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June 26. 2016

Good times...
I will wait for everyone to pick up their jaws from the floor. Ok? Let's begin. Julian where did you go? Did you bring pictures back from the dark side? Our beloved Julexis has, at least for now, been decimated by selfishness and lies. When we look back at the wedding, this moment could never have been foreseen. Except...we all had suspicions that Julian wasn't quite as out of the mob as we had hoped, especially after Dixon seemed so familiar with him. He was all upright citizen to all until Ava found the bloody bed, then he came out of the closet, so to speak. He informed the "employees" that were under Ava's control that he was taking back the reins. That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works! A rudderless ship crashes on the rocks. Before Ava "took over", the Jerome family was supposedly without a leader. If that was really the case, the other families would have stepped in to claim the territory, possibly even sparking a war. It never happened because Julian was really at the helm. Julian killed Carlos to protect his secrets and freedom. Now he has Alexis in the cross hairs. We get to witness his conflict courtesy of Carlos the Conscience. In all honesty, Julian is a weak cowardly man. He will never measure up to Victor Jerome and he knows it. That's why he can't play with the big kids.
Nikolas is on the run. Well, he wants to be on the run. Right now, he is in full stop. His crossing paths with Ava was not just bad luck, but also serendipity! We have seen some comedy, excitement, drama and silliness. The whole stolen statue business is silly and boring. The whole purpose was to show Sam and Jason where Nik went, and his alliance with Ava. Another thing that chapped my cheeks was Sam! She agreed to let Huxley have Ava. Like it or not, Ava is her aunt. Her father's sister! This little adventure has energized Sam, and not always to the good. Jason is trying to clear his name. He doesn't want to be on the run. He has his memories back, and chose to live a quiet life. He isn't comfortable with the drama and danger anymore. Sam, however, thrives on it. It's going to become an issue later, trust me.
A few Corinthos comments... Can someone get the tranquilizer darts? Carly might have to be taken down. She gets really worked up over Sabrina. This isn't the first time, either. She tried to separate them before they learned that Sabrina was pregnant. Why? Because she sees something in Michael's eyes when he talks about her and when he is with her. Carly just can't bear the idea of not being the only woman in her son's life. Is it because he was shot? In prison? Raped? She needs to let go and let him find his own way.
Sonny better be careful, or he will be appointed the next police commissioner. He and Anna make a great pair. They are both smart and utilize each other's strengths. In many ways, Sonny is Anna's only ally.
Morgan is out and is saying all the right things. However, being mentally stable doesn't change his core personality. He is demanding and entitled. This will become more obvious as the summer heats up. I don't know if he loves Kiki, or she represents something to him. He zeros in on her with laser precision, and he wants to have her.
Michael is straddling two worlds. He is a Corinthos and a Quartermaine. As a Q, he has obligations and expectations to fulfill. He has to run ELQ and be a part of a dynastic family. As a Corinthos, he has a legacy of silence and violence. But there is love, lots of it, from both families. If only he could start his own, with Sabrina....
The Davis girls are MIA. Mom is in jail, her face splashed all over the news (owned by Julian) and she is charged with murder! That at least merits a visit, right? Molly could have asked Ric to help. Kristina could have gone to Sonny. But...nothing. hmmm....
Elizabeth and Franco are sweet together. They embody youthful crushes. But, Franco loves Nina and until that is dealt with, nothing can happen. Nina loves Franco and she needs to tell him how she feels.
Jordan is acting like a spoiled kid who needs to take cues from the grown-ups to do her job. Any new investigator knows to check out the evidence, because appearances can be deceiving. Aside from that, she is that girl in the bar bathroom. She tells everyone that she is gonna shut down that bitch who wants her man. Trouble is, she doesn't want him either. She needs to be wanted by men as a validation of her worth. Her day of reckoning is coming.
Hayden showed another side of herself with Finn. I liked her as a compassionate friend and lizard lover. When her mother drops the bomb about the connection to Liz, we will see both of these women fight the truth.
There are some dangling threads that will be dealt with later.. Raj will show up again. The mayor! She will be exposed and try to take Paul and Nik down with her.. Shawn.. the reason behind the dagger.. the pen that Carlos used to attack Dante.. and Curtis becoming a drug addict. This will be an action packed Summer!
Till next time....


June 19, 2016

Did you ever see something and just know that you were witnessing a pivotal moment? For me, that moment came when Julian took the dagger from the house. It was the end of Julexis. He killed Carlos with the same blade that killed Alexis's mother. For Alexis, that blade held a memory of her mother and her life and death
In a twisted way, it was sacred to her. Julian has now betrayed her trust, jeopardized her career, and threatened her life. There is no coming back from that. Julian doesn't get it. He thinks that if he says it, it's law. Alexis won't turn him in, despite being arrested herself. This doesn't mean that he is getting away with murder. Hell hath no fury.....
Nikolas is alive and well and traveling (reluctantly) with Ava Jerome. They are in a difficult situation, but it's all on Ava this time. It's a short term arc, but it will explain some things about Ava and her sense of entitlement. We will see just how far Ava is willing to go. Jason and Sam are trying very hard to locate the dark Prince. He actually will need rescuing from Huxley, and possibly Ava. Nikolas meant for Hayden to be caught for murder, with Jason as a backup. Oops...
Meanwhile, back at GH....
Finn is no killer. He is sick. And I think several people will rally around him to save his life. Hayden seems to have some chemistry with him. Let's see where it goes. Is she truly over Nik? Now, we can focus on the killer and his motives. His? Yes. I am putting Dr. Mayes on the short list of suspects. That makes him number...one.
And I think that Leisl will figure out Finn is innocent, too. We are going to see a concentration of people at the hospital. Liz will have more interaction with Hayden because Hayden likes Finn. The sisters can hate each other on Liz's turf as well as Hayden's. TJ will be there, Valerie and Dante and Lulu. Those two want their other baby...stay tuned. Shock coming.
Sam is going to find out soon that Mama has legal trouble. She will figure that it's because of Julian. Speaking of Sam, her assertion to Jason that she loves being on the run is going to bite her in the ass. Jason loves his sons. He really doesn't want this lifestyle anymore. She seems to have forgotten Danny, too. This won't be popular with Jasam fans, but I think that it is another pivotal moment.
Till next time....


