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MARCH 22, 2015


What a tangled web we weave... Ric is up to his old tricks again. And he is quick about it. I hope this blows up in his face. I hate manipulation in a relationship. Trust me, if you can't hold on with honesty, you don't belong together. I like Liz. She has come a long way way from the troubled teen she used to be. Her timing with Jakeson sucks, however. I hope they can work it out. I find it very telling that Jake isn't drawn to Sam at all. Sorry Jasam fans. That's how I feel. We all have opinions. Carly is a study in conflict. This woman is going to have ulcers and nightmares. She loves Sonny and Michael. They are in a war. She wants them to make nice..but..they are both to stubborn. She is in the middle, even though Michael hates her too. Then we have her buddy Jake. She is his friend, but she feels a tad jealous of his crush on Liz. She is overcompensating by pushing him to her. Why? Because Ric is involved! Ric, she hates with every fiber of her being. She also has to walk a fine line because Jake took a job with Julian, who is Sonny's enemy. I should send her some Pepto Bismol®.
Nik is finally more than a doormat! He is channeling his inner badass and doing more than getting kicked in the teeth by love. I like new and improved Nik. He is getting things done without violence. He uses his brains.. Take note Sonny and Julian!
Luke is a great mystery, but his family is about to unravel him and his past. Plus we get a new Spencer! Valerie is Patricia's daughter and quite beautiful. I think she will be good for Port Charles, not to mention shake up the male population. What is the secret? Even Luke doesn't know! He knows its painful and has power, but he is afraid of it.
Scott Baldwin is still a dishonest slug, but he did come to visit his son. Loved him being called Monchichi. Eighties flashback!! Franco told Pops the truth but big Monchichi can't figure out how to save him.
Michael... Where to begin... Why on earth does everyone think that because Michael has custody he can keep Sonny from visiting? He can't change Avery's name or prevent her family from seeing her. If he truly cards about the baby he would make sure her family (such as it is) could be a part of her life. Wasn't it odd that he took her to the bar at the MetroCourt? His mother owns the joint and everyone he "hates" frequently go there. He is so childish I want to scream. I pity that baby. Michael has put her in harms way. How? Emotional abuse. He downtalks her father and gleefully tells everyone that he is keeping her away from everyone who loves her. He is a total ass and I hope he gets a reality check very soon.
Nathan fell right into Spinelli's trap. Maxie will defend Spin of course, but it may backfire. I loved Sonny taking care of Spin. Its gonna be so satisfying when they learn that Jake is Jason. I don't like every story or every turn. But... That's why I tune in. How can they fix this? How can this character be redeemed? Will so and so finally wise up? Those twists and turns make for great stories. Lots of you complain that certain characters have to go or certain couples should be together. Have patience. Daytime drama is fluid. Nothing stays the same and nothing is guaranteed. Just enjoy the ride!
What a week! Port Charles has a lot going on...
I have been reading comments on a lot of boards to see how you are all thinking. Let's start with that. Many of you are applauding Michael taking Avery from her father. You think this is some kind of payback to Sonny. What Sonny and Carly did to AJ was wrong, but two wrongs don't make a right. I know that many of you disagree, but Michael is not doing what he's doing out of some noble motive. He is bullying and punishing his parents. I am beyond sick of his whining and wailing. Nuff said...
The mob is exploding all over town. Duke wants Julian dead. Julian wants Duke dead. Did anyone notice that Carlos is telling Julian what to do? Julian is usually so much more in charge. I don't like wimpy Julian. Duke is a very strong character. He is courtly and charming, yet can be tough and deadly. He can do what Sonny can't. Sonny is a great criminal mind, but he's a hothead. His decisions are more often made from emotion than logic. He could learn about finesse from Duke. You know, Duke is kinda hot with that charm. Injecting Jake/Jason into the mix was a stroke of genius on the part of the writers. Jake is the pawn of the commissioner. He is also Sonny's best friend and enforcer as well as Julian's son in law. Granted, nobody knows this, except for Nik and his Granny Hels. Well, this pot is on simmer, getting ready to boil.
Ric loves Liz, who is not feeling the trust. Ric lies repeatedly to Liz on his attempt to win her for his own. Unfortunately for Ric, Liz showed up in court to support Jake, thwarting Ric's plan to railroad Jake into a guilty plea. Liz was shocked and angry when she found out. She also harbors romantic feelings for the mysterious Jake, and told him so. Jake reciprocates these feelings. In the meantime, Sam and Patrick get closer every day. She told Spinelli that even though she loved Jason, with Patrick there are sparkles. Now with Sam going in one romantic direction, and Jason going in another, imagine the explosive effect that the revelation of Jakes true identity will have? That's SOAP!!
Nathan loves Maxie. Maxie loves Nathan...and Spinelli. Both are good men. Spinelli has the edge because he and Maxie have a daughter. Spinelli is no longer the hapless nerd. He has proven to be supremely intelligent and resourceful. We are about to see conniving Spinelli too. Will Nathan try and be noble and walk away? Will he fight for Maxie? I think he will end up pulling out all the stops to win, too.
Okay, I have to address this because it drives me right up the wall. Monica's boyfriend/bed buddy the judge. Judge Walters is the most unethical, biased and dishonest jurist on the bench. Why hasn't he been dragged before the bar? Is it because he is too busy being dragged around by his testicles? He tortured Maxie because she reminded him of his daughter. Trying to coerce her to live as a nun while slipping it to Monica was one thing, but twice now he has adjusted his rulings so Monica was happy. In reality, he should have recused himself from the custody case as soon as he knew who the parties were.  He isn't even worried that he can be disbarred. Its too creepy and incestuous for me.
Did anyone else love that Spinelli recognized Jason's back? Carly is really trying to help Jake get into the Jerome gang. She also considers him a good friend. How can she explain this to Sonny?
Sonny: Carly, you can't play with Jake anymore.
Carly: You aren't the boss of me!
Sonny: Don't take that tone with me. I won't allow it. Jake is bad news. You don't know where he's been. He is a Jerome henchman!
Carly: He doesn't hench. um..just in need of work. Honest work. I like him and and can't stop me!
Sonny: You are making me mad. I suppose you are going to take me to bed so I will shut up, right?
Carly: Yes. That's what I do. ∆∆
Alexis is another one that needs two mirrors. On one face, she is law and order, duty and honor. On the other face, she is a slave to he baser urges. She is a bad boy magnet. To be fair, Julian is Sam's father. But she also had Sonny(and another daughter), Ric, Jerry Jacks and Jasper Jacks who wasn't so squeaky clean. She also had Ned...twice.
Anna is enjoying screwing with Sloane. They shared a kiss on NYE and the tension is building. Will she bring him down? Will he bring her down? Will they join forces for the greater good? Time will tell. And just between us, his naked nether regions must have been easy to look at. Anna stared long enough to blush. Vere is Dr. Obrecht? She is missed. Mein doctor is becoming very much a really sympathetic character. I like that Liz acknowledged her kindness.
Things I want to see addressed; Olivia is pregnant. When the father is revealed, how will Sonny react? What about Dante? Did I miss something or does Dante and Lulu still have an embryo out there? Not the one she has with the crazy Cassadine. Why didn't Christina come home when Danny was so sick? How about when the house blew up? Did Maxie ever get her car back? Where did Heather end up? Who is paying Jordan for her undercover work? Why doesn't Nik redecorate the old mansion since it burned? Lighter colors would spruce it up. It may cheer up the brooding prince, too. I really am looking forward to the next chapter in the saga of Port Charles!

hope everyone had a good week. The weather up north has been horrible, and the south hasn't had it much better. Let's get down to business.
This past week has been a roller coaster. I know it was wrong, but I laughed when Luke bit off Scott's ear. Seeing him all strapped down like Hannibal Lechter had me hoping that he would bark like a happy chihuahua. Franco listened with rapt attention to Nathan, who told Nina what Luke had done. That spiralled Franco into reenactment of the Princess Bride. He tried to kill Luke, but was stopped by Nina. Luke pretended to be grateful. Luke plans on using the two hapless would be lovers. He wants out. They have ticket written all over them!
Speaking of Nathan, who would have thought he would be in a love triangle with Spinelli? Maxie is caught between the past and the present. Georgie is also caught in the middle, between mom and dad.
Kids caught in the middle? Lots of them it would seem. Sonny and Michael have poor Avery as the prize in a fight that Michael has talked himself into believing is righteous. Anyone can see that he is punishing Sonny in every way possible. Mark my words, this is going to blow up in his face. And the judge? He should be hauled before the bar. He should have recused himself before stepping into that courtroom. His speech to Ric was stupid. They are advocates, he is the impartial judge. Except, he is not impartial. This is the second time we saw him use his position to carry out a personal agenda.
Morgan is trying to keep Avery out of Michaels way. Kiki is the reason he can't. She will learn the hard way. Kiki is not thinking at all. Why didn't she try for custody? Why doesn't she try now?
Ava looked just like she was shot, fell off of a bridge and rode an icy river, then dragged herself to a payphone (do those even exist?). No makeup, she looked exhausted. When she tried to go off with Avery, we all had to wonder what she was thinking! At the end of the show, Silas intoned those devastating words.."you're dying". In soap land, that can mean anything from a bad test result to contract negotiations. I doubt our Ava is going anywhere anytime soon.
Jake has no clue who he is, but Sloane forced him to join the Jerome family so he can bring them down from the inside.. Personally, Jake has feelings for Liz. He has tried to fight them because of Ric. Liz just gave him the go ahead to make his move. Now, all of you Liaison fans are rejoicing. You Jasam fans are going crazy. But, ask yourself this, why isn't he drawn to Sam? He has flashbacks of her and rings and making love. Why is he not looking into that? This is a new and improved Jason. In other words, not the man Sam married.
I have a question for all of you. We all know that Sonny is a self involved mobster, but should he have custody of Avery? Or, is Michael the better choice? Let me know on our Facebook page.
Now, let's move on to Nik. Is he aware that Sloane is using Jake? I can't believe that Nik would care about Julian's organization.
Olivia is a lousy liar. She also spilled her secret to Franco. This is about to blow up in her face. Ned has a bad habit of claiming the children of mobsters.
Now.. I want to talk about Michael. I know that he is acting out. But this vendetta is going to take him down a road he doesn't want to travel. And Luke? Whatever happened in his past that caused him to fracture is going to be epic. We will be meeting Patricia very very soon. Her story must be something!  It caused Lukes DID, and she disappeared. If anyone has questions about storylines or characters, post them on Facebook in the comments under the Spoilers posted posting.

