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January 31, 2016

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What an exciting week! Twists are the order of the day. I really thought Donny would clue Carly in on his progress, but no. At first I thought is was crap, but then I thought about Carly. She is way too emotional to keep that secret. Her ego and hair trigger would push her to let something slip to Ava. More on Ava later..
Let's chat about Liz, Sam and Jason. Franco gave wise advice to Sam. Stop treating Liz like the enemy. They both have sons with Jason and need to get along. Sam has an abrasive " in your face" personality and Liz is defensive already. Its time to put aside the lies and anger and move forward. Jake needs help and it would be nice if the adults in his life stopped acting like children. Before you all get riled up and complain that your girl is not the bad guy, stop. Its beyond that now. They are parents and need to set good examples for the kids. The ladies must allow Jason to find his way in his world, no matter where that takes him. He isn't a prize to be won. It doesn't matter where his heart takes him, he still has to be in both women's lives. They all must learn to respect each other. On that note, remember these are actors! Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Becky Herbst (Liz) are killing it in this story. The animosity drips from every pore. It proves how good they are, since they are actually good friends off screen. I like them both and it kind of pisses me off to see them insulted. Liz is vilified by one and all for not getting Jake help. Given the totality of the circumstances, it's understandable. Lucky, Luke and Laura all assured her he was fine. He was raised by housekeepers and nannies. He was well adjusted and was just nervous. That's why Liz didn't rush to the psychiatrist. She didn't want to put pressure on her newly returned child. Try to remember.. It's a show, not a family party. Relax and enjoy. Sam has been reamed for "using" Jake. She did question him. But she had no clue that he was unbalanced. Sam loves Jason and wants him back. She sees Liz as her enemy. Its normal. They will have to find a way to coexist. It doesn't matter if you don't like the way things are going. Why? It changes! If everything stayed just the way you want it to, you would watch for about a week..bored silly. Admit it! The story keeps you hooked because something always happens to throw a monkey wrench.
Now let's talk Lante. Dante screwed up. Lulu screwed up. It doesn't matter who is more at fault. Olivia was right. There were cracks in their happiness before. It became clear when Johnny came back to partner with Lulu. Dante didn't trust her to deal with Johnny and Lulu didn't like Dante not respecting her judgement. That theme continued into last year when Cousin Valerie entered the picture. She was wounded and needy. Dante liked her right away. She defended him to the media when he was accused of racial profiling. She liked his "honor and heart". When Lulu found out about her brother being kidnapped, she wanted to run to Dante. Both Luke and Laura demanded her silence. Her emotions took over. Since Dillon was privy to everything, she had someone to confide in. Knowing how important it was, Dillon offered to help find Lucky with her. He also hoped that she would see him as a hero instead of a friend. That sent Valerie running to her new best bud Dante, who grabbed onto to his mistrust of his wife once again. He used that to justify his game of "Tag the mattress kitten". Now we have two angry and hurt people who can't get past their pain and keep hurting each other. I honestly think that Dante still loves Lulu. I just don't think he is committed to her anymore. He wants to explore with someone else before he comes back to the marriage. Let's see how it goes on Monday.
Paul Hornsby is in deep. More deeply than even he realizes. Paul's ego and his quest for power will be his undoing. He has been thinking with the little head instead of the big head. Now he has to level the playing field. Ava makes him vulnerable because she is too close. He discounts two people who have reasons to take him down. Sonny, because he wants to get those guns out of Port Charles, and he is worried about Avery. And Julian, who still loves his little sister and doesn't want her hurt.
Another thing, Anna knows he lied about Carlos and that he killed Sloane. Paul doesn't know she knows. Plus, he is attracted to her. She can play some fun psychological games with him. I hope she does!
Pay attention to what Sonny said to Julian. "You can never get out. You can't walk away". Its true and will come into play later.
Epiphany and Sonny will not only continue to work on getting out of his chair, but she will assume a new role with him. He trusts her judgement.
The twist in the story of Kristina was unexpected, wasn't it? I wonder why Professor Parker needs to speak to her?
Advice for Sam..two words. Wear Flats!
I think you are about to see some interesting changes in Liz.
Thinking he killed Sam has unlocked something inside of Jake. He is scared and guilty. He will do the right thing and everyone can begin to heal.
Sonny's new doctor appears this week. He is the one that Lucas arranged.
More later...have a great week!

Welcome to Sweeps! Let the games begin...
Jason has had a huge memory and it makes him crave more. Jake's darkness is being hinted st, and we are going to see his rage in action. Liz is stuck right now. Her son is seriously disturbed and she is too close to see it. Sam isn't helping by accusing her of being diabolical. I see that Sam has every reason to mistrust Liz, but she is an investigator and should look at all angles. She missed the most obvious clue. Jake himself! He all but wears a neon sign with his intentions. He has made no secret of his desire for his parents to be together. These incidents get them on the same page. He hates Sam and considers her the bad guy. He has been present every single time. I get Liz's reaction to finding Sam in her home
Jason totally screwed the pooch on this one. He should have asked Liz first. Its not Jason's house and he knows there is tension. But.. Do the math, Sam! She hates Liz and that colors her outlook. Something really bad is about to happen that will open up Elizabeth and Jason's eyes, and Jake will start getting badly needed psychiatric care.
Where will this leave the players? Jason and Sam will begin to get to know each other all over again. We will see a replay of their courtship and love. Liz will be hurt, but she will begin to realize just how much her lies cost not only herself, but her children. Hopefully she will meet someone new. Not a rerun of LL2. That ship has sailed, even if the character comes back.
We get a new doctor on staff. He looks good, and probably has a very interesting backstory.  He will no doubt catch the eye of every female in town. He is precious eye candy!
Dante will finally admit to himself that his interest in Valerie has been real and has been that way since they met. Lulu messed up pretty badly, and Dante uses that to justify his own bad behavior. This is a sad end to a fairytale love. But, being honest, it was getting stale. Something needed to shake things up.
Sonny is doing all he can to walk. He is being secretive about his progress because his enemies think he is not a threat to them at all in his condition. Mark this, Sonny is about to go old school on them. Ava is going to regret her alliances with Raj and Paul. These guns aren't toys. They are going to terrorists. Its topical and scary. Ava isn't thinking of her children or her brother and his family. She is, as usual, thinking with her crotch. It started out with her desire to stay out of prison, but her crotch said,"Hey! This guy can ride me like a horse in the Derby!" So, that became her focus. Ava enjoys the power and doesn't care who gets hurt in her quest for more. The way she belittles anyone she considers to be in her way is cruel and it bothers me that Avery will grow up to emulate this tactic.'s going to backfire, and soon! Julian will see how deep Ava is in this mess and step in. Ava has an ego and will resent his intrusion into her business, and that will cause problems, but may ultimately save her worthless life. I think Anna will use Paul's desire for her to bring him down. Its wonderful to have Robert back, and paired with Anna. These two are magnetic!
Nina is a lot smarter than anyone gives her credit for being. She turned the green Crimson into gold, and is going to make an even bigger statement with issue two. She is more than clothes, shoes and breeding. The girl has style. She will make a miracle with this magazine while Julian is busy with Ava and Alexis. Nina and Franco are no longer the evil kidnapping nutjobs. They have morphed into productive and contributing members of society. Nina rescued Maxie from drowning in mediocrity by bringing her back to Crimson. They are a team. Not just because they work in the same place, but because they create together. Nina never downplays Maxie. She isn't the first assistant anymore. She is the Associate Editor. She is in her element. She is Nina's first real friend. I like that Olivia gave her approval to the magazine. It shows inclusion and acceptance. Franco is gaining respect as an Art Therapist. He deals with patients who need an outlet, and he confers with doctors about his observations. I'm loving it! Roger Howarth is a great talent. We are lucky to have him. Michelle Stafford is killing it as Nina. I don't know how she always looks so good with two small children to care for! I always looked like "there appears to have been a struggle".
Nikolas and Hayden..what can I say? Nik has been lied to and played by women. He will find out about Hayden and he will be made aware that she knows he had her shot. I am kind of angry that Shawn has been left to rot in Pentonville. Curtis is supposed to be his friend, and he knows Shawn didn't shoot Hayden. I am not sure of how this will play out, but I do know that we may get answers to Nik's change of persona. Tracy will fight to her last breath to get ELQ returned to the Quartermanes. Hayden has a big secret, and I hope its not the same tempest in a teapot that Rosalie and Brad share. For now, all we know is that her real name is Rachel. She has a beef with someone named J. Dover. The name scared her, that means he or she will show up soon. Tracy told her she knew she changed her appearance. That's ALWAYS a clue that this character is known to us. So many reveals are coming! So many surprises for sweeps, but I think a good surprise is welcomed by the fans. You don't want to know everything in advance, do you?
Now..a few random thoughts... Kristina is caught up in a situation that could turn out to be dangerous. My guess is that her teacher has either lost his job or list his mind because of her. I wonder if he knows who her father is? And add her soon to be stepfather to the mix and its a recipe for danger. Where is Ric Lansing? The last we saw of him, he was going to file a motion at the courthouse. Laura has another ex-husband in town. Scott Baldwin will eventually run into her. It could be interesting. I can't wait until she meets her one time stepson! Mayor Lomax is the definition of corrupt politician. That can only mean one thing. Shari Belafonte came on to have a big splashy story, and its going to come out about the election being rigged. Some big stories are tied into this. Nikolas changing his character, Paul returning to take out Sonny, Hayden's interaction with Nik, Anna having a near breakdown and the resurrection of Carlos. I really think Michael and Sabrina belong together. That means Carlos has to go to prison or die. I hope its prison. Carlos can be a character who returns down the road to cause drama with his child. Dante should do some soul searching to find out why it was do easy to jump into bed with Valerie. Lulu needs to look at herself, too. She went a bit off the rails with Johnny. Well..I have taken up enough time. See you next week!