                                                                              June 12, 2016

Hello everyone! It's been a week of preparation for the stories of summer. Let's hit some moments, shall we?
Lucas upset because Griffin is a priest? Has Griffin ever judged Lucas? No. Stop whining, Lucas.
Maxie is angry at Nathan for lying? Umm..She helped Johnny skip town. She lied about having Lulu and Dante's baby. She promised Nathan she wouldn't look for Claudette. Pot? Meet Kettle.
Spencer and his assertion that Nik will never return to "this house" again. Someone pin this little lawyer down?
Sonny let Ava off again for messing with Morgan. I have to believe that her day is coming.
Paul agreeing to let Sabrina go without being charged was just his way of trying to gain Anna's trust. He is forever the algae in the gene pool of life.
Alexis is so close, that she can't see how much danger she is really facing. Julian is in self preservation mode. Think back, kids. He was going to kill Ava, with a gun, in the gallery. She was saved by Sonny's man, who sent her to the island. If he could kill his sister, his wife has the same value.
Nathan recovered from that skull fracture pretty quickly, didn't he? Griffin must be holding a grudge. He didn't give him any work restrictions.
Kristina! Listen up, girl. That boy is using you. He didn't run into you by accident. You always had bad instincts when it comes to your heart. No kiss? Trust me. He is just not that into YOU.
Jason is so James Bond. Sam was so worried and he's like "what ev's". And she's like "I'll go" and he's like "be the distraction". Sam looked properly somber. Dante looked properly suspicious. Jason got Info that they needed. He got it from Spencer! Spencer has a soft spot for Emma and he likes to give her gifts. Precious gifts. A Fabergé egg, a gold ring and now a diamond encrusted in clay. Every time, it ends badly. Poor Spencer. He is about to go three for three.
Jordan, we need to talk. You let jealousy take you over. No? Let's see... You couldn't stand it when Curtis started dating Valerie. You had to "warn her". A blind man could see through that. You see Andre talking to Anna and you go all alley cat. She isn't your friend anymore. You hang her out to dry as soon as you can. Now we see you turning Anna down for assistance with the Carlos Rivera case. You have to be the Queen. Look at poor Shawn. He is supposed to be your son's daddy. You don't even mention his name. You never talk about Thomas. You ignore your son. Your next victim doesn't even see what's coming. You are a viper, and I hope you choke on your own venom.
Spinelli is back to help Jason. Spinelli will help Maxie and Carly. Spinelli is a good guy. See Spinelli with Maxie. Don't get used to it. Spinelli loves Ellie.
Back to my confused and often convoluted ramblings...
Dante is having Sam tailed. Bwahaha!! She will lose that tail after she leads him down the rabbit hole. This isn't her first rodeo. Jason was coming up short until he overheard Spencer and Emma. Jason has had the Port Charles brain for a day or two. Liz and Sam made me proud. When Liz walked up to her, Sam's disclaimer began to spill out, "I don't know....", Elizabeth cut her off and said "tell Jason to be careful. Something is very wrong here". Sam nodded almost imperceptibly. An understanding passed between these two women.
Haychel's mom is an inquisitive thing, isn't she? "Is that Webber with one B or two? ". "How long have you been in Port Charles, dear?". You can almost smell her perfume, Eau de Past is Catching Up With Me...
Julian is emotionally abusing Alexis. The next step is physically abusing her. But he loves her? Not more than himself. It's a Jerome family trait. Watch. She will toe the line or be buried under it.
Michael is trying so hard to be Sabrina's hero that he can't or won't see that she is strong enough to face the consequences of her actions. Way to go, man! Women are not all in need of rescuing.
What is Nik hiding, besides a pocketful of diamonds? There have been clues dropping like flies. Nik loved Helena despite how she treated him. Helena loved Nikolas and would never hurt HIM. So, what's up with the poison in the tea? Why pull Elizabeth into your web? Why Laura? Nikolas would never do that. And this really over dramatic defense of Emily? What is that all about?  Nikolas is a smart and savvy businessman who can squeeze cash out of a pebble. He took over ELQ, but then the profits started dropping quickly.
Helena cut him off? Not her favorite grandson. Besides that, she truly loves Spencer. The painting was an indictment and a warning. Some big reveal is coming. Bank on it.
Till next time.....

June 5, 2016

Hello fellow fans! The end of sweeps is the beginning of the summer storylines. Let's chat a bit, shall we?  We are seeing many unbelievable and downright silly "spoilers". Let's get to the crazy ones, ok? Brenda is not returning. Jax will be, however. Why? Well, Carly is digging into the source of the kidney that saved Joss. Many people would just be grateful, but after hearing what Finn had to say, she has legitimate fears. What she learns could have a huge impact. Jax comes back because of that. A side story is his friendship with Alexis. She certainly needs a friend! How will Julian react to Jax? Jax has money, he has dealt with the mob and truly cares about Alexis. It could be very interesting.
Spinelli comes back! Yes he does. Sam and Jason need his special skill set to help uncover the truth. Carly asked him for help in finding out who actually gave Joss the kidney. This story will take us down the rabbit hole. Expect the unexpected!
Elizabeth wants vengeance, even though she can't accept Nik's supposed death. Hayden really seemed upset over the loss. The tears, the look on her face as she gazed longingly at a picture on her phone..wait! That's not Nik! It's a picture of those diamonds. She really misses them. Liz hightailed it to Jordan with her suspicions. She didn't seem to care that she could face charges, she just wanted to get Nik's assailant caught.
I go back and forth about Haychel. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I want to slap the duckface right off of her. I know that I don't have to hate one to like another, but some characters just tweak your nerves. Ava, Haychel, Heather... I used to have Sam on this list, but I give her a pass because she has grown up a lot.
The disappearance of Nikolas is going to dominate the next few weeks. I'm glad that Jason is thinking rationally. Going off half cocked is a bad idea. I think that Nik had planned it, but it was executed too quickly. Mistakes were made. Jason, Sam and Spinelli will sort the clues and it will lead them to Skull, I mean Cassadine Island. More than one mystery will be uncovered!
All roads lead to one place...
Laura is Spencer's guardian.
Lulu wants an embryo.
Nathan done put his foot in it.
Finn has feet of clay (I could not resist), and collapses.
Alexis nearly gives into Julian.
Sonny is still in her corner, no matter how it seems.
Aaron may have an agenda.
Julian and Nina? It could happen.
Franco gets a friend.
For all of you who are clamoring for a big smackdown of Liz by Jason, sorry. Not going to happen. He said his piece. She apologized. They are parents to a little boy. Move on.
Jason and Sam will get answers. Nikolas will be found. Alive.
New courtship news? Kiki and Dillon, Aaron and Kristina, Nina and Julian (?!?!), Franco and Liz, Ava and a player to be named later, Kevin and Laura.
So much has happened and so much is coming! I truly hope you are enjoying the show! Till next time...

What a week! The red carpet kicked off the fun with Nina, who had no idea how to behave on the air. Her comments were not as funny as they were uncomfortable. The writers missed the mark on this one. Another missed opportunity was Leisl Obrecht singing. Kathleen Gati is an amazing talent. I did enjoy the opening act. It was fun and unpolished, just as any talent show. No Lucy underwear, no Richard Simmons, no big onstage drama. I miss that. We did get a backstage catfight! Who didn't giggle when Ava took off her earrings and shoes, and Carly catching on and doing the same? It was great comedy and drama rolled into one. Ava flushing the flashdrive down the toilet while Carly watched calmly...followed by Ava and her smug grin. The grin quickly erased when Carly told her it was already uploaded to the cloud. That's entertainment! Nikolas spent to evening pushing and baiting his two favorite targets, Jason and Hayden.  He made sure that they both had motive to kill him, and took advantage of that by staging his death. We know it's staged by what we know about how it appeared. Spencer will come home in the morning to horrendous news, but seems too accepting of it. Will any adult catch on? Laura is going to be devastated. I must wonder about the will. Who gets what? Is Hayden the beneficiary? Laura? Spencer? Interesting possibilities.
Liz sees Franco in a new light after he jumped onstage to ease Jake's terror. Jake clearly sees Franco as a trusted friend. Jason doesn't share that sentiment. How will he like it when Liz and Franco become closer?
Sam may find herself grateful to Liz for trying to divert suspicion away from Jason. Why would Liz do that? She doesn't hope to reconcile with Jason, she just knows that Jason couldn't do what he is accused of doing.
The serial killer at GH might not be all that new. Maybe these killings have happened before. This is a great story, since it amps up the action. Instead of one mystery on canvas, we get three or four. Excitement that has been missing in past years is finally back! This summer's plots are being rolled out now. Finn, Nik, Griffin, Claudette and Paul, to name a few.
I used to think that Hayden loved Nikolas. After what I saw on Friday, nope, not at all. She was more concerned about the diamonds than her husband being smashed on the rocks. And what is up with Curtis? Hayden is no hothouse flower. She is a viper who can handle herself. He either wants a piece of her charms or her money. It's not about friendship. I can't see him with Valerie at all. His future is with Jordan. Very thin line between love and hate?
Nathan is back this week. He finally decided to come clean with Maxie. Too little, too late? It certainly appears that will be the case. Now that Claudette has a face, we can see her claws. We know she used Nathan for a green card. They are very hard to get, not like on TV and movies. So if they go realistic (hahaha), that means they were together for a while. And she cheated, AND it didn't end well. Everyone assumes he shot her, or tried to shoot her, because he could be sent to prison. However, immigration fraud can end in prison as well. Buckle up. The clash between Maxie and Claudette is not going to be a tea party.
Sonny is about to prove that he really does have Avery's best interests at heart. Unlike Ava, he accepts that parents need to try to do what's best. Kids are not game pieces. They should never be used to punish another parent.
Griffin is beginning to doubt Finn. This story is going to get worse before it gets better.
About the recasts; PLEASE GIVE THE TEMPS A SHOT! The did not chase our regular actors away. They are not trying to steal their roles. Sometimes, things happen and actors need personal time. Some of you have said that the storyline should be suspended until your favorite is available. Not possible. We are in the middle of a big story with Nikolas. Too many players, and too many subplots to put it on the back burner. Maxie is in a story that must play out now. Be a little compassionate for all involved. Thank you. Till next time...


