General Hospital Critical List

Spoilers and Rumors

Spoilers updated
July 26, 2014

*Shawn and Jordans argument ends in a liplock.
*Mickey knows that Jordan is DEA and plans to eliminate her.
*Jordan moves closer to exposing the boss..Fluke.
*Mickey confronts and corners Jordan.
*Shawn shoots Mickey to save Jordan.
*Tracy figures a way to get Mickeys heart for Alice.
*Lucky for Alice! Mickey's heart is a perfect match.
*Tracy and Faux Luke continue their machinations.
*Tracy remains clueless about her groom.
*Ned and Olivia get close..
*Sam witnesses a very intimate scene between Silas and Nina.
*Sam is very suspicious of Nina.
*It appears that Silas and Nina have reconnected.
*Patrick insists on helping Sam investigate Nina, since he has no job.
*Sam and Patrick look for answers about who leaked the story to the press.
*First stop for Sam is Sonny, and the security footage.
*Sam asks Sonny for help.
*Julian is pissed about the heroin laced coke.
*Julian wants out of the mob to have a life with Alexis.
*Julian is violently angry when a bomb goes off..from Fluke.
*Fluke targeted Julians family as a warning.
*Jordan figures out that the bomb was from their boss.
*Julian tells Sonny he knows the truth about AJ's death.
*Britt and Spencer's plan is about to unravel.
*Britt has to up her game.
*Liz makes her feelings known.
*Nathan talks to Nina about Maxie, and she tells him to fight for her.
*Julian wants revenge on Fluke.
*Sam and Patrick head to New York for answers when things don't add up.
*While is New York at the clinic where Nina was, They run into Robin.
*Patrick stays silent about Jason to Sam.
*Sam and Patrick hit a bar to forget their troubles.
*Sam and Patrick almost,,,but they don't.
*Silas informs Kiki about the breakup with Sam.
*Who told Rafe to run Patrick off the road? That will play into another storyline as well.
*Franco finds out that Nina can walk.
*Franco helps his new friend Nina convince Sam that Silas is back with Nina.

Down the road.. Michael learns that Sonny killed AJ and Carly knew all about it and didn’t tell him.





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