And the changes begin....
Robert is helping Anna, Kevin makes an appearance and we meet the mayor again.
I love the classics. Characters, situations and twists are fun, and while some are great ( The Scorpio's are together), some are just overdone. I am over back from the dead characters and constant character assassination! What is the deal with Nikolas? Is he nuts or just greedy? Is he being forced to act like this? Doubtful. He is involving Hayden, who is a wild card and could topple his freedom. Bring Liz back. The real Liz, not this caricature. Why don't these parents spend any time with their kids? Jason sees Jake. Sonny sees his kids. But the others? Spencer? Josslyn? Cam? Aiden? Danny? Even Leo and Rocco are never seen. Avery is never shown and Georgie is a hardly seen memory!
Things are picking up in other areas. Paul is getting careless and cocky. Ava is in over her head and might need help to get out of this ugly arms trade. Alexis and Julian are too happy. That means drama! Kristina is hiding something about her grades and Morgan wants to prove that he can handle Sonny's business.
I would like to see Sabrina come to her senses before she is arrested for aiding and abetting. I want Sonny to walk and show Raj who is boss. I want Tracy to snatch ELQ away from Nik. As for Jason, Sam and Liz, I would like to see them all start from scratch. The memory Jason will have could shape this. Not all of his memories with Sam are good. He threatened to kill her once. I honestly hope that if they put him with Sam, they build on his new life, not their old one. Same with Jason and Liz. Just keep Carly out of his bed and I'm good. Nico! This couple is Lightning in a bottle! They built them slowly and sensitively into a root worthy couple. Nina has grown so much since she came to town. She is coming into her own as a woman and a businesswoman. I really like her,now. Michelle Stafford impresses me with her portrayal of Nina. A look, a turn of her head or just her body language makes me see Nina. Kudos to her. She and Maurice Benard are a class by themselves. Not to say the others are great actors, because they are. The have so much dialogue and nail it every time! But Maurice and Michelle just blow me away. Roger Howarth is another great actor. He sparks on the screen. I am becoming invested in these characters.
Let's visit Lulu and Dante. Lulu ignored the excellent counsel of Olivia and Laura about her marriage. She hid a wanted man and conspired with him to harm Valerie. She didn't want to kill her, but if anything bad happens, Lulu is as guilty as Johnny. Can you spell accessory? There may be no coming back from this one. Dante values integrity above...oh, who the hell am I kidding? Dante is also morally ambiguous. The last straw for me was when Lulu came over and found Valerie had slept with Dante. Dante was not only cold and cruel, but he kept silent and allowed Valerie to attack her. It was wrong and Dante should have told Valerie to stay out of it. Ok..that's all about Dante for now... Lulu might face real charges for this, on top of fracturing the fragile balance of the Spencer clan. She went too far and focused on Valerie as the reason her husband strayed. The real reason was simpler. They stopped trying. They began to grow apart and glossed over the cracks. The mistrust and distrust were a slow growing cancer that they both ignored. Dillon is not the answer any more than Valerie is.
There will be a new doctor in a few weeks. He is sure to make women (and some men) swoon. We need some new mature blood to improve the flow. The best reason to watch, however, isn't just one character or couple. Its the story. Much like a book or a movie, if you know the ending, it makes the story boring. I'm not talking about spoilers... I mean demanding that a certain couple be put together, or a certain character do a certain thing. Threatening to stop watching if if doesn't happen right away or if it doesn't happen at all is ridiculous and won't force the issue for the Powers that Be. It's a creative process that true fans respect and accept. Thank you all for allowing me to share this with you! Till next time...

Like it or not, this isn't a ploy for attention. Someone is terrorizing Elizabeth and her sons. The question is who? And why? The easy answer is Jake, but remember what Laura suggested? It is possible that Jake is privy to some information that no one wants exposed. He may have seen someone or heard something on that island. Helena was cold and cruel. She has a history of hurting children for her own amusement. Or Jake is building on what he witnessed on NYE. Knowing that Jason came running and stayed overnight might make him want to keep that going. We don't know for sure just yet, so I will reserve judgement.
Let's move on to Jason and Sam. So much anger from the fans is scary and unsettling. I am speaking only to Jasam fans for a moment... Jasam was a sweet and romantic love story, until it wasn't. Being realistic, there were cracks in the glass before his "death". Jason (the last incarnation) was becoming cold to Sam after the honeymoon. Knowing she had the trauma of the rape, he looked to Liz to get advice on how to deal with Sam's emotions. Did he take her advice? Only until Sam turned up pregnant. Then he began to emotionally distance himself. Sam ended up alone and lost for most of her pregnancy. After the baby switch debacle, Jason did find and return Danny and reacted to Sam's gratitude. They had a tentative reconciliation, but it only lasted until Bernie called. The old Jason really didn't treat Sam with the respect and understanding she needed after the trauma of the rape. Even if he wasn't the baby's father, he should have loved Sam enough to fully accept her child. When he finally decided to make a family with Sam, their first night together was cut short by Bernie and the phonecall. And that brings us to the new Jason. If he and Sam reunite, I hope they take their time and get to know each other as they are now.
Now for the Liason fans.. Liz messed up. She has loved Jason for years, sometimes as a friend, sometimes as more than that. But now? They have history now, in the present, and it means something. Jason is understandably angry and hurt, but he formed a bond with Jake, Cam and Aiden. He knows Danny is his, but he doesn't know him. He will, and that puts him in Sam's orbit. If Jason and Liz are going to have a chance, she has a long uphill battle. I hope the writers take the time to tell a real, heartful story about forgiveness and redemption.
Let's touch on Lulu and Johnny, shall we? Lulu has a deep and complicated history with Johnny. They really loved each other. When the guilt from killing Logan sent her over the edge, Johnny knew she needed help and made sure she got it. Johnny's mob ties grew and shaped him into the gangster he became. Let's not forget, he shot Julian and tried to kill Sonny. Maxie helped him escape town, nearly costing her Nathan. Now we fast forward.. Johnny is a danger junkie. Always has been, always will be. His ego makes him cocky and dangerous. Lulu is angry and hurt, but basically a good person, so she will realize just how out of control Johnny has become. He needs to go, or get arrested before Valerie ends up in prison or dead. Dante needs to pick one woman and stick with her, not become a lover by opportunity. Thanks for the ear...