With all that has happened, is happening and will happen... A few thoughts. First, let's get this out of the way. GH has some of the best abs on TV. Ok..down to business. Luke is nasty. There is no humanity in this guy at all. He does enjoy some things, like hearing himself speak. Its like..all the time! Even when he's alone. Is he Luke? Someone else? With all the Patricia drops, she will be showing up soon. The way that he speaks to Helena is odd. There is no deference to her at all. Its almost like she is the subordinate. This is a conundrum. The fallout will be epic for a lot of people. Lulu will be the most affected by this. It will impact her trust and marriage, as well as shaking her to the core. Tracy will also be dealing with guilt and mistrust. She will not come through this without scars.
Jake/Jason? Who among us didn't enjoy the impotent rage on Ric's Ric's face when Jake pled not guilty? Seeing Liz looking on adoringly at Jake showed us that she has some unresolved feelings for our Soldier boy. As Jake remembers more, he will also be interacting with others, getting involved and developing bonds. Sam is also growing closer to Patrick as well. When the truth about his identity is revealed, imagine the fallout! Jakeson  has really feelings for Liz, who is about to dump Ric on his sorry controlling ass. She will naturally turn to Jakeson. Will Sam and Jason pick up where they left off? Not likely. Why? Since his "death", Sam has had two serious relationships. Silas and Patrick. She has been on her own and has grown and changed. She even has a new daddy. She is not the same person inside. Jason was in a state of suspension. Not dead, not quite alive until Robin's magic elixer woke him to a strange new reality. At first, she was gung ho to get home to Sam, but courtesy of He awoke in GH with no clue to who he was. Liz was there and he grabbed on to her kindness and familiarity with his one good hand. She helped him get better, stronger and faster. She rebuilt him. Like the Six Million Dollar Man! Dr. I hate everyone Obrecht didn't like him at all. He was a smiler! Obrecht hates happy in people. So, she tossed him out on his fabulous flutes. Liz was there with her huge motel painting eyes offering home and hearth to him. He grabbed on with both hands this time. He has developed feelings for her and that will impact any future he has with Sam. They are both in different places now. Remember, he watched her make love to Patrick. Instead of interrupting, he took his Phoenix and left. He will remember Sam as she was and still have the knowledge of the new Sam. I honestly think they will try and fail as a couple. Where their love lives go is up for opinion.
The Luke business will impact him as well. He is Helena's failing experiment in control. Jakeson is going to remember lots of things. I hope that Danny still feels the pull.
Sonny? He has been through a lot in the last year. I know that a whole bunch of you feel he didn't get enough punishment for killing AJ. If you look back, he was protecting Ava and she manipulated the situation. He didn't know that she killed Connie and AJ should have opened with that instead of hemming and hawing that he had something to say.  It may have helped to let go of Ava's throat, as well. But, he gave Franco the ammunition he needed to destroy his life because Carly has spring loaded legs. He had no choice but to accept the blame and save the others from prison. Then, because of his deep love for his family, he and Julian joined hands and hearts to save their sons. Not Morgan,because everyone forgets that he is also a Corinthos, even Sonny! But they got out courtesy of Ava and Franco, who also escaped. After a diversion with Johnny and Carrrrrlos, Julian shot Johnny and Sonny rushed off to save Ava. Ava watched as her past misdeeds came back to haunt her in the form of Carlos and his gun. He shot, she went over the side and hung around until Sonny got there. He tried, but she slipped his hold and flew away. Cut to Michael. This kid is the definition of conflicted. With every other person on the planet he is almost fawning. Show him Sonny and the inner child has a full blown tantrum! When Sonny grabbed the bomb and jumped into the water, Michael was all "Daddy"! Once Sonny was pulled out of the water all dead, Michael froze until Carly begged him to help her defeat the grim reaper. Mikey did CPR, because the paramedics had to go do paperwork. Carly willed Sonny back to life and she thought all was well in the world. Sonny awoke to find his other son in his room. Dante, because even though Morgan was there, nobody remembered he is also a son. Michael showed up to talk to Sonny just in time to witness the governor pardon him for killing AJ.. How much can he take? Turns out..that's the limit! Now he is in full out terrible twos. Look out Sonny. Michael wants a pony! Take him out for ice cream or Prozac.
Nik..Nik..Nik... Is he truly in league with Helena? Not so much after he realizes that she is using him. He may follow his own wicked path as long as it doesn't hurt Lulu, Liz, Sam or Spencer. Why did he agree to throw the election? Time will tell, but we haven't heard the last of it. Nik is always going to be a hero at heart, so we will indulge his side trip to the dark side. I can only hope that the casting of Rebecca Budig will give him a real love life. Britt loved him, but everything was based on lies. Liz and Nik love each other, but their timing is always off. I think a lot of that is because they have deep seated guilt about Lucky. Anyway, Liz has an embarrassment of riches. She has Ric for another five minutes and she has Jake who would drink a gallon of her bath water just to get closer. A lot of people don't like Liz. I do. She has not had an easy life yet she stays positive. She has been raped, kidnapped, cheated on and lost a baby and a son. That same son was kidnapped as well. It changes a person on fundamental ways. Yes, Liz went to Jason after finding Lucky and Maxie in her marital bed. She was hurt, angry and lost. She went to the one person she knew and trusted to make the hurt go away. At the same time, Jason was lost and hurting over Sam. They found comfort in each other. If you look closely you will see that Jason also cares deeply for Liz. Jasam fans don't acknowledge this, but its true. Liz and Jason have history. Not just since they made love, but for years before that. I think they will be writing another chapter.
Morgan Corinthos is also Sonnys son.
Really! He has a mind of his own and actually voices his opinions. This alone is one reason I like him! By the way, whiny Kiki isn't good enough for him. Let's hope the recast will bring some fire back. Silas will get to know his daughter all over again.
Anna is coming back with a big announcement for Kyle Sloane. No consequences for her dealing with Faison on her own way. And...she has a new target. Yup.. Sloane! Seems she has someone in her corner who will back her all the way. Frisco? Scorpio? Well, we will know soon. Duke might not like her new outlook. After all, he will catch the fallout. But, he will have Sonny and Lucy to keep him warm. Spinelli is back. Spixie fans rejoice! Naxie fans, don't give up! Baby Barash is beyond adorable, and she's walking! Having mommy so close will make it so much easier on her. Spinelli loves Maxie and always has. He will show her he is the unhusband she needs. I would love to see Julian and Sonny as friends and rivals. It could be very interesting.
Olivia is pregnant by Julian. Ned is going to claim that he slept with her and the baby is his. Alexis will have serious Deja Vu. Olivia isn't comfortable lying, but she doesn't want to expose her next child toThe Mob. Once is enough. She knows how to pick 'em. She has had Sonny, Johnny and Julian. She hit the trifecta! At least she didn't have a baby with Johnny. There are questions we will be asking soon. When Jason remembers, will he go back as Sonny's enforcer? I doubt it, but I have been wrong before. I think he has been able to see that his actions hurt people. Sonny will welcome him back as a friend, but the romance is over. Shawn needs the gig anyway. What will happen when Sam realizes that her dead husband isn't quite so..dead? What about Patrick? Robin had to lie to protect him. She didn't want to go. The stakes are higher this time. Sabrina was a relative newbie. Sam is an established character. How can Robin try to make Sam let go? Ric has issues too. He really should thank Sonny for saving him, bit he won't. He is above all of that. His arrogance will cost him Elizabeth. Ric is a complex character. When he is good, we love him. When he feels like he has been wronged, he is worse than any mobster
Remember he slept with Sam and tried to have Alexis arrested while she was fighting cancer. He is heading that way again. This time Molly can see it..
Sweeps are shaping up to be mind blowing. General Hospital has been twisted so far. Seriously... Did anyone see that corpse coming? Talk about Nightmare on Elm Street! The writers like to poke a little with us, like using the name Miscavige. Don't be offended, Tom Cruise or John Travolta! I am looking forward to the next episode like I did when the MetroCourt was taken hostage. Starting with Fluke, he is about to be exposed. His crazy as hell cohort Helena will soon realize that she made a critical, if not deadly, error. The writers are keeping the big points under tight wraps for this one! Knocking Dante into the basement without actually killing him gave me pause. Why allow him to live and possibly escape before the bomb went off? Did he simply want him to see the decomposing body? Is the body that of Patricia? Or is it really Luke's? We will know soon. Helena sent Jason to kill Sam. That was a deadly miscalculation. She took a big chance that her programming was strong enough to allow her orders to be carried out. She failed. Jason's memory was sparked and conjured up his conscience, Robin, to stop himself. This was too much for him and he had a brain cramp. This did a few things to the story moving forward. He ended up at GH, Carly found his soldier bag with the gun and burner phone. He dropped the Phoenix to be found on the pier by Lucas, who brought it home to be found by Sam. Carly tried to get Jake help because she is Carly, but ended up turning him in. This furthers the story by bringing Sam back into his world and that will trigger more memories. Don't expect smooth sailing with their love story. Jake has real feelings for Liz and Sam has deep feelings for Patrick. Bumpy ride ahead!
Sonny and Julian make great frenemies. I hope the writers allow this grudging respect continue. Franco and Ava are both running too. Franco to save Nina from Heather and Ava is running from certain death. What happens in the next three weeks will have repercussions for the near and distant future.
Johnny is about to leave. It may be simply going back to jail or leaving town. I still believe that mystery will surround his going. Lulu will think that Dante did something because of jealousy. And, this will spill over to Maxie and Nathan. Julian will have some unexpected repercussions from his night with Olivia. This will cause much drama for a long time. Ava gets herself into a predicament and Sonny tries to save her. Epic fail! Ava will be presumed dead. That will put Avery into Kiki's arms as a mother figure. She might even want to make it legal.
Many of you think that once this Fluke thing is over that the ride will slow down. Wrong! I have seen the future and it is cool! So many of our favorite characters have been torn out of their comfort zones! Anna may not be the commissioner, but she has the PCPD in her scope.. I mean sight. Duke is still not going to leave the mob and will be challenging Anna in many ways. What about Michael and his hatred? Its going to be a long while for him. Expect some huge twists here too. Rosalie won't be going away when Helena does. Her story will be told, but will she tell Michael that she was Helena's puppet? 
I see many couples will have their relationships turned on their proverbial ears. Dante and Lulu, Alexis and Ned, Alexis and Julian, Olivia and Ned, Olivia and Julian, Sonny and Carly, Sam and Patrick, Liz and Ric, Jason and Sam. Maxie and Nathan. The backdoor longings between the couples will be the game changers.
We have seen Nik fall into a dark prince who protects his grandmother. Will he turn on his friends? Agent Kyle Sloane  is a huge enigma. Is he really so easily turned from idealist to henchman? This story alone impacts Anna, Duke, Jordan, Shawn and Felicia. Frisco is head of the WSB now. Will he pull the strings from the background? Anna needs an ally and Frisco is the perfect choice. The fight for ELQ is far from over. Will Nik make a power grab?
Jordan has secrets. If a few get out, she will lose the man she loves and her sons love and respect. The ousting of Anna will play into her ultimate decisions.
Who is Ivy? The answer will surprise you. She is not in league with Helena. She is connected, but not to the mob. She and Sonny will have a date with destiny.
Where has Scott Baldwin been? He is in for another disappointment, professionally.
How will the upcoming reveals impact the extended Spencer clan? Julian will prove just how much he loves Lucas and is willing to do whatever he needs to do to keep him safe. All of these acts and actions will kick off more branches of an umbrella story. I know that some of you are beyond frustrated with the length of the Fluke storyline. Your patience will be rewarded.
Jason's memory return does not guarantee a happily ever after for him and Sam. Time has passed and Sam has moved on. Finding out that Jason is alive will be wonderful, sweet and tearjerking. But, you really can't go home again. Jason is not the same man (no pun intended) he used to be. Sam isn't the same either. At least Danny will have his real daddy.
Ric and Liz have some bumps ahead. Liz will learn that Ric has a revenge agenda and he doesn't want Liz anywhere near Liz. She won't like that. Silas will be close to Ava again, too. This show is about to pop like a cork. Happy Viewing!

Hello GH fans!  I don't know if you noticed, but we have spent the last few weeks foreshadowing what's coming up. Let's take a look, shall we?
Lulu and Dante; They have been in their happiness bubble for a while. Things are about to change! Johnny has managed to plant his adorable behind right in the middle of their marriage. He knows that Lulu has an independent streak, and Dante put his foot in his mouth when he forbade Johnny from talking to her. Look for some serious fireworks.
Jason/Jake; He is starting to have flashes and memories. He also has developed feelings for Liz. Soon his past will come back. Helena has control of him right now. I expect that it won't last. Whether or not he plays along with her is another story.
Sam; She is getting more involved with Patrick every day. She will keep a big secret from him, however. She still suspects Jake and continues investigating him. The fact that she is sleeping with Patrick ups the stakes when Jason remembers who he is.
Carly; She is nothing if not loyal. Her new friend Jake needs her and she will do whatever she can to help him uncover his past. She still loves Sonny and hopes he will have a change of heart. She also won't give up on Michael. Her hope and faith will be rewarded.
Sonny; He will do whatever he has to do to protect his family and his territory. To accomplish this, he has taken Julian into his confidence. This will be a game changer on many fronts. Julian loves his family.. All of them, including Ava. He also wants to protect his family and territory. He and Sonny will join forces and families to battle Fluke and the cartel. This will guarantee Ava will live. I truly believe that nobody will believe that its possible. Especially when they add Franco and get his cooperation.
How will everyone get out of Pentonville? Look to Ric Lansing. I think that he will want to even things between himself and Sonny. He will assist the four in getting released. I also think that Johnny won't be able to stand being under Flukes thumb for very long. He is also a wild card.
Ric; He hasn't gotten past his false arrest and having to fake his death. He has a dark side that just might pop through. He will help get Julian out so he can have his revenge.
Nikolas; He gave that speech to Helena about embracing his inner Cassadine. We saw him burn the ballots. Is this real? Or a well thought out plan to Best the Granny?
Dante/Lulu/Johnny; I can only speculate about this..but, I have a feeling that the animosity between Johnny and Dante over Lulu is foreshadowing a huge storyline. My guess? Dante and Johnny have a very public blowup. Dante tells Johnny if he comes near Lulu again, he will kill him. Then? Johnny turns up dead, and Dante is the main suspect. Even Lulu will doubt his innocence at first.
Maxie/Nathan; They will be deliriously happy for about ten minutes. Then.. I think Spinelli will return, at least for a little while. The bond between Maxie and Spinelli will make Nathan jealous and insecure. I also think he will get some hints about Nathan's true paternity.
Olivia; Her ONS with Julian will come back to haunt her for a long time. Aside from the fact that she may be pregnant, the fallout will hit Alexis, Sonny, Dante, Ned and The Jeromes. Also it looks like an old friend will come to visit. She will try to fix Olivia's love life around sweeps.
Alexis/Ned; These two really like each other. But.. It isn't love. They will come to realize that they made a mistake. In the meantime, other factors become game changers for all concerned.
Nina/Franco; They really are a great couple. I think they will start a real relationship despite his mother and hers.
I think we will see another DNA results switch. Morgan will end up being the real father of Avery.
Silas is going to stand by Ava. Their story is far from over.
The Jason reveal will impact everyone in town. Where will this leave Sam and Patrick? Will Jason be able to let go of the feelings he has for Elizabeth? I know that some of what's coming will be uncomfortable and hard to watch. But I firmly believe its Must See TV!