Wow! The action is nearly non stop. I want to talk about Julian. First, we know for certain that he killed the kid in the garage and happily killed Carlos. It was bad enough that he stabbed him, because it's such a personal type of murder, but he used the very dagger that killed Alexis's mother as she watched. When the usually strong and independent Alexis confronted him, he beat her down emotionally, in a classic abusive scenario. When he threw the handkerchief into the fire as Sonny showed up, I wanted her to tell him she was afraid and needed help. However, she hadn't reached that point yet. Sonny could read her emotions and probably her fear as well, and being the man he is, he had to appear as the stronger opponent. He knew from Alexis's eyes that something was being burned in that out of season fire. When he picked up the poker, I knew he would make a point with it. By breaking the glass and raising his voice, he amped up the tension in the room. It was wonderful to see him whack Julian in the back of the legs, and when he pulled Alexis close, I hoped he was going to rescue her. But then I saw what Sonny saw. A woman torn between loyalty to her husband or her principals. Sonny could see she wasn't ready. He is the smarter opponent. Alexis needed Sonny to push her away so she could save herself. Alexis would never have been able to hold her head up if she walked out with Sonny. She needs to come to terms with her mistake in trusting Julian. That's why she hid the shirt and that is why her eyes are opened.

Jason has recovered his memories and they are coming in more and more. I like how they are showing him explaining each one instead of showing them. This way we can see how important these memories are to him. He may be able to see them in his head, but how is that sharing them? No, he has to verbalize what is there. We don't need to see another dance in the rain. I find it much more satisfying for him to tell Sam how he feels about his memories instead of some faked scenes. When he called Monica "mom", it meant so much more in terms of heartwarming love. His talk with Sonny was an eye opener. Jason will always be there for Sonny, but never again will he place himself in danger. He realized all he lost when Faison shot him on the pier. I don't know where his future lies, but it isn't in the mob. Sam sees the damage a mob life can create. She saw it with Jason and Sonny, and now with Julian. She lost a husband, and soon, her father. Julexis is doomed. But, the Jerome family is really black-hearted. They can't help but to destroy and damage. The exception is the offspring. They just get to deal with the fallout. And there WILL be fallout.

Paul should fear Sabrina returning. Why? Because she had a front row seat to the crime spree. Did I mention Julian? Lookout, Sabrina! Your choice to run with Carlos put a huge bullseye on your back. You know secrets that are dangerous.

Nikolas has crossed the line, again. He sold one of the stolen diamonds from Raymond Berlin. Between that, the shooting, fraud and that pesky little tax issue, life doesn't look pleasant. Things with Nikolas don't add up. Nobody goes through a personality shift that drastic for no reason. Money? No..our Prince always had his personal fortune aside from the Cassadine coffers. The clinic drained the money? Bitch, please! If so, where did Helena get the money to fund her medical research, her goon squad and her island? Loyalty has a price. Who is this guy and why is he wearing Nikolas?
Some things are getting old and need to end. This storyline is one of them, Hayden is another. Nobody gives two farts in church about her daddy. Another is Jordan's jealousy, Obrecht and her anger, and the custody over Avery. Haven't we been punished enough?
Let's get to Finn's back story, Griffin and his past with Nathan (make it fast, we're burning daylight), new love stories for Dillon, Kiki, Kristina, Morgan and Anna.
We are waiting for the "beyond the grave" manipulating from Helena with Lulu's embryo, Sam's curse, Laura's lost love (maybe the real Nik is at the end of her quest?), The dagger (besides the filet de Carlos), and the painting. I firmly hope that It leads to the truth about why Nik is so cranky.
A few notes; Jason, put aside your anger until you son is better. Franco really can help him.
I am willing to pay Julian to tie Ava to a northbound train.
Drop the charges against Anna. Who is going to testify?
Nina, run from Julian. He is going to use you. I want you to get strong and not need to be validated by anyone. And while we are at it, don't compromise. You shouldn't have to do it!
Till next time....

May 15, 2016

What a ride! Carlos is finally dead. Jason has his memories, and Julian showed us just how far he will go to protect himself.
Starting with Jason, the implication of his memories returning will become apparent very shortly. We all hope that his memories include his life as Jason Quartermaine as well as Jason Morgan. Let me throw in a little knowledge for some of the fans. I read many boards. Several are giddy for Jason to berate Liz for lying. Sorry to disappoint! Jason lived through it. It is not a lost memory. It has been dealt with! Back to our story... Carly is not going to be happy, because Jason isn't going to drop everything to rush to her side every time she whines. Jason is not going backwards. He wants a home and a life with his wife and son. He wants to coparent with Liz and be a good father to Jake. He remembers Monica. He wants his real family to be a part of his life. He is going to disappoint a lot of people. But he has his memories. He remembers Franco, too....
Now that he is back, and happy, look for his past to come back in a frightening way. Tables turned, he must ask Sonny for help. Meanwhile, Sam won't be able to get past the curse. She will blame Helena for the bad things coming. The question is, can she stop the tide of bad luck?
Now, Carlos! Paul is directly responsible for all that happened since he sent Carlos out of town. Giving him the pen and paper clip was a bigger mistake than he realized. Watch..the pen is probably a gift from Dillon or Tracy. There were many things that bothered me, the police never bothered to ask Carlos who stabbed him. That should have been the first thing! He could have said Julian, and then maybe he would have confessed all. Didn't Jordan ever hear of chain of custody? This will be an issue. Paul is the District Attorney. He is not a cop. He is a lawyer. He has no business interfering in a police investigation. Jordan should just tell him to go away until the investigation is over.  Anna should have been kept out of Carlos's room, and Sonny too. Julian is not very bright, and he is a bungling idiot. Alexis will never see him the same way since he used the dagger. In a way, that dagger is very personal for her. The real reason she kept it? It's the last link to her mother in a twisted way. Julian is running out of friends quickly. He will turn to Nina to listen and defend him.
Next week there will be a murder. The body will be dumped on the rocks, near the water. This is tied to a certain crime family. Not Sonny's... It's a girl. And Anna will finally say goodbye to Duke. She can't move on until she does. We will meet Hayden's mother. Who brings her to town? Her daughter? Are they close? Or is she as loving as Madeline? The fun is just beginning....
Nik and Hayden are playing War of the Roses, but is Hayden in over her head? Yes, her father was a supreme game player and she is an expert con. But, Nikolas is a Cassadine. He learned from the best. After this, he can deal with his bequest, the painting.
Another challenge will be Dante and Lulu. After his near death experience, he and Lulu decide to look into having their embryo implanted......But.... is it theirs or is it Stavros's? Either way, Lulu is the mother.
Now, let's just ask the obvious question. It's 2:30am. You walk in on your husband in a new shirt... another woman comes out of the back room and says she got the stains out. The woman is in a nightie and silk robe. Hubby says they were wine stains. Seriously? You say ok and walk away? No..you wail on his cheating ass. I don't care if it was innocent. Screw that noise! Wine? Blankets? Half naked woman? Dead man walking!
Franco..your grand gesture is a naked ambush? Not romantic at all.
Sonny stopping his tirade and making the sign of the cross. "When a priest invokes the holy spirit, you make the sign of the cross. It's a thing".
Nik giving away all of Haychel's clothes..
Haychel selling Nik's possessions.
This is going to get really ugly, really fast.
One more thing..the pen. Very expensive. Who wants to bet that it came from Dillon? A nice Christmas or birthday gift. It's unique, like the dagger is one hell of a blade. Till next time!