We say goodbye to Scrubs this week. The new year is going to be full of intrigue, romance and surprises! Sonny and Carly are busy, busy people. Sonny is going to walk this year. Sonny is not going to let his enemies in on this fact right away. He is running his business, he is undergoing intensive physical therapy, his son is bipolar and resistant to therapy. He is a newly wed and he wants his little girl back. Carly is by his side, but she gets so emotional, that she undermines herself. Michael is on the horns of a dilemma. There is a big reason that he hasn't told Sonny, Carly and Monica about the baby and you can guess what it is. He truly loves Sabrina and is missing her and the baby. Dante is ready to try to fix his marriage. I am unimpressed. He had to jump back into bed with Valerie as soon as he could. He was willing to sneak around with her, endangering his job and jeopardizing his ability to provide for his child. He didn't do it out of any love for Valerie. He was horny, plain and simple. When he saw Lulu and Rocco at Sonny's, he remembered why he married her two years ago. He saw his son possibly growing up without him. He finally saw what he was doing not only to his family, bit to himself as well. Maybe it was what Sonny told him? Let's hope this is the beginning of Dante and Lulu really working on their marriage.
Jason knows who he was now. He has a name and stories of his past, but that's all. I know that so many of you want his romantic situation dealt with. Let's begin with Jason himself. He has heard all of the stories, all of the exploits and all of his love life. Jason has done a lot of thinking, and he doesn't want to be the enforcer anymore. Yes, he has the instincts and the skills but he doesn't have the heart. Taking lives used to be easy and unemotional for him, but all that has changed. Getting his memory back won't change that now. Jason has three women with different expectations of him. Carly, who wants her Jason back, the one who drops everything and everyone to rush to her side as soon as she calls. He was the family protector, mediator and moral compass, as well as their hired gun. Liz, who loves the Jason who lives a quiet life with family and friends. He loves her as much as she loves him, and puts her first. Sam, who was and is his wife, wants the Jason she remembers. He was adventurous, cool and analytical. He also loved her. They had a love story as much as he had with other women, but they seemed to be kindred spirits. Both were loners, skirted the law and had adventure after adventure. This ended not because of Liz, Carly or his profession. It ended because Franco became obsessed with Jason. Remember the old Franco? He had sex with Maxie, kidnapped Lulu and Sam, planted a bomb under Lulu, had Michael raped in prison and supposedly raped Sam on her honeymoon. He also stole Claudia's body and kind of blew it up. When Roger Howarth took the role, we were told it was all an illusion, but I digress. Sam couldn't deal with the idea she was raped. Jason was at a loss. He couldn't reach her emotionally. He turned to Liz for advice, since they were friends and she was a rape survivor. When Sam turned up pregnant, DNA tests showed the baby belonged to Franco. Jason couldn't deal with that. He distanced himself from Sam.
Now, he must find a new path, with new memories and maybe a new romance. I am looking forward to new paths for everyone!
This week is a tad short...BUT, next week I will talk your ears off!
This years has been jam packed with changes. Don't think so? Let's look back...Last New Years Eve, Sonny was in prison, Jake was working for Carly, passing out drinks and making sad cow eyes at Liz. Liz was with Ric at the MetroCourt, Duke was with Lucy and Sloane was waiting for his date to arrive. Anna was solo, sitting with Sloane who tried to appear as if he had the moral highground. Now for the good stuff; Alexis was with Ned and Julian was watching them with ill disguised jealousy. Olivia was pining away for Ned at the same time. Nik waltzed in with Sloane's date, leaving him alone close to midnight. This set the stage for a night to remember. Sloane and Anna kept each other occupied, Olivia and Julian snarked at each other, but ended up kissing at midnight and making love, and Alexis and Ned did as well. Carly kissed Jake to get his mind off of Liz, and give Liz an eyeful. Dante and Lulu were happy. 

Since that night, Olivia had Julians baby, Julian was in prison, escaped and stopped being Luke's bitch. Sonny escaped and saved the town from a bomb planted by Jake, nearly died and was saved by Michael.  He was pardoned by the governor, who did it because Sonny saved all those people, including  his daughter, who was Nik's date. Ava went to prison, escaped, was shot by Carlos, fell off a bridge and survived cancer. She was saved by Silas, who died at the hand of Madeline. Ava became Denise DeMuccio for far too long. Dante cheated on Lulu with her newly minted cousin.  Luke was caught, fixed and left town. Ric hired Hayden and lost Liz. Liz found out who Jake was and stayed silent. Ned broke up with Olivia, who faked her babys death, after Ned sold his stock to help keep her secret. Patrick and Sam fell in love, moved in together and broke up when she busted Liz. Patrick found Robin. 
Sonny was shot, remarried Carly and had Avery with Ava. Sonny lost Avery to Michael, got her back and lost her to Ava. Michael reunited. Ava took over the Jerome gang, got involved with Paul and started running guns, Julian and Alexis reconnected and are engaged. Liz got her thought to be dead son back, lost Jason and had Nikolas nearly fall on her from a balcony. Also, Duke was shot and killed by Carlos right after reconciling with Anna...she shot and killed Carlos, who decided not to stay dead. Carlos is now the father of sweet Sabrina's baby, Michael is finally aware of that little nugget. A year ago,, Maxie and Nathan finally connected on a deeply personal level and may not last, because Dillon Q is in the picture. Helena may or may not be dead and Things are moving fast....

