refuses to let go of Hayden.
*Carly spots Hayden with fake face Jake and thinks he is the one who hired her.
*Carly and Spinelli break into Hayden and Jakes room and see the wedding photo.
*A lightbulb goes on for Carly.
*Duke learns that he is on a hit list.
*Jordan and Shawn declare their love.
*Duke issues a preemptive strike.
*The mob war heats up. Shots fired.
*TJ brings Shawn worrisome info. Duke is present.
*Is Olivia the victim of the errant shot?
*Duke is shocked by the outcome.
*Anna asks Duke to reveal the identity of the shooter.
*Sloane tells Jake to dig and get more info on Julian's plan.
*Carly figures out Ric is behind Hayden.
*Lucy puts acts together for the Nurse's Ball.
*Sabrina believes in Michael.
*Michael leans on Sabrina and the two grow closer.
*Morgan and Kiki go to Silas's apartment and find a huge surprise. Avery.
*Nathan becomes very curious about the mystery patient in New York.
*Nathan questions Silas.
*Nik figures out that Ric hired Hayden.
*Jake finds a distraught Hayden who tells him that a gunman was in their room.
*Nathan tells Ellie that she is the one who made him lose Maxie.
*Liz is hurt seeing Jake around town.
*Lucy offers Nathan some advice.
*Nathan makes plans to escort Ellie to the Nurse's Ball.
*Lulu suggests alternative housing to Valerie.
*Jordan tells Anna she wants out.
*Nik is almost ready to take over ELQ.
*Avery is missing from her crib at GH.
*Silas has a plan to save Ava.
*Avery reappears. But she has a bandage.
*Nathan tells Maxie he doesn't want to lose her.
*Maxie is more confused than ever.
*Let's add another visitor to the mix.
*Maxie is surprised and suspicious to see Ellie.
*Sabrina decides to get her Scooby gang Felix to help her find out what made Michael melt down.
*Sonny visits Luke for answers.
*Valerie leans on Dante.
*Lulu doesn't trust Valerie and is not happy about Dante defending her.
*Lulu asks Carly to help Valerie find a job and a place to live.
*Ned gives in to Franco's blackmail.
*Nina returns to the hotel and Franco demands answers.
*Nina refuses to bow down to Franco.
*Franco asks Nina to forgive him.
*Ned must make a hard choice about Michael.
*Alexis tries to get Michael to see reason.
*Sloane shares details with Anna about the mob happenings.
*Julian again offers Olivia help.
*Olivia considers Julian's offer.
*Nik discovers that Jason's ring is not in the safe.
*Jake brings Sam's things and helps her move into Patrick's house.
*Jake sees a picture of Robin.
*Jake is curious about her..he has seen her before!
*Dr. Obrecht and Nina discuss their secrets. It is tense.
*Silas is heading back to New York.
*Silas evades questions and hustles back to Ava.
*Ava asks him again to help her.
*Silas says yes, and prepares her to receive the vials.
*Unknown to Ava, Silas has harvested bone marrow from Avery.
*Nathan gets advice from his mother.
*Bobbie begs Scott to show mercy and help Luke.
*Ric should start getting nervous. His plan can go up in smoke.
*Sonny hears Luke out, and he understands.
*Bobbie visits Luke with news about his case.
*Lucy talks to Duke, telling him enough to make a decision.
*Lulu can't forgive Valerie for her attack on Luke.
*Lulu feels that Dante is being disloyal for his kindness to Valerie.
*Tracy and Lulu protect Luke from those looking for revenge.
*Valerie blames Luke for Patricia's death.
*Valerie lashes out. She is mad at the world.
*Nathan talks to Lucas, and the conversation turns to Maxie.
*Spencer proposes to Emma, who turns him down.
*Spencer is hurt and humiliated.
*Nik listens to Liz about Jakes "wife".
*Nik knows this is a farce, but can't say so.
*Hayden propositions Ric. She needs to have it..
*Nik hunts down Hayden and demands answers.
*Hayden gets a clue that Nik has answers about Jake.
*Hayden and Nik mix it up, and she just might get sex after all.
*Hayden knows that Nik is hiding info about Jake. She uses it to her advantage.
*Liz agrees to try again with Ric.
*Jason has more flashes of life with Sam.
*Jake overhears a murder plot, but doesn't know who the victim is.
*Jake reports the info to Sloane, who pushes him for more.
*Michael has a dramatic and hysterical reaction to Morgan and Kiki..
*Sonny witnesses Michael being out of control.
*Sonny is concerned for Michael AND Avery.
*Morgan and Kiki have their own encounter with Michael and step up their plan.
*Ned finds out how Franco is blackmailing Olivia.
*Shawn informs Sonny that Jake is an obstacle.
*Sam and Jake have an interesting conversation.
*Luke makes a heartfelt and desperate plea.
*Silas come across some information that could change things.
*Ric city considers telling Liz the truth, then goes back to being slimy.
*Nina seeks out Silas.
*Sam and Jake talk about his feeling of Deja Vu.
*Sam tells Patrick that she had a great talk with Jake.
*Patrick is worried and jealous over Sam's friendship with Jake.
*Michael worried that he will lose ELQ.
*Julian sees Michael acting out of control.
*Silas agrees to help Ava die.
*Michaels actions invite the attention of CPS.
*A change in custody may be in Avery's best interest.
*Dante has to help Lulu wade through the nightmare of her father's past.
*Franco may overplay his hand.
*Tracy shows Luke unconditional love and support.
*Carly hears Jake talking to Sloane about the hit Julian and Carlos are planning.
*Carly pushes for answers and details.
*Jake remains silent and stoic.
*Jake really wants a motorcycle.
*Carly digs into Hayden's past and her story.
*Ned looks for a way to shut down Franco's blackmail.
*Kiki clues Julian in on her plan when he becomes concerned about Avery.
*The truth is revealed!
*Did Luke kill his mother?
*Olivia has no choice but to give Franco and Nina a suite.
*Carly is stunned by Olivia's "generosity".
*Carly comes face to face with Franco.
*Jordan is in a bad spot.
*Anna and Jordan must tell Sloane the truth.
*Liz wants to make sure Jake and Hayden have a chance to save their "marriage", so she turns to Ric.
*Carly digs deeper into Hayden's claims.
*Cam asks Ric for help.
*Ric capitalizes on Liz's moment of weakness.
*Spencer plots to keep Emma as his own.
*Spencer discovers what Nik has been hiding.
*Ric is feeling secure, but it won't last long.
*Luke holds Patricia, Tracy and Bobbie at gunpoint.
*Bobbie and Tracy fear they will be killed.
*Carly and Lucas worry about where Bobbie might be.
*Luke is more feral than before.
*Patricia unlocks the secret inside of Luke's mind.
*It's not DID, its a psychotic break.
*Luke faces his past, and its ugly and more painful than Luke can handle.
*Luke can't bear the truth.
*Sam makes her decision about living with Patrick.
*Jake has dreams of being married. To Sam.
*Jake and Elizabeth still long for each other.
*Carly tells Jake he can't leave and go home with his "wife".
*Jake is determined to keep his new job with Julian.
*Ric thought that Jake would be leaving town.
*Ric visits Sam to cover his tracks.
*Ric "confides" in Sam about Jakes wife issue.
*Liz goes to Nik and shocks him with news of Jakes "wife".
*Duke tells Sonny that Jordan has to die.
*The Spencer family makes a heart wrenching decision.
*The Spencers rally around Patricia and Valerie.
*Spinelli tries to win Maxie. But Maxie still loves Nathan.
*Nina and Franco make their freedom felt.
*Sonny and Carly worry over Michael's behavior and actions.
*Nik is almost ready to make his move on ELQ.
*Child Protective Services gets a tip.
*Carlos doesn't trust Jake and looks for ways to get rid of him.
*Julian and Shawn get into an argument.
*Liz confides in Patrick about Jake, and Patrick talks about Sam.
*Jake starts to have dreams about Sam.
*Liz distrusts Jakes "wife".
*Maxie has a conniption over the fight between Spinelli and Nathan.
*Nathan tries to explain things to Maxie.
*Tracy and Lulu aren't the only ones looking for answers from Patricia. Luke wants them too.
*Ava begs Silas for death with dignity.
*Patrick suggests that he and Sam move in together.
*Sam sees Danny, with Patrick being fatherly. She seriously considers the next step.
*Jake feels no connection to his "wife".
*Ric is pleased that his plan seems to be working...but only to a point.
*Carly doesn't believe that the woman claiming to be Jakes wife is telling the truth.
*Anna discovery of a murder plot sends her scrambling.
*Valerie gets away from Luke.
*Dante tells Lulu that it wasn't Luke using the passport.
*Nathan tries to repair the damage with Maxie.
*Morgan figures out how to get to Michael.. Allergy meds.
*Ric accidentally runs into his cohort.
*Jake has a flash of being married, but not to the woman claiming to be his wife.
*Liz and Jake speculate where their futures lie.
*Shawn fears for Jordan's life from Sonny and Duke.
*Sloane tells Jordan that he knows her secret.
*Cam talks to Ric about his fear of arrest.
*Ned and Michael try to neutralize the threat to ELQ.
*Olivia doubts her decision to lie about her baby's paternity.
*Nina is in court and Alexis makes an admission.
*Franco finds himself on court.
*Nina and Franco find themselves in need of housing.
*Franco uses his knowledge of Olivia's secret to leverage a room at the MetroCourt.
*Kiki and Morgan put their plan into action.
*Sabrina and Michael are very much at ease with each other and Carlos isn't happy.
*Sam can't get what Jake said before surgery out of her head.
*Michael tells Morgan he will never see Avery again.
*Michael's declaration strengthens Morgans resolve.
*Duke and Julian have an angry confrontation.
*Spinelli pleads his case to Maxie, but Nathan does too.
*Ric hears from Liz that she still has feelings for Jake so he hires a woman to pretend to be Jake's wife.
*Carly tells Liz that she should give Ric another chance.
*Jake comforts Elizabeth and it gets romantic.
*Jordan must do some fancy footwork to keep Shawn in the dark.
*Tracy and Lulu go to Patricia's last known address.
*They finally get to talk about Luke and his breakdown.
*New Spencer family secrets come out.
*Kiki and Morgan make plans to go against Michael.