Happy New Year!
Port Charles has been interesting, to say the least. Let's have a look, shall we?
The Luke/Fluke storyline dovetailed into the Helena/Jerry power grab. That fiasco should be climaxing and ending soon. I love Tony Geary and Connie Towers, but this travesty has outlived anyone's interest. I can suspend my disbelief as far as the returns from the dead, but seriously, why dumb down Tracy and Lulu? Even when Tracy loved Luke to the point of obsession, she never gave him access to her money or ELQ. Lulu knows her father well enough to pick up the subtle differences. She just doesn't see them. Even Bobbie and Carly are afflicted with the dumb.
Alexis is using Ned to get over Julian. Whatever fallout happens is squarely on her shoulders.
Sonny in prison won't last to much longer. Johnny will get out first. In case you missed the huge clues, they will work together to get rid of the over the hill gang. Another question to ponder is Ava and her baby. Who gets custody? Ava will be in Pentonville for a short while, but everyone including Franco will be released. Ric is back. He wants his old life back. We know Ric. He will veer off the path and look for revenge. Where will that leave Molly and Liz?
Jake/Jason is pure eye candy. He has so many ties to people in the town, he will need a scorecard. His memory will return, that's a given. Will he be Jason Morgan? Jason Quartermane? Or a hybrid of both? Will he and Sam reclaim their past or is it too late to recapture the magic? Patrick and Sam are good together. I like Liz and Jake. Who knows where the bodies will land? Dr. Obrecht is showing signs of humanity. I am really liking her complex character. Her indignation over the way Maxie was treated was surprisingly sweet. Nathan's acceptance of her will soften her a bit more. Michael is still being a total toolbag. Kiki should throat punch him and Morgan should too. I think that even when characters and storylines upset us, its a good thing. It makes me smh when I read comments from "fans" who swear that they will never watch again if bla bla does bla bla. Or they hate a recast because their favorite actor chose to leave. I'd rather have a recast and continue the story than go into mourning over something silly. We watch the show because we want to be entertained. And say what you will...we watch it.

My head is spinning. How many Lukes and masks are there in town? I'm sorry, but the Fluke storyline is too drawn out to have any impact anymore. We know that he won't be exposed for weeks. Sonny is in prison and is at the mercy of Johnny Zacharra. No love lost between those two. Sonny has been so arrogant over the years that seeing him as the underdog has been refreshing. We can only hope that he learns from this. I doubt it, but I still hope.
The Jake/Jason story is picking up steam. I'm liking the whole Manchurian Candidate aspect. It would be awesome for Jason to recover his memories and turn on Helena. She wouldn't see it coming. That being said... I am over the back from the dead villains. I understand the drama and storyline potential, but PLEASE! Give it a rest for at least a year. What do I want to see? Jake realizing he is Jason. Monica getting to hold her son and love him. Jason accepting Monica as his mother. I want Michael to excel as CEO of ELQ. I want to see Carly and Sonny deal with his rejection of them as Michaels parents. Can Liz find someone who really loves her? Sam ..Sam. I want her away from Jason. That love ended with the recast. I love Billy Miller, and he deserves a great story. I want Robin to come back and have to explain about Jason. Patrick must acknowledge that Robin was held against her will and that Gabriel died because of Victors threats. There is so much that can be done!
I have a feeling that Franco will be gone soon. Roger Howarth has signed on to play a reporter on The Flash. Nina needs a stint in Miscavige. She can be released and become the town bitch. Move over Tracy! Duke has a shot at taking down Julian. Will he? I don't know. But taking control of the Corinthos crime family could be fun to watch, now that Anna is no longer the top cop. Stay tuned. Its going to be a turbulent flight. Hold on to your safety rail.

This week has been the most action packed and twisted time we have seen in years. Relationships upended and torn apart, people destroyed and the return of psycho Franco have had us all hanging on. Sonny has been caught for murder. Not just any murder, the murder of AJ. The best (or worst) part is that Michael knows too. This has caused him to deny both of his parents, Kiki told Michael that she and Morgan both knew the truth as well. Why did she feel the need to hurt him further? This cost her their relationship, and his relationship with his brother. She has a skewed sense of right and wrong. Her selective honesty is quite annoying. Now is the time for Ava to face the music about Connie and Olivia. I am on pins and needles waiting for her to be arrested. Shawn and Duke will be spared by Sonnys confession. But who will take over the organisation?  Anna is the target of Agent Sloane. I question his integrity. Why would he reveal all that info to Britt without proof? maybe he needs Anna out of the way? Maybe he works for Faison or Helena? Jason is settling in nicely with Liz. He feels drawn to the Q's. He will begin to get flashes as he learns more about people in town. I really like Billy Miller. As Jason, he has injected the robotic Jason with life. We can blame the shooting or the two year coma or the car accident. I don't care. I like him. I will wait to see how things shake out before I decide who he should be with. I am SO looking forward to Monica getting her son back. She has been through hell, and needs a win. Tracy has a bad case of the dumb. When the real Luke gets back, I hope he gives her hell for that. Brandon Barash is coming back for a few days. It will be awesome to see him. Rumor has it that Spinelli will be bringing Georgie back to see Maxie for Christmas. He will also meet Jake/Jason. Should be interesting. Another interesting thing is Danny. His attachment to Jake is adorable and very telling. Will anyone pick up on it? How are they going to deal with Nina and her various crimes and mental issues?   There is no bandaid for this one. Now that Roger Howarth is joining The Flash, will he remain on GH? So many questions... Dante has had a bad year. His son stolen, his wife kidnapped, his father nearly killed by his brother and his father had to be arrested for murder, by Dante! This guy needs a serious time out. Lucy has been moving toward Duke. Will he reciprocate her attentions? Alexis loves Julian. Julian loves Alexis. The truth is coming out. Will Fluke take it lightly? Nope. Look out Alexis. Fluke needs a target for his anger and a show of power to Julian. Patrick and Sam will get closer. She will find out that Robin left to try and save Jason. Will she be pissed? Yes! She will forgive Patrick for not telling her, since Jason is "dead". Nik is going to learn that Britt lied to him,,again. Will he take it lightly? Not likely. Jason and Jake are one and the same. Ric is really alive and heading home. Luke will be rescued and Flukes identity  will be known. When all of these little things are revealed...Port Charles will be like a war zone. Hold on. Turbulence ahead!

Its been a rocky road. To say that twists are happening is an understatement. Nina has been outed as a manipulative and violent head case. Franco has reverted to the Franco of old. And Jerry Jacks is playing front man for that hot mess Helena and her partner Fluke. Does anyone remember that Dr.Obrecht is aware of the real Lukes location? OK, she has her mind on other her sister getting out of prison and her son finding out she killed his "father". Oops..Lets not forget that Britt is back with Nik and she is holding a huge secret. Elizabeth has bonded with her Jake Doe and he seems very protective of her as well. Sam and Patrick are so close to making love its unreal! BUT, Silas wants to have his lady love back. He fell for all of Nina's lies and pushed Sam away. Call me wacky, but there is no way in hell I would trust Silas after that. He practically ran to Nina's bed.  Michael is about to find out that Sonny killed AJ. The cops will know soon, and Sonny just fired his mouthpiece. Things are heating up. I would love to see him get out of this one. Ava will have to face the music too. No way is Sonny going to go down without a fight. Morgan and Kiki are closer than exes should be and Ava only makes it more weird. Carly and Franco are the biggest mess so far. She is only marrying him to protect Michael and Sonny. Alexis and Julian are fireworks that never get to shine. With Ric coming back it will get really messy. He has been vindicated for being a mobster, and Alexis will have to deal with his lies once again. How can she forgive him? Robin is coming back, and it will be for a longer stay. Will Patrick find out the truth? Will it matter to him? How will all of this affect Emma? Sweeps are gearing up to be an epic battle of good vs. evil and past vs. present. How will Jason reclaim his life? Will Liz find true love? Can Sonny get away with murder? Will Michael ever forgive Sonny and Carly? Things are heating up and I am looking forward to the burn.

Its OFFICIAL. Sabrina is nuts. Trying to kill Ava's unborn child and then praying about it was beyond creepy. I would hate to be in Ava's shoes. Nina on one side, Sabrina on the other. Its like a bad horror film. Throw Sonny into the mix and..WOW.
Sam and Patrick are cute together. I like that their closeness is organic. I hate it when they force these things. I hear that Tracy will be getting her brain back. Its about time. She is a shell of her former self. Needy, clingy and whiny is not our Tracy. I can't wait until she figures this out.
Poor crazy Stavros. I love RKK. Not so much his cartoonish character. Victor? I really don't believe his is gone. I also think he has been holding Faison somewhere. Maybe out of necessity, maybe out of jealousy. The fun part is Nathan. He thinks he is a Cassadine. He will be bonding with his relatives. Alexis, Nik, Spencer and Sam. Fun
I have to say it. I can't stand those precocious little brats Sprncer and Josslyn. Send them to camp until they are adults. Should only take a month, right?
Robin will be coming back later for a longer stint. Jerry Jacks is coming back. We should expect him to assist Helena, right? WRONG! He has much to lose with her.
What will become of NuJason? He doesn't know who he is courtesy of a "mishap" on the road. He is going to get close to Elizabeth, but feel drawn to Sam and Danny. The kicker? Julian won't trust him and will do all he can to keep him away from his beloved daughter Sam and his "apple of my eye" grandson.
I love twists and turns. They keep the stories moving and gives us something to complain and argue about. If all of our favorites were happy and healthy, we would get bored silly! I don't like some things that have happened, or things that are happening. But I LOVE the ebb and flow. You want Nina to be outed as a psycho bitch, but do you want Silas and Sam together? Can Rosalie be redeemed? Will Kiki and Morgan get together or will she work on her relationship with Michael?
I love that Michael is the CEO of ELQ. I know he will find out that Sonny shot AJ. Will he remain a Corinthos? Will he cut ties with Carly? Where the hell is Monica? We know she spends time with Danny. By the way, I think its awesome that she gets to be a grandma to a baby. What about Morgan? Ava or Rosalie? Maybe Kiki?
Did Milo kidnap Epiphany? Where are they??
With the real Luke about to be found, how will he feel about languishing at Miscavige? Will he be a bit loony from being locked up? Heather is making a return. Maybe she is Nina's real mother? No..then Nina and Franco can't get together.
Sonny is so blinded by vengeance, he is missing the advantages of keeping Ava alive.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. It would be awesome for Sonny and Julian to join forces and take down Fluke. Dante and Lulu are really a cute couple. They are threatened and still find their way back to each other. Its kind of comforting.
I am liking Dr. Obrecht more and more. I hope she is redeemed and makes some friends. Picture it..Sip it, slam it, and suck it at the Floating Rib with the girls. A true Kodak moment. 

How long will Levi be on our screens? I am over this kidnapping, even though I enjoy Maxie and Lulu talking about his lack of Attributes. Ava is another snore for me. She is about as entertaining as head lice. Carly is in denial over her feelings and Franco is the worst person in PC to have a poker face. He is way too smug with Silas. How long must we be forced to see Tracy acting so clueless and dependent on Luke/Fluke? Sonny should make sure that the flashdrive doesn't implicate him and tell Carly to do the same. Is anyone else tired of angry unkempt Morgan? Is Silas really so shallow that he is over Sam in into Nina? Sorry about the pun. I hope he gets a clue soon. Nina so deserves Franco. I am rambling with different thoughts...
Patrick and Sam? Hmm..I don't know if I am ready to go there. Britt and Nik? He is a moron to fall for her crap. That Spencer secret is getting ripe. Soon it will fall right into his lap. I am kind of liking Dr. Obrecht as an administrator. I see some vulnerability there. Liz..OH Liz..You need a man to love you. Ric? When will you let her know you are alive?  Victor. He can be charming, like a viper. I hope we get some really interesting plots and twists! Stavros is coming back. Will he still want Lulu? Will Laura come back? Who is going to find and free Luke? Will Sonny and Julian team up to save their loved ones? Shawn and Jordan are hot!! But, he may not be happy she is lying to him. How will TJ react? Not just about mom being a DEA agent, but sleeping with Shawn? Alexis and Julian are not going to stay away from each other. But she will toy with Ned for a bit. Nedly needs a real love interest, like Olivia.
Molly, where are you? 

would love to see Julian and Sonny team up to take down Fluke. Sonny has a good reason or three. Alexis is the mother of his child. Ric is his brother and Fluke brought drugs to town. After they do that, they can go back to being enemies in law. Why is Ava still around? The character really is boring.It appears her only function is to make Sonny react. Isn't that Carly's job? speaking of Carly, the magic she had with Roger Howarth seems to have evaporated like mist on a hot windshield. I truly do love RW, but the Franco character needs some serious tweaking. Just sayin'... Sam and Silas are both on a collision course to heartbreak and drama. Silas loves Sam and he also has feelings for his wife. In close quarters with her, there is bound to be some temptation. Nina, while insane, loves Silas and will do anything to win him. Sam loves Silas but Nina drove the wedge in her romance by leaking her conversation with Silas to the press. Nina killed two birds with one stone there. She broke up Sam and Silas and she made sure that Sam and Silas couldn't trust each other. Now Sam and Patrick will team up for a few minutes. Sam doesn't know that Jason is still alive and at the clinic, This is going to cause a huge ripple in the force.Especially when Sam finds out that Patrick was aware of this all along. Will Sam choose Silas or Jason? You think the answer is is simple? No, it's not. Jason is not going to be the same man (literallywhen  and figuratively) he used to be. Will he be the hitman with a heart? Or Jason Quartermane, wannabe doctor. Maybe a hybrid of both? Maybe he will be angry that Sam moved on so easily. Maybe he will be mad that he ended up shot in the back by Faison. I hope that Robin tells him it was Faison. Otherwise, poor Duke is in for a whippin'. These games of musical faces can be confusing. We have Luke/Fluke, Faison/Duke, Leisl/Anna and Todd/Franco. OK, I was kidding about the last one. But now we have new Jason. My question is, what will happen when he returns? Will he scare the crap out of everyone by walking the streets or will he come back quietly and stay in the shadows? I really want Monica to see him first. She needs some happiness.

Now on to the people who are clueless. lets start with Tracy. Tracy and Luke do have a history. because of this, she should be picking up on clues. When Luke attacked Monica about AJ, Tracy should have known that Luke was never that cruel. She has missed so many red flags, she needs her head examined as well as her eyes! Lulu is another one. Luke forgot Dante's name, and she ignores that? Luke doesn't stop in to say hello? Nobody says a word about his creepy come on to women? Are you listening Olivia??