So, when you worry about what may happen, don't. Change is certain. If you don't like what is happening, wait a minute. You will get your wish. Be patient. Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to all of you. We appreciate your support. Thank you.
Jason Thompson finally has a story. His exit,while expected, takes some getting used to. Unfortunately, its rushed and doesn't do justice to a character that has meant so much to us.  Ten Years! Thankfully, Patrick will be reunited with Robin. She has been off screen, a guest of Helena Cassadine. Finally, little Emma will have her mother back. I'm happy that the Scorpio-Drakes will return to tie up loose ends. At least they get a fitting goodbye. Jerry will also face some justice as well.
Jason has some serious thinking to do. Now that Sam has admitted that she still loves him, how will he react? While he has no memory yet, he feels some obligation to his wife and son. But, he also loves Elizabeth, even though she hurt him deeply. They also have a son. Little Jake has some serious issues, including abandonment and PTSD from years under Helena's thumb. This kid wants his family. Don't expect Jason to walk away from his son. Down the road, I can see him being drawn back to Sam. They will try to recapture what they once had. But... I think that will be a problem. Jason is not the same. He has all of Jason's instincts and abilities. But his motivation for using them has changed. Sam has also become a different person. She has a sense of adventure and danger, but she also has a child. There is no way that she will risk hurting him or herself. Jason had almost a year of living a peaceful (for the most part) life and he liked it. He and Sam have different expectations now. Can they really rebuild?
On another front,
Nikolas needs to protect himself and his hold on ELQ. The best way is to put Jason in a bad position. He will goad Jason into a physical attack. You have to hand it to Nik. He puts himself on the line to effectively disable Jason and his quest to beat Nik. Nikolas is different. He was a prince in every way. He cared. He tried to make things right. Who is this person inhabiting his body? Will we ever get answers? I think so, and soon, I hope. Right now, crime is rampant in Port Charles. Paul, Ava and Carlos are running guns. This is particularly abhorrent in light of what we see every day on the news. These guns aren't going to boy scouts. They have a foothold in town and believe they have neutralized Sonny and his organization. Add Jerry, Johnny and the gunrunners and try to balance out Lulu plotting to get rid of Valerie, and Sonny trying to protect his organization, and not much else. What's left? Dante cheating, Liz lying to Jason, Sam trying to pretend she is happy with Patrick, Sabrina lying to Michael about her baby and Tracy being played for a fool. Where is the love? Sonny and Carly? Maybe, if he isn't screaming at her. Maxie and Nathan? Where does Dillon fit in? Kristina is back. The immature and wild child. She did something at school and is going to show us all how she can dance around direct questions. Why rehash this again? Julian and Alexis are a loving couple. Until... Olivia is the mother of his son. The one he gets to help raise. Alexis will resent that and it will show. Nathan and Maxie seem to be the only solid couple right now. How long can this last with Dillon in the mix? Nina and Franco are still fragile. Hayden and Nik are hot for each other, but don't trust each other. I miss the romance. Its gone. You can't show a couple once every other week and expect us to care. Anna has sparks with Dr. Maddox, but that's back burnered. Curtis is hot and charismatic. Let him meet Liz! Sparks! Jealousy! Romance! It's ideal. It could fit, too. Hayden could send him to get to know Liz because of her ties to Nikolas. She can have him see if Liz has info about her shooting. Intrigue! But he could develop real feelings for her.
So much is coming up. I wish there was time to talk about all of it. I will cover more next week.

This the season...
We all get a little something for Christmas. Jason knows the truth and it hit him hard! Sam was vindicated. Liz was exposed in a raw and visceral way. Carly gets to get back to her favorite hobby, attacking Liz. Julian gets to be a daddy to Sam by disapproving of Jason. Franco gets a new friend that isn't Nina or Kiki. Sonny gets someone to talk to and Monica makes her appearance in a real storyline.
I like what is happening. We get to witness renewal and rebuilding. Jason gets the real chance to create a life he chooses. He may not be Jason Quartermane or Jason Morgan, but he will be an exciting character. Sam may think she is over Jason, but anyone who sees her look at him knows that's not true. Liz has been left out in the cold. What she did to Jason and everyone who loves him can't be explained away with her excuse. This is an opportunity to rebuild Liz. She has to accept that one can't force love. If you love someone, you have to trust that they love you in the same way. I hope she finds a new love, an unexpected love. Not with Jason or Nik, not with Ric or Lucky. But first, she needs to focus on her sons and her own healing.
Sonny and Carly are dealing with quite a bit right now. Sonny's injury, Morgan's illness, Avery's custody and the return of Jason. I hope that Jason doesn't become Carly's lapdog. She is very pushy and controlling where he is concerned. I would love for him to tell her to back off. Let him deal with Liz and Sam. Its none of her business.
Michael is about to get another heartbreaking betrayal. Sabrina should have told the truth as soon as she was aware. Now we witnessed her knowing for weeks before Felix even brought up the possibility of her being pregnant. It bothers me that suddenly Carlos is the father. It's ridiculous that he slept with her. We all saw what happened back then. So now.. She continued to sleep with Michael. She knew he was falling in love with her. I am disappointed.

The breakup between Sam and Patrick was heartbreaking. Adding Emma to the mix was more emotional than I expected. Her hurt and hysteria was so genuine. I can't see Patrick leaving her with Anna. It would seem like the ultimate rejection. She has been through enough of that. She can always visit later.

Dante clearly isn't thinking. I believe that he is using Valerie to hurt Lulu, but he doesn't realize it yet. Sometimes people lash out and say and do things they can't take back.

But...there were some highlights that made us smile as well. Kiki not giving in to Ava and breaking glasses. Inspired by Sonny! Sonny sneaking some liquor after making sure Epiphany wasn't there. Ava threatening Carly about Avery and Carly holding her ground. Morgan commenting that his meds must be working because Ava wasn't six feet under. Johnny showing up at the Haunted Star and looking adorable.
Lulu really wants Valerie gone. Not dead, but close. This story might end up crossing ethical lines. Johnny can go pretty far when he wants to...
The New Year is coming and with it, new challenges and new people. Will everything change? No. Carly will always be Carly. Sonny will be Sonny...and hopefully we can enjoy a resurgence of the families and the hospital. Calling Dr. O!!