May 8,2016

Dear Jason, I don't usually tell characters what to do, but good grief! You need to be very careful. Every time you hit your head, you either lose or gain memories. You are getting your memories back. Go to Michael's Crafts and buy a bunch of cotton batting. Make a good pad for your skull. Add helmet. You're welcome.
Julian does not have Sonny's cunning. He doesn't have the skill that Paul has, either. He is going to lose everything. The Jerome's are not good strategists.

How much power can one man have? Ask Carlos. He is the one that everyone is jumping through hoops for.

Julian used to be a favorite of mine. I could understand him lying to protect Alexis, but lying so he could use her? No... that is not something you do to someone you love. If I were Alexis, I would bust out the super glue and introduce the little head to the little thigh,and make a bond. He deserves this and so much more. He doesn't even have the decency to warn Alexis so she can protect herself and her kids? Just by representing Carlos, they send the message that she is involved and therefore a target. Shame on him!

Nathan is not the type of guy to lie, so It's a bit disheartening to watch him keep the secrets about Claudette. Is Griffin the  elusive Claudette?  No. But could he be a sibling? This week he drops some type  of secret bombshell on Sonny and Anna. Was he shot at the moment of Duke's death? Could he be carrying Duke's soul around? Or is he just going to tell them about Claudette?

Now for the meat:
Jason recovers his memories. All of them. This is going to knock him (and many others) for a loop. Will he go back to being Sonny's enforcer? Not so fast.. He has lived without that violence and he likes how his life is now. Others won't be happy about his decisions from here on out. Jason is a father now. He knows that working for Sonny can cut his life short. Where will that leave Danny and Jake? Sam, Elizabeth, Monica and Michael all need him. He knows the cost is too high. He lost several years of his life already. I think this is a story that is begging to be told.

Nina and Franco are another couple facing implosion. I don't think Franco is going to the dark side, but it will appear that way. Nobody will believe him, and he will talk to Heather (she of the sane and sound advice) about things. In the end, he will confide in Liz. No, not a romance.

Finn is an odd one, isn't he? He is an addict, but a functioning addict. He is an advocate for his patients, and his research is all about finding a cure for a disease that took a friend. Dr. Obrecht is out for blood right now, but if I had to guess, she may come on board. She is a mad scientist after all!
Lots more coming, so stay tuned. Till next time!

MAY 1, 2016

I found this past week very enlightening. Sweeps promises to be action packed! I'd like to start with Jason. He is stepping into the role of father with patience and love. Jake and Danny finally get to spend time with their daddy. There are some things that are concerning, and I think trouble is coming. Jason is very easily brought to anger. Some of you think Franco deserves it, but there is an expectation of civility on public. Jason is quick to anger, something he was able to control when he worked for Sonny. Someone is going to get caught in a fit of rage. Franco? Nik? Someone else? Sam is beyond grateful to have Jason back. The only catch? Well, he really isn't the Jason she fell in love with. Until he fully remembers, he is someone else. Sam is going to be concerned that Jason's rages block out anyone's attempt to calm him down. He only responds to her after she makes eye contact. What's going to happen if she isn't there? Sam is going to have a lot on her plate, looking into Claudette, Trying to find out what her daddy Julian is up to, and dealing with "the curse".
Anna is on a very short tether. Paul is going to try to unnerve and discredit her, she wants Carlos to flip on Julian and she is facing serious charges. It bothers me that not one single cop, commissioner or prosecutor has interviewed the victim, Carlos! Seriously?  In the real world, no victim, no crime. And what is Jordan's damage? She is so freaking jealous stalker about Andre and Anna, I am worried she could snap and start shooting. Consider her history with men like Thomas, Shawn and Curtis. She flits from one to the other and she is a proven liar. Watch out, Anna and Andre. Don't get any pet bunnies!
Nina and Franco are both so caught up in their pain that they can't seem to find dry land. This opens up a what if? situation with both of them thinking the other has moved on. It's all smoke and mirrors, and will give us lots of drama. But in the end, they will find their way back to each other.
Alexis will take off her blinders this (week) month. Molly was dead on accurate about Alexis's reasons for representing Carlos and Alexis knew it. That was a pivotal moment for her. She has her suspicions about Julian, bit by bit his true nature will come out. Alexis loves Julian, but she doesn't play the role of fool gladly. Expect fireworks and a cold acceptance of what he is doing. Julian is going to be a big loser, at least on the home front. He "left" the Mob to keep his family safe. He just put all of them in the cross hairs. That's a huge betrayal of trust. Once trust is gone, there is nothing left.
Speaking of trust, Nathan is lying and Maxie knows it. She is like a cat hunting a mouse, and she won't quit until she catches it. How does Griffin fit in? Did he witness the end of the Claudette-Nathan marriage? Or did he get in the middle of the final fight? We will find out during sweeps! In any event, Naxie is facing a huge problem.
Carly has a new buddy, Finn. Carly likes the new boys. Carly is the girl who wears a dress on the jungle gym. Carly wants to be the center of attention. She isn't sure she trusts Finn, but she draws him into her web. I love Carly, but she is very predictable. She knows who Sonny is, what he does and his need for secrecy. So, she demands full disclosure and control. Let's face it, Carly lets things "slip", and those slips could prove deadly.
Ava wants Avery back. Sonny wants to keep Avery. Clash of the Titans? The best outcome is joint custody. That baby should not be a football in the sick powerplay. How will Sonny deal with Carlos? Will he allow him to walk away? Nah... Michael fears for Sabrina, Anna wants justice and everyone wants Julian to pay, except Alexis, for now. That could change once all the pieces of his agenda are laid on the table.
There is so much drama and intrigue coming that I wish I could lay it all out. But, it would get confusing and ruin some well crafted fun. People to watch? Anna, Griffin, Michael, Finn, Paul, Jason, Franco, Liz and Sam. Haychel and Curtis, Jordan and Andre and Ava and Sonny...but the big shake up will involve Alexis, Julian and that happy little family. The ripple effect catches so many in this pool. Sam, Lucas, Leo, Kristina and Molly are all going to be impacted. This will ripple out to Olivia, Sonny and Ric. Carlos is a skeevy little man who has no loyalty. My guess is that he is using Sabrina's baby and emotions against her. Carlos must go. He is a useless and unredeemable character. Buckle up, keep your hands inside and hold on. Till next time..


April 24, 2016

What an uncomfortable week! Anna melting down, Paul playing his games and Carlos at his heartless best. At times, it was hard to watch. There are times when it's necessary to make us see the skeleton before they slap the skin on it. Finn is a hyperkinetic mess. He speaks very fast when faced with situations that require human interaction and it makes me curious. Griffin is a mystery. He is always so calm, so peaceful, so Zen... Until, he witnessed Nathan proposing to Maxie and he saw Anna in jail. Now we have a story! His complete and utter loyalty to Anna was touching and visceral. His confrontation with Carlos showed us a man who is hiding his passionate and not so peaceful nature. Aside from the memory of a gunshot, his past is a mystery. I think he is closer to Anna than we thought. No, not in a romantic way...
Franco is an idiot. What kind of an ass takes romantic advice from Leisl Obrecht? Nina is walking a fine line, trying to keep her emotions under control, and he brings her a puppy? At least he didn't put it in a bassinet. Jason is going to get viciously angry at poor Franco this week. Franco connects with Jake, and Jason is having none of that! This is the beginning of the battle. Sam fills Jason in on their history with Franco (before he was Roger Howarth) and he gets angrier. The encounter spawns a memory in Jason. This incarnation of Jason is going to surprise everyone. He is no longer a Corinthos lap dog and is going to tell Sonny he doesn't like how he does business. Jason and Sam might be in for a bit of trouble. Helena has a long reach.
Next week we will be meeting Amy. She is a nurse who is nosy, young and gossipy. She inserts herself into conversations and situations that are none of her business. That will shake things up! Obrecht will just love her..
Sweeps will bring some curiosity and concerns. Do not shoot the messenger! Jason might be jealous of Liz and Franco's friendship, Haychel and Nik are on the edge, and Julexis is in trouble. Olivia will question Julian's and Alexis's honesty.
Seriously, anyone who thought everyone would live happily ever after has never watched soaps. Dante and Lulu were happy..and mind numbingly boring. We need conflict for our couples to remember why they love each other.
Side notes; Kiki and Griffin should go on a date. Not to watch fireworks. That would be bad. Finn and Carly have chemistry. Sonny has been so distracted lately with hunting fugitives and plotting murder that he isn't popping her cork. Anna! Shut up! Listen to Scott. You are telling your enemy your entire battle plan. And he can keep you in jail! Wise up..you are smarter than this. Julian, you forget that Alexis is not a moron. She will figure things out, and then what? Trust is like a crystal vase. If you break it, it will never be the same. Even if you try to repair it? You will always see the cracks.
This sweeps promises to be very eventful. The Nurse's Ball, Lucy, Robin, Emma and Magic Milo. Plus..a surprise return! Storylines kick into overdrive and couples are in trouble. I hope you are all willing to ride it out. The payoffs will be worth it!
Till next time..