I am totally over Spencer Cassadine. He is annoying, overbearing and rude. Josslyn is number two on the list. Where on earth did Spencer get his attitude? Not from Nik and certainly not from Leslie. This whole Emma/Cam/Spencer thing is not realististic and I am tired of seeing it. Now the little brat is teaming up with Britt, AND he is the one in charge. Really?

Britt never learns. She may win temporarily, but we all know it is going to blow up in a very ugly and public way..again.

Now for the unexpected. Dr. Obrecht is actually a very good administrator. She takes pride in her job, and makes sure that patient care is the best. I am seeing glimpses of her heart. I hope her character is more fleshed out. She is a keeper.

Maxie is true to form. She takes the odd and lonely under her wing. Now she is engaged to the odd duck Levi. He is not cute, he is very controlling and he is creepy. Nathan will have to save Maxie when Levi shows his true colors.

I know that good things are coming, I just wish they would happen faster. We have to wait for Tony Geary to return, and the new Jason to start taping. Happy viewing!

Older posts

I am really looking forward to a few things. One, when Nina has to kill Rosalie, and two, when Silas learns the truth. Yes, it will happen. Rosalie is way too cocky with Nina, Nina will get tired of that really fast. She doesn't strike me as the patient and forgiving sort. When Silas learns the truth, he will have already pushed Sam away for some stupid reason. This will be caused by manipulative Nina. Wait for it,,,,
 Ric will be back son. He is going to protect his little girl from Julian and his real boss. Molly will see him, but nobody will believe her. He will see Liz mooning over Nik and Alexis wrapped up with his enemy. I would LOVE to see him reveal the truth to Sonny and have them team up to get to the real boss.
I am really tired of the Ava storyline, and find my mind wandering when she is on screen. That is never a good sign. I generally watch the whole show to mine little nuggets that will impact the future of a character. Sorry Ava, you truly n longer amuse me.
Nina is a real corker. I find it odd that not one person has said no to her. That being said, I really want to see her with Madeline. It would be epic!
Nathan is too nice, and needs to get as sneaky as Levi, at least in retaliation.
Levi will be revealed as a bad guy, but all Nathan will be able t do is arrest him (after he rescues his damsel in distress, Maxie!).
Does anyone else think that Kin and Britt are good together? I am tired of the back and forth with Liz and Nik.
And PLEASE! Someone tell those kids to play a real game and stop acting like lovelorn miniature adults. Be kids for a while.
Victor, Robin, Helena, NuJason, Ric and possibly AJ are all coming back. Later this fall we will see real Luke.
Does Nina know that Sam was married to a hitman and has buttloads of money too? Just asking...
I want to see a level playing field between Sam and Nina that would cause Nina to feel off kilter. Sam needs to go with her gut and watch her back.
Franco and Carly are doomed  to fail. He revealed a secret that she trusted him with. She may seem fine now, but she will let that eat at her until he says or does something else and POW! He is outta there!
Tracy is really acting like a horny teenager with Fake Luke. Where is her skepticism? Her brain? Stay runes. Its gonna be a long summer!

First off, I want to thank Carol for her amazing and unselfish help in keeping the site going. I have been dealing with a life threatening illness. I am not 100% yet, but I am fighting back.
 General Hospital is the only show that I have really kept up with. two cents;
How dumb are the people in PC? Lulu doesn't think twice when Luke can't remember Dante's name? Tracy choosing to ignore Neds warnings about Luke even though he has a track record of lying and cheating. Coming on to Kiki? Why doesn't Kiki tell good old Uncle Julian?  Maybe that will make him get out of Luke's control. Alexis and even Olivia should see that he is not the same. And why didn't Anna insist on searching all of Miscavige when she sprung Luke and Scott? Who knows who else was lurking? She may have found the real Luke. Silas suddenly has an abundance of women in his life. I wish that Madeline had been there to witness her daughter's resurrection! Talk about awkward! Does Nina even know that her mother drugged her into that coma? I feel sorry for Julian, Sometimes. He does love Alexis and his kids, but being a drug pushing mobster negates my warm and fuzzies. I am hoping he can be redeemed. He is also easy on the eyes. maxie needs to open her eyes as well. Levi is a total douche bag. He has a hidden agenda and my guess? He put himself in Maxie's path for a nefarious reason. And he is working for someone who wants to take down the Scorpio family as well as the Corinthos family. Yes! Fake Luke! Patrick is on the verge of a meltdown. He has had so much loss in the last few months that he will need to kind of explode. Let's hope that Emma doesn't suffer because of it. There is going to be lots of new "young people" coming. Summe is traditionally reserved for them. Nina and Silas will find out their son is alive and in town with his girlfriend, who is the daughter of Lucy and Kevin, who is in town to take down Scott Baldwin for messing up her parents marriage. She will have help from her half sister, who is not happy with Scott. Nathan and Maxie will start to get  really chummy. Stay tuned! I know I will.

WARNING; Spoilers are discussed!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I am so happy to be a part of your GH experience. Shall we begin? Patrick is feeling guilt over Sabrina. He loves Robin, but Sabrina has been there for him all along. He doesn't want to drop her so abruptly.I have a feeling that the night she spent with Carlos was more than innocent. Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) is pregnant and they may write it into the show. Of course it will appear that it is Patrick's. Deja Vu..
Morgan has become a total ass. Shooting at Sonny? Shooting Max? Max has been with this monster his whole life. Sonny should cut him loose. He won't, but he should.
He has taken Sonny's enemy as his friend. I do not like Morgan at all. Sonny is going to take the fall for Morgan. Julian will need to do something spectacular to be redeemed. First, he will find out about Lucas. This does not bode well for the Spencer clan. Lucas Jones will be in town soon.
Britt is in a bad place. She got her baby by stealing the embryo, She has bonded with Ben. Ben belongs to Dante and Lulu. I can't wait until Olivia sees and holds Ben. Let the visions begin!
So, Max is shot, and Diane realizes just how much she loves him. Look for lots of tears and solo monologues from Diane to Max while he is comatose.
Maxie is leaving town for a while. That's because Mrs. Barash is going on maternity leave. Now that Duke is working for Sonny, will Anna find out? Sam and Silas are going to make love soon. Then all of his secrets will come out. February is the time to have all of this come to a head! Enjoy... Hi Kids! Its been an interesting few weeks. I had the plague. OK, maybe it was a virus, but dang! It felt awful. OK..the real reason I am here now; GH! There has been some really bad turns. The Franco/art storyline was a weak contrivance to give a stage to the big reveals. Heather and Scott as Franco's parents? Really?? Sure. lets rewrite history. Franco was a DNA match for Danny Morgan because he was Jason's twin. How do we explain that? Another story that really makes me mad is Morgan. He is a spoiled brat who cares only for himself. he wasn't like that before he went away. There is no valid reason that he became a rotten little creep. He lost Kiki because she didn't love him and he lied to her. When she found out what was his response? Go sleep with her mother. How classy is that for both him and Ava? Julian is straddling a fence. On one hand he was charming and caring. Now he is cold and calculating. Does he really care about Alexis? I think he cares about Danny and Sam, but how much? We can almost guarantee that Silas has a past that will rear its ugly head soon.
Robin is floating around town like a wraith. She sees Patrick with Sabrina and feels torture. Emma is twisting the knife with her "new mommy" comments. I can't wait for the payoff. Robin and Patrick reunited with Emma on the side. I can't wait for Mac and Maxie to see her. Get my Kleenex! It will be awesome. Anna and Robert will be so happy to find their little girl!
Nik and Britt make a nice couple, I think he will stay by her when the true parentage of the baby is revealed. Think of the shock that Dante and Lulu have in store! Speaking of Lulu, she really went to far by accusing Maxie of killing Robin. Talk about LOW! Even Dante was not happy about that. This will come back to bite her on the butt.
Sweeps are nearly over. Things are moving quickly now. A lot of the storylines will be resolved and new ones will begin. We will see returns of characters and some will ne going. It will be exciting to watch.
There are things and characters that drive me crazy. But thereare also things that make me tune in every day. Long live GH.

I have to admit, I have been lazy about getting my comments up. I am sorry, I have been dealing with some personal and family issues. I will now begin to do my job!
The show has captured my attention for the last several months. It is fast paced and surprising. I love that Faison told Anna the truth about Robin. It sets up so much to come. Lets look at it. Robin made the cure, but for some reason she is unable to replicate the formula. Patrick is unsure if he actually spoke to the ral Robin. He will be torn and drive Sabrina to act in her own interests (uh-oh)So, she is stuck on Cassidine Island for a bit. Nikolas and Britt are headed there as we speak. He will call Anna and tell her they have a lead and are headed to Cassidine Island. What does this mean? Well kids, Nik will find Robin, but chances are that Jerry will get the drop on all of them. Robin will learn all about Luke and tell Jerry that she can remake a cure using Lukes blood. Jerry will pack up his hostages and head for Spoon Island. There will be a lab set up for Robin. Anna will tell Robert that Faison confirmed his assertions that Robin survived. They will rush to Cassidine Island as well..just missing the band of hostages and bad guys.
Sonny now believes that Julian Jerome may be alive. Looks like an "I told you so" moment for Shawn. Things will pick up now with Ava, who is not the most balanced person on the planet. She is a few French fries short of a Happy Meal. Watch and see. She will go to extremes to secure what she wants. That desire is Silas. She will try to eliminate Sam. Derek/Julian will not stand for that. There will be a rift. Morgan is a spoiled angry kid. His life will take a sharp left. Ava is planning on using him against Sonny. The little monster can't begin to see whats really happening. Shawn is going to irritate Julian like sand in his underwear.He will decide to take Shawn out to A) Send a message and B) Get rid of a problem. Of course, Shawn will escape injury, but Morgan ...not so much. Carly will become involved with Franco. She will get grief from all sides, but that won't matter. She loves a dangerous man. Lets look at Sam. She is finally moving on from Jason. Silas is going to turn out to be a passionate caring lover. I am willing to be his practice model. Michael and Kiki are cute together. Their love match will drive Morgan to do more stupid things. Luke and Tracy have a fresh start since he took the cure. This will actually make them evaluate what the have and what they want. AJ's trial is coming up. Diane will make the connection to Ava Jerome from the initials on the paper. Elizabeth is torn. She really likes AJ, but she can't trust him. Fun!! Now lets move on to Dante and Lulu. They really want baby Connie but I fear it is a lost cause. Maxie and Spinelli will eventually win custody of their daughter. Don't despair Lante fans. Britts son Ben is actually the bio child of Lulu and Dante. How? Liesl Obrecht told her she would use donor sperm to create an embryo to implant in Britt, using Britts own egg. BUT...She just took the extra embryo that was Lulu and Dante's. There will be an angry outburst confession and things will be made right. They will get their son back! Eventually the friendship between Lulu and Maxie will be restored. We are hearing that there will be returns and departures coming. At this point, its all speculation. The ones rumored to be leaving are Sean Kanan (AJ), Brad, Sabrina, Ava, Taylor and TJ. Coming? We heard that besides Robin, we will see Sean and Tiffany, Lucas, Jax, Brenda and perhaps even Jason at a later date. I am sure that tis list is incomplete as well as purely speculation. Do NOT take it as gospel!
am sorry that I have been slow on these commentaries. Life gets in the way and I get caught up in details. I have been enjoying GH these last few weeks and I have some thoughts. Ava is a ticking time bomb, but she is also the weak link. Unfortunately, Julian doesn't see it. That's good news for Sonny. Ava will end up ruining all the best laid plans. Sonny is on a downward slide. He is about to put his foot in it. The party for Morgan and Kiki is coming. Sonny is going to reveal Morgan's secret. How will the clueless Mrs. Corinthos react? Olivia will go to great lengths to protect poor Sonny, but can she protect him from himself? Shawn has stepped in as Jason used to do, by taking over areas that Sonny is ignoring. This will make Shawn a target for the Jeromes. We all know that Ava isn't a great shot and her aim is worse than AJ's. There are a few things that will throw a wrench in the works for the Jeromes. Sam, Danny, Kiki, Alexis and Morgan. They are going to cause some second thoughts and perhaps even slip and say things to the wrong people. Ava wants to be loved and now that Franco is out of the couple sweepstakes, her focus will be on Silas. Because of that she will put Sam in danger. Julian will not like that when he figures it out. Alexis and Derek/Julian will tumble slowly toward each other. She will find out who he is and the drama will amp up. Sam will learn that he is her bio dad and although she is happy, circumstances will keep them from bonding. Silas and Sam will have a rocky road to romance. It will happen but they will work for it.
AJ is going to fall back to his old ways in my opinion. He will feel like its his only option. His relationship with Michael will be tested as well. Elizabeth wants to trust him and believe in him but it may prove to be a mistake. Don't forget that Nik is still in the picture. Speaking of Nik, he is slowly being drawn to Britt. Britt is as honest as she can be with him, but she has a huge secret that she won't share with anyone. Her mother helped her, so she is the only person who knows. The secret? Britt is not biologically related to her child. Neither is Brad. That's because the extra embryo that Maxie wanted to implant was actually stolen and used to implant into Britt. She has the real Lante baby! Since we are on the subject, lets talk about Maxie and Spinelli. Right now they are caught up in the emotions of Dante and Lulu. That will fade as Spinelli's anger at Maxie subsides. They both want their little girl and the only way they will be able to live with themselves is to reclaim her. Where does that leave Ellie? Spin will forgive her and they may even try again but the dark cloud is ever present and Spin will be drawn to Maxie.
Robin will be returning soon. She will be different emotionally. Less likely to be pushed around and more likely to claim her life. She has been with psycho Jerry for several months and that alone will make her tougher. Patrick is about to get his world ROCKED. Sabrina's ex is coming to town. Patrick will be jealous and he will make his move to secure his fair Sabrina. Of course when Robin comes back all his plans will explode. Lives will forever be altered and the backdrop of Luke and his health will be a big part of that. Laura will be joining Luke again and Tracy will not like it since Scotty asked Laura for a divorce. Ahh...Fall in Port Charles looks to be very action packed and exciting.
This has been quite a week. Aside from my somewhat chaotic home life, the show has been rip roaring fun! A few things made me crazy. Like Lucy getting shorter hair during the wedding. Dr.Obrecht getting to Pennsylvania in seconds after leaving Britt. I mean seriously..she didn't have time to get down the fire escape and she was walking in on Luke. How long did it take Dante to kick in the door? There is a magic portal in Port Charles. If you are at the hospital, you can walk out any door and be magically at any destination in town. The MetroCourt, Sonny's home or office, the PCPD.. name it! You are there. Ok..back to the show.
Britt was nearly human this week. She caught herself before she did something decent. Sabrina is frustrated because Patrick is so utterly clueless about Britt. He is finally opening his eyes. It will be great fun when Robin finally returns, Will Sabrina try to make him see that Robin is "not right"? Sean Donnelly is looking a might long in the tooth. I wish we could have seen him with Tiffany.
Jerry will be gracing our screens soon, too. Robin will be seen but maybe no one will see her. Patrick wants his son now that the Britch is in jail. He will want custody.  Connie is about to meet her maker, courtesy of Ava. Ava is the real danger as far as the Jeromes go. She is batshyt crazy. Morgan has a huge inferiority complex. Where did the sweet little boy go? I hope they straighten him out before I am totally sick of him. AJ is living down to his reputation. Will he implode before his life is further damaged? Sonny should have shown Olivia more respect. He was thinking with his little head. Now, Maxie is having Spin's spawn. Will Ellie be the one to spill the beans? Derek is the donor..can he be redeemed enough to be a father to Sam and a grandfather to Danny? Will he embrace his son? Lucas is due back in town. Will Felix and Brad both want him? Britt and Nik seem to have real chemistry. Take them for a test run. All the secrets are coming out. Lets hope the bloodshed is at a minimum. More later kids..