Time's up... We have been waiting impatiently for the truth to come out. The time is now.
This week, Sam confronts Liz about lying to and about Jason. Jason will walk on on this nasty little dust up. While Sam tries to explain herself, Jason can only see Elizabeth being attacked. He defends Liz, and gets Sam out. Sam is not about to let go of Jason. She may think her motives are only to let Jason know the truth. We all know that she wants her old life back. She may love Patrick, but she clearly would dump him in a heartbeat if Jason wanted her back. Sam does manage to state her case to Jason, and he goes to Elizabeth. She can't keep lying and tells him the truth. Oh no! Nikolas is clearly busted as well. What happens next? We know they aren't meeting for brunch at IHOP. Jason has to feel like the prize in a love lottery. Sam is his wife, so she calls dibs. Liz is his fiancée, and she wants him, too. What's a rich amnesiac to do? Why he runs to Sonny, of course! Sonny needs someone to talk to, as well. The two men share thoughts and Little Debbie cakes. Carly will learn of Elizabeth and her attempt to keep Jason away from her....and his wife, kinda. Carly will go on the attack. She has no real love for Sam, this is all about Carly. This could backfire in a huge way. Jason loves Elizabeth deeply. He may be angry and hurt, but he won't like Carly attacking her. On an interesting side note, Franco overhears the confrontation. He uses that knowledge..stay tuned. Sam might get a little surprise, too. Jason might not be grateful that Sam interfered. Don't forget that Helena cursed Sam. That will actually seem to play out. Does this mean that Sam won't find her way back to being Jason's wife? Time will tell. This could be an eye opener for many.
Sabrina is once again lying about her baby's paternity. The only way that this baby could be Michael's is if Sabrina has gestational diabetes and the baby is over sized. It is lazy writing to keep using the same plot device with the same character. Speaking of the writing team, the dialogue is not the problem. Its the storylines. I honestly can't see an appreciable difference from Ron Carlivati. The storylines are horrible. The characters have no sparkle. Hope is fading..... Save me.....
Patrick will be checking out soon. He is changing his name and moving to Genoa City. He will be joining Jason, who is in witness protection under the name of Dylan. Seriously, I wish these actors well. Poaching popular actors is a pastime in television. Speaking of actors, the new doctor is a fine example of eye candy. And he can act! The other new guy, Curtis? I like him. He strikes me as intelligent, loyal and kind of fun. He also made Jordan uncomfortable. That gives him extra points in my book. History much? Jordan is turning into a prissy pencil pusher. I want to drop water balloons on her head from a balcony.  I hope this leads to Shawn getting out of prison. I miss him. He will be needed to help Sonny defend his business and home. Sonny is not ready to fight. He has become different since prison. Sonny has become more sensitive and introspective. I would bet that he has a pink princess bed for Avery, knows the name of every pony in Canterlot, and already bought the Frozen dolls. He was wonderful with Morgan when Morgan was feeling raw and exposed. I loved Michael telling Morgan not to touch his comic books. It was a normal brotherly comment..... personal rant to Shelley Altman and Jean Passanante.
You have a great opportunity to correct past mistakes. So far, you are failing. Character driven stories are not cliche driven. The mess with Liz and Jason was poorly handled. There were so many more dramatic and interesting ways it could have gone, but you chose to rewrite history. It wasn't so far in the past that fans have forgotten. Helena spouted off on her latest deathbed about Liz hiding Aidens paternity and trying to pass him off as Nik's son? Never happened. Helena altered the DNA test to make it appear that Nik was the father. She did it so a Spencer would be raised as a Cassadine. Liz wasn't the one to hide Danny's parentage for months. That was Heather. Get your facts straight or get out of the writers room! Another thing... Quit decimating the Quartermanes. That baby should be Michael's and Carly can hate the idea. Stop sending the family off the canvas. They practically built the damn hospital! We need more romance and less character assassination. Fix it or move on. We have suffered enough with bad storylines and unnecessary subplots. Subplots? Think Rosalie and Brad. They are trotted out only when you can't think of anything else. Or, is Rosalie locked in a closet somewhere? Bring back Alice, Ned, Shawn, Mac, Felicia, Jax, Kristina, Lucky and Milo. Not just for a cameo, but as part of the canvas. Keep Epiphany onscreen. Shake things up. Get more doctors. Mix up some couples. Do SOMETHING!
OK. I need a nap. I am a princess.
After thinking things over, Emma has to go with Patrick and Robin. She needs a mom, not Grandma or Uncle Mac. Anna has gotten soft. She needs to get back to being Anna Devane, badass .
Another thing.. Dante is possessed. He must be. This is not the man who risked his life to save his wife from kidnappers. This is not the man who fought Stavros Cassadine to save Lulu, twice! The real Dante checked out when he met Valerie. Suddenly, he forgot how to ask Lulu questions. He took Valerie's (you have to force me to tell you because I am passive-agressive) word as gospel. When Lulu left with Dillon, instead of staying in the hotel room and asking what was going on, he rushed back to let Valerie comfort him. Why would a happily married mom suddenly risk everything for a cheap affair? She could have easily had sex in Port Charles, had that been her intention. Finding out about Dante cheating devastated Lulu. She believed in Dante. Yes, she was angry and hurt. She wanted Dante to feel the same pain by giving him those papers. Joke's on you, Lulu! He didn't care enough. Valerie now assumes she will be the next Mrs. Falconeri. She wants a baby, too. This is bad, folks. Johnny Z is back..time for some Zacchara intrigue. Johnny always loved Lulu. She needs that now. Lulu will protect him, and he will help her with her retaliation. Things are going to explode in this town! Figuratively speaking. Till next week.....

I know it was a short week, but I am long winded and have no filter. Let's start with Carly and Ava. Ava is a pariah in town. To be honest, she earned that title. Seeing her trying to ingratiate herself to Kiki by trying to protect her from the charges almost made me have a case of the feels. Almost. I remembered how she lied and bedded Morgan and made fun of Sonny's disability.. And..I was saved! Hallelujah! Carly swooping in to rescue a clearly sorry Kiki was sweet. I liked them walking out together after Jordan made Ava thank Carly. If looks could I right?
Nikolas has truly become the man Helena always wanted him to be. When confronted with a problem or two, he handled it. His first problem was Jason. He didn't kill him because of Elizabeth. His second problem was Helena. She was/is a loose cannon. Who could predict what she would say? So Nik got her a special cup of tea. "Take small sips, grandmother." As Helena prattled on, alternately insulting and taunting, we saw Nikolas check his watch. He did it a couple of times. When Helena stopped dead, he was the culprit. Liz did attempt CPR, to no avail. The doctor conveniently had her DNR. Cue frustration.
Back to Port Charles...  At the hospital, Sonny was gracious and kind to Kiki. I almost forgot that he has a tendency to hysterical yelling. Morgan was subdued, and Kristina was a sight for sore eyes.
At the hotel,
Lulu had a great chat with Laura. I was happy to see that she took her mother's advice. Too bad that Dante gave up before a month had passed since he was exposed as a lying cheater. He hopped into Valerie like Bear Grylls in a hollowed out grizzly. This time Lulu is going to go in a direction that Dante would never expect. Speaking of expectations, wanna bet that Valerie considers herself Dante's girlfriend? This is going to be a hard winter.
We did have some comedy relief courtesy of Julian and Alexis. The dinner from hell was very good. We had Kristina giving Ava hell about stealing Avery while encouraging Alexis to invite her to dinner. We had Olivia bringing all of that food after Alexis told everyone she made a home cooked meal. We had incredulous looks from Kristina and Molly with a "You cooked?" to their mother. And we had Ava find the catering receipt, calling Alexis out on the lie, and Olivia joining her in finger pointing. We had Julian clearly enjoying Olivia's cooking. And we had Olivia declaring that in a warped way, they are all family.
Quick! Let's hop over to the Quartermanes. Monica and Tracy knew that Thanksgiving was screwed as soon as Paul and Dillon declared that they were making dinner, and gave Cook2 the day off. Monica was so happy to see Michael and Sabrina, we could see that she missed having family. When Jason showed up, I wanted to hug him too. OK..he is hot. I would hug him under any circumstances. When he and Liz told the Lollipop Guild that Helena wasn't merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead, little Jake had this blank stare and dropped the glass figurine. Come on, you were creeped out, too. When he pushed Liz away, it was confirmation that Helena did something to him, much like she did with Jason. Did anyone see the Manchurian Candidate? It explains how deep mental conditioning can plant murderous intent. He seemed to snap out of it quickly, but Liz and Jason need to get him to a psychiatrist. They know what Helena is capable of doing. Sam showed up with Danny. Judging from her very expressive face, she isn't happy with Liz and her hold on Jason. Danny and Jake were playing at the table when Jake told Danny that his mom and Grandma had a secret about his dad. Sam zeroed in on that like radar! Before she could react, poof! The lights went out. No turkey for anyone. Jason suggests Pizza. Spooky...not.
I can see what's coming. I'm sure all of you can, too.
Sam is going to get all Sherlock Holmes and start digging. She and Liz are like a mongoose and a snake. Sam wants her Jason back. She is lying to Patrick about their future. Its sad that Emma is in this mess. Liz will hold on to Jason like a monkey on a cupcake. She will keep going with this lie as long as she can. Too bad its about to explode in her face. One thing to remember in all of this is that Jason is not Jason Morgan. He is not Jason Quartermane either. He is different now. A hybrid. The thought of killing is abhorrent to him now. Even if he recovers his memory, he is fundamentally different. It just might be that both women will lose. All of the Jasam fans were hoping for a miracle reunion, and are angry and disappointed. I get that. But there is no payoff in that scenario. And for the record, I really think that Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have missed the mark. They could have done so much more with this story. They failed to give the fans credit for knowing the characters. I was put out when Ron Carlivati rewrote history, but this team has gone way beyond in their quest to "fix" things. They blew it. They have rewritten history as well, to totally crucify Elizabeth. Its wrong and its sad that they have so little respect.
Things are coming up that will impact all of the storylines. Johnny Z is returning. He is Lulu's partner. Dante hated him since he first laid eyes on him. Lulu will use this to get some revenge on the cheating bastard. Robin is coming back. She was charged with finding a way to keep Helena alive. This was a huge failure on her part. There is no point in keeping her, and she knows too much to keep alive.I have a feeling that someone will figure it out. Patrick? Maybe.. Emma? More likely. Cue Robert and Anna to help save her. This changes everything! I would love to know if Nik was aware of Robin's captivity. It wouldn't surprise me at this stage. The world has gone wonky. I am quite curious as to how this little complication will play out. Nikolas is so different now. They can't claim that he and Liz have brain tumors. Jason, Franco and these two? Is it the water?? Seriously, it boggles my mind that two people can suddenly become strangers. I know that some of you think that this is how Liz always was. Its not true. When she was younger, she was insecure and acted out. She did grow up and became very responsible and kind. She did have some issues with honesty, but she always came clean. When Lucky got hooked on drugs, and Maxie fed that addiction, Liz took care of business. She worked every day. She tried to take care of Lucky, but Maxie lied and undermined her every step of the way. The night of the blackout, Liz walked in to her own home to find Lucky and Maxie going at it like rabbits. Lucky saw her and went right back to sexing up a smug Maxie. She left and went to the only person she could trust to listen. Jason. He was reeling from finding Sam and Ric having sex. Yes, they ended up making love. They used condoms made by ELQ. Liz ended up pregnant. She learned about the condoms being defective on the news, as did Maxie. Maxie faked a pregnancy. She had two ideas. One, bilk ELQ by suing them. Two, trapping Lucky. Lucky was out of control and confronted Jason on the docks. He fired his gun. Liz was there and almost hit. She screamed that he could have hurt the baby. When Lucky heard that, he vowed to go into rehab for the sake of his baby. Liz was stuck.
Now, we have her lying to hold on to Jason because she just wants the fantasy. Its sad and truly makes me angry. Free Liz from this mess and save her! I have come to expect that Liz will never find happiness. But at least give her back her dignity. I also fear that Sam will lose sight of Patrick in her quest to resurrect Jason Morgan. She is going to be hurt by her own actions as well as hurting others. How will this massive mess be fixed? Till next time........