*Sonny comes face to face with Jake.
*Julian doesn't want Sam anywhere near Jake.
*Duke is in danger.
*Nik continues his plan for ELQ.
*Maxie knows she must be honest with Nathan.
*Spinelli plays dirty to win Maxie.
*Patrick and Sam move into a more serious relationship.
*Liz and Jake are closer..
* Jake doesn't feel that the woman is his wife, and has her investigated.
*Julian hires Jake. Carlos doesn't like him.
*Carlos continues to pull the strings with Julian.
*Carly has to explain to Sonny why Jake is working for Julian.
*Carly lies to Sonny about Jake.
*Rosalie is back..
*Sabrina overhears Rosalie on the phone with someone talking about ELQ.
*Sabrina is suspicious of Rosalie, but Michael isn't.
*Anna and Sloane are a bundle of sexual tension.
*Lucy and Duke talk about their relationship.
*Duke runs into Michael and gives him a verbal beat down over Avery/AJ.
*Julian orders the hit on Duke.
*Spencer has scars and is depressed.
*Nik looks at the cause of the fire...
*Cam feels guilt, realizing he probably caused the fire.
*Can tells Liz that he is responsible for what happened.
*Liz comforts Cam, but feels sick over it.
*Jake comforts Elizabeth, until they are interrupted.
*Duke pushes Jordan to kill Julian.
*Jordan tells Anna about her orders.
*Anna is concerned for Jordan, thinking she is in a trap.
*Ric "finds" Jakes "wife".
*Nathan confronts Spinelli.
*Nina and Franco devise a plan to get out.
*Jakes meeting with Julian is tense, but Julian hires him.
*Sonny doesn't trust Jake and let's Carly know that he wants Jake out of her house.
*Ric and Sonny bond as brothers.
*Jake walks a fine line and a dangerous one.
*Kiki says no to Morgan.
*Michael asks Sabrina to help him raise Avery.
*Silas explains Ava's condition to her.
*Sonny will play dirty to keep Avery.
*Jake asks Sam for help.
*Liz tells Ric about how she feels.
*Jake hopes to woo Liz.
*Luke has a plan to escape...
*Maxie is angry at Spinelli and hurt over Nathan.
*Nathan and Maxie try to get back on track.
*Dante brings Lulu up to date on Luke.
*Georgie is I'll and Spinelli and Maxie rush to her side.
*Nina and Franco get caught up in Luke's sickness.
*Lulu tells Tracy what she learned.
*Lulu and Tracy are fearful over Luke's latest.
*Dante and Nathan question Nina and Franco about Luke.
*Michael becomes overconfident that he can destroy his other family.
*Jordan tips off Anna that mob wars are about to begin....
*Anna warns all parties that this won't be tolerated.
*Nathan witnesses a close moment between Maxie, Spinelli and Georgie.
*Spinelli and Sam reunite and begin investigations.
*Carly gives Jake advice.
*Lulu is there when Maxie needs to talk.
*Maxie tells Lulu about her dilemma with Nathan and Spinelli.
*Julian wants to use Avery against Sonny.
*Spinelli thinks he see saw Jason..
*Shawn tells Sonny and Duke that Jordan is hiding something.
*Jordan is tested on her loyalty.
*Both Sonny and Ric don't trust Jake.
*Julian sets his sights on killing Sonny.
*Cameron realizes that he started the fire.
*Cam's guilty conscience gets to him.
*Spinelli makes a huge discovery regarding Patricia Spencer.
*Spinelli has deja vu with Jake....
*Anna yanks Sloanes chain just for fun.
*Michael is so wrapped up in tormenting Sonny, he misses the threat to ELQ.
*Luke's escape will coincide with the actors vacation.
*Luke will eventually be recaptured.
*Ric stoops to some really underhanded tricks to separate Liz and Jake.
*Jake assures Elizabeth that his work with the Jerome's is all legitimate.
*Time for Lucy to begin planning the Nurse's Ball.
Ric tears into Michael on the stand.
*Carly can't deal with seeing Michael upset and gets vocal.
*Sonny and Michael exchange heated words.
*Carly begs Michael and Sonny to stop this.
*Ava wants to see her baby.
*A courtroom surprise. The proceedings are interrupted.
*Alexis is uncomfortable with Michaels latest ploy.
 *Carly realizes that Michael learned all of his dirty tricks from her and Sonny.
*Jake puzzles over Elizabeths comment.
*Liz talks to Jake about Ric.
*Spinelli has a job and a place to stay.
*Nathan fears he may lose Maxie.
*Spinelli kisses Maxie, confusing her.
*Franco is shocked by Nina's anger that he is faking.
*Morgan asks Sonny to allow Avery to go to Ava's memorial service.
*Sonny talks to Morgan about Michael and sends Avery with him.
*Julian intends to rebuild his organization, despite Duke.
*A former enemy (Luke) wants to join forces.
 *Anna fills in Jordan on her plans.
 *Sloane visits Jake and makes him a proposition.
*Liz is determined to protect Jake.
*Carly helps Jake make a decision on Sloanes proposal.
*Sam visits Jake and offers to help him find his past.
*Spencer undergoes treatment.
*Nik rethinks his choices.
*Sam asks Nik what he knows about Jake's identity
*Olivia talks to Dante and reveals her pregnancy.
*Ned tells Monica that he and Olivia are having a baby.
*In other Monica news., Tracy confides her feelings about Luke to her sister in law.
*Nik tells Sam something, but not the truth.
*The search for Patricia Spencer begins.
*Lulu tells Spinelli all she remembers about family history.
*Bobbie and Tracy add what they know.
*Tracy fears that Luke has become meaner and more dangerous.
*Anna grates on Sloane as he has to watch his step.
*Emma needs reassurance.
 *Julian gets into Michaels face over Sonny and Avery.
*Ava's memorial begins at Ryans Bar in New York.
*A ruling in the custody battle is made, and Sonny is angry.
*Carly begs Sonny not to take action.
*Sonny calls Morgan, who puts their plan into action.
*The battle between Sonny and Michael escalates.
*New information about Luke and his past is revealed.
*Franco and Nina have a plan.
 *Carly is caught in the middle with Sonny and Michael.
*Luke is darker and more dangerous than ever.
*Carlos is in a bad place.
*Spinelli finds something. The past begins to reveal itself..
*Jake is awake but has no clue to his identity.
*Jason is disappointed and upset that his memory has not returned.
*Sam reaches out to Jake to offer support.
*Liz is still by Jake's side and Ric doesn't like it.
*Liz isn't feeling the love for Ric just now.
*Spencer's party promises to be a hot time.
*Emma and Cameron have a disagreement and she confides in Spencer.
*Spencer comforts his fairy princess.
*Unknown to all is a fire in the room with Spencer and Emma.
*Nik is panicked and afraid for his son.
*Patrick rushes to his daughter.
*Nik saves Spencer, but Spencer is not unhurt.
*Liz is there to calm Nik and give unconditional support.
*Alexis tells Julian that she believes Ned and Olivia are lying about the baby.
*Julian has a talk with Michael....about his revenge and using the baby.
*Julian is against what Michael is doing.
*Sonny is concerned that Carly is still around Jake.
*Sonny meets Jake and gets a weird feeling.
*Sonny instructs Shawn to keep an eye on things.
*Olivia surprises Franco with a visit offering understanding and support.
*Olivia explains that she has been through the same thing.
*Nina is visited by Nathan and Alexis.
*Nina can get a release under certain conditions.
*Silas is hiding something...Ava.
*Morgan confronts Michael about his actions.
*Kiki doesn't like it at all.
*Ava's memorial service is on..
*Liz offers, but Jake doesn't want to come between Liz and Ric.
*Jake has a dream and shares details with Liz.
*Sonny and Ric come together over mutual needs.
*Spinelli tells Nathan he still loves Maxie.
*Nathan is angry and tells Maxie, but she isn't surprised.
*Nathan doesn't want to walk away.
*Nathan worries that Maxie has feelings for Spinelli.
*Duke makes a conciliatory move to Julian.
*Anna brings Jordan up to speed on her investigation.
*Sloane goes to see Nik about their next move.
*Nik feels guilty keeping the Jason secret.
*It's never black and white, but shades of grey...
*After witnessing Luke switch to UberLuke, Tracy goes on a quest for answers.
*Tracy, Lulu and Bobbie look for Patricia.
*Spinelli is hired to find her and look into Luke's past.
*Nathan wonders if he should interfere with Maxie's happy little family.
*Dante has a Luke confrontation.
*Silas can't tell anyone that he has been treating Ava.
*Jason may remember who he is over the next few weeks, but not let anyone know.
*Sam and Patrick continue as a couple.
*Secrets long hidden come to light.
*Carly visits Jake.
*Nina has hopeful news about Franco.
*Nathan is blindsided by Spinellis declaration.
*The Nurses Ball is coming.
*Does Nik know about Robin?
*Nik wonders if he is doing the right thing.
*What will Ric do to get Jake out of the picture?
*Michael has much more planned to hurt Sonny.

*Olivia confides in Ned that she's pregnant by Julian.
*Ned is kind and sweet...
*Alexis and Julian reconcile.
*Julian wants Alexis to dump Ned ASAP.
*Nik learns about Jake's mind control.
*Nik comes to a realization about Helena.
*Helena is still manipulating Nikolas, not partnering with him.
*Nik is not going to let Helena go unchallenged.
*Elizabeth has had enough of Ric and his high handed tactics.
*Spinelli is staying in Port Charles for the foreseeable future.
*Bobbie visits Fluke.
*Luke spits venom at Bobbie.
*Tracy, Lulu and Bobbie decide to have Luke's life investigated.
*Spinelli gets the job.
*Maxie tells Lulu what happened with Johnny and Nathan.
*Maxie and Nathan have an awkward meeting.
*Spinelli offers a shoulder to his Maximista.
*Spinelli tells Maxie that he still loves her.
*Maxie confides in Lulu.
*Jake gets checked out at GH.
*Patrick has answers, but Jake is almost afraid to hear them.
*Kiki visits Franco, and he speaks with her.
*Michael takes the first steps in his quest to destroy Sonny.
*Morgan and Michael clash.
*Sabrina talks to Michael about revenge, and warns him it will only hurt him.
*Anna returns and has big news for Sloane.