Wow! That was quite a week, wasn't it? Franco as Jason was entertaining and disturbing.  His interactions with Sam and Liz were creepy and cool. I loved him with himself on the bridge. Little Danny is a cute baby and was very cooperative in those scenes. When he was holding Elizabeth as he shot her was really disconnected, but watching him throw her into the water was pure Franco. The reaction was classic understated Jason. Carly's appearance was timely. She actually talked to Franco as though her were Jason, allowing her the chance to tell Jason just how important he was. It gave her some closure and allowed her to do what she had to do to save Danny. Her reaction to Franco in the aftermath was both unexpected and heartful. Morgan is proving to be a selfish little creep. He is playing his games to keep Kiki away from Michael, taking away her freedom of choice. He is also bilking Ava for money to keep Kiki in jewelry and gifts. This has disaster written all over it. Ava will have her "justice: when the truth comes out...and it will. The only question is the timing. Will Kiki and Morgan be married when she learns she isn't a Q? Will her true paternity affect the balance of power at ELQ? You bet it will! Kiki will lose her voting shares and AJ will lose his edge over Tracy. AHHH Family..
Brad actually made me feel sorry for him on Friday. He seems so alone now. I almost hope that Felix gives him a chance. So..Dr. Obrecht is back. She is a very angry woman. She tries to make her daughter her pawn to curry favor with a man who obviously doesn't want her. Faison made it clear that he loved only Anna, yet this woman will do anything to please him. Sounds like battered womans syndrome. Get her into counseling!! I am loving Silas more and more each day. He is getting so protective of Sam and Danny, the next step is staring us in the face. THE KISS.
Rafe and Taylor join forces to keep Molly and TJ apart..What??? I am hoping that Rafe doesn't turn into "that guy". Scotty is so smarmy that if you could see smarm, he would be coated. That being said, he showed great restraint in letting Laura run off to save Luke. There has to be some repercussions on the way.
Maxie is due to deliver any minute. Will she hand over the baby or tell the truth? My guess? she will hand her over and then the truth will come out after Lulu and Dante bond with the baby. A very sad situation all around. Britt is due as well. How will this one play out? I am not sure, but Nik will be a rock for Britt. I think she would gladly take Nik. The only problem? Her mother. Luke is about to find Jerry Jacks. Will he see Robin? I say no. The timing isn't right yet. Patrick will be married to someone else when she returns. That's drama! anyway, the whole Sonny/Connie/Olivia triangle is about to split wide open. Olivia will be there for Sonny once again, after Connie betrays his trust. Summer lovin' is gonna be a blast! ~~~~~~~~~~

So..we will be addressing Sam's father now. Alexis will need a new man after Shawn chose Sonny. I like Britt and Nik together, He can totally understand being a part of a dysfunctional family and she needs someone. I don't like her with Patrick at all. This opens up so many possible storylines. Elizabeth will get all prickly and try to make Nik dump Britt, and Nik will finally move on from Liz.
The baby chase is about to happen, and people are going to ne hurt. Maxie is carrying Spin's baby and Britt is carrying Lulu and Dantes baby. Ellie knows most of whats happening. This silence with her lover is going to bite her in the butt. Maxie will have to confess soon. She wants to raise her child and it's getting harder to keep her secret. I'll bet we will get a Georgie sighting soon. She will dream talk to Maxie.
The Sam and Silas story will be geating up soon, As Danny gets sicker, Sam will lean on Silas. Danny will be saved by Sam's father. If the rumors are true, it will be Peter Reckell in the role. he will be playing a Jerome in witness protection. Different name, same DNA. If true, Days fans will be livid. Think Steve Burton leaving GH for Y&R.
Alexis will reveal what she knows so Sam can locate him. He will appear just in the nick of time.
The teen scene is not my thing, but for those who like it: Taylor will do whatever she can to keep Molly and TJ apart. Rafe will be the rock that Molly needs. Christina Collins, the adopted child of Lucy and Kevin is coming to town, and we will see her in Michael and Morgans orbit. Since it will be revealed that Kiki and Michael are not the math.

Ava Jerome is a character that I have trouble watching. She reminds me of a beautiful snake. No matter what she does, you know everyone should steer clear of her or risk getting bitten. I think she loves Kiki, but her true heart lies with money. She also seems to be a woman who is not comfortable is her own skin. She has secrets, lots of them. And I think that her family is really running the online gambling.

Morgan Corinthos has become very annoying. Whatever happened to him when Carly sent him to military school was way worse than Pentonville. His sweet soul was sucked away from him and replaced with a clone of Logan Hayes. He is sneaky, disrespectful and thoroughly unlikable. That's the son Sonny needs to "discipline". He is so associated with this persona, that if he is somehow changed, the role will need to be recast.

Ellie is another character that is walking a razors edge. She is so honest that she is lying to her boyfriend, hiding information that she obtained through deception and perusing the medical records of people without permission. I only bring this up because the fertilizer is about to catapult into the air circulator. When the truth comes out, Spinelli will be angry, betrayed and mistrustful. He will also be thrilled to find out that he is a father. Maxie will be the target of his wrath for about 5 minutes. He does love her no matter what he claims. Poor Lulu and Dante will be the ones to watch as they slowly assimilate the news that the baby is not theirs. We will also see the shocked joy as they find out that Britt has their bio child. Hmmm..How will this affect her new relationship with Nik, Lulu's brother?


I am aware that many of you love the new direction of the show, and many do nothing but complain about it. Here is the deal folks, no matter which show you watch: There is no way to make everyone happy. You must take what you perceive as bad along with the good. If there is no drama, no "bumps in the road" then you would get SO bored you would hate it. I happen to like what the new team is doing. They have taken a fresh and healing take on the show. They have brought back the past characters that many long time viewers love. The have new characters for the younger and less invested fans. in short, there are some fans who find it fashionable to bash the entire production. My question is simple, if you find the show so unpalatable, how do you know whats happening? I think I know. You are watching, No matter how much you complain, you are watching. That means they are doing something right.

June 23;
I must confess. I like this version of Franco. He is twisted and snarky and just plain fun to watch. He is not as arrogant as the James Franco version, but he has a delivery that borders on deadpan. His interaction with Carly shows us that he is no dummy, and will use her failings against her. Carly has done some spectacularly stupid and destructive things over the years. The list includes sleeping with Sonny while married to Jax, drugging AJ, sleeping with AJ (again), dumping Jax over such trivia as visiting Brenda, Sleeping with Sonny while engaged to Jax, marrying Alcazar and so much more. BUT, this latest debacle is by far the most egregious so far. Using Shawn to hit Franco knowing that Sonny was against it is epic! Sonny turned on her like a snake when he found out the truth. Olivia took a bullet because Carly wanted revenge, not justice. Carly always believed she was golden because she was the mother of Sonny's kids. She crossed a line that she can't erase.  Sonny will never trust her again, and Jason isn't there to ease the way back. I think that Morgan will witness a confrontation with his parents that will knock him for a loop. That and Kiki and Michael pining for each other will send him to act out land and he will sink deeper into gambling as an escape.
 Olivia and Connie are not just cousins, they are best friends. Both women are in love with Sonny and trying to hide it. The reckoning is coming, and its coming fast. How will this triangle play out? Well..I think old Sonny will have his hands full with the various mob entanglements soon. The Jeromes, Franco, and the gambling people that Morgan is dealing with. Connie and Olivia will both try to give the other one space. That never works.
Dante and Lulu are so happy..something has to happen to mess that up. Maxie is carrying a Spixie baby and Dante and Lulu think its theirs. The truth Will come out and heartbreak and anger will explode. Everyone will be mad at Maxie, including Spinelli. He will also find out that Ellie knew. Talk about a two fisted punch?!? But, I know that Lante will have their baby. How? We were told when Maxie miscarried that there were two more embryos. I think there is only one left now. Britt really is her mothers daughter. She acts like she is a victim. but that rings false to me. She has another trick or two in her cauldron. All I can say is hold on and ebjoy the ride!
WARNING! Spoilers are included in this commentary.

 Another fast paced and scandalous week. We all saw Franco coming, and we knew that Danny was going to be sick, but leukemia? Sam and her family are devastated and rightly so. Now we know how Franco will be redeemed. Danny will need a bone marrow transplant and Franco will be the only suitable donor. It just follows. Silas Clay is abrasive and basically unlikable right now. That means he has put up walls. Who can get past those defenses? Why Sam and Danny! Rafe will be the catalyst for some real emotion from old Silas. Carly is riding high on her manipulation train, Her stop is coming up fast. Who will spill the beans to Liz? And will she blame Nik for keeping silent? Sonny will have a lot to deal with over the botched hit, and he will blame everyone but himself. Michael and Kiki may have sexual chemistry, but for the moment they are still cousins. Dante and Lulu are going to be heartbroken over the baby lie...for about five minutes. It looks like all the drops about the extra Lante embryos are foreshadowing Britts ultimate lie. She is carrying their child herself! This will free Maxie to tell Spinelli the truth. The question is, will Ellie allow that? I really think another twist is coming for Spinelli. He mentioned never knowing his parents. We all know what that means. Patrick has got to keep shutting Britt down. It would be nice if the good guys won and shut down the bad guy without getting heartbroken first. Who likes Taylor? Nobody? OK, we are all on the same page. TJ is a faithless idiot. He waited all of ten minutes before he replaced Molly. He should have gone to her and apologized and begged for forgiveness instead of acting like a spoiled kid. And Molly should have told him what really was going on instead of tossing out angry snippy comments. I really hope that the pace picks up and Taylor is hit by a meteor while pushing Britts wheelchair. Till next time...Roger Howarth looks good, and losing the scar does change his appearance. I am really annoyed by Kiki. I know it will pass, but for now? I just want to take her by the hand and walk her off of a building.!

Nikolas is trying to win Liz without hurting AJ. he wants no baggage between them. I get it..BUT why does his closest and dearest keep telling him that he must respect Luckys past with her? Why? He ran away after learning Aiden was his. Does he visiy his own son? Nope..too busy finding himself. Hey Lucky? Your son needs you as much as those doctors in Africa. You don't even need to see Liz!
Luke finally got some hard truths from Tracy. Good for her!!! Had to be said.
Connie still loves Sonny, but she is afraid he is too overwhelming and would knock her hard won sanity out the window. he and Olivia are close friends, and they dhare a son. Just one more step sideways and they could be a great couple. Did you NOT love the scenes in Connies office with the goons? It was fun and showed how much Olivia felt comfortable in Sonnys world. Guns and pizza..the new flirting regimen. milo is setting himself up for a fall. I hope there is a new girl for him soon. Maybe Ellie? He needs someone and Lulu is gonna break his giant heart when she goes home to Dante. Silas Clay? Such nice eye candy.. OK. He will be joining the staff at GH. he will have the best of both worlds. Getting to know his nephew..and Sam. The name Jerome is NO coincidence. The Jerome family will be coming. Will Tracy and AJ eventually join forces? They will have to, just to save ELQ from a takeover...Somebody wants their own piece of the pie.
The summer brings the teen set to the fore. TJ is going to be Rafes frenemy. TJ will meet and greet Taylor DuBois. Felix's little sister. She will befriend Britt and Britt will try to use her to undermine Felix and Sabrina. Molly and Rafe will grow closer as well. Kiki and Michael will be drawn closer together. Kiki will find Morgan's treatment of Michael rather shameful and tell him so...
Sonny and Carly will face a threat from unknown forces and they will join up to flush out and remove the threat! Of course it will be due to Morgans gambling and Sonny's past. Dante and Lulu have to deal with her revelation of just what Stavros did to her. They will emerge stronger than ever.