I have a few observations before I rant this week;
Spinelli proved himself a valuable asset to Jason once again. He gave him intel and showed him something nobody mentioned. Jason is obscenely rich. I also have the feeling that Jason is more intelligent than he used to be. Yes, he is every bit as cunning, but he can pick up what Spinelli showed him without getting frustrated. "I have offshore accounts?"
Sam and Elizabeth. Good grief! I feel for both of these women. They both love Jason. They both have a son with him. One wants the old Jason back, one wants the new Jason. I am unhappy that Liz doesn't trust Jason enough to be honest with him. If he really loves her, she wouldn't feel the need to delude him. Telling him the truth would protect her. Now? Not so much. Sam had a wonderful partnership marriage with Jason. They loved each other and weathered some serious storms. I get that Jasam fans feel cheated and frustrated. Its time to remember that this is a new day for everyone involved. Sam grieved for her husband and we all shared her shock and pain. We were there when she took her first steps into the romantic scene. Silas was a good stepping stone for her. Then Nina came back and poof..gone. Patrick and Sam started out slowly. She wanted to nail Nina. Patrick was suspended because Nina called the press and made him look like a vengeful killer. Their friendship morphed into a cautious romance and they moved in together, building a home and family. Jason came back, but he isn't "her Jason". He doesn't know her, but understands that she is in pain. He just can't pretend to feel something he doesn't feel. Here is where it gets ugly. Even if Jason remembered everything tomorrow, it won't change the last year. Jason fell in love with Liz. They built a home and family. Those deep feelings won't vanish. He will be more torn than ever. Even if he finds out that Elizabeth knew who he was, he will still love her. He will be mad as hell, but still feel the love.
Now on to the others. Tracy is going to do whatever is necessary to reclaim ELQ. Knowing Jason is alive and ready to fight for his shares helps, but Tracy wants revenge. Her handicap? Paul Hornsby. Sabrina lying? Since when? Sabrina's flaw is her honesty. The writers dropped the ball there. Lulu is pissed. We get it. But she is lashing out like a child and its annoying. She should go talk to Valerie and get her version of events because..well.. I want to see that. She needs to cool off and calm down before she makes any more stupid mistakes. Maxie and Nina could turn out to be a dynamic duo. They are going to make Julian crazy. Nina genuinely likes Maxie and Maxie likes her. They have Nathan and Crimson in common. I like it. I hope we get more doctors that treat the body, and not just the mind. I want Shawn out of prison and back in Port Charles. Morgan is in his manic phase. He alternately scares and amuses me. Kiki is just starting to see that her "Captain" is sailing the good ship Lollipop. Emma made me cry when she was talking to Patrick in the park. The tears in both of their eyes was incredibly moving. I hope that Patrick leaves town, and doesn't die because of Helena's curse on Sam. Crap..I want Emma to stay, but..not like this. Let him leave with Robin and Emma. By the way, I want to see Ava brought to her knees. I want her hurt, humiliated and imprisoned. No matter what you think of Sonny, what she said to bait him in court was beyond cruel and showed us just how dark her soul really is. I used to like Ava. I felt she was damaged and alone. Now? She has no heart unless it benefits her audience, and no redeeming qualities. Time to go..and soon. What about Kiki? The pseudo family she has with Franco and Nina is leading to something. She doesn't get along with Nina and we must ask why. A guess? What we already know, is that Madeleine paid Ava to seduce Silas away from Ava. Ava dumped him as soon as Madeleine took her proof of infidelity to Nina. Nina was upset, but refused to leave Silas because she just learned she was pregnant. Madeleine wanted to control the money, so she gave Nina the shot that caused the coma. She and the doctors called it a suicide attempt. Silas was then forever barred from even visiting. The baby? Madeleine said the baby died. Or did it? What if Nina carried the baby to term? Maybe Madeleine couldn't force an abortion, she certainly didn't want a spawn of Silas around. So, she paid Ava to take the baby. If it was ever discovered, she could honestly say it was Silas's child. In the meantime, she has a shiny new art gallery. I may be crazy, but its plausible and would cause big drama. What do you think? Let me know on the Facebook group page! Thanks and enjoy the holiday!