*Helena and Nik argue, and she drops some interesting info about Jake and Luke.
*Lulu and Helena have a run in that could turn physical.
*Nik watches with fascination...
*Nik knows who Jake really is, but keeps it to himself for now.
*Nik feels guilt about hiding the truth from Liz.
*Helena made a big mistake by targeting Lulu. Nik won't stand for that.
*Duke and Sonny discuss the business.
*Sonny wants to take some time for family.
*Sonny..you got served!
*Nik needs to keep some info to himself.
*Carly begs Michael to reconsider his vendetta.
*Spencer has a birthday party with his friends.
*Emma spends time alone with Spencer.
*Emma is still Cameron's girlfriend.
*Emma accidentally reveals something.
*Spencer is in danger and he is unaware.
*Spencer is missing and Nik is frantic.
*Spencer is a pawn in a big game.
*Elizabeth comes to his side to help and offer comfort.
*Jake makes a big confession.
*Jake has another memory, but keeps it from Liz.
*Sloane and Duke are both caught unawares by Anna's news.
*N athan tells Dante that Maxie helped Johnny.
*Alexis tells Ned that she is choosing Julian.
*Ned makes his own announcement.
*Alexis is suspicious of what Ned has to say.
*Sam is supportive of Jake.
*Patrick has positive news for Jake.
*Ned's announcement, Julian, you are NOT the father.
*Silas has a secret...
*Anna gets her power and has a backer.
*Nina gets good news.
*Who is Luke?
The truth about Fluke has yet to be revealed.
*Things are not as they appear.
*Johnny is on the run and turns to an old friend for help.
*Maxie is reluctant, but does help Johnny.
*This will put her relationship with Nathan in jeopardy.
*Maxie tells Nathan what she did.
*Nathan is angry with Maxie.
*Michael is livid that Sonny was pardoned.
*He believes Sonny bought his way out.
*Michael tells Olivia that he will make Sonny pay.
*Michael files a wrongful death suit, step one in bringing Sonny down.
*Sonny wants his daughter, but Kiki fights him.
*Kiki asks Alexis for help.
*Morgan is caught between Kiki and his father.
*Alexis stands by Julian, causing tension with Ned.
*Duke stays as Sonny's right hand man.
*Duke will continue to run the day to day business.
*Sabrina can't accept what Carlos has done.
*Carlos and Johnny go on the run.
*Patrick and Sam continue their relationship, despite her defense of Jake.
*Liz goes to see Jake and demands answers.
*They both feel the attraction between them.
*Jake assures Elizabeth that he didn't do those crimes of his own free will.
*Liz knows Helena is capable of everything Jake says she did.
*Liz asks Ric to help Jake as his lawyer.
*Jake tells Liz something about Ric, and she asks Ric about it.
*Tracy confronts Luke and is shocked by his venom.
*Lulu sees Luke and demands answers.
*Helena goes to see Tracy with a proposition.
*Helena needs Tracy for the next phase.
*Nik finds himself in an uncomfortable position.
*Sloane makes moves that raise eyebrows.
*Anna comes back and Sloane doesn't like what she has to say.
*Morgan tries to be supportive of Kiki.
*Michael weighs his options about Sonny.
*Olivia faces what her ONS with Julian means.
*Olivia gets a visit from an old Bensonhurst pal.
*Olivia confides her feelings for Ned, and his rejection of her feelings.
*Olivia's friend takes it upon herself to confront Ned.
*At the Quartermanes, her friend finds a familiar face.
*Valentine's Day is interesting for several couples.
*Spinelli returns with  Georgie to visit Maxie, no Ellie in sight.
*Shawn begins to put all the pieces together about Jordan.
*Ric has no intention of helping Jake go free.
*After observing Ric, and hearing him, Liz asks him what he is up to.
*Ric wants Jake gone.
*Liz angrily demands that Ric tell her the truth.
*Ric has big plans for revenge against Julian and "Luke".
*Liz goes to see Nikolas. And asks for help.
*Liz wants to find out if Helena is pulling Jake's strings.
*What Jake has to say about Ric will cause her to rethink her relationship with Ric.
*Part of Nik wants to help, while part of him enjoys the drama.
*Franco is still tripping.
*Nik asks Helena to tell him the truth.
*Valentine's Day finds Sam waiting for Patrick, who is attending a patient.
*Derek, a colleague of Patrick is in the same boat.
*Sam and Derek end up spending the evening together.
*Sloane helps Helena with the next part of her plan.
*Ned and Olivia begin to thaw with each other.
*Ned tells Olivia he is getting over the flu.
*Olivia confides in Ned that her stomach has been iffy all week. She thinks she may have the flu...
*Carly begs Michael to reconsider his plan.
*Lulu also wants Nik to help her get answers.
*Nathan hunts for Johnny and Carlos.
*Sloane questions Nathan about Dante violating the trespass order, and breaking in to the house on Elm Street.
*Tracy asks Spinelli to investigate Luke.
*Jason has more memories.
*Alexis and Julian share an intimate moment.
*Ned spies on Alexis and sees that she is still in love with Julian.
*Lulu doesn't trust what Luke has to say.
*Lulu turns to Scott Baldwin for help.
*The escapees are being chased by Johnny and Carlos.
*Johnny's plans are thwarted.
*The injured foursome manage to get away.
*Julian takes a bullet.
*Sam confronts Jake demanding answers.
*Jake assures Sam that he can't remember anything.
*Helena's goons keep Nikolas away from the Haunted Star.
*FLuke  has another blowup and storms off the boat, relishing the upcoming deaths.
*Tracy follows him this time and gets an eyeful!
*While talking to Sam, Jake has a flash of planting the bomb.
*He tells Sam that he might have done it and people need to be warned.
*Liz comes to confront Jake.
*He tells Sam, who rushes out to clear the party.
*Running into Liz at the jail, Sam gets her help.
*Sam now looks at Jake in a new light.
*Sam believes that Jake is a victim of someone or something.
*News of the escape filters through town.
*Kiki and Morgan are stunned to learn that Sonny, Ava, Julian and Franco escaped together.
*The ladies get to the Haunted Star and urge everyone to get out.
*Nik shows up to help get everyone to safety.
*FLuke and Helena are "unmasked"
*Johnny catches up to his prey and pulls his gun.
*Agent Sloane appears.
*Julian needs medical attention.
*Alexis hears Julian was hurt and rushes to his side.
*Ava is hanging over a river.
*Sonny tries to save her, but she falls to her presumed death.
*Sloane confronts Julian.
*Sloane and Julian make a deal.
*Sabrina comes home and finds a surprise.
*Ava is waiting for her.
*Ava begs Sabrina for help.
*Franco rushes to Nina, just as she realizes the depth of the danger.
*Franco throws himself between Heather and Nina and takes the hit...
*Franco makes a pact with Nina.
*Sonny rushes to save Michael.
*Sonny becomes a hero!
*Sonny saves Ivy from certain death.
*This heroic act will be the catalyst for Sonny to be freed.
*Michael is not happy about Sonny's changing luck.
*Alexis is stunned that Julian escaped. She listens to his story.
*Alexis makes a choice to help Julian at the expense of her relationship with Ned.
*Nathan figures out where Dante is..
*Nathan goes after him and gets him out just as the house explodes.
*Lulu starts to question the things she has heard from Luke and Johnny.
*FLuke is unraveling mentally.
*Tracy tells Ned what she saw and voices her concerns.
*Ned agrees to help her.
*Anna gets some backup and a new assignment. Bring down the PCPD.
*Shawn puts two and two together about Jordan.
*Jason is breaking out of his programming.
*Helena's ego blinds her.
*Nik manages to get to the boat, and finds Liz and Sam.
*Sam and Liz quickly explain and ask Nik for help.
*Nik helps clear people from the Haunted Star.
*Nik is livid that Helena tried to kill Lulu and Alexis and  Sam.
*Nik threatens Helena.
*The search for bodies is underway after the bomb explodes.
*The police are searching for one person in particular.
*Sonny saves Michael, but it pushes him farther away.
*Patrick and Sam are reunited in the midst of the chaos.
*Alexis wonders why the four allied with each other.
*Helena assures FLuke that everything is fine and she has a backup plan.
*Dante needs to warn Lulu and refuses medical help.
*Secrets come to light, Fluke is revealed and Spencer family history is exposed.
*Elizabeth is still feeling a strong pull to Jake.
*Sam's feelings toward Jake change. She wants to find out who is pulling his strings.
*Nathan asks his mother for help. She uses her unique skillset to give advice.
*Sam tells Patrick what she learned from Jake.
*Sam ends up defending Jake.
*Jake is hurt that he hurt Liz with the lies.
*Sloane has bad news..he delivers the news of Ava's death.
*Everyone assumes that Ava is dead.
*Kiki takes the news hard, and vows to protect and raise Avery.
*Fluke taunts Sonny about the upcoming carnage.
*Shawn and Jordan discover an empty coffin.
*Jordan tips off Dante about the missing body of Bill Eckert.
*Franco learns that Nina's friend is Heather.
*Franco fears for Nina's safety.
*Franco demands to be included in the breakout.
*Ava learns that her life is in danger.
*Ava thinks Sonny is the one to order her dead, but after speaking to Julian, she realizes its Fluke.
*Julian speaks to Ava and tells her they are breaking out.
*Julian, Sonny, Ava and Franco form an uneasy alliance.
*Carly takes Jake to see Kevin, and learns that Jake has been lying.
*Carly takes her concerns to Nathan.
*Silas visits Ava.
*Lucas brings home the Phoenix figurine.
*Brad sees it and has questions and comments.
*Lucas gives Brad the figurine.
*Carly tells Sam and Patrick that she is worried that Jake is hiding something.
*Johnny is talking to Lulu and let's something slip about Luke.
*Dante is concerned about Luke and goes looking for answers at Elm St.
*Michael and Tracy reach détente.
*Michael and Tracy have a talk about Bill Eckert.
*Michael sees Dante at the house. Dante is evasive as to his presence.
*Michael leaves to get ready for the big party.
*Fluke finds Dante at the house, trying to get into the basement.
*Fluke agrees to show it to him..
*Dante makes a discovery, but will he be able to do anything about it?
*Lulu questions Fluke about where Dante may be.