April 6;
WOW..That's all I can say about the anniversary shows so far. I am loving the blending of the past and present. The iconic Nurse's Ball brings back so many memories, remember when Robin came out onstage and told the crowd that she was the face of HIV/AIDS? Jason carrying her offstage? I am so happy that Lucy came back to emcee the event. I am sure she will end up in her undies.. Nobody else should have done it...
Now, back to the show...Brenda showing up at Sonny's place reminded me that she is still impulsive and reckless. She acts before she thinks. Unfortunately, people get hurt because of that. She doesn't intend for that to just DOES. Carly and Jax still care deeply for one another. You could see it in both of them. Anyone notice that she never actually signed the divorce papers? Yup..she and Jax are still married. That should play into some future storyline. Lulu will be back onscreen this week. She will be played by Emme Rylan now. Nik wakes up... And Helena is dead!! Shot by Luke. How fitting an end to their psycho sexual byplay. Seeing Alan and Emily was nice too. Now we have a new set of issues. Patrick and Sabrina have finally opened up to each other. What will this mean? Well..Britt is gonna go gonzo over "losing" to the nurse and will do whatever it takes to win. Not to mention that Robin is still alive and traversing the globe with Jerry Jacks, who has radiation sickness due to a poisoned bullet. Jax left town again. Will he run into his brother? Or still believe him dead? Sonny is about to find out who comes back to him..kate? Connie? Or some hybrid version of her/them?
I think that Michael and Brenda sleeping together was not calculated by either one of them. It will just happen as a result of need and opportunity. Brenda will do everything she can to keep it from Sonny. BUT..Carly catches them and Michael is no liar. This is a game changer, folks. Speaking of strange bedfellows, Luke and Laura wake up together. How did this happen? Hmm... Someone has the answer. Nik and Elizabeth are really happy to see each other, making AJ jealous. This prompts him to confront Nik. Let us just say that these two are not destined to be best buds. Ellie is really pushing Maxie for the truth about the baby she is carrying. The truth WILL come out. How will it affect Lante and Spinelli? Maxie is going to be in deep diaper doodoo. Mac finally has his moment when Felicia lets Frisco know she is no longer number two in anyones life. There is so much happening that a day will not cover it. Nor a week..nor a month. This anniversary will last for months! More returns, more twists and more blending of the past and present. Thanks to YOU, the loyal viewer who stayed with the show even when something happened that you didn't like, or a character made you mad, sad  or crazy. The real fan who never quit the show when it was really bad....THANK YOU! 

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that we had Duke and Anna, Luke and Laura, Frisco and Felicia all gracing our screens. Huh? What? It WAS just yesterday? Anyway..
 Tracy has two speeds, Bitch and Bitchier. Sometimes I relish seeing it, other times I am in a pickle. I want to slap her and tell her to human up. She is so determined to get ELQ that she was willing to kill it before anyone else could have it. How sick is that?
Poor Luke! He lost two loves in one day. Anna and Laura. He was in a Turkish prison to prove that Duke was not who he claimed to be, and that caused Anna to find the real Duke. Now the love of his life is back. And she brought her newly minted fiance! Luke's nemesis Scotty Baldwin! Scotty holds grudges too. You know this will not bode well for Lulu. She did kill Scotts spawn in self defense. Scott doesn't see it that way. Look for a bit of trouble on that front. When he picks that scab, the blood spatter will hit many people.
AJ and Elizabeth? I like it. Why? They are both damaged and trying to make things in their lives good. Give AJ a chance. He is going to surprise you.
Poor Steve Webber...He found a woman to love and now he's about to take the long dirt nap. His "mother" Heather will have a role in this. That will make her crazy to the second power. Olivia will have some difficulty dealing with his demise as well.
Connie/Kate is getting so intense! I see them as two different people. This is a tribute to Kelly Sullivans acting. You can see a physical change when the alters shift. Sonny has two dates for the prom.
Michael and Starr are a good couple. He should take lessons from her in how to get employed. Does this kid even have a paying job?Where is the rent money coming from?
Sabrina...the mouse needs to roar. If she was smart, she would get an attorney to represent her, get a copy of the autopsy report. Britt only changed the one copy that Steve got from the lab tech. And that brings us to Patrick. Is he that slow? Is he that stupid? He should tell Monica that Britt has a hard on to kill Sabrina's career. And Monica should ask other staff members about Sabrina instead of taking Britts complaint as gospel.
It looks like we will be visiting the subject of Sam's father VERY SOON! Hmm....wonder what nut will shake out of that family tree?
The Nurses Ball is going to happen in a few weeks. Lucy will be the emcee. So that means she will not be in the nutfarm or jail.
I hope Frisco doesn't let the Britch bully him. We all know what a pussycat he is. OK..Even I had trouble with that one.
With Anna stepping down as Police Commissioner, who will take over? Mac? John McBain? Or the real crime solver in town...Spinelli? Speaking of Spinelli.. Ellie will learn of Maxie's baby caper. She will be torn between the truth or keeping Spinelli. What will happen when he finds out that Maxie is carrying his child with the intent to foist it on Dante and Lulu as their own??? Fireworks. They're not just for the 4th anymore.
Big things are happening. And I want to go on record as saying that I LIKE Todd and John and even Starr. They have infused new blood and a rich history into GH. The fans who want them gone are being very short sighted.
Also..I would like Laura, Duke, Anna, Felicia and AJ to stay. But, I can't wait to see Noah Drake at the Ball. Frisco too...

So many things are happening in Port Chuckles, it's hard to decide where to start. Lucy Coe is back with a vengeance. She came back for the Nurses Ball, but savvy fans know that she left New York too easily. This screams BACKSTORY. What is it? My guess for what it's worth.. Lucy knew her company was beyond saving, her personal life was a mess and she could not cope. So, Sabrina and Felix showed up and gave her another reason to go forward..or backward as the case may be. Although she came for the Nurses Ball, she found herself the desired center of attention between A.J. and Tracy. She jockeyed for position and ended up as the Co(Coe) CEO of ELQ. That is until she ran across John McBain and went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. What does all this vampire talk mean? doesn't mean that we will be seeing any vamps. What made Lucy flip out? Hmm...We know that Kevin Collins is coming back and he and Lucy are (were) married. Kevin has a daughter named Livvie who is out of the picture. Lucy is having a mental break that will last as long as a cup of coffee from SonnyBucks. She couldn't accept certain situations and rationalized them in her mind. Livvie left the family to be with a man that Lucy didn't like. So, he became a vampire in her mind. Seeing McBain at Kelly's triggered it. he looks enough like the guy she hates to make her want to kill him. Sam? She resembles Livvie. So Lucy fixes her reality by dusting the vampire Caleb..even though he doesn't exist. We will get to see bits and pieces of the old soap while Lucy recovers her "sanity". Now, lets move on to Carly. While being her usual out of control and bitchy self, she trashed Todds belongings and her hair. A.J. was there to witness this and keep her safe. Did she thank him for not taking advantage of the situation? Nope..not Carly. He should have left her to finish the hatchet job and hurt herself.
BRITT..Does anyone like her? Not in this view.. She is another stalker type that Patrick seems to draw to himself. She is about to show her true colors. When she gets in Emma's face about the child's good taste in not worshipping her, Emma disappears from her care. Did  Britt harm her? No..but this will forever change how Patrick sees her. My guess? Emma will seek out the person she feels safe with..Sabrina. Between this and working on the Nurse's ball, Patrick will view Sabrina as more than a babysitter. The makeover/reveal of her good looks is coming quickly. The Princess Diaries meet Cinderella. However, Britt will try to destroy Sabrina first. Messing with her job and schooling come to mind.
MAXIE.. Maxie is pregnant by Spinelli. She is supposed to be having the Lante baby. Whats going to happen? My guess..Spinelli and Ellie will have a rough time when Spin comes clean about the NYE sex with Maxie. Maxie will think its an opening to get Spin back..BUT, when she sees that Spin is committed to Ellie and her recovery, she stays silent. How will this shake out? For a while, Lane will be happy thinking their baby is safely growing in Maxie. Then things happen..Ellie will do the math and the tests that show just who the baby really is.. Lulu will get pregnant and find out she can carry the baby to term. She and Maxie will have a rocky fight, but in the end all will be forgiven. Maxie will miscarry right after Spin learns he will be a father. That is, if patterns follow their predictable course
STEVE.. Olivia has a vision of Steve in a pool and endangered. Steve is gonna die. How? By drowning because of the actions of another person. I think that Heather will escape once again and try to kill someone else. Bad luck for Steve who will be there instead of the real victim (Todd? A.J.? John McBain?) and perish. Heather will complete her trip to crazytown. This will kick off a murder investigation with a line of suspects.
Sonny and Connie and Kate.. Sonny is starting to feel for Connie. Maybe he really feels remorse over her rape and the loss of her son. There are things about Connie tha he really is drawn to..but he also loves Kate. Where is she? Not far..Kate will begin to fight her way back because she is jealous of herself. This will result in a hybrid version of ConKate. The ride will be bumpy and fraught will drama. In the end Kate will emerge and take the best of Connie with her. In the meantime, we will see a Connie who has real emotions and a heart.
Dante and Lulu are really looking forward to having a baby. They think Maxie is a safe vessel..we all know what really happened. Lulu will find herself pregnant and scared. She knows he will lose the baby. Should she abort and save herself and Dante the grief? Nope! She will learn that the tests were wrong. By accident or design the results were not hers. So..we get a Lante baby! Olivia will be overjoyed while at the same time grieving over Steve. Fear not Olivia fans! A new love is coming... Maybe Robert Scorpio? Maybe Luke? Who knows?
A.J. is about to find out how far people are willing to go to make him look bad yet again. I hear that he will be drugged and left for Micheal and Monica (and maybe the press) to find. But Liz finds him first and helps him by getting him clean and sober. He will get close to Elizabeth..she doesn't judge him.
SAM.. she will be in McBains orbit and get back to being the tough cookie she used to be. Once she and John are all happy and cozy, a stranger will appear. He will fell familiar, yet he will not be recognized. That is..until the reveal that he is Jason Morgan or Quartermane with amnesia and a new face. Its only soap reality.

January 5, 2013
Here we are again. Maxie has miscarried the Lante baby, and feeling guilty and lost, turns to Spinelli. They did the deed and Maxie will be pregnant once again! How? She has loads of hormones coursing through her from the procedure, and YES, it is possible to becoome pregnant so quickly after a miscarriage, rare, but real. What will happen? Lets see..Maxie will not reveal the truth for a while. Why? Spinelli will learn about Ellies accident and rush to her side. He will be there for her recovery and rehab. Maxie will see how much Spin cares for Ellie and decides not to use the child to come between them. We all know how well that works... Patrick can't stop thinking about Sabrina and the kiss that didn't happen. He wants to talk to her..Britt learns about the near kiss by eavesdropping on them. She comes up with a plan. She tells Sabrina that Patrick feels awkward because Sabrina threw herself at him, thus making Sabrina feel uncomfortable enough to tell Patrick to find another babysitter. Patrick feels awful about Sabrina saying the Britt begins stage two. Patrick is in the shower and she joins him! Too bad the floor is slick and slippery...
Connie feels something unfamiliar..COMPASSION. Her son is dying and when he is declared brain dead, she as his only relative has to make the decision to pull life support. Sonny is there for her, and comforts her while she comes to grips with what she should do..
Todd and Johnny are both arrested for all of their deeds.. Todd is beyond angry that Johnny threw him under the bus and tries to kill Johnny. Todd is so desperate to talk to Carly that he asks John McBain to help him get out of jail! John is busy trying to make Sam understand that Jason is dead and gone...She finally accepts that "fact" and Monica helps her plan a memorial service. Where does this leave the former vampires? Soon they will be sucking face...
Carly walks in on AJ and Connie just as AJ is about to drink..Sonny finds Connie with AJ and they are making out.. Intervention... Dante and Lulu will be getting the baby they want so badly. It seems that those sad test results were wrong. Tampered with? We must wait and see.. But, Lulu will get pregnant and carry the baby to term. Olivia will have a premonition about Steve and we know that he will be gone in February..Robert will come out of his coma, but will he remember Robin? And if her does, will anyone believe him? Johnny won't beat these charges, and Todd will have to deal with a rage filled Carly. Things are getting nice and twisted!
November 30, 3012
I have to admit it.. I am impressed with the writing. Revisiting the past as well as incorporating it into the current storylines is awesome. AJ finally getting to tell Michael the circumstances of what transpired years ago is a long time coming. Finding out what made Connie hate Sonny, and the acting it out was riveting. Now we get to see why Tomas DelGado looks exactly like Lorenzo Alcazar! Unanswered questions are being answered and mysteries are formed and explored. Faison is back, as well as Helena, Robert, Felicia and Duke! Its magical right now. Some fans are not pleased with the blast from the past, but many more are thrilled. Now, lets see how things could shake out...
Anna is headed to Switzerland with the man she thinks is Duke. She will make a discovery while there..Faison asks Dr. Obrecht how to get through to her. We know that Robin and Duke are at the clinic. Robert is on his way there. Will he find any information? Things are hopping. Lulu and Dante are in a happy haze over finding their surrogate in Maxie. Something is bound to happen. It is a soap... Spinelli will have a strong reaction making Ellie rethink her relationship. AJ will make Sam think better of him..Tracy has missed the meaning of the jar of Pickle Lila.. Luke will be back soon, and how will that play out? he and Robert will have their hands full with Faison. Michael and Starr will be roomies and Starr will finally figure out the truth about Johnny. So much is coming. And we get Lucy Coe and the Nurses Ball!!!