The war begins...
Sam and Elizabeth are gearing up for a war. Both love Jason, both women gave him a son, both women won't give up without a fight. It doesn't matter who you are shipping, or what you want to happen, you have to admit this is exciting. Jason knows who is is, but he doesn't know who he is now. Even if his memory snapped back in tomorrow, things are different now..
Jason is no longer the enforcer who could kill with ruthless precision. He is no longer the man who fell in love with and married Sam. He has become a kind of hybrid. He has the cunning to do what he used to do, but he no longer feels the draw. If he wakes up tomorrow and remembers his love for Sam, it can never be the same. The danger junkie is gone. This Jason likes to ride motorcycles, but he prefers curling up on the couch to watch a movie or play with the kids. The passion has been changed by his accident and many surgeries. Monica has a better shot at getting Jason Quartermane than Sam or Liz has to get Jason Morgan. I have a feeling that both women will be disappointed. Why? First, Liz's lies will come out. Jason may eventually forgive her for his child's sake, but the trust is gone. Sam is trying to get her husband Jason back, but he no longer exists. She is pining for the past. Its sad, because she loves her Jason. They aren't the only losers. Danny loses the man who has been a father to him for over a year, Emma loses her new mom and baby brother again and Jake loses his live in father. First Lucky, now Jason. These kids better get their psychiatric schedules set up.
Jason is going on a hunting trip. Not for game, but for game players. He will be aided by none other than the jackal. I hope that Jason has some memory of Spinelli.
We are back to bipolar Morgan once again. His focus is on Sonny and Kiki. Morgan wants to show Sonny how valuable he is to him and his business. That means we must suffer him demanding to be in the business and hectoring Ava. OK, I kind of hope he throws her from the penthouse balcony. And trying to rekindle his failed romance with Kiki, who is also a trainwreck. I hope they get Morgan some help.
Will Robin ever be rescued? It was no coincidence that Spencer was called back to the car by his driver. Those Cassadines have a long reach and deep pockets. Is Nik involved in her captivity? Or is he playing ball to keep her safe? We know that she will return to Port Chuckles in December, and Robert Scorpio will be here too. A life in the balance. Who? Can Robin make her family aware of her circumstances? Can she be saved along with Emma and Patrick? There will be some secrets and lies exposed. Cleaning up the RC mess will pave the way for new stories. I find myself pondering if Elizabeth is also a puppet of Helena. Hypnosis? Drugs? I hope there is a way to save her. And I hope that Jason takes some "me" time. Let him get to know himself in this new incarnation. Liz and Sam both claim to love him. Prove it. Give him space. Stop pushing for a past that might not fit. Sorry shippers.  Let him breathe! One more thing, Ava sunk to a new low when she attacked Sonny about his disability. She needs to lose Avery. i was impressed with kiki, too. i hope she is outed as Nina's daughter. ok. that is all... Till next week!

I know that many of you thought that the Jason reveal fell flat. I must respectfully disagree. It exploded! Jason did what he has always done. He went to make sure that Carly was OK. Jason's rescue only further cemented her conviction that Jason was inside the Jake shell. She did her best to convince him that he is Jason, but he wasn't buying. He knew it deep down, but he also knew what it meant. He was a hitman, Sonny's right hand and best friend. He was married to Sam. He has two sons. His family is rich and prominent. But, he loves his new life. He loves Elizabeth and her boys. He was truly happy and content. His entire identity and life exploded. He has no clue how to proceed. His first thought is to get to Liz. Carly understands, but she selfishly wants him to remember and go on as they used to be. The next step is to tell Liz. He is so intent on coping that he blurts it out to one and all at the church. A battered and bloody Carly waiting for her alone time with him. As we have all seen in the promo, Jason attacks Nikolas, who is understandably shocked by the speed and ferocity of the attack. Others will intervene to save Nik. He has some 'splainin' to do. He had the DNA tested. Jason knows he knew his identity all along. Poor Jason is on sensory overload, yet he makes sure that Liz understands. She stays silent, keeping her guilty knowledge to herself. Hayden is aware of the lie and has no love for Elizabeth. Another ticking time bomb.
Lulu has kicked Dante to the curb. If he has a brain in his head, and really loves her, he will give her time and space to cool off. Dante is an idiot. When Valerie came to the door, he should have turned her away. She could find Lulu elsewhere. Lulu seeing her and Dante together just poured gasoline on an already blazing fire. Soon, Laura and Nik will know that Dante cheated and Lulu left with Rocco. This week, police cadet Valerie gets an assignment. Yes! No training or real badge and she and Dante share the case. Jordan truly sucks as commissioner.
Dillon made a huge mistake when he chose to publicly out the affair. He won't get any thanks from Lulu. Even if she doesn't figure out right away that he cued up the footage, he knew and said nothing to her. He really expected that once she knew, she would lean on him. If he really loves her, he would never have publicly exposed her to the shock, pain and humiliation of learning the truth. The truth is, he only thought of hurting Dante. Dillon needs to face the consequences of his selfish and vile act. I have a feeling that things are going to get a whole lot worse. Johnny Z is coming back. You can pretty much guess that Paul will fix all of his pesky legal problems. Johnny is Lulu's partner in the Haunted Star. Can you see where this is going?
There are going to be sides taken for many different things. Nik will be pretty much alone, except for Hayden and maybe Laura. I think Lulu will be shocked, but she loves her big brother. Liz will be on his side, at least in private. Jason will have nearly everyone in town begging for his time. In the Lante mess, both Olivia and Sonny will want to give Dante moral support, but they love Lulu and Rocco, too. Nathan will have Dante's back, putting him at odds with Maxie. Maxie tends to act rashly when she is hurt and angry. And like I said, Johnny Z is coming back.
Robin is coming back. We can hope that she can finally tell Patrick and Emma the truth about why she was unable to come back. She may have left willingly at first for Jason, but once those crazy Cassadines got her, freedom was a hazy memory. They threatened to hurt or kill people she loved. Victor proved it by running Patrick off the road, resulting in the death of Gabriel, his infant son. Robin and Jason escaped long enough to get to Port Charles, but Helena stopped her again. She forced her to basically abandon her family and divorce Patrick. Robin complied to keep them safe. So, now? Let's hope Robin can convince Patrick she really loves him and Emma. He'll need her now that Jason is back. Sam is going to drop him like a bad habit. Sonny may feel a bit left out when Jason only feels kinship to Carly. He wants nothing to do with his violent past, which will be music to Monica's ears. So, what does the future hold for our handsome former(?) Hitman? Time will tell. Things are confusing right now. The writers have had to basically throw out all of Ron Carlivati's playbook. Morgan is no longer bipolar and more stories have been dropped or rewritten. Thank heavens the Valerie pregnancy was dropped, too. That's not to say that Valerie has given up on Dante. She hasn't. She will have Bobbie giving her love and support, but Carly? Not so much. So much is coming to our beloved and not so beloved characters. Ric has a real shot at redemption, and he may get it. Stay tuned!