April 24, 2016

What an uncomfortable week! Anna melting down, Paul playing his games and Carlos at his heartless best. At times, it was hard to watch. There are times when it's necessary to make us see the skeleton before they slap the skin on it. Finn is a hyperkinetic mess. He speaks very fast when faced with situations that require human interaction and it makes me curious. Griffin is a mystery. He is always so calm, so peaceful, so Zen... Until, he witnessed Nathan proposing to Maxie and he saw Anna in jail. Now we have a story! His complete and utter loyalty to Anna was touching and visceral. His confrontation with Carlos showed us a man who is hiding his passionate and not so peaceful nature. Aside from the memory of a gunshot, his past is a mystery. I think he is closer to Anna than we thought. No, not in a romantic way...
Franco is an idiot. What kind of an ass takes romantic advice from Leisl Obrecht? Nina is walking a fine line, trying to keep her emotions under control, and he brings her a puppy? At least he didn't put it in a bassinet. Jason is going to get viciously angry at poor Franco this week. Franco connects with Jake, and Jason is having none of that! This is the beginning of the battle. Sam fills Jason in on their history with Franco (before he was Roger Howarth) and he gets angrier. The encounter spawns a memory in Jason. This incarnation of Jason is going to surprise everyone. He is no longer a Corinthos lap dog and is going to tell Sonny he doesn't like how he does business. Jason and Sam might be in for a bit of trouble. Helena has a long reach.
Next week we will be meeting Amy. She is a nurse who is nosy, young and gossipy. She inserts herself into conversations and situations that are none of her business. That will shake things up! Obrecht will just love her..
Sweeps will bring some curiosity and concerns. Do not shoot the messenger! Jason might be jealous of Liz and Franco's friendship, Haychel and Nik are on the edge, and Julexis is in trouble. Olivia will question Julian's and Alexis's honesty.
Seriously, anyone who thought everyone would live happily ever after has never watched soaps. Dante and Lulu were happy..and mind numbingly boring. We need conflict for our couples to remember why they love each other.
Side notes; Kiki and Griffin should go on a date. Not to watch fireworks. That would be bad. Finn and Carly have chemistry. Sonny has been so distracted lately with hunting fugitives and plotting murder that he isn't popping her cork. Anna! Shut up! Listen to Scott. You are telling your enemy your entire battle plan. And he can keep you in jail! Wise up..you are smarter than this. Julian, you forget that Alexis is not a moron. She will figure things out, and then what? Trust is like a crystal vase. If you break it, it will never be the same. Even if you try to repair it? You will always see the cracks.
This sweeps promises to be very eventful. The Nurse's Ball, Lucy, Robin, Emma and Magic Milo. Plus..a surprise return! Storylines kick into overdrive and couples are in trouble. I hope you are all willing to ride it out. The payoffs will be worth it!
Till next time..

April 17, 2016

We had a wild ride this week! Let's hit the highlights and what might be coming!
Sonny and Anna played Mr.&Mrs. Smith, capturing Carlos and one pissed off Equadoran official. Sonny threw his kingpin weight around and Anna brought her quarry to Port Charles, where... Paul tried to do damage control by letting Julian know that Donnie and Marie, I mean Sonny and Anna were on the hunt. Paul hoped that Sonny would erase the problem, but instead he brought it to Paul and Julian's feet. Will Carlos lie for Julian, or is he done done doing prison time for the Jerome's? He can also bury Paul, and I would love to see that.
Dr. Finn was caught red handed by Carly, who turned into a total airhead about that needle. Think Carly!! Use the clues..here is the first one..that needle is old school. They probably only use them as props for movies and TV (shhh..I just saw it, too), two gallons of distilled water? What kind of concoction is he making?
Nathan is overreacting to Maxie's internet search by proposing marriage. Yup..she's gonna jump right on that, genius. Oh..and it seems Griffin knows a little something about our poor little rich kid.
Alexis van deal with quite a bit. Being lied to? Not so much. Julian is back on the saddle and has Carlos trying to save his own skin. He was beaten up by Nina, physically and in business, he learned that his own people put a dead bird in Ava's bed. Sonny wants his head mounted over the fireplace, and when Olivia finds out, he may lose his son, too.
Poor Nikolas..no, seriously, poor Nikolas. Okay, not totally poor, but less rich than before ELQ and Haychel. Speaking of Haychel, she did a turnabout when she thought she had procured ELQ. She was ready to dump Nik and Tracy like bad habits! Where is she now?
May sweeps will be here soon. They are setting the stage with all that is happening. The mayor should worry that her dirty little secret is going to come out. She stupidly told Carly that she was an enemy(Hello! Carly's husband can shut down that town if she pisses either one of them off), and Paul has shown that he has no loyalty.
Franco handled Nina all wrong. Validate her feelings, you idiot! After that, you can tell her how you feel. Till next time!