*Fluke denies knowledge.
*Helena tells Nik to stay away from the Haunted Star.
*Sam and Patrick go to pick up Lucas for the benefit party.
*Before they leave, Sam spots the Phoenix on Brads shelf.
*A stunned Sam has questions.
*Helena orders Jason to the Haunted Star on business.
*Jason prepares for duty.
*The escape is underway.
*Bobbie, Lucas and Lulu remember Aunt Ruby.
*Fluke tells Helena he is being watched.
*Helena assures him not to worry. She is in charge.
*The party at the Haunted Star will climax the Fluke/Luke story.
*Jake is hovering outside the party.
*Jake sees Sam and his mission falters.
*Jake feels a compulsion to protect Sam.
*Jake is being sought by many.
*Jake is arrested on the Haunted Star.
*Kiki and Morgan find the old spark isn't quite dead yet.
*Agent Sloane makes an announcement.
*He reveals some bad news.
*There is more than one person in town undercover.
*Things come to a head at the party as deception and secrets are revealed.
*Fluke and Helena don't get their wishes.
*A hero comes forward.
*Nina finally realizes she is in danger
*Franco is desperate to get to Nina.
*Carly turns over evidence.
*Fluke is unraveling.
*Ava confides in Silas.
*Franco's plan is executed, and the fearsome foursome are ready to go.
*Shawn tries to get into the basement, but he is interrupted.
*Shawn realizes he is being followed.
*Lulu and Dante's argument is music to Johnny's ears.
*Johnny runs into Maxie and they chat.
*Johnny is surprised to learn that Maxie has a daughter.
*Ava has a nightmare and awakens to someone watching her (Madeleine?)
*Jason is at Sam's to kill her, but has a memory flash that features Robin.
*Jason freaks out a bit and takes something from the penthouse.
*Sam notices that the dragon figure is missing from the mantle.
*Helena is concerned that she hasn't heard an update from her soldier boy.
*Carly goes to see Jake and finds something in his belongings.
*Carly confronts Jake, who has no clue why its there.
*Carly promises to help Jake get answers.
*Sonny and Julian brainstorm about Fluke.
*The most unholy of alliances is formed.
*Sonny, Julian, Ava and Franco join forces!
*Michael's life is in danger and Sonny sends a warning.
*Fluke threatens both Lucas and Michael, via Sonny and Julian.
*Fluke invites Michael and Lucas to the house where Luke is being held.
*Shawn gets a restraining order that prevents his following Fluke.
*Shawn confronts Jordan and demands answers.
*Anna continues her off the books investigation.
*Fluke and Sonny talk, and Sonny shares his idea that he has about his true identity.
*Fluke is unsettled by Sonny's pronouncement.
*Sam discovery that something is missing upsets her.
*Julian and Sonny brainstorm ideas about strategy.
*Sonny comes up with a way for Shawn to keep tabs on Fluke.
*Dante makes a discovery about Luke.
*Dante begins to put things together, including Johnny's release.
*Lulu bends Olivia's ear about her fight with Dante.
*Johnny still has deep feelings for Lulu.
*Nina is in danger, but makes a friend.
*Ava and Madeleine have a heart to heart talk.
*Nik has a chat with Luke.
*Dante makes a discovery at the house that changes everything.
*Lulu and Morgan have lunch and Lulu offers him a job at the Haunted Star.
*Johnny doesn't like that Morgan will be there, as it puts his plan at risk.
*Sonny, Julian, Ava and Franco become the four horsemen to protect those that they love.
*Alexis asks Sam why she is so upset.
*Lucas finds something on the pier and picks it up.
*Has Nikolas really turned to the dark side?
*Sonny and Julian get info on who Fluke's associated with.
*Nathan and Dante have an honest talk about their relationships with their women.
*Nik asks Luke about why he is so different.
*Michael is secretly touched by Carly's happiness about his and Lucas's working together.
*Heather takes Nina under her batwing.
*Rosalie must dance to Helena's tune.
*Helena doesn't realize that she is losing the complete control over Jason.
*Shawn and Duke discuss how to implement Sonny's orders.
*Fluke tries to send a clear message to Michael and Lucas about their plan for the clinic.
*Shawn wants to know why Jordan is following him.
*Fluke takes steps to shut down the curious.
*Julian tells Sonny everything he knows about Fluke.
*Julian warns Sonny the Fluke will target their sons if they don't cooperate.
*Sonny tells Shawn and has him follow Fluke.
*Helena has a new mission for Jason.
*The election results are finally ready.
*New info about a missing ballot box puts Anna's job at risk.
*An anonymous tip leads to the missing ballots.
**Johnny goes to see Lulu and makes a business proposition.
*Dante walks in on their meeting and goes off on Johnny.
*Lulu is not happy that Dante doesn't trust her judgement.
*Fluke senses he is being followed.
*Michael tells Fluke that he is going to turn the childhood home into a clinic.
*Fluke orders Rosalie to get Michael to change his mind.
*Michael asks Rosalie to work at the clinic.
*Rosalie meets up with Fluke.
*A panicked Fluke asks Michael and Lucas to meet him at the house.
*Sloane questions Dante and Nathan about Anna's undercover operative.
*Liz interrupts Jason's mission.
*Nik decides to embrace his Cassadine side. He joins up with Helena.
*Sonny wonders if the real Luke might be dead.
*Tracy and Lulu have a talk about "Luke".
*Tracy tells her about his strong reaction to Bill Eckert and his life.
*Lulu tells Tracy about Johnny.
*Tracy is suspicious about Johnny.
*The ladies discuss his moody side.
*Patrick and Sam reschedule their failed date.
*Patrick asks Sam to give up her investigation of Jake and let it go.
*Ned is on the fence about Alexis and Olivia.
*Nina and Heather meet and bond over Franco.
*Sonny and Julian begin strategizing on how to deal with Fluke and Johnny.
*Johnny isn't happy being under Flukes thumb.
*Fluke is losing his tenuous grip on his emotions when his plans keep getting derailed.
*Sloane talks to Anna about the election.
*Several people are involved in the manipulation of the election.
*Alexis, Dam and Lucas are stunned by Julian's murder confession.
*Ric has plans for revenge and manipulation.
*Carly tells Jake she believes in him.
*Liz is attracted to Jake.
*Patrick and Sam are being watched.
*Rosalie really does like Michael.
*The secret of Rosalie's past is revealed.
*Ava and Madeleine have a talk.
*Sonny and Julian put aside their animosity to work together.
*Both men agree to protect their children.
*Duke enjoys the challenge of dealing with Anna.
*Anna asks Jordan to keep her cover for a while more.
*Fluke/Bill Eckert and Helena formulate a plan.
*Fluke is desperate to control Port Charles.
*Nikolas looks over ELQs holdings and assets.
* Nik and Helena strategize on taking control of ELQ.
*Nathan and Maxie enjoy their new relationship and talk about living arrangements.
*Lucas likes Michael's job offer.
*Johnny and Maxie run into each other.
*Julian warns Sonny to be careful not to put their sons at risk.
*Sonny learns about Flukes associates.
*Michael talks to Bobbie about renovating her old house.
*Michael wants to open the AJ Quartermaine Clinic.
*Rosalie has an encounter.
*Anna gets a heads up about Johnny from Sloane.
*Nathan makes Maxie breakfast.. In his undies.
*Tracy questions Ned on his true feelings for Olivia.
*Julian makes a confession to Anna.
*Julian says he killed Anthony Z.
*Julian is off to Pentonville.
*Johnny tells Sonny his plans for the mob...
*Sonny is worried as Johnny is released from prison.
*Julian is helped by Sonny after he tells Sonny about Fluke/Luke.
*Sonny orders Shawn to follow Fluke.
*Carlos gets an order from Fluke that he doesn't want to follow.
*Nathan and Dante have a chat with Johnny.
*Ava names the baby.
*Fluke tries and fails to derail Michaels plans.
*Sam and Jake intensify their mistrust.
*Carly and Jake enjoy new found friendship.
*Luke makes a discovery about Fluke.
*Fluke hides his rage from Tracy.
*Nik and Sam discuss Jake, and both question his motives.
*Ric proposes to Elizabeth.
*Sonny helps an enemy.
*Jake doesn't trust Ric near Liz.
*Ned wonders if Alexis is being honest with herself about her feelings.
*Olivia has morning after guilt and regret.
*Lulu goes to the Haunted Star.
*Bobbie tells Fluke he is different.
*Johnny doesn't realize he is a pawn.
*Ava is moved to Pentonville, but is able to see her baby first.
*Sam and Patrick have a timing problem.
*Helena has more orders for Jason.
*Is Ivy working for Helena to sway Nik?
*Julian is pleased over Alexis's jealousy.
*Julian learns about Sam's suspicion of Jake.
*Duke is enjoying keeping Anna off balance.
*Lucy and Duke begin to see each other.
*When Johnny is released, he goes to see Lulu.
*Liz is jealous of Jakes friendship with Carly.
*Fluke has more orders for Julian.
*Ric has dark plans for Julian.
*Jordan is torn between her job and Shawn.
*Morgan goes to see Sonny in prison to give him information.
*Sonny learns he is the baby's father.
*Bobbie lets some family info out..and..
*Michael learns a secret.
*The secret involves Patricia, Luke and Bobbie's sister.
*Jake has  flashback involving Robin.
*As Fluke moves toward his goal, he begins to get cocky. This causes people to question his identity.
*More about Fluke is revealed.
*Anna and Patrick talk, and begin to question if Robin is indeed making her own decisions.
*Carly and Olivia talk about their regrets.
*Carly is stunned over Olivia and Julian.
*Jake tells Carly about his memory flashes.
*Elizabeth has an encounter that makes her question her choices.
*Elizabeth realizes she has feelings for Jake.
*Nik overhears Helena on a phone call.
*Nik assists Helena.
*Will Nik go after the CEO position at ELQ?
*Michael asks Rosalie and Lucas to staff the clinic.

*Ned and Alexis liplock on New Years Eve.
*Julian and Olivia both witness the kiss.
*In a "To hell with them" moment, Julian and Olivia end up in bed.
*Patrick and Sam take it to the next level.
*Jake and Carly spend an interesting NYE together. How far will it go?
*Carly makes sure Jake has a job.
