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March 26, 2014
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·        Now that the big secret is out, LuLu and Dante head off to claim their son, but it’s not gonna be that easy.  They’ve got one great big obstacle to get past before their happily ever after can ensue.

·        Nik is livid and demands answers from Britt, who tries desperately to minimize her own culpability, but Nik ain’t buyin it.

·        Lucas and Brad have a confrontation about Brad’s role in the great embryo caper.

·        Sonny discusses his suspicions about Julian and his backer with “Luke”.

·        Silas thinks he knows who trashed his apartment.

·        Nathan receives unsettling news about his sister

·        Anna wants the truth from Nathan

·        Ric does his best to get Liz let Nik go and move on.

·        KiKi spies Ava entering AJ’s room, but Ava manages to put one over on her daughter.

·        KiKi and Michael argue over Ava.

·        Ava and Carly get into another not so nice verbal exchange.

·        Carly discovers something she kinda already knew: who shot AJ.

·        Monica Lays into Sonny for the torment he put AJ through for years

·        Nik visits Liz with danger lurking in the vicinity.

·        Nik sees a change in Liz

·        The trap will be set with Ava as the prey and Sam, Silas and Nathan as the hunters.

·        The whole story about Nina finally comes out soon, including where she is now.

·        Emily’s appearances include a visit to AJ to urge him to fight harder for the sake of their mom.

·        Sam’s years ago ONS with Ric raises its ugly head and a few people find out about it, (Molly, Silas, Julian)

·        Liz has a shocking announcement to make.

·        As if they haven’t already had enough shocks, LuLu and Dante are visited with another.

·        Sonny is not sure if he can really trust Ava; Well, duh!

·        Ava has painted herself into a very tight corner and paranoia sets in.

·        Ned is in town and notices that Luke is behaving like someone he used to know and he points this out to Tracy.

·        Felicia gets caught up in the Kevin/Lucy/Scott triangle and is torn.

·        Someone Scott loves verbally blasts him and he’s deeply affected.

·        Duke changes his mind about something.

·        Someone completely unexpected arrives at Anna’s door.

·        Apparently, Ric is not Julian’s ONLY benefactor.

·        Epiphany has seen Patrick in his latest state of mind before and she is really worried about him.

·        Sonny goes to Alexis with his suspicion that Ric and Julian are in cahoots and the two partner up to uncover the truth

·        Who does Alexis bring to Nik and Britt’s party? And what’s that about?

·        Cam gets romantic advice from Ric with regard to Emma.

·        Spencer gets advice and comfort  from Uncle Sonny.

·        LuLu tells Lucas about her dreams that Ben is her child. She also discusses Ben with Tracy.

·        Sonny and Olivia finally meet Ben

·        Brad advises Britt to unburden her soul by writing down her sins, but then to destroy what she writes and that is what she does, but when she burns her written confession, it is not completely destroyed.  Liz finds the remains of the letter and discovers the whole truth about Ben.

·        Brad’s guilty conscience is eating away at him.

·        Brad considers unburdening himself to Lucas, but Liesl realizes what is happening. What steps will she take to protect Britt?

·        “Luke” strikes again and unleashes his venom on Britt this time and Nik is furious.

·        Morgan walks in on Sonny and Ava with their heads together.

·        TJ’s mom wants him back.

·        Luke continues his creepy advances on KiKi.

·        Ava tries again and KiKi sees her go into AJ’s room.

·        Nathan learns something from his Mom, Madeline (Donna Mills) that changes everything, so he  joins forces with Silas.

·        Britt’s house of cards collapses right on top of her.

·        LuLu and Olivia discuss Ben’s resemblance to LuLu and how strange that is.

·        Spencer has a meltdown over Cameron’s presence at the party and destroys the origami Cameron made for Emma.

·        Liesl might revert to her evil ways and take down anyone in the way of her daughter’s happiness.

·        Alexis decides to trust Molly’s judgment and sense of responsibility. 