November 14, 2012
Well..Things are certainly popping in Port Charles! Sonnyis getting it all over. He has lost his best friend and enforcer Jason, his love Kate has been stuffed into the basement of Connies psyche, AJ is back to ply Micheal with truth and his bodyguard confessed that Kate/Connie was all over him at the bachelorette party. Now, we find out that Faison is back..soon to be followed by Helena. Whats a poor mobster to do? I will tell you.. He will come out swinging, Carly will have his back, as she and Sonny share that wonderful bonding moment of hanging AJ on a meathook..taking away his child and making him a tad nutsy. Did you not love Tracy and Monica after Tracy got out of the boathouse? Poor Alice! She barely got away. Of course, jail is better than living with angry Tracy. We know now that Duke is also alive. That tells us that he and Robin will escape and things will get more ugly. Michael is confused and doesn't know what to think. I have no doubts that Carly will tell him what to think and believe. Not so successful this time...
That being said, I have to say that things on the show are moving quickly. Some of you do not care for all the characters on the show. I like it better than seeing the same people everyday and hearing the same words all the time. If I could, I would have Patrick get his head out of his rectum and see Britt for who she is. When she ordered Sabrina to get her scrubs cleaned, Patrick should have seen the real Britt. Robin spoke too soon. She should have let "Duke" rescue her and told Anna her suspicions. Chalk it up to the jolt to her brain.
Dante and Lulu are feeling lost and alone. They really want a baby. That means that adoption is off the table for them..surrogacy is the topic now. It will not be affordable. Juat when they are at their lowest, Lulu will become pregnant. She will be upset, knowing she will lose the baby. However..she and Dante will learn that she CAN carry a baby! Joy abounds... I love Todd Manning. He always make me laugh. I wish he would grow a set and get Connie out of his life. Johnny is a mobster. Why doesn't he just do his thing and spare us the constant mud that is Connie? Starr and Michael need to move ahead, someone needs to find Kristina, and Luke should check on Dukes story. How on earth will all of these stories dovetail? Wait and see. More surprises are coming!

Good Day everyone! It seems that the excrement has volleyed into the air disbursement system. Who did not have a major screech when Johnny had to face Carly over his marriage to Connie? Sorry..But if I were Johnny I would have come clean to Carly in the office and told her the truth. She is a conniver and would have thought of a way to fix it. Seems Johnny doesn't love her enough after all. Poor Sonny. He is hogtied and unable to fix this. UNLESS..he forgives his son in law and has him commit his sainted mother to Shadybrook. He IS a blood relative after all! Can you just imagine the fallout from that? Yippee Skippy! Olivia is having some really cool premonitions. Spoilerwise, remember she saw Lulu in a full term pregnancy. She will be having some more premonitions that will be less that calming.
 Spinelli and his Ellie are driving Maxie crazy. Good! Maxie treated him like dirt because she knew he would always be there. Now she sees that he is not available to her. OUCH! Matt Hunter! Get a lawyer..your wife may just file for divorce. Patrick has been seeing the nasty to everyone except Patrick, Brit. She really is just a maneater. We will see a Cinderella story of sorts with Sabrina. That is, until Robin comes back. Then we will have a cool triangle until Patrick makes his choice. Poor Emma. Daddy is just a playa..
Duke Lavery has some 'splaining to do. Like where has he been for the last 22 years and where did he get the original face? Who was the guy with the plastic surgery? Luke has found Robert and confessed the truth to him, so he hot foots it back to Anna..Only she is not alone! Hey Luke, remember Duke? Hijinks ensue...
 Poor Tracy. her past has met her present and her future is so iffy.. Lets see..She was married to a mobster, and another mobster..and she had a fling with a mobster, and one with Duke Lavery. yet, she continues to grouse about Sonny. Pot? Meet Kettle! Monica is about to get a wonderful gift. Her grandchild! Sam will get her son back. She doesn't know that Jason is the father ...yet. That will happen after she and McBain do the horizontal Hokey Pokey. Awkward!!! I feel so bad for Tea. She truly loves that baby. She will be devastated. However, a door opens. Victor is alive!
 Todd and Johnny have to face the music. Todd and the baby swap are front and center. He is gonna need a bigger lawyer...Carly will not be pleased. She will forgive him after a bit. She likes him. Blair returns to PC. Todd has feelings for her and Carly. Whats an egomaniacal killer blackmailing guy to do? Watch. Todd is delicious.
 Dante and Lulu will finally get the news they have been waiting for! Lulu might want to learn to cook as well. Olivia has her own life. But, she won't see her grandchild eat nasty Dante and Sonny get closer as Sonny does not do the evil revenge thing. Think of Sonny as a grandfather... Sonny will enter a pact with Trey..look out Mommie Dearest!

 I am really happy that the show is so revitalized. Plotlines are wrapping faster and twists just keep on coming. Do I like every story twist? No... But that just meanst that It isn't going the way I want it to go. I am a control freak. Even my soap has to do what I want. But, much like life, I don't have to like everything. If everything went as I think it should, I am SURE that I would lose interest. I get angry at some silly thing, and swear that the writers are idiots.. then all of a sudden, POW! The payoff is right there and it works. I get loads of emails about characters or plots that make you all crazy. All I can say is, just watch. You may be mad in the short term, but the final denouement will knock your socks off.
 On to the show...... Heather is the scariest villianess on the show right now. And thats because she truly is in her own little psychotic world. Connie confuses me. She was so in love with Sonny back in the day, and now she only wants to cause him pain. Why? I don't buy the self preservation crap. She should find a way to get away without hurting someone she claims to love. The way she treated Olivia at the bachelorette party was inexcusable. Poor Milo! Come to mama..I will make you feel better. Sam and Jason are not done yet. They just don't know it yet. She will have her thing with McBain, but she hasn't said goodbye to Jason yet. The baby may not change everything... Elizabeth should not be allowed to talk to  any woman in an elevator. She tampered with the DNA test, and shot any chance she had with Jason right in the ass. She will come clean this week, but her actions will forever be hovering in the background. I think we will see Liz with a new man soon. Maxie had better put on her big girl panties quick or she will lose Spinelli to the lovely Ellie. Lulu and Dante have been in babymaker mode for weeks. They will get their wish, and drive each other crazy with little oopsies.. Luke and Tracy? yes. They will turn to each other for support while the people they really want are otherwise involved. Tracy has the Joe Jr. monkey on her back. How will she react when he kidnaps Kristina? Joe really wants to get even with Sonny because his father chose Sonny over him. Will he try to kill his daughter in law? Stay tuned. Trey will have his eyes opened to more than Daddys real self. He will find he really has feelings for his wife. Rumor has it that Lucy will be back and she is a magazine editor par excellence. She will take over Crimson or bring a new fashion mag to town. With the death of John Ingle, the show may choose to retire the character with a funeral. It is respectful and a tribute to him as well.
Characters to watch closely this week..Jason, John, Todd, Johnny, Kate/Connie, Heather, Trey and Joe jr. Also, Sonny, Carly  and Sam. They have some hot stuff coming up!

Good weekon GH, wouldn't you agree? I loved Todd at the Q's with the soup, and his asides to Johnny.  Now, lets get on with it. Sonny and Jax make for strange bedfellows. The truce that has them working together is a pleasant diversion. The constant bickering and insults were getting old. Carly is about to get her world rocked. Jerry shoots Johnny, and he makes a "deathbed confession". Heather killed the poor woman at Ferncliff, all the while spouting how she has changed. She of course made a beeline to Llanview to see Tea. bear in mind that the biggest explosions will not be the ones that are set off at the docks. Tea learns the truth, and Heather takes off with baby Jasam She goes to Port Charles (its ok, the good guys have the cure)to do her brand of justice. The baby reveal is just the beginning of a bigger story. Sam witnesses something that causes her to dump Jason. Could it be the birthday kiss from Liz?
Sonny and Kate plan their wedding. They have help..Connie is in the house. Sonny doesn't know if Joe Jr. was telling the truth about Kates son..but he is about to find out. Sonny is also the one to let Tracy know just who her new boyfriend really is..before he does, Tracy agrees to help Joe keep Trey safe. Trey will need protection when Kristina spills the beans about her newly minted husband. Kate will come face to face with Trey, and secrets that have been long hidden will come out. Maxie will finally get face time with her mom Felicia. Seems that Felicia and Mac are truly back together... Starr and Michael are still yearning for each other,   and both are afraid to make the next step..but they will. Patrick finally will let go of Robin and move on.. he will get into a new romance just in time for Robin to come back! Anna will have her own blast from the past..Duke Lavery! They were such a romantic couple...ahhhhhh. Now she will have a triangle. How will she deal with the fact that he has Robin? And why does he have her?
Jason will be on the horns of a dilemma.. Many things will be happening to him emotionally and it will lead to his leaving town. Todd will be more actively pursuing Carly///Then Blair comes to town. The stories will all tie together. More characters will be seen, and its good. Why? Because there are more than 10 people in PC! I like the Shawn/Alexis pairing. He is strong and honest and she needs that. McBam had me hooked since they first came together on Port Charles as Caleb and Livvie. Enjoy whats coming..There are more surprises in store!

Jerry has returned and he is out of control. No surprise there at all. Sebastian Roche is by far a master at playing the villain. This go around, he failed at at least one thing..Jax. He was unable to keep Jax in Singapore. What does this mean? Jax has been exposed to the toxin.  He could die and so could Carly. Who would raise Joss? Lady Jane? She has her own life. He used Ewen, who is proving to be truly psycho. He can do all this damage to people without any real guilt. He SAYS he feels bad, but does nothing to endanger himself. If he was truly repentent, he would have come clean and warned people. The implications from this story are like ripples in a pond. They get farther and farther into the water. Yes, everyone is facing their own mortality and as a result, will do and say things they would normally avoid. Molly and TJ will discuss their virginity. Should they do the deed for their Bucket List? Confessions will be made, and some people will join forces. Jason and Sam will most likely recall what might have been, and it will be so painful to see. Alexis may have been innoculated, but her children weren't. Thats enough to destroy a mother. When everyone is saved, as they surely will be, they will be left with the rubble of what they did in response to the terroristic threat.
What else will happen? Heather escapes from Ferncliff and heads straight for Tea in Llanview. What will this mean?  Think about it...She will take the baby as leverage. She has the ace up her sleeve of knowing the true paternity and who the baby really is, and its NOT Victor Jr.
This act will put Todd and his fragile bond with Tea, Blair and Carly in jeopardy. Not to mention his daughter Starr. If Jason finds out the truth, Todd is a dead man.
But, WAIT! Theres more! Johnny knows too. And If Todd is outed, he will no doubt throw Johnny under the bus. Carly will know he lied, he will be caught for killing Anthony, and also shooting out Anthonys tires, killing two people. Starr will know everything as will Carly, Sonny and Jason...imagine the possibilities!
Dante and Lulu want a family. That will happen. Why? They are a young working couple and the challenges they will face affect millions of couples every day. Family issues will be the thrust of this. Speaking of family issues..Olivia! She is recovering from Heathers attack and everyone thinks she is a nucking futcase. She is not hallucinating. She is simply developing second sight. Seeing things others can't see. Like Lulu's pregnancy, Ewens true nature, and the poisoned water supply. She will also see Connie and many other things..But who will believe her?
Robin is still floating around out there. The ECT may have messed with her mind, but she will recover. When she IS finally found, she will need a rest and therapy. Will Patrick stay or take Emma and go with her? Think about it...
The new writing team has really picked up the pacing and brought back the excitement that has been missing for so long. I truly had hoped that Garin Wolfe was up to the challenge of being the head writer. He proved me wrong..SO wrong. Now, I am happy that he was replaced. The addition of characters we knew, as well as the few from OLTL have energized the show. They have rewritten all the awful crap that was written for some vets, like Anna, Robert, and Luke. Luke was all but unwatchable for a few years. he is BACK! Removing Mac as police commissioner turned out to be a good thing. He can be more like the old scalawag he once was. ABC has really gotten behind the show now. I think that we all should as well. No more "if they do this, I will never watch again" crap. Real fans roll with it.