*Liz and Ric spend NYE together, and they end up in bed.
*Jake is jealous of Ric.
*Maxie and Nathan have rotten timing.
*Bobbie notices Fluke is acting "off".
*Luke gets a clue about Flukes identity.
*Jake has a memory of Robin.
*Helena's programming is strong, but Jason begins to break free.
*Jordan talks her way out of a dangerous situation.
*Jordan tells Shawn her new plan.
*Dante and Anna learn about Jordan's new cover.
*Julian finds himself up against an angry Fluke.
*Julian confesses to killing Anthony Zacchara and Johnny is freed.
*The new syndicate is planning to get rid of Sonny, Johnny and Julian to gain their territory.
*The only hope to win for the three families is to form an unholy alliance.
*Liz is jealous of Carly and Jake.
*Liz accuses Carly of using Jake as a Sonny substitute.
*Madeleine and Ava have an enlightening conversation.
*Someone is looking to buy a house. Fluke finds this inconvenient, as he has Luke stashed there.
*Nik flirts with his dark side.
*Nik meets a new love, and shares a kiss.
*Duke and Lucy talk about their feelings.
*Anna wants to bring Duke down, but what is her real motive?.
*Agent Sloane and Anna clash over his probe into Faison and his imprisonment.
*Nina and Heather meet.
*Franco misses Nina as much as she misses him.
*Silas is solidly in Ava's corner.
*Johnny waxes poetic about his plans for taking over Port Charles.
*Ned gives Olivia an earful over her dalliance with Julian.
*Alexis can't mask her hurt and jealousy over Julian and Olivia.
*The chase is on. Ric is the prize.
*Mistletoe takes center stage with many people.
*Ric is out of the trunk and looking to reclaim his life.
*Nathan gets a gift in the form of a good deed from his mother.
*Because of Nathan (and his mother), Maxie gets a favorable ruling for visitation.
*Its NYE and it makes for strange bedfellows.
*Patrick and Sam go out and Sam let's go of her hurt. They end up in bed.
*Liz and Jake share a kiss, witnessed by Ric.
*Ric surprises Liz and asks her out for NYE.
*Jake is jealous.
* Jake heads to Kellys where he runs into Carly.
*Carly is upset and lonely.
*Jake asks about Ric and Carly gives him an earful.
*Emma wants to talk to Robin for Christmas.
*Nik plays Santa at GH.
*Dr. Obrecht reads the children the traditional Christmas story in her own special way.
*Maxie and Nathan plan a special night.
*The plan gets waylaid by a surprise.
*Spinelli shows up with baby Georgie.
*Julian tries to get Sam's forgiveness.
*Alexis and Ned hit the town on NYE.
*Olivia sees them and feels deep hurt.
*Julian sees them and gets jealous and angry.
*A truce for the night between Julian and Olivia.
*Will Carly and Jake do more than talk?
*Rosalie's secret is a doozy. She is related to Fluke!
*Morgan gets a shock.
*Michael is still being hard and this interferes with Flukes plans.
*Maxie is scared she won't be a good mom
*Nathan is jealous of Spinelli and his closeness to Maxie.
* Nina is off to Miscavige instead of prison.
*Franco gets in with Johnny so he can punish Sonny some more.
*Johnny may come to regret his alliance with Franco.
*Duke enjoys his new role as head of Sonny's organization.
*Anna is uncomfortable being on Dukes bad side.
*Lucy and Duke have a heart to heart talk.
*Dr. Sarah Webber joins the staff. She is Elizabeth's sister and rival.
*Nik plays Santa at GH.
*Helena is not happy with Sam and her investigation.
*Julian learns that Fluke is still running the mob.
*Fluke has orders for Julian.
*Carlos threatens Jordan, and Shawn finds out when she tries to hide it.
*Molly gets a big surprise.
*Ric wants his life back.
*Shawn brings Duke up to speed. Including the fact that Jordan is hiding something.
*Monica and the judge get closer.
*Nina is touched that Nathan helped her.
*Ava has a friend in Silas.
*Nina and Franco are falling in love.
*Jordan wants to quit, but Anna talks her into staying undercover.
*Molly tells TJ a big secret.
*Alexis has a target on her back because of Julian and Fluke.
*Fluke wants to make sure Julian cooperates.
*Alexis begins to see that although Ned is a safe choice, they have no sparks.
*Julian and Olivia could end up between the sheets for revenge sex.
*Jake and Carly come close to sex.
*Ava gets a lawyer.
*Heather and Nina meet up in the mental hospital.
*Secrets and lies come out.
*Jake has more memory flashes.
*Jake takes a room at Kellys.
*Jakeson is still drawn to his family.
*Helena and Fluke talk about Jason taking over ELQ.
*Kiki is in for a surprise.
*Sonny isn't as helpless as Johnny believes.
*Will Ric be the one to get Sonny out of prison?
*Anna misses Duke.
* Duke flaunts his position to Anna. He is still angry that she lied to him and can't forgive his lie.
*Jason feels that he has to recover his memories before someone is hurt.
*Robin is heading back on Helena's orders.
*Patrick gets the final divorce papers.
*Ava has lots of time to reflect on her life.
*Silas still hopes that Sam will give him a second chance.
*Another FBI agent shows up(not a long term role. Just a day or two).
*More answers will come regarding Fluke.
*Sam can't get anywhere in her probe of Jake.
*Nathan thanks his mother for her kindness to him and Maxie.
*Sonny is told he has to help Johnny get out.
Sonny is taken aback by Johnnys claims about Ric.
*Sam continues to look into Jake and his past.
*Liz warns Sam to stay out of Jakes business.
*Ava and Nina are in opposite cells.
*Morgan wants a DNA test on the baby, but needs Ava's permission.
*Patrick asks Sam for her forgiveness.
*Sam needs to know what went on at Crighton Clark.
*Sabrina goes to see Ava, and apologize for her actions.
*Carlos is still angry and lashing out.
*Jake takes a job and decides to move out of his digs with Liz.
*Jake moves to a room above Kellys...Deja Vu.
*Sonny is in danger and Duke and Shawn take steps to ensure his safety.
*Johnny thinks he has the upper hand over the mob, but he is missing an important fact
*Michael is not the same sweet kid he used to be.
*Nina and Ava face off.
*Franco and Carly face off..
*Maxie has her hearing about Georgie and Lulu is there for her.
*Obrecht tells Nathan the truth about why she was there for him.
*Maxie is scared over the judges obvious prejudice toward her.
*Alexis is unable to tell Molly that Ric is alive just yet..
*Julian gets orders from Fluke.
*Julian must work to get Johnny sprung from prison.
*Helena doesn't like interference in her plans, and targets Sam and Alexis.
*As Jason remembers more, Helena's hold on him diminishes.
*Is Ric a victim or an accomplice? He is not being held by anyone...
*Ric definitely wants revenge.
*While she awaits the decision, Maxie needs Nathan.
*Jake asks Sam questions about her inquiries about him.
*Sam still has that unsettled feeling around Jake.
*Sonny has no option but to give in to Johnnys blackmail to save Ric.
*Shawn has  questions and confronts Jordan.
*Carlos threatens Jordan about her loyalty to the Jeromes.
*Jake worries about his "blackouts" and consults with Patrick.
*Sam wonders if Liz has feelings for Jake.
*Julian is informed by Carlos that Johnny is his boss.
*Julian learns that Johnny has power over Sonny as well.
*Franco gets a verbal beatdown from Carly.
*Nathan decides to go outside the law to help Maxie.
*Nathan goes to his mother for help, and she comes through for him.
*Julian tries to make things right with Sam.
*Pentonville is preparing for another guest.
*Sam goes over the footage that Spinelli enhanced for her.
*Sam takes the enhanced footage of the escape to Dante.
*Things heat up in the mob wars.
*Nik sits down and has a deep talk with Spencer.
*A visitor to Spoon Island catches Nik and Spencer by surprise.
*Patrick advises Jake to get some therapy to deal with his moods and blackouts.
*Olivia gets the courage to tell Ned how she feels about him.
*Ava and Nina get into a catfight.
*Sonny won't be in Pentonville for long..
*Sonny does not really give up his power..
*Johnny may have underestimated Duke and his hatred of the Jeromes.
*There will be some mistletoe kisses, and they may lead to some impulsive actions!

*Sam is grabbed from behind by Jason.
*Shots ring out, Sam is safe but Faison is wounded.
*Faison escapes.
*Jason escapes, Sam is free.
*Anna is fired.
*Sam has a guess about who grabbed her. Jake!
*Britt treats Faisons injury.
*Obrecht get disturbing news, and must make a choice.
*Britt takes Spencer a gift, and says goodbye.
*Alexis is stunned by Annas admission that Ric is alive.
*Olivia and Ned get closer.
*Morgan and Kiki hunt for Franco and the baby.
*Franco's plan falls apart.
*Betsy Frank visits Franco.
*Silas and Ava see Delia, Ava's mother.
*Julian is taken to Pentonville.
*Carly visits Sonny and is shocked by his appearance.
*Sonny assures her he is fine and asks her to find the baby.
*Johnny Zacharra runs the inmates and some guards.
*Johnny comes to Sonnys aid.
*Jake looks for a job, and ends up at the hotel.
*Jake helps Carly and she is impressed. She offers him a job.
*Jake reacts strongly to people from his past.
*Fluke has a talk with Michael.
*The cartel has a plan for ELQ. A new CEO. JASON.
*Tracy feels so guilty, she will do anything for Luke.
*Molly and TJ avoid their mothers.
*Jordans cover is compromised.
*Rosalie has a ties to someone in PC.
*Rosalies secret is revealed.
*The baby is taken to the hospital after she is found.
*Morgan and Kiki take the baby home.
*Ava is arrested.
*The truth about Fluke is revealed. He is Bill Eckert.
*Patrick tells Carly all about Robin and Jason.
*Liz objects when Sam tells her she is investigating Jake.
*Nik doesn't trust Jake at all.
*Anna may lose her freedom over Faison.
*Jason begins to recover memories.
*Maxie can't stay away from Nathan.
*Lulu supports Maxie as Maxie prepares to face the judge.
*Dante is surprised by Anna's firing.
*Spinelli is headed to PC with Georgie.
*Diane finds a way to neutralize the judge.
*Carlos is angry and bent on revenge.