*Heather moves Carly to the catacombs.
*Franco is surprised that "Heather" is at Miscavige and tells Kiki the truth.
*Robin agrees to help Victor when she sees who else is being held.
*Sabrina tells Patrick the truth about the baby.
*Ava and Morgan sneak around to see each other.
*Julian promises he will clear Silas.
*Lucas comes out to Julian, who is taken aback.
*Olivia sees Heather, but thinks it may be a vision.
*Nathan comes up with more evidence against Silas.
*Both Sam and Silas find the evidence questionable.
*There is reason to distrust Nathan.
*A widow domes to the PCPD with an odd report about a gravedigger.
*The widow can identify the person she saw.
*Elizabeth takes Ben's hairbrush.
*Britt is elated when Nik tells Liz he is serious about Britt,
*Liz enlists Felix to help her.
*Felix runs a DNA test on Ben and Dante.
*Dante and Lulu reunite.
*Liz tells Britt she knows the truth.
*Spencer gives Emma a valentine.
*Kiki tries to help Franco escape and ends up in jail.
*Michael is furious over her betrayal.
*Michael offers AJ encouragement as AJ remembers more about Connie's murder.
*Olivia asks Dante to go to the nutfarm to see if Heather is really there.
*Franco is injured by Dante's bullet.
*The race is on to save Carly!
*There is a cave in and Carly is trapped.
*Heather realizes she must save Carly.
*Sonny and Olivia spend a special Valentines Day together.
*Patrick tells Robin about Sabrina's baby.
*When Ben has an allergic reaction, Liz notices that he and Dante both take the same meds.
*Alexis also thinks the evidence against Silas seems manufactured.
*Carlos goes to see Julian.
*Lucas doesn't deal with Julians reaction very well.

*Sam finds some shocking info about Nina Clay.
*Kiki goes to Miscavige to see Heather,
*Lulu tells Nathan that she left Dante and they are finished.
*Sonny and Olivia talk about Morgan and his betrayal.
*Sonny talks to Morgan....
*Anna learns about Duke from Julian.
*Anna confides in Robert that Duke is keeping secrets.
*Robert reminds Anna that they are keeping a big secret too.
*Julian and Alexis share a moment. Julian is drawn to her.
*There is an unfamiliar nurse at GH.
*Tracy demands that Luke be declared a missing person.
*Dante and Lulu have a moment where they nearly reconnect.
*Felicia is torn over Lucy's secret.
*Victor Cassadine returns with big news.
*Victors return impacts two people.
*Robert leaves town!
*Ava offers Morgan a gun to use on Sonny.
*Duke assures Anna he knows what he is doing and its under control.
*Julian and Ava are starting to turn on each other.
*Julian decides to check on Ava'a past.
*Rafe is shocked by Silas' arrest.
*TJ taunts Rafe about his father and uncle both being killers.
*Rafe explodes at TJ.
*Sam complains about Nathan to Dante, Dante tells Sam about Lulu.
*Kevin's patient becomes needy. Who is she really?
*Mac issues a warning to Scott.
*Sonny gives Morgan an ultimatum.
*Nik sees Liz struggling emotionally and pushes for answers.
*Liz almost reveals the truth about Sabrina and Patrick.
*Someone has questions about Bens true parentage.
*Luke finds Carly, Heather finds Luke, Luke disappears!
*Heather takes Carly to the stables at Nik's.
*The new chief of Staff is announced and nobody is happy.
*Robin and Patrick are so freaked, they go to Anna!
*Liz hears Sabrina tell Felix that she lied about the father of her baby.
*Before Liz can tell Patrick, the new COS is named.
*Britt threatens to quit her job, Nik talks her down.
*Emma, Cameron and Spencer head for the stables...
*After overhearing Anna, Franco hides at Kiki's.
*Franco tells Kiki he is being framed, but by whom?
*Anna tells Nathan he is nearly out of time on Silas' case.
*Lucas meets Brad and asks him out.
*Brad and Lucas spend the night together.
*Brad still wants Felix.
*Morgan tells Julian that Duke is working for Sonny.
*Julian corners Duke with a gun.
*Sonny realizes that Morgan lied and betrayed him.
*Sonny questions how he should handle Morgan.
*AJ continues his drinking and that leads to flashbacks of Connie.
*Britt is overcome with guilt when she learns that Lulu left Dante.
*Britt tries to talk to Lulu but Lulu isn't comfortable.
*Lucas meets Julian.
*Dante tries to get Kiki to turn Franco in.
*Kiki lies to Michael.
*Dante tries to tell Michael that Kiki is helping Franco.
*Julian and Ava step up their war against Sonny.
*Franco is arrested.
*Anna knows that Duke is hiding something.
*Silas tells Kiki about Nina.
*Scotty can't let Lucy alone.
*Mac tries to warn Scotty away.
*Sam investigates Nina, and makes a stunning find before Nathan does.
*Sonny and Olivia discuss Morgan.
*Victor Cassadine is headed into town.
*Britt has a hand in bringing him to town.
*Nik and Liz have an encounter that shows they still have feelings.
*Britt's behavior about Lulu, Dante and Ben has Nik wondering.




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