April 10, 2016

I have to say, Nina on the attack was a sight to behold! Watching her chasing an obviously flummoxed Julian around the Crimson office was funny enough, but when she drew blood? He was scared! Curtis had one of the two best lines, "That's gonna need stitches", and Nina the other, " You are lucky this isn't two years ago. I would have fed you to a printing press. Fortunately for you, I've mellowed.". In so many ways, Nina is an innocent. But since she took on Crimson, she has grown. One thing that I truly enjoy is her real friendship with Maxie. She is grateful that Maxie took the time to teach her how to be a fashionista, and gives her credit. Maxie isn't letting her ego make any decisions because she is doing what she loves. The two of them have resurrected Crimson. Julian was outmaneuvered by them.
Haychel didn't take Nikolas's dismissal lying down. I must say, she really does have a point about her position. One thing I have to say (and it will not be popular) is that her snide and nasty remarks about Elizabeth's children are uncalled for. She may not like Liz, but calling children names is wrong. It's indefensible. But, Nik has no high ground here either. He did not defend Liz, who was looking to protect him. He did try to have Hayden killed. He didn't do it for Liz. He did it to protect his own agenda. Nikolas is not the same person he used to be. He changed completely when Helena came to stay during that Fluke mess. We saw the first glimpse when Helena gave him the file about ELQ, and the look in her eyes when he read it. The next was when he burned the mayoral ballots. After that? Who is this guy? Will the real Nikolas please come back? I can only hope that he is under some post hypnotic suggestion. But, I digress... Curtis is supposed to be watching over Haychel. The way he and Haychel acted was more like menacing and threatening. It devalued all of them. She may want to be with Nik, but like this? The weapons at bedtime were just a prequel to what we can expect. Both sad and comical. Jason is going to be a nice guy and make a generous offer to Nik. He will buy ELQ, giving Nikolas a nice cash cushion. Oh, and Jason won't have him sent to prison for attempted murder. Haychel wants to avoid contact with the cops, too. After that, what else is Haychel after?
Let's devote a few moments to Nina and Franco, shall we? It was uncomfortable to watch Nina's angry meltdown at Franco. She does love him, but he is the focus of her unrealized dreams. She desperately wants to be a mother, and her chance to bear a child was taken away by her mother. She lost twenty years of her life and she knows deep down it's impossible to get it back. She feels cheated and it's understandable. Franco is not being supportive at all. He sees his position as the logical and realistic one, and fails to see how important it is for Nina. Women who have been denied motherhood can see her feelings of emptiness, but not her partner. Seeing him so nurturing to Kiki and Jake cuts Nina deeply. I want to boot him in the ass with spiked heels!
Sonny and Anna have forged an alliance with a common goal. They both have a long history in Port Charles and share a connection, Duke Lavery. Together they want justice for his murder. Anna has crossed a line already by trying to avenge Duke by killing Carlos. He lived courtesy of a plan by Kyle Sloane to get Anna's loyalty and compliance. Anna went through hell and nearly lost her mind, finally finding proof that Carlos was in fact, alive. Now she and Sonny want Carlos alive to get the real culprit, Julian. Julian made the call to kill Duke. Just how will all of this shake out? Nothing is as simple as it looks. Although bullets fly, Carlos may get away for now. But, not for long. His days are truly numbered. When Paul imparts the little nugget of knowledge that Carlos is not only alive, but Anna is going after him, Julian will be shaken. Will Paul tell him that Sonny is also on the hunt? Oh yeah.. Julian has a lot to lose if Carlos comes back. Starting with his wife and kids, his reputation and his freedom. Julian knows that Carlos must die. Will he get lucky and someone else will do it? Or will he be proactive and order his people to do it?
We are going to witness a kinder, gentler Tracy. Will it last? Is it real? How will she react to Jason's acquisition of ELQ? This is going to be a good ride. Finn likes Tracy, in all of her incarnations. Tracy likes the young doctor who fought to save her. Now, let's look back.. When Finn came to Port Charles, he told Roxy that this was their new home. Why? Is there an agenda? Or is he looking for someone or something? Maybe he only needs a place to belong. The true mystery to me is Griffin. He is also looking for something, and I think that little something is Nathan. Perhaps there is a link to Claudette here?
Kristina finally opened up to Alexis. However, she was so sure that her mother wouldn't understand, that her attitude was emotionally charged. Alexis was visibly shaken, yet her analytical mind went down a checklist of scenarios. She felt that A) Kristina was confused. B) The professor must have coerced and led her to think she was attracted to her. She tried to go for any other explanation, even though she would accept it if she thought Kristina was serious. What happened between Kristina and Parker was personal. Alexis violated the trust Kristina gave her. Many of you jumped on the bandwagon condoning and agreeing with what Alexis did by confronting Parker. I don't. She disrespected her daughter by going there.
Sam and Jason made love. They can begin to build a new life together slowly, without pressure. How long will Sam sit back and allow Carly to pull Jason back to the mob? Carly swears that's not her motive, but actions speak louder than words. And who didn't love Jason knocking the crap out of Nik for hurting Sam? And Curtis got a pretty good taste of Jason, too. He should have stayed out of it, like he did when Nina beat the crap out of Julian.
Lastly, It was really nice to have so many scenes with the hospital and staff. It's about time!

It's that time again! This past week had many ups and downs, didn't it? Let's start with Morgan and Kiki. Morgan feels broken beyond repair, but his interaction with Kiki belies that. She wouldn't allow him any self pity and he responded positively to her. When she flipped out over the dropped tray, he was a calming presence to her. They are both on a path toward healing. I hope Ava and Carly both realize how important these kids are to each other. I believe it's the key to recovery for both of them.
Nik found out Hayden's secret and he didn't take it well. I looked at this from Niks perspective first. He is fighting for his future at ELQ. Despite trying to kill his wife (prior to the wedding), and against all that is holy, he fell in love with her. He found out she was trying to get him to sign over his company "to protect him". She is wanted by the cops because they believe she is an accomplice to her father's scams. After Britt, he is naturally skittish. Remember, his first interaction with Haychel was while she was pretending to be Jake's wife. Haychel is an enigma. She is hard at times, like with Liz (mutual hate, both are excluded ). But she is sweet to Tracy when she has no reason to do so. She really cares about Nik and Spencer, but honestly? I can't see how the big love came about. It seemed rushed and weak. Haychel has very little moral high ground here. She knows Shawn is innocent, yet allows him to suffer behind bars. She is not above lying for personal gain. Remember the fight between Nik and Jason? She was very willing to send him to prison and away from his family. She has no defense for that. I can't choose sides in this battle, but I think it will be a roller coaster.
Jason is starting to relax in his own skin. He is learning about his family and feeling more and more comfortable with them. His new version romance with Sam is sweet, but Jason used to be a very good mechanic. He acts like a clueless  farm boy when he gets a wrench in his hand. It's like.. Who are you?? Fortunately, Sam is there to fix things. Soon they will fall into bed and that will "seal the deal".
Some little things dropped, and if you weren't paying attention, you missed them. One, when Finn took out his turn of the century needle, he also had a book to record the whole thing. He did nothing to chase Carly away, which tells me it's not narcotics.
Two, Carly and Ava are forming a bond. Neither one recognized it. They both want to protect their children, all of them. Three, Curtis and Jordan will have a past that goes beyond being professional partners. Definitely lovers. Jordan is too angry at him for a casual relationship.
Four, Nik has a fear of being alone. He feels the abandonment from Helena, Britt and Haychel. Rather than face his emotional pain, he asked Liz to keep him company. Since Courtney and Emily, his track record speaks volumes. He came on to Liz when she was vulnerable, he "rescued" Britt, and stole the governor's daughter from Sloane on NYE. He didn't want her, he only wanted a companion. Too bad she wanted him to value her. She dumped him. I am looking forward to Haychel winning him over. Challenge Accepted!
I am on the fence about Griffin. He seems sincere.. BUT, something he said to Maxie sticks in my mind like an eyelash in my eye. Seven... Maxie asked asked him to be in the Real Men issue of Crimson. He refused and when pressed, he said it was because of her boyfriend. She took that to mean he was attracted to her. Not me. He met Maxie once. Nathan is hiding a huge Claudette secret. Maybe Griffin has an agenda with Nathan? Finding Anna is just icing on the cake. The bullet scar on Griffin might have come from Nathan. Something to think about.
Does anyone see that Sonny is becoming more of a reputable citizen? Kidding! Eight.. But he is working with cops. Sonny would never have considered that in the past. He has been talking about taking care of things that the police can't. Julian is going to look really, really bad by comparison. Speaking of Julian, he needs to make sure he makes friends with more doctors. When his family finds out he is back in the mob? Alexis might take a frying pan to his head. It's OK. She doesn't know how to cook, so they are mostly ornamental. Lucas and Sam will feel betrayed and Olivia is going to implode.
Speaking of Alexis, she may think she has Kristina's best interests at heart, but going to Parker is an awful invasion of privacy. She will lose any trust Kristina has for her and possibly Kristina herself.
Till next time....