*Carlos works for the Zacharra organization.
*Duke faces his first threat as head of Sonnys organization.
*Secrets and lies are revealed.
*Sam forgives Patrick after talking to Jake.
*Madeleine is gone for now...
*Nina faces reality.
*Liz ignores all warnings about Jake.
*Ric comes back.
*Jordan tries to find out who is issuing orders now.
*Olivia tells Ned to speak to Alexis.
*The hospital plans for the Christmas party, with Nik as Santa.
*Jake wants to learn everything he can about the Quartermanes.
*Carly has a strong reaction to Jake.
*Sonny begins to issue orders to Duke to help protect his business.

Obrecht and Faison meet face to face at Windermere.
*Is Luke really home?
*Is Luke still at Miscavige?
*Anna and Duke are over, and he takes over Sonnys business without guilt.
*Sonny runs into Johnny Z. who taunts him about being in prison.
*Sonny has severe anxiety attacks due to claustrophobia.
*The attacks make him vulnerable to other prisoners.
*Johnny Z. comes to Sonnys rescue.
*Silas questions Ava about the real reason she is running.
*Ava hides the truth.
*Britt sees Faison with Obrecht.
*Dinner at Elizabeths is a fun day.
*Danny loves Jake, and that makes Sam uncomfortable.
*Julian tells Jordan about the "boss".
*Jake and Elizabeth see a picture of Helena on TV.
*Jake identifies Helena as the visitor who came to the house.
*Liz goes to Anna with the info.
*Agent Sloane continues to gather evidence against Anna and Robert.
*Alexis must tell Molly the truth, that Ric was indeed innocent.
*Molly is distraught that Ric was "killed" because of Julians lie.
*Patrick tells Sam about the real reason the Robin left PC.
*Sam is shocked to learn that Robin was with Jason, trying to save him.
*Patrick tells her that Jason is truly and most sincerely dead.
*Sam turns her hurt and rage on Patrick, but she will forgive him.
*Nina and Franco talk about dropping the baby at a fire station or hospital.
*Franco "names" the baby and bonds with her.
*Ava begs Silas to keep her out of jail.
*Alexis and Ned argue over Julian and Luke.
*Britt confesses to Nik about Faisons visit, and Nik is furious.
*Julian is in danger because of what he told Alexis.
*Julian is also in trouble with the police as an accessory to kidnapping and several other charges.
*Tracy feels foolish for not seeing through the fake Luke.
*Madeleine needs Obrechts help and blackmails her to get it.
*Obrecht runs smack dab into Helena and is fearful.
*Dante has questions about Luke.
*Nik speaks to Liz and learns that Jake is living with her.
*Jake decides to try to find a job.
Carly is able to provide a job, if Jake wants it.
*Sabrina goes to Michael to apologize for sending him in the wrong direction.
*Jake has some questions for Liz about PC residents, and some personal ones too.
*Sam asks Jason why he kept that HUGE secret from her.
*Morgan confides in Kiki that he is worried about the baby.
*Luke accuses Larry of being part of the conspiracy.
*Luke demands answers about everything.
*Obrecht blackmails Britt into helping Faison.
*Faison is going to face more enemies, including Anna.
*What does Helena have in mind for Jason?
*Jason begins to get flashes of his life.
*Sam and Jake talk and she confides about Patrick.
*Jake thinks she needs to forgive him.
*Carlos sighting! He is freed.
*Sam looks into the mystery of Jakes identity, upsetting Liz.
*Alexis is in danger because Julian told her the truth.
*Fluke makes Alexis a target to punish Julian.
*Someone finds out that Jordan is DEA.
*Carly talks to Jake and feels a kinship with him.
*Ric comes back.
*Learning that Helena is alive makes Anna question whether Robin is under her thumb.
*Anna tries to find Robin in Paris.
*Julian wants Sam to stay far away from Jake.

*Sonny prepares for Pentonville.
*Silas remains in the dark about Ava.
*Nina and Franco plan their getaway.
*Anna is shocked to see that Faison is not where she left him.
*Luke and Fluke face each other.
*Patrick and Sam discover a file left by Larry Ashton.
*Ashton skips out..
*Tracy and Lulu decide to find and help Luke.
*Fluke sends Jordan an order.
*Carly learns that Michael is changing his name, and wants nothing to do with her.
*Jordan has to tell the truth.
*Jordan won't turn on Shawn.
*Anna pressures Jordan to discover who is behind the Jerome crime family.
*TJ won't give an inch.
*Jordan and Shawn get a shock...
*Sonny asks Duke for one last favor.
*Duke goes to speak to Anna.
*Liz invites Patrick to Thanksgiving dinner.
*Sam's plans for dinner evaporate, and she too is invited to Elizabeths house with Danny.
*Sam feels discomfited around Jake.
*The kids all enjoy playing together.
*Emma believes that Sam and Patrick are "together".
*She tells Cam that Patrick and Sam are always with each other.
*Danny won't leave Jakes side.
*Sam is unsettled by Dannys reaction to Jake.
*Thanksgiving at the Q's is as non traditional as ever.
*Thanksgiving at Niks is not a quiet affair.
*Molly and TJ both compare their parental issues.
*Molly is determined to get answers about Ric's "death".
*TJ feels betrayed by his mother and Shawn.
*Alexis hears Julians story, and decides to dig deeper.
*Alexis places herself in harms way.
*He's baaack...
*With Sonny out of the way, Fluke sees Port Charles is ripe for the picking.
*Anna listens to Duke's speech, and considers his offer.
*Obrecht wants to find Faison.
*Alexis learns that Ric was indeed innocent.
*Things get complicated for Dante.
*Lulu digs for the truth about "her father".
*Ned knows that Larry is up to something.
*Olivia and Ned share their family problems.
*Will Lucas go back to medicine? Yes..
*Nina and Franco decide to keep the baby as their own.
*Carlos will be freed from from prison.
*Sabrina asks Michael and Carlos for forgiveness.
*Sam and Patrick find more questions.
*Michael and Rosalie grow closer.
*Morgan and Kiki find solace with each other as they look for Ava and the baby.
*Jake begins to actively look for a job.
*Carly offers Jake a job at the hotel...
*Jason/Jake still feels drawn to the Q's.
*Liz continues trying to jog Jakes memory.
*Ava will turn to Delia for help.
*Delia and Betsy Franco have a nice chat.
*Brad reminds Britt that lying to Nik will destroy her relationship.
*Nathan misses Maxie a lot.
*Sonny is moved to Pentonville.
*Helena makes plans...
*Jerry may have his own agenda.
*Sam and Dante team up to find out the truth about Luke.
*Michael tells Sonny he must plead guilty to killing AJ.
*Carly is horrified by the turn of events.
*Agent Sloane wants Britts help to take down Anna Devane.
*Michael tells Monica he will become Michael Quartermane.
*Larry Ashton is overheard on the phone, and makes Sam and Patrick suspicious.
*Larry Ashton gives Tracy and Ned advice about ELQ that is fed to him by Jerry Jacks.
*Tracy becomes less trustful of Larrys information.
*Lulu tries to help Dante deal with all that has happened.
*Sonny believes that he should take the entire blame so others can go free.
*Franco is concerned that Nina is too far over the edge for him to help her.
*Jake meets Cam and Aiden. They like him.
*Cam talks about his brother Jake and his father Lucky.
*Jake becomes quite curious about Jason and the Quartermanes.
*Nik learns about Liz and her houseguest.
*Patrick waits to hear about his job. Sam is by his side.
*Patrick will be reinstated.
*Ava begs Silas to help her, but she leaves out some important information.
*Shawn and Jordan tell TJ the truth about his father.
*Soon everyone will know that Jordan is DEA.
*Morgan and Kiki lean on each other.
*Julian decides he has to tell Alexis the truth about Fluke.
*He can only say who he isn't, and not who he is.
*This information puts Alexis in danger.
*Britt confesses something to Nik.
*Spencer wants to win back Emma.
*Luke is seen.
*Ava continues to spin her version of events, upsetting Kiki.
*Madeleine has her own plan to deal with Nina.
*Anna and Obrecht have a confrontation about Faison.
*Everyone thinks that Anna and Robert killed Faison. They didn't.
*Anna is suspicious of Agent Sloane and his motives and agenda.
*Patrick and Sam go to Lulu for help with their investigation.
*Larry Ashton takes off, leaving behind a file with interesting information.
*Spencer lets something slip while talking to Nik.
*Nikolas becomes suspicious and tries to get Spencer to tell him the truth.
*Olivia gets in Julians face about Ava.
*Silas wants to begin again with Sam.
*Patrick and Sam get closer every day.
*Sonny makes a deal.
*Carly is destroyed by all that transpired.
*Julian is questioned by the police.
*Dr. Obrecht forces Britt to help Agent Sloane.
*Helena has more planned for Jason.
*Silas is Ava's unwitting stooge.
Sonny will be sent to Pentonville, and meets up with Johnny Z.
Johnny Z. enjoys seeing Sonny finally paying.
Johnny will help Sonny when Sonny needs help the most.
Faison reappears!
Robin is taken to Miscavige, where she finds Luke.
Helena will have interaction with many Port Charles residents.
Delia Coleridge will make another appearance, and she knows Madeleine.
Sonny wont be in Pentonville for long.

*Michael has Sonny just where he wants him, and Michael is not rational.
*Sonny puts his fate in Michaels hands.
*Nina is no longer able to distinguish fantasy from reality.
*Franco continues to make cryptic remarks to Bobbie.
*Duke refuses to answer questions.
*Lucy gets Duke a lawyer.
*Anna is curious as to why Lucy is so devoted to Duke.
*Shawn, Jordan, Carly and Heather are still in the locked room...for now.
*Larry Ashton makes remarks that make Sam seek answers.
*Jake accepts Elizabeths offer to stay at her house.
*At GH, Liz introduces Sam and Danny to Jake.
*Sam feels a pull, but does not know why.
*Jake has a curious feeling about Sam and Danny, too.
*Kiki walks in on a shocking scenario.
*Ava is hysterical about finding her daughter.
*Nathan and Dante may be headed for trouble.
*Morgan tries to find Sonny.
*Julian denies any knowledge of Larry Ashton.
*Sonny is arrested.