August ,18 2012
Well, it seems that things are popping all over Port Charles! Imagine the implications of what we already know..
Heather has some secrets. Some BIG ones. She knows where Sam's baby is, and she knows the truth about the paternity. When it comes out in a few weeks, the bomb will do damage to so many lives! Tea DelGado will be destroyed, she has bonded with the baby, and he has bonded with her. John McBain will be the bad guy who must tell her the truth. Tea will learn later that Victor, her love, is really alive and hanging out at a clinic somewhere. Sam will be overjoyed! She won't know that Jason is the daddy right away, and that will be a reveal that will either bring them together, or force them further apart. Speaking of Jason..He loves Sam. BUT, he also loves Elizabeth. He doesn't know that because he is limited on emotional understanding. Thats why he couldn't tell Sam he would try to love her baby. Jason will put on his chainmail and be the knight that saves Liz from the evil doctor Keenan. Jerry will put his plan into action. This plan is a giant blackmail plot..on the surface. There is more to the story..and more people involved. More on that later..
Jax is back! He is there for Joss..and Carly. he still loves Carly, and she loves him. Johnny will be made very insecure about that tiny fact. What will he do? Something stupid yet predictable. He will then lose Carly and most probably his life. Joe Jr. is a character that I can do without. I love the actor, but the character is one step up from pond scum. Also, he not as smart as he thinks he is. Does he not think the real story will come out? Trey will end up hating daddy. He will find out Kate is his mother. There will be anger and tears. He will vow to never forgive her..THEN, as truths come out, he will slowly change his mind.
Olivia will appear to be having weird hallucinations. We will come to see that the LSD hit her brain in a way that unlocked some ESP. These are more like precognition.
Sonny and Katonnie are busy planning a life together. All three of them.That is, until Connie pops in. Kate will find out that Connie and Johnny have a secret. Sonny will be less that happy...and Johnny less than a good bet to survive.
WARNING: Contains Spoilers!

Hello Kids...Another week of surprises and secrets.. So, it really is Ewen who has Robin!  Did we not see this coming the night he rescued Liz and disappeared? Why would a doctor leave a woman in obvious physical distress unless he was scum or was hiding? Now he has his filthy paws on Patrick. He will be responsible for Patrick's mental health. What will happen? I see that Robin will have some gaps in her memory, thanks to the ECT. Anna is looking for her and she is not one to be trifled with. Robin will return, and she and Patrick will have a difficult reunion. Will she remember him? Stay tuned. You will not believe what happens..
As for Johnny and Todd.. Wow. That clash was awesome! You think Johnny will be redeemed? Not a chance folks. Not when you see how far he will go to look good. Todd is willing to go down in flames if it means taking Johnny with him. The baby switch was not so secret after all. Johnny has ears all over town. Now, since you know he knows, do you really think a nice guy would keep that secret? Carly is Jasons best friend. If Carly knows that Johnny knew about the switch..wowzers..She will take no prisoners. It will be like Sherman through Atlanta all over again. I realize that Johnny (Brandon Barash) has many fans who love him. He used to be the sad bad boy who was abused by his daddy. We now know that daddy was really grandpa and Johnny killed him in cold blood. Something wicked this ways comes...
Sam and Jason will have a long road back to each other. Sam will get her son back soon..BUT, she won't yet know that Jason is the daddy. That will be another bombshell. (Sidenote; even though Steve Burton bought a home in Tennessee, that doesn't mean he is leaving the show. Steve has company . Scott Reeves and his wife Melissa Reeves have their home in Tennessee as well. Its beautiful there and the lifestyle is better for families)...Back to my rant..Sam is drawn to John McBain. They have some mystical connection. He should just tell her he is really Caleb and she is Livvie and they are timeless. Jason will be lost after the divorce is filed. Not that he will drift..Elizabeth is in danger. He will do whatever he needs to do to protect her. They have been in each others orbit for so long, neither can really let go. Their timing has always been bad.
Luke and Tracy and Anna..Anna will not be too mad at Luke once she realizes that Robin is really alive. Will she let Robert know? Tracy will find herself busy on all fronts. With ELQ and the past as her mob ties return to haunt her...Will Michael be the saviour of ELQ?

July 22
The stories are gearing up for some big reveals in September. Those reveals will lead to more stories and mysteries as the 50th anniversary gets closer!
I have a confession to make. I lurk. yes..I lurk at many message boards to check the pulse of the fans. One thing that drives me crazy is the negativity. We fought so hard to save GH and so many posters do nothing but complain. The main complaint is the addition of some characters from OLTL. Why? Change keeps things lively and interesting. You have to admit that Todd is a great addition to the cast. His backstory is awesome and his future in Port Charles will be funny, tense and interesting. Starr and Michael are a cute couple. They found each other despite their painful first interaction. Joe Jr is going to provide some angst and drama that will be fresh. Look at the future. Joe Jr., Jerry Jacks,Todd Manning and Sonny Corinthos! Clash of the Titans! You may hate the mob stories, but they are here and you might as well find a bit of enjoyment that at least some of these guys wiill have a less than happy ending. Why do many fans complain that they hate change, yet complain when nothing ever changes? Now, the couples fan base must put up with my whining.. Jasam; Jason was honest with Sam. She wanted him to accept her baby with no reservations. He probably could have if she had just given him time to absorb everything. She was impatient and forced the issue by moving into the motel. What did that accomplish? It put her on a collision course with John McBain..a sexy, hot collision course. Jason turned to Elizabeth, who really wants Jason to be happy..Jason is the one who kissed her, not the other way around. Lante!! OK kids, lets cut to the chase..Lante will survive. They have normal early marriage growing pains. They have gone from independent individuals to a committed couple. They will have misunderstandings and arguments, but they will survive it. Forget Jolu..It is not happening, nor is Latrick. Patrick is spiralling downward, and Lulu is trying to be a friend. Maxie is not equipped for it and who else is there? Jarly: Johnnys secrets and lies will kill them as a couple. While Carly could understand if Johnny did something stupid, she hates to be lied to about anything! She will have a hissy fit at bare minimum. Spinelli and Maxie..She loves him, he loves her and they are both too wounded to admit it. It will take some time to get them where they need to be. Alexis will get some action too! First with Jerry Jacks and then with Shawn. Screw menopause!! Skate; Kate is not fully integrated with Connie yet. The baggage that group is carrying could never find enough skycaps. With the addition of Joe Jr., we have the makings of a huge diasater. Kate is Treys mother, Joe never told him the real truth. Trey is involved with Kristina who is Sonnys daughter. The truth will come out, then its bye bye Joe Jr.. McBam is a very real possibility. Why? Sam will get her baby back with Johns help. The paternity reveal will come later, after Sam and John get closer. The fan bases will have input into the outcome. Molly and TJ? Who really cares? Molly is mouthy and condescending. TJ is not a fully developed character. The future looks good, if you like exciting rides!!

July 11, 2012

Well kids, here we go again...
Heather is running all over town getting dirt on anyone and everyone. She has a bit of electronic help. Its funny..She has been in a mental hospital for years and still managed to pick up all the knowledge she needs to record the victims! Also, she has it all sent to a real time computer? I can't use all the features on my smartphone..and she can become as cunning as a CIA operative? Anyway..Kate will be confronting her past when she faces Joe Jr. Joe Jr. wants to take Sonny down in the worst way. He has help..his son Trey, who is also Kates son. He has a built in hatred for his bio mom who ran out on him. Kristina can't see past her own hormones to make any sense of whats happening. What kind of reality show is this anyway? Kristina talks into the camera like Barbara Walters on nicotine. She explains every encounter and scene. She comes off looking like a petulant and spoiled child. BORING! Michael and Starr have discovered there is life after death. This pairing will have lots of dramatic potential. Lets hope the writers mine it. Patrick starts to see Robin! Is she real or memorex? Patrick's meltdown will showcase his depth of grief over Robin. When she returns, he will also have
trouble coping! Now..the things that drove me nuts..Anna saw the dogs alerted on the shed where Luke is being held. A patrolman tells her that someone probably dragged the body through there. They do not investigate? What about looking for evidence for an eventual trial??? The writers dropped the ball there. Heather telling Sam that its Jason's fault her baby died should have made Sam slap the smug right off her face!
I love Todd! He is evil, nasty and criminal..but he is one of my favorite characters. When he walked in on Carly and Johnny with the toss away line "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit", I loved it! I digress..Todd needs to wise up and lie..He met Heather near the shed, he told her the baby needed help. She took the baby and reappeared with a live baby. He didn't know the difference. Now, she spilled a bit and is blackmailing him. He is just looking for a way to tell Tea and Sam the truth in the least painful way. Luke may die of thirst and starvation soon. He has been there for a while. Notice he doesn't have much of a beard? The Liz/Ewen "romance" will open some doors. Such as who Ewen really is, and his connections to other characters. Jason and Sam have a long road to travel, since she is drawn to John. John returns from
Llanview with news. He and Natalie are no longer a couple..Look out Jason! Sonny has his hands full with his personal life, leaving little time to run the business. Max and Milo must be doing it, as they have been MIA of late. Spinelli found his dignity and Maxie is on the outside looking in. She hates the view..Mac and Felicia are hiding in the attic. Is nobody curious? What is the status of Crimson? The summer will be filled with lots of revelations and twists that will change the dynamic of some couples...Relax Lante fans. They are ok. That is, until Dante gets suspicious of Johnny. That makes Lulu upset. Then she realizes Johnny is hiding something. She won't back away because he is trying to frame Luke. Lulu will be in a good position to get dirt. Carly will find that she is drawn to Todd after the downfall of Johnny begins!

June 23, 2012
Luke has stepped in it once again. Crazy Heather has managed to brazenly lovenap him. She would never call it kidnapping. Luke has a history of bailing when things get to emotional or sticky, and his three way with Anna and Tracy is sticky, to say the least. It will be a bit before anyone realizes he is really missing. In the interim,Tracy will point guilty fingers at Luke out of jealousy. She can't stand the idea of Luke and Anna!  In other Spencer news,Lulu and Johnny have a new partnership!  FYI Jolu shippers, it ain't happening, so don't get your feelings hurt. Johnny loves Carly and Lulu loves Dante. Lulu will eventually put the clues together and look for something to nail Johnny, guiltwise. Dante will help her just because he loves her and wants her to be safe! Oh..there is the little factoid that Heather knows the truth about Ethan and Robert..poor Anna...
Carly is basking in the glow of new love. Too bad it is going to blow up in her smug little face. Johnny is guilty, we all know that. Todd will try to warn Carly about the creep factor, albeit unsuccessfully. Todd also has other taking Sam's baby for Tea, watching his daughter with Captain Cool (Trey), watching his daughter with the mob prince (Michael) and the small matter of the blackmailing nutcase (Heather). OH! And Sam comes to him for a job. Strange bedfellows...
Jason and Liz have a deep friendship. Everyone can see it. Many are concerned. Ewen will get worried and jealous, Sam will warn Ewen..Steve will question her judgement, and Patrick will warn Ewen to beware the brooding enforcer. Of course, Patrick has his own baggage. Maxie moves in..leading to painful and emotional moments. Patrick has been burying his grief and it begins to come out in various ways. he will have a long journey back from the darkness. Just in time to witness the resurrection of his presumed dead wife!
Is it just me, or is Kristina a total 14 year old tantrum queen? Somebody should clue her in..If she is doing this to "revenge her life", she is blowing it big time. Her reaction to Starr was so insensitive and juvenile, I threw a shoe at the TV. She is trying to impress Trey..well? Guess what? What guy in his right mind would want to date a girl who would ruin your life if she got mad? A case of not thinking things through to a logical conclusion. How dare Sonny give her her dream of Yale? The bastard! To think he hated her so much he would do something that mean..and her reaction to Starr's explanation of her going after Sonny? Simply, so what if your kid is dead! My father sent me to Yale! Revenge is MINE!!
Kate is an emotional mess. Her breakdown has been painful and fascinating. Kelly Sullivan is a rare actress who seems to physically change when her character becomes someone else. It is amazing! As much as I respect Megan Ward, I doubt she could pull this off. Sonny has undergone a maturing as well. He made the decision to stand by the woman he loves instead of letting his ego triumph. This summer will be a revelation in terms of truths and the past and future. We know that Joe Jr. is coming to Port Chuckles. He has two sworn enemies..Sonny and John McBain. Fireworks on all fronts! Speaking of fireworks, John and Sam spend a lovely time watching fireworks together..they are both drawn to each other, and both have significant others. A recipe for romance and heartbreak. This summer will be epic! Stories will wrap faster, new people will inject drama and comedy, and we will see people we thought dead come back. Thats right..PEOPLE..more than one. Heather will finally get her just desserts as well. A baby will come home and a family will be shocked that a notable figure is still alive, even though the death was witnessed. Hmm..any ideas? I am sworn to secrecy..for now.

June 17, 2012

The show has been really good lately. Not everyone is happy because they feel that their couple/fave character is getting a bad deal. This is a soap. If everyone was happy and nothing ever happened, would you still watch? honest. We need the shake up that happens on our screens.
Luke finally has a story that has some meat to it. A love triangle, a murder and Heather! Anna is back as commissioner and Mac will get a story. heather is bat guano crazy. She has a hand in all the nasty goings on. She also has a partner in crime..stay tuned! Kristina is proving that she stopped maturing at 14, Michael is getting some hormones and Johnny shows us what happens when crazy shows itself. The baby switch is classic soap, and while trite and overdone,still has promise. When it ends, the damage to many will last for years. Todd is a great addition to GH. he plays well off of many characters. I LOVE John and Sam together. Jason has been a real horses ass since the rape. Its been all about him.. Too bad, suck it up and show some caring for the real victim. Carly is deluded by Johnny. But, she always has has blinders for bad boys. Maxie is so self involved, I hope Spinelli finds someone who truly appreciates him. Lulu and Dante are growing past the honeymoon stage. Fear not..its groing pains. They will be fine. Kate/Connie is a good story and has shown Sonny in a better light. Things are looking up. I like the new direction the show is taking. Remember, its a soap..not a reality show. Relax and enjoy the ride. 




















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