Heavy is the head that wears the crown....
Prince Cassadine has continued his streak of picking the wrong woman. He is a magnet for liars. I do think there is much more to Rachel/Hayden, however. I'm not sure what her motives are, or who is pulling the strings, but she is trying to get ELQ. Tracy can't use the blackmail now because Nik knows the truth. Unless there is much more to the story? Hayden seemed desperate, to the point of fear. So, does she love little Nik? I say yes. She fell for one head first and the other one later. Their first encounter was pure sex and it really never stopped. She does have reason to get even with Nik. You know, that whole "Honey? Did you shoot me in the head?" thing. Weirdest foreplay ever! I must wonder if her victims will be showing up in town. Maybe like Finn? Finn and his service lizard have suddenly moved to town. Seems random, right? Wrong! Nothing is random.
Laura found the trunk in the attic. She was steered there by Nik and his helpful history lesson. The reference to her first marriage to Scott was intriguing. Since those law books led her to Luke, and the rape and "romance". Helena is making her formidable presence felt by many. The only one who remains clueless is Lulu. The empty envelope was a big honking neon sign! Helena spoke of her gift. The only thing she has ever valued was her husband and sons. Nik was a favored child, even though Laura was his mother. Since Stavros took an egg from Lulu, and fertilized it with his swimmers, we must conclude with this question, Where is the baby?
Kristina is still the little girl who lashes out when she doesn't get her way. It used to drive me right up a wall, but now? I think it's a symptom of her confusion and denial. That girl needs someone to talk to, and Molly is too clinical. Alexis or Sam should realize she needs someone. Sam was willing to underwrite an entire semester so Sonny and Alexis were kept in the dark. Good sister, but bad sister. Sam should have seen that Kristina was in some serious trouble.
Tracy has a new doctor. He has zero bedside manner and tells everything the way it is. Tracy loves him. My guess is that he was planning to come before he got Monica's call. The reason why will soon become apparent. I love Michael Easton and can't wait to see him in this new skin.
Carlos is going to be found soon. And, so will Sabrina. The question is, is she happy with Carlos or is he making it impossible for her to leave? I think there is still hope for her and Michael. The only thing I would like to know, will Carlos live?
Paul is still very slimy. His only concern is how he is perceived by others. He is hiding more than we know. I think he will be found out soon. There are so many stories tied into this one. The dirty mayor, the rigged election, Nikolas's part in destroying the ballots, Carlos, Sloane's murder and the gunrunning. Oh? You forgot about it? Raj is still out there, ready to pop up at an inconvenient time.
Who is cursed and by whom?
Laura, by Helena
Alexis, by Helena
Sam, by Helena
Carly, by Mayor Janice Lomax.
I'm curious as to who will be the first to have problems. Curses have a way of coming true in Port Charles.

             March 20, 2016
Hello to all of you! This week, I think I will start with Sonny, Julian and Ava. The black rose was one amazing piece of manipulation. By sending it, with the note to Kiki, he played on Ava's biggest fear. Death. Was anyone surprised when Julian said he would talk to their people? Julian has been running the Jerome family behind the scenes all along. Why else would they all stay loyal? Think about it. Sonny is cunning and he has always known how to handle a threat. He is getting back to that. Julian, Ava and Paul underestimate him. Big mistake.
Crimson is next. Julian is working hard to kill the magazine for his own reasons. After looking over his legitimate business portfolio, he finds he owes quite a bit to Uncle Sam. Much like all super rich people, he doesn't want to pay. How to accomplish that goal? Why have a huge tax write off! If Crimson fails, he declares a huge loss and the tax bill goes away!
Unfortunately for him, Nina and Maxie want it to succeed. They spun the "green issue" into gold and now they have turned the latest issue into a big draw! Julian won't sell Nina the magazine because he needs it to fail. He can get so much more by its FAILURE. I love Nina's special thought process. It works. I really want Nina to not only save the magazine, but also to have a baby. Franco will come around. His process is different, but he'll get there.
Julexis. Woo hoo! When the truth comes out, Alexis will be mad. But, will she leave Julian? She might, if a war is coming. She knows how collateral damage works. Micheal, Jason, Kiki, Sonny and Duke. She has daughters and a grandson. This will be a hard decision. She loves Julian, and she has always been a magnet for dangerous men. She even played mattress tag with Jerry Jacks!
Some sweet moments.. Ava calling Sonny to see if Morgan would talk to Kiki was a good one. It showed that they care about each other's children. Just like Ava standing up to Dixon to protect Kristina.
I agree with Sonny that Avery is safer with him. She has a huge target on her back since it looks like she was a rat. Not just her own people, but other mobs and Dixon's crew, including Raj.
Ava telling Carly she bought a care package for Morgan, because she knows he likes chocolate.
Griffin sharing his mother's letter with Anna.
Molly giving unqualified support to her sister, even getting in Sonny's face!
I can't wait to see Michael Easton tomorrow. I don't care what his name might be.
Now, what do I see coming? I think the friendship between Liz and Franco might appear to others that they are romantic. But I doubt they are going there.
The Jasam divorce is actually a cute way for this couple to start over. A new romance for them!
Helena's will showed us that Grandma Helena isn't quite as dead as we thought. She wants and needs the world to believe it, so we have a scavenger hunt scenario for the "heirs" to figure out.
Hayden is about to be exposed and Nik will be caught with his pants down.
I like Valerie with Curtis. There is more there than lust. It's a more honest relationship that she had with Dante. When they had their magazine adventure, and got wet and muddy, I found it charming.
Diane and Alexis are two battle scarred old war horses. Their fights in the courtroom rarely affect their personal lives. That's why they are such good friends. Once the case is over, they go back to being besties. I read the comments from many of you about Diane deleting the recording. This is war for her. The same for Alexis. When these two face off, it's no holds barred bareknuckle brawling. After that, it's off to the bar and then back to their men!
Finally, Elizabeth and the book. Helena is cruel and twisted. She loves manipulation and mind control. What did that poor little boy go through? What is he blocking out? How will this loved ones react when it's revealed? This is a story that will unsettle many people. That includes the fans.
Till next time!

March 13, 2016

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This past week yielded few surprises and we lost a day, but some nuggets were gleaned anyway. Lulu and Dante have decided that they will work on their relationship. These two have been selfish and childish much too long. They do agree a new bed and probably a new house is a great idea. The former head writer was trying to shake things up, I get that. But the way he did it was short sighted and a disservice to the show, the characters and the actors. He changed Dante into a faithless cheated who didn't have the decency to talk to his wife before inviting her cousin into the marital bed. He turned Liz into an unrecognizable liar who thought only of herself and forgot her children. He turned Nikolas into a heartless liar who easily tried to have a woman killed. He killed Silas, created Denise Demuccio and wrote Brad and Rosalie into a Gordian knot. Jason was inherently decent, and using him as a puppet for Helena was interesting, however. It gave Sonny a way to get out of prison. Sam was portrayed as a watered down version of herself, and she was pushing to be Suzy Homemaker. Oops.. This got away from me, so let me go back. Sam and Jason were moving fast. It seems that it is too fast. They may be married, but they really don't know each other. If they don't slow down they will risk losing any chance they have. I'm glad that the writers have seen this and are going to start a new courtship. I used to love Liz and Jason, but that was ruined by the lie. Liz is going to figure out a way for Jason to reclaim some of his memories. This will help with her redemption. I hope she and Sam can come to a place of tolerance. They both have children with Jason and need to at least be cordial. Jason is still in a place of finding himself. His past is just a concept to him. He has heard the stories, but it's abstract until he remembers on his own. I like his interaction with Monica, and I was pleased that Carly admitted that she tried to keep him away from the Q's. Monica has lost so much, Alan, Emily, AJ and even Jason that it would be nice to put one in the win column for once. Anna is back, or at least on that path. She doesn't trust Paul (rightly so) and needs allies she can count on. Robert and Mac are both solidly in her corner, but it's not enough. When Sonny showed up at her house, it was fortuitous for her. She knows how Sonny operates. She knows that in his own way he is honorable, so she made sure his attention was drawn to the photo of Carlos. She gave him enough time to look it over and came back, allowing him to question her and draw his own conclusions. Now she has someone with a greater reach helping her. He even agreed to keep her in the loop because of his great respect for Duke. Trust me, this is going to be exciting! I have to give Ava props for handing Avery over to Sonny. She could have called Julian, but put Avery first. This week there will be a twist that no one would have predicted three months ago. Ava might not be running guns anymore, but she did make a dangerous enemy in Raj. Raj blames Ava directly for what happened on the pier. She had convinced him to ignore Morgan's presence before, and it came back to bite them all in the ass. Ava has a target on her back, and so does Kiki and Avery. Sonny steps in to help. He really likes Kiki and feels responsible for her being on the docks that night. Think about this.. Carly told Sonny she would call and donate his wheelchair. He agreed. She said she would call the contractors to remove all the ramps and equipment that was needed for his accessibility and comfort. He said no. Guess who he may be hosting? It's actually the best and safest option, unless Raj comes through the backyard. Anybody can get in the back way. Yes, I am being sarcastic. But I am certain that not only will they all be at Sonny's, there will be a new understanding. Not with Carly. She hates Ava.  There are things that are happening now that are far reaching on other fronts. Julian is getting serious about sinking Crimson. Alexis needs this issue for her lawsuit, and her husband is doing all he can to kill it. Nina is an innocent, but she has great instincts and she is intelligent. Her desire to make Crimson a success is equal to Julian's desire to destroy it. She turned his sabotage around once. She will do it again. And does anyone really think he left the mob? Not me. He is in it up to his eyeballs and it will come out. Tracy is in deep doodoo healthwise. Dr. Mayes has tunnel vision. There is an old joke, What is the difference between God and a neurosurgeon? God doesn't think he's a neurosurgeon.  Dr. Mayes has a God complex and he will be fired from another case. First Sonny, now Tracy. Dr. Munro will save the day, probably with an assist from the new doctor. Speaking of Griffin Munro, his desire to get to know Anna and get some answers is going to be bittersweet. He is Duke's son and also has connections to Sonny. He will integrate into the community nicely.
Franco and Nina seem to be heading for trouble. Everyone is up in arms that he and Liz are going to be a couple. They are not. Franco found a great capacity for love with Nina and Kiki. He wants to be a father, but he has been shut down and put down for so long, that he rejects the idea. Give these two some time in a mature and real situation. They will work it out. And Kiki is not Nina's daughter. 