*Julian realizes his only hope is to tell Alexis the truth.
*Julian witnesses Alexis and Ned kissing.
*Nina calls Franco.
*Many arrests are in the works regarding AJs shooting.
*Carly has a revelation about her decisions
*Shawn and Jordan come to a mutual decision about TJ.
*Carly is arrested.
*Sonny and Duke talk while waiting in their cells.
*Sonny comes to terms with his situation and his guilt.
*Sonny feels worse about what he did to Michael, than he does about killing AJ.
*Michael makes a decision about his life.
*Michael tells Monica that he has renounced Corinthos, and is now a Quartermane.
*Michael learns some hard truths.
*Michael finds out that Kiki and Morgan have been lying to him.
*Madeleine is questioned about her involvement with Nina.
*Madeleine doesn't reveal the whole truth.
*Nina thinks that Silas is trying to get to her and their baby.
*Scotts decisions affect his relationships with loved ones.
*Morgan is shocked by Carlys arrest and tries to help.
*After all the revelations, Kiki and Morgan comfort each other.
*Where is Luke? The answer is coming!
*Franco checks into Obrechts past with the intent to use her.
*Nathan questions Rosalie with hope of finding Nina and the baby.
*Britt and Nik have a visitor.
*Jason "meets" Cam and Aiden.
*Jake and Liz have some talks as Liz tries to kickstart his memory.
*Jake thinks Jason sounds like a womanizer.
*Jake feels very comfortable with Liz.
*Lulu worries about Dante and all he is going through.
*Dante is torn, but upholds the law.
*Agent Sloane has lots of questions for Britt.
*Where is Faison? soon he will be seen...
*Helena still has plans for Robin and Jason.
*Michael is totally fine with his choices.
*Anna is torn between her duty and her love for Duke.
*Annas conflict puts her in the crosshairs of the new Agent in charge.
*Sonny and Carly finally get a chance to talk about what happened.
*Things begin to heat up with the mob war.
*Tracy and Monica are suspicious of Larry Ashton.
*Patrick suspects that Ashton is hiding something.
*Sonny is vulnerable, and Fluke knows it.
*Sam tries to comfort Michael.
*Sam supports Patrick as he waits for news of his appeal to the board.
*Sonny mulls over making a deal so the others can go free.
*Franco goes forward with his plan to destroy Carly and Sonny.
*Michael is a captive audience to Franco's revenge.
*Michael learns the truth about AJ's shooting, and Carly's knowledge of the crime.
*Micheal gets his gun and goes looking for answers from Sonny.
*Carly can't defend herself.
*The wedding erupts into chaos!
*Scott is thrilled to have the chance to send Sonny to prison.
*Sonny is clueless that his life has imploded.
*Nina is determined to have Ava's baby for herself.
*Ava has a shocking piece of news for the queen of crazy.
*Carly turns her anger of Franco, but he has another trick up his sleeve.
*Morgan and Sonny are headed for the brownstone.
*Gunshots are heard by Morgan and Sonny.
*Heather is Carly's next surprise.
*Silas and Nathan talk about Nina and her state of mind.
*Silas wonders if he has a future with Sam after all that has happened.
*Silas repeats Danny's lab tests.
*Brad is blamed for the erroneous results.
*Shawn and Jordan are trapped and in danger.
*Silas corners Madeleine and asks about Nina and her agenda.
*Madeleine fears for Nina and her victims.
*Anna and Dante are made aware of the video confession.
*Anna realizes that Duke lied to her.
*Duke and Anna may be over soon.
*Sonny and Morgan are in for a shock.
*Morgan must tell Kiki what he learned about Ava.
*Michael tries to confide in Kiki about Sonny and Carly and AJ.
*Kiki and her lack of surprise disturbs Michael further.
*Dante is more than disappointed by Sonny and the shooting.
*Morgan stands by Sonny and tries to make Michael see the truth.
*Michael has had enough of Team Corinthos.
*Anna tries to make Duke tell her the truth.
*Franco is riding high with victory, but has to contact Nina with the details.
*Nina has to run. So she goes to Franco.
*Liz offers her home to Jason and he accepts.
*Liz and Jason meet Sam at GH, as she waits for more tests.
*Jason feels a spark of recognition, but no memories.
*Michael undergoes a personality change. He is not so trusting.
*Kiki and Michael won't last.
*Alexis is touched by Julians devotion to Danny and begins to soften.
*The Fluke story picks up steam.
*Sam and Patrick resume their investigation into the crash.
*Britt is worried that her lies will be revealed.
*The real Luke will be found in a few weeks, by Robin.
*Heather makes her presence felt.
*Ned and Olivia will reconnect.
*Silas tries to reach out to Sam.
*Everyone is heading for trouble.
*Sonny and Ava are arrested, as well as several others who kept silent.
*Maxie and Nathan bond further over the judges edict.
*Diane has an idea on how to help Maxie.
*The ramifications of the reveal about AJ's death spread throughout Salem.
*Nina is unable to snatch the baby.

*Franco almost has second thoughts about his revenge plan.
*Morgan has a feeling that the house is being watched.
*Kiki continues to lie to Michael.
*Nina and Madeleine finalize their plan to snatch Ava's baby.
*Maxie asks Diane what to do about the judge.
*Silas gets Dannys test results..and its not good.
*Dr. Obrecht insists that Jason be released.
*Jason is homeless, so Elizabeth makes an offer.
*Jason moves into Elizabeths house.
*Tracy continues to play into Flukes scheme.
*Tracy tries to negotiate "Luke's" release.
*Here comes Ned Ashton!
*Anna and Dante take a new look at AJs shooting and come up with a suspect.
*Duke feels that his lie to Anna about Sonny is about to explode in his face.
*Patrick and Sam continue to get even closer.
*Silas has to tell Sam about Danny.
*Sam looks to Silas for hope and counsel.
*Julians declaration of love to Alexis weighs on her mind.
*Scott takes Franco out for a bachelor party of sorts.
*Bobbie does the same for Carly, and tries to make her see her true feelings.
*Heather is held by Sonny, who has second thoughts about killing Franco.
*Alexis is devastated by the helath news of Danny.
*Both Julian and Alexis rush to comfort their daughter.
*Patrick is a strong shoulder for Sam, but so is Silas.
*Nina and Franco let their crazy flags fly, but Nina has a bigger one...
*Carly begins to suspect that Franco has an agenda.
*The wedding day arrives, and the revenge truly begins.
*Jason is attracted to Liz..and she to him.
*The truth about Faison is revealed. He is very much alive.
*Its Beggars night and the children prepare to go out.
*Spencer tells Carly what he overheard with Franco..
*Joss and Spencer conspire to delay the wedding, and break up Emma and Cam.
*Franco's plan goes off.. He plays the video of Carly and Sonny!
*Michael listens in shock as Sonny talks about shooting AJ.
*Michael realizes that Sonny killed AJ and Carly knew!
*Michael looks for answers and so does Anna.
*Sonnys life implodes. Franco is happy, but for how long?
*Michael turns on his parents.
*Kiki continues to confide in Morgan.
*Ava and her baby are in danger.
*Nina's mind goes totally off the rails.
*Barrett Enterprises makes a big return.
*Dr. Obrecht learns that Helena is very much alive.
*Lulu is terrified that Luke is truly in danger.
*Dante has to investigate his father for murder.
*Franco is again a town pariah, and turns to his only friend,,Nina.
*Silas and Nathan team up to locate Nina.
*Nina will let Madeleine live if she helps her take Ava's baby.
*Franco breaks Heather out of Miscavige.
*Silas helps Ava.
*Tracy makes the decision to turn over ELQ to save Luke.
*Kiki confides in Morgan once again.
*Nathan looks everywhere for Nina.
*Jason has a memory of the accident.
*Tracy refuses to listen to Ned.
*Maxie and Nathan fight the urge to be together.
*Franco prepares his new art piece, a movie.
*Franco's movie features Carly and Sonny talking and Sonny confessing to AJs murder.
*Carly meets the new patient at GH. They end up talking about Jason.
*Faison is back..and he is very much alive.
*Olivia has a vision about Carly's wedding, and rushes to tell Sonny.
*Silas has to deal with Nina.
*Sabrina tells Michael that Carlos only confessed under duress.
*Michael confides in Kiki.
*Lucas has an idea for a career.
*Bobbie and Brad support Lucas's dreams.
*Sam tells Alexis about what she and Patrick discovered.
*Jordan and TJ have an argument about her job and she wants to tell him the truth.
*Liz tells Jason about Port Charles and its citizenry.
*Franco and Nina bond and get even closer as they plan their revenge.
*Michael heads for the PCPD to tell what Sabrina revealed to him.
*Olivia tries to warn Carly, but Carly won't listen.
*Anna and Obrecht argue over Anna telling Nathan about Victors shooting.
*Liz and Jason make a great team.
*Nina tells Madeleine about Rosalies little secret.
*Rosalie gives up Ava'a location to Nina.
*Larry Ashton arrives to talk to Tracy
*Carly realizes that Franco is up to something.
*Michael learns the truth.
*Ava's baby is taken.
*Anna warns Sonny to leave Ava alone.
*Helena has a mission for Robin involving Jason.
*Robin is sent to Miscavige.
*Robin works to free RealLuke.
*Fluke goes after Alexis to control Julian.
*Julian will have to go into hiding (maybe with Alexis).
*Sam feels a connection of sorts to Jason.
*Danny gets sick again.
*Jason and Liz get romantic..
*Josslyn wants Spencer to help her avoid the wedding.

  *Madeleine has a warning for Liesl.
*Jerry Jacks is back!!
*Lulu has doubts about her father.
*Silas is determined to find out the truth about Nina.
*Tracy is shocked by Flukes emissary.
*Ava shows signs of early labor.
*Bobbie tells Carly she doesn't like lying to Scott.
*Silas corners Nina's PT with some questions.
*Franco continues his cat and mouse game with Carly and Sonny.
*Liesl wants tom find out what her sister is hiding.
*Nathan learns about Nina.
*Jason's new face is revealed.
*Jason "Jake" relies on Elizabeth as an anchor.
*Franco being arrogant, accidently lets Silas in on one of Nina's secrets.
*Nathan finds a way to get around the the judge so Maxie can see her daughter.
*Sonny and Shawn find someone to take the blame when they deal with Franco.
*Jordan wants to talk to Jason about the accident, and what he remembers.
*Bobbie asks Carly if she really wants to marry Franco.
*Michael is back and Franco hustles to talk to him.
*Tracy ignores Patrick and Sam and decides to find answers on her own.
*Patrick and Sam are in danger.
*Madeleines appearance unsettles Nathan.
*Rosalie is worried that Nina will ruin her friendship with Morgan.
*Kiki can't hide her contempt of Sonny.
*Nik and Britt talk about their reunion and the past.
*Brad warns Britt that if Nikolas finds out she lied again, its over.
*Larry Ashton is back and Tracy is not happy.
*Julian won't let Alexis go.
*Nina is cornered and lashes out at Silas.
*Nathan goes looking for Nina.
*Sabrina is desperate to get the pills away from Ava.
*Sabrina confides in Felix.
*Morgan and Kiki try to keep Ava safe, since she refuses to go to the hospital.
*Elizabeth talks to Jason about her life and her choices.
*Michael is disturbed by what Franco has to say.
*Nina blackmails Rosalie.
*Jason moves into Elizabeths house.
*Maxie will get to see Georgie.
*Luke, the real one, will be found.
*Danny gets sick again, only this time Julian won't be his savior.
*Jason offers to help Sam's son.
*Liz and Jason get romantic.
*Nik finds out the truth about Spencer and Britts scheme.
*Alexis and Julian decide to marry, but Fluke has her kidnapped at the ceremony.
*Fluke returns with another woman.
*Jerry Jacks is NOT loyal to Fluke.
*Ava has an ally that is a big surprise.
*Madeleine helps Nina with her revenge.
*Helena returns in November with devious plans for Robin and Jason.
*Silas is jealous of Patrick and Sam.
*Patrick is reinstated.
*Nina wants Ava's baby, and may get her chance to take it with her mothers help.
*Madeleine knows a secret that Leisl kept from Helena.

*Franco and Nina join forces to get revenge.
*Sonny tells Shawn that Franco needs to be dealt with.
*Maxie and Nathan have their first date.
*Monica shows up at the MC with her own dinner date.
*Rosalie goes to see Morgan and catches on to Ava's presence.
*Tracy is in Amsterdam and tells Sam and Patrick that she will see Luke alone.
*Tracy's ex husband (and Ned's father) is back.
*Everything is connected to Barrett Enterprises.
*Lucy again turns to Duke for advice.
*Franco demands an apology from Sonny.
*The game is afoot. Franco wants vengeance.
*Sam and Patrick still feel the romantic pull.
*Julian proposes to Alexis and she says yes.
*A very angry Fluke steps up his game.
*Jordan gets the pills back to Ava.
*Ava takes her pill...
*Sabrina goes to see Carlos and begins to doubt her assumptions!
*Ava has pain and its getting worse. The pills kickstart labor.
*Sabrina learns that Ava has the pills and she panics.
*The judge calls Maxie for a hearing about Georgie.
*Rosalie keeps Morgans secret about Ava.
*Knock Knock..who's there? Its a surprise visitor for Leisl.
*Shawn warns Jordan he will find Ava despite her interference.
*Kiki has a hard time keeping quiet and once again turns to Morgan.
*Milo and Epiphany are not comfortable with each other on their date.
*Elizabeth asks Dante to find out who the John Doe is.
*Monica tells Silas that online dating is wonderful.
*Silas sees something that makes Sams warning real.
*Silas calls Sam.
*Julian and Alexis argue and she storms out.
*Ned and Olivia are on a date and this time Alexis crashes it.
*Maxie worries that her involvement with Nathan will impact Georgie.
*Jerry Jacks is back as Flukes latest minion.
*Things will change rapidly on the Luke Fluke front.
*Franco is a wild card and decides to talk to Michael.
*Nik and Britt move forward again.
*Spencer is happy.
*Liz can't get her mind off of her patient (Jason).
*Nina makes a strategic error, and Silas witnesses it.
*Nina and Franco are very good together.
Jasons face is revealed
Nina turns on Silas
Maxie gets to visit Georgie
Franco tells Michael something shocking
Luke is rescued
Heather returns
Sonnys world is shaken
Carly and Sonny must join forces
Franco has a deadly plan in place
Britt and Nik get back together, but he still has feelings for Liz
Julia Barrett and Fluke
Connie scenes with Sonny and Michael
Patrick will become NuJasons doctor
Amnesia is keeping Jason from his past.
Liz is trying to help him recover his past
*Franco makes plans for Carly, and its not good.
*Franco and Nina get even closer.
*Silas questions Sam about Patrick and their relationship.
*Carly is unaware that Franco is plotting revenge.
*Michael is in danger.
*Fluke sends someone else to deal with Julian. Jerry Jacks.
*Jerry isn't comfortable with the plan. He owes the Jeromes.
*Alexis goes to see Julian about Luke.
*Julian makes it clear that he loves Alexis and will do anything to keep her.
*Alexis loves Julian as well.
*Julian wants to get married!
*Patrick tries to make Sabrina see that Ava was not involved in the babys death.
*More clues surface.
*Elizabeth is assigned to Jason.
*Jason has no memory, yet.
*Elizabeth is drawn to her new patient.
*Monica is also taking care of the mystery patient.
*Danny is at GH for a checkup and ends up in Jasons room.
*Of course Danny gets into Jasons room.
*Sonny is clueless as to Ava's whereabouts.
*Patrick and Sam look for Luke on their own.
*Patrick wants to take the next step with Sam.
*Liz gets her patients prognosis from Monica.
*Its a new face for Jason.
*Jason and Carly will interact soon.
*Silas may finally get a clue about Nina..
*Kiki and Morgan keep their secrets from Michael.
*Jordan learns that Michael has a hit out on him.
*Jordan tells Shawn, who takes the info to Sonny.
*Sonny tells Carly about the threat,
*Sonny and Carly convince Michael to get out of town for a while.
*Rosalie keeps "running into" Michael.
*Rosalie gets caught in a dangerous situation.
*Sam goes into Jasons room to get Danny, but has no clue who Jason is.
COMING...Jerry will work against Fluke with a surprising ally. Luke.
*Luke will be sprung from Miscavige.
*Heather gets out and meets Nina while talking to Franco.
*The whole plot begins to come together.
*Jason will be without bandages in two weeks.
*Jason will have flashes of memories, but only of Sam.
*Monica has a date.
*We get to see Epiphany and Milo!
*Franco feels the pressure about Carly.
*Franco makes a very interesting toast at his party.
*Robin and Jason try to get back to Port Charles.
*Will Franco resort to blackmail to keep Carly by his side?
*Kiki is cornered by Franco, who demands answers.
*Sonny and Carly remember Jason on his birthday.
*Jason and Robins flight from Crichton Clark hits a roadblock.
*Jason gets away, Robin is in danger.
*Patrick and Sam learn that the PCPD is looking into Patricks accident.
*Sabrina is off the rails and endangering Ava and her baby.
*Morgan has to put his feelings aside to help Ava.
*A new patient is in GH. His face is obscured.
*Liz does her best to calm and comfort the unknown man (Jason).
*Tracy begins to put the clues together about Fluke.
*Since Luke is off the radar, Tracy goes hunting for him.
*Nathan asks Maxie how she feels about him.
*Tracy thinks back about Lukes behaviors and changes to his personality.
*Dante and Lulu come home to Rocco.
*Julian isn't happy about Alexis and Ned.
*Olivia thinks she lost her chance with Ned.
*TJ begins to wonder just how long his mom and Shawn have been together.
*Robin tries to contact her family.
*Mac and Felicia have a Welcome Home party for Maxie and Lulu.
*Tracy and Dante discuss Luke.
*Kiki and Michael have a romantic anniversary evening.
*Kiki is plagued by guilt.
*Franco starts his mind games with Carly.
*Sonny is close to getting Ava.
*Silas is getting more curious about Nina.
*Silas misses Sam and doesn't like seeing her with Patrick.
*Emma doesn't want her parents to get a divorce.
*Liz feels a bond with her new patient.
*Liz babysits Danny.
*Dr. Obrecht is on the road to redemption.
*Jason has no memory, and no name.
*Let the games begin.....Sabrina will be exiting with this storyline.

*The villains are everywhere!
*Crichton Clark is housing Helena, Peter Harrell and Jerry Jacks as well as Stavros.
*Jason is determined to escape. Robin is there to help.
*Anna goes in to find Leisl, Nathan, Dante, Lulu and Maxie.
*Victor tells Nathan where to find Maxie, but he is lying.
*The shot that Stavros had ordered for Lulu is not just hormones.
*Anna and Leisl face off with Victor. Leisl gets the upper hand.
*A shocking reveal comes out about Faison.
*Anna is surprised by the actions of Dr. Obrecht.
*Jason and Robin use the confusion of the attempted rescue to escape.
*Patrick and Sam enjoy Chinese takeout and open chatting.
*Sam discusses her wedding to Jason and her marriage.
*A subtle shift in the air for Patrick and Sam.
*A discussion about Luke leads Patrick and Sam to talk to Alexis and Liz.
*More questions about Luke and his strange behavior.
*Sabrina has been walking on the edge of mental illness over Gabriel.
*Sabrina wants Ava to feel the same pain that she did!
*Maxie is found by Nathan, and they must work together to survive.
*Robin opens a door and comes face to face with an old enemy.
*Carly feels guilty and plans a birthday party for Franco.
*Franco becomes more suspicious, and Nina stokes the fires by revealing a secret.
*Kiki tells Silas that she is torn about Sonny and Carly.
*Carly asks Kiki to keep her secret and Kiki agrees.
*Nina demands that Rosalie help her with Michael and Kiki.
*Michael tells Morgan and Kiki about the questions that Rosalie was asking.
*Morgan and Ava talk about the baby.
*Ava goes to her prenatal appointment and gets a prescription from Sabrina.
*Shawn sees an opening and tries to kidnap Ava from her penthouse.
*Kiki doesn't trust Rosalie.
*Spencer tries to convince Nik about Luke.
*Things at the clinic get nasty and dangerous for everyone.
*Robin tries to contact Patrick.
*There is more to the jewel heist than just the monetary value.
*Jason makes it out, but where is Robin?

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