The past week has been emotional and revealing. First, we can all agree about Bryan Craig and his gritty and realistic performance as Morgan in the throes of mental illness. Maurice Benard and Laura Wright were beautiful and fragile as his heartbroken and finally aware parents. They finally saw that they were incapable of caring for their son at home. Caroline Hennessey was amazing as she witnessed Morgan's meltdown and assured him how much she and Max loved him. Those tears got me.
Now, let's talk about things that bothered me.
1) Felicia bought Nathan a stuffed toy poodle. Nathan hated it because it was too cute and reminded him of his lie. Instead of giving it to Georgie or charity, he threw it away. Really?
2) Paul cares more about his image than doing the right thing. He is protecting Ava, but wants to hang Morgan who is obviously ill.
3)Julian is hiding something about his mob involvement. He claims to love Alexis, but I have to question his sincerity.
4) Jason has every right to see Sam. But after talking to Liz and knowing how stressed out she is, he should have asked Sam to wait at the hotel when Jake was being released.
4) Liz agreed to move in with Nik, knowing that Jason has a problem with him. She should have told Jason upfront. Visiting Jake is going to be hard.
5) Sam needs to accept the fact that she is insensitive a lot of times. Pot meet Kettle.
6)Dante must have taken those divorce papers to court the minute Lulu signed them. He can't keep playing "she loves me, she loves me not". Play her or trade her!
7) Franco is turning into a world class turd. He is sweet and kind to Liz and Ava, but the woman he professes to love begs for scraps. Dick move!
8) Alexis is now Kiki's aunt and Julian's wife. She can't spare three minutes to visit and offer support to her sister in law?
There is so much left for us to ruminate, but let's start with Raj. He is still running around town and will be popping up soon. He is a loose cannon and he has targets. Ava because she asked him to leave Morgan alone and then blew the deal, Paul, because he was playing both sides and Sonny, because of Morgan. When this explodes, and it will, where will Julian fit in?
Sonny and Carly are at a crossroads in their marriage already. He kept her in the dark, and a lie of omission is still a lie. I know why Sonny did it and I agree with him. Carly just can't control her emotions and the whole town would have known. They will get past this. But, if they don't? There's always Laura.
Jason will get a taste of his own past this week and it will ignite his desire to reclaim it. Monica will finally get her chance to get her son back. I really think that between Carly, Liz and Sam, Jason gets a pretty clear picture of who he is. The question begs, Who will he become? And how will this affect the people in his life? Helena's will could play a part. Griffin Munro is following Anna, and speculation is running wild about who he is and what he is up to with her. Could he be her son by Duke? Or perhaps someone who needs to have questions answered? The answer is coming quickly.
Julian is trying to sabotage the newest issue of Crimson. Maxie derailed it, but is unaware that Julian ordered the printer to Go Green again. Fortunately for Nina and Maxie, he is otherwise occupied. Nathan is going to tell Maxie the truth about Claudette. This means that she is in town already or heading that way. We get to see Brad this week! He helps Griffin with his concern over Tracy and her diagnosis. Hayden is about to implode her life and marriage. She is going to do some fancy dancing! There is so much more, but I have gone on long enough. Thanks for reading!
oday, I am giving out the awards for the week. It has been exciting and electric. Here are my acknowledgements!

Best Moment in a church: Sonny jumping out of his chair to stop Dixon. Even though the brakes were on, it rolled backwards for effect.
Best Moment of Betrayal; Carly walking in to see Sonny standing over Dixon with a gun, and Sonny trying to be a badass. Even Dixon could tell Sonny was afraid of her.
Best Moment of Heartbreak; Morgan on the ledge, preparing to jump. Seeing his vision of Kiki goading him. She failed. But he really did give a great performance.
Runner up; Sonny trying to make Morgan understand that he is loved. He actually was willing to jump with him. It would be less stressful than dealing with Carly.
Best Moment of Kindness; Carly telling Ava about Kiki. Ok, she still had her blood all over herself. Next time, take off the sweater!! And we know there's always a next time.
Runner up; Franco comforting Ava. Honestly, he loves Kiki, so he played nice with her screech owl mama.
Runner up; Monica, Jason and Liz. Liz said it best. I want to get back to who I really am.
Best place to Kill or be Killed; Pier 54.
Best Moment of Sleaze; Paul trying to pretend he is competent and in charge. Anyone who deals with Paul needs Clorox wipes.
Best Moment by a guest bad guy; Raj! He uncuffed his hostage before pushing her in the water.
Best Demonstration of footwear; Not Sam, Lulu! She lost her shoes and her ability to swim simultaneously.
Best Moment of Shock; Morgan realizing that Kiki took a bullet for him. And that he lost his daddy's gun.
Best Moment of Confusion; Maxie, after hearing Nathan call her "Claudette". Quick Nathan! Fake sleep!
Best Impression of a Dying Woman; Lulu floating motionless in the water. Why didn't she just swim to the dock? It was only a foot away. She could have floated.
Runner up; Kiki, when her head flopped sideways, while wearing gray lipstick. Lipstick was too obvious. Any color would not have turned gray, even if her lips did!
Best Moment of Disgust; Anna talking to Paul after the bust fell apart. She looked like she needed a shower with Comet cleanser.
Best Moment of Clarity; Carly seeing the true cost of being married to the mob. And knowing she has short term memory loss where Sonny is concerned, this too shall pass.
Best Surprise; Ava offering to take Kristina's place as a hostage.
Runner up; Franco, for trying to distract the gunman.
Bravest Act; Maxie. She was willing to get shot to save Nathan.
The What Just Happened award; Brad Cooper for announcing his divorce from Rosalie.
Where is she? Dead? Hanging out with Ric and Bobbie? Getting fat off of her divorce settlement?

This past week has been exciting. It also gave us some glimpses into what is coming, if you were paying attention. Paul pissed off Anna by suggesting that they squeeze Morgan to get him to flip on Sonny. It was sleazy and cruel. Not to mention, moronic! A blind man could see that Morgan was not acting on his father's orders. Paul is hiding something besides the art he bought and his affair with Ava. There is more to this story, and we will see it soon. They need to revive the election fraud story.
Alexis and Julian are married! It's glorious. But, somethi
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