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive...
Elizabeth's world is about to implode. But first, Carly gets absolute proof that Jake is Jason. She is unaware that Liz knows this little fact. I understand that Carly has to be the one to make the reveal because this is what she does. She will move heaven and earth to help family and friends. She took Valerie into her home (how is that going to play out?) and agreed to be Jake's Best Person. She defied Sonny when Sonny demanded that she cut Jake out of her life. To be fair, Sonny did have reason to mistrust him. But when Sonny was shot, Jake briefly became Jason without realizing it. Sonny recognized the man inside, just as Mrs. Yi did at the restaurant. Jake may never regain his memory of being Jason, so he will need to rebuild his life as someone new to him. The reveal we have been waiting for will ruin Nik and his hold on ELQ, destroy Sam and Patrick's new life, Elizabeth's fantasy life as his wife and freak out everyone in the mob. Sonny will be rocked to the core and Michael and Morgan will have their own reactions. Jason is also Michael's uncle, his birth father's brother. This will mean the world to Michael, who has bonded to Jake and helped him become a real citizen. Monica is in for a shock. I hope they show the reunion, and Jason is kinder than the last time he had amnesia. Monica deserves a win. It would be nice if he moved into the Q home. Morgan needs someone to talk to him and guide him. Jason can still do that for him.
In other stories... Anna gets a new doctor. Don't look for a romance there. Its unethical. He may interact with Jordan. She needs more to do than counsel Valerie and Dante. Speaking of Valerie. Don't think she will drop her plans for the police academy. That little nugget is going to cause major problems later. Lulu is going to go nuclear on Dante, much to Dillon's delight, but she is also going to turn on Dillon, because he knew and stayed silent. Maxie is going to prove that Lulu is her friend and she is pissed at everyone who had a part in hurting Lulu. Of course, that includes Nathan. Poor Nathan! Trying to do the right thing for his friend Dante turned out to be the wrong thing for his love life. This will shake things up all over town. I am looking forward to seeing how all of this shakes out. Will this be the end of Lulu and Dante? I don't know. I have a feeling that Lulu will still go ahead with getting the embryo implanted on her own. She wants this baby and doesn't need Dante for it. I think that Dillon will be sorry for exposing the affair and the damage to so many lives. Johnny Z is coming back. Will he still be on the run? Or will Paul take care of that little detail? If so, both Maxie and Lulu are in play. Carlos. He is alive. If he wasn't, Sabrina wouldn't be pregnant by him. Sloane engineered that little drama. Wait and see...
I don't think we have seen the last of Spinelli. He needs to have his moment with Jason.
It's also very possible that little Jake will tell the world that he knew that Jake was Jason and nobody would listen. This kid has absolutely no people skills or filters. He feels smothered by his brothers who demand their own time with Mom and Jake. Little Jake doesn't know how to share. For cripes sake! Liz! Stop thinking all about Jason and look at your kid! Get him counseling and teach him socialization skills!

Sweeps are here! That means we can expect a huge push forward in the storylines. The new team are veteran writers who understand the point of this time. You must do something spectacular to increase viewers, so the networks can set advertising rates. The prior team missed that memo. They started late and viewers lost interest. They stopped watching before the reveals, which always came after the sweeps ended. Now we are getting some explosions that will rock the whole canvas. The most obvious one is the Jake/Jason reveal. This one has some unintended consequences. Little Jake has some issues now. I don't think the child is evil, by any means. He just has no idea how to relate to people. He was raised by servants who had no interpersonal relationship with him. Family is an enigma to him. He reacts like someone who knows not to speak about anything he witnesses. Now he has seen his mother lie and manipulate. He really does need counseling. He has to learn how to integrate into his new reality. Another bomb that will explode is the Dante/Valerie affair. And it will happen in a most public way. The tension will ratchet up in the days leading up to it, and Dillon will unintentionally be the demolition man. The Halloween party on the Haunted Star will be packed and rocking. Since Maxie is using it as a source of crowd funding the movie, you can guess what happens. Dillon is so busy trying to figure out what to do about Lulu that he has his intern put some clips together to show the partygoers. The intern has no clue that his behind the scenes footage will do so much damage, but it does! Lulu will get to see Valerie telling Dillon all about sleeping with Dante. Not only will Lulu be devastated about her marriage, but the fact that her friend knew and didn't tell her. Maxie will talk this over with Nathan, who slips that he knew all along. Bomb explodes. Maxie won't be so understanding that he kept a secret from her that devastated her best friend. One story that bothers me is also a rewrite of the past. The night that Duke was shot, Carlos went to Sabrina. Sabrina had long since gotten over her romance with Carlos, but agreed to help him because of their history. There was no hint of anything romantic or sexual. Now? She is pregnant with Carlos's baby? If she knew weeks ago, why bother with the pregnancy tests? I think its also way out of character for the honorable and honest Sabrina to lie to anyone, much less someone she loves. Epic fail for the new writers. It seems that they are trying to put their stamp on the show, but they missed the fact that we know these characters. Some things we are willing to explain away, but nothing that is overt. Besides Sabrina, Elizabeth has been drawn as an amoral liar who doesn't care who gets hurt, even her own children. The real Liz would weigh how her choices affect her sons. This one? I don't even recognize her.
I am looking forward to seeing Nina interact with more people. I would like her to become friends with Maxie and be there for her and Nathan when the fertilizer is propelled into the air circulator. Maybe some other people as well, such as Lucy, Liz, Felicia or Bobbie. The Nurse's Ball, should the new writers bring it to us could benefit from Nina's largesse. She could fund the art therapy program at GH and have Franco run it. So many possibilities! Now, the big question. Will Lulu and Dante get the embryo implanted before she learns he is a lying cheater? And if so, how far is Helena's reach? I can't see Nik being a part of switching embryos, but lately? Who knows. Even so, will Lulu leave, taking Rocco with her? Will she toss Dante out on his lying ass? If she leaves, she can't go to Carly's house. Valerie lives there. Her choices are limited. Haunted Star? Not a good idea with a child. Maxie's? Too crowded. The Q mansion with stepmom Tracy? No. She would not go near Dillon. Windermere? That seems most logical. Laura is there and so is her brother. She will need family. If Dante leaves, he can't bunk with Nathan. Maxie would have a stroke. I can see him staying at Sonny's temporarily. I seriously doubt that he would stay at the MetroCourt hotel. While his mom is half owner, Carly is the other half. She is team Spencer all the way. I was surprised by the confrontation between Julian and Olivia. It was very "civilized". He could have been angrier, but that wouldn't be good for Leo in the long run. It did show me something, however. Julian truly loves and cares about his family. So does Olivia. This new arrangement puts the two new parents in each other's orbit. Alexis is going to feel like the third wheel where Leo is concerned. Remember, even though Julian has two other kids, he never had one that he could watch grow up, let alone participate. This will cause some drama and insecurity for Alexis.
I hope Laura stays for awhile. I hope Kevin does, too. Let these two go out to dinner and drive Lucy and Scott into the stratosphere. It could be fun. Till next time...

Tick tock...time is almost up. There are many little land mines all set to explode and blow apart these carefully constructed lives. Anna needs to get a grip. Paul is playing on her emotions and her mind to use her later. Where is Anna Devane, master spy and fearless fighter? Dante needs to talk to Lulu before she hears it on the streets. After all the trauma they have been through, he should have trusted her. She wouldn't just go BOING! and rush off to an affair with an old boyfriend. They had no trouble in their marriage except for Valerie. Valerie isn't a true Spencer. She has the name and genetics, but she is weak and annoying. Jake/Jason is ready to explode. This secret will cause the most damage. I can't help but wonder how this will play out as far as the children go? Danny looks on Patrick as his father. They have been playing house long enough to confuse the poor kid. Little Jake is already a time bomb. Liz is about to get a public shaming. Will her son try to make it better or worse? Speaking of her sons.. Where are Cam and Aiden? They don't even come home anymore. Holy hell! If my thought to be dead kid came back, I would have eagle eyes on my kids for months at least! What I'd Hayden's deal? She was in a coma, so she had no time to plot with anyone against Nik. Suddenly she has a cohort? Makes zero sense to me. Paul played fast and loose with that autopsy report. Why wasn't it hand delivered to Jordan, since she is supposed to be the top cop? I'll tell you why. Paul has his own faked autopsy report. It is designed to confound Anna and Jordan, for different reasons. Maxie and Nathan are both keeping big secrets. While not about each other, the simple fact is, they are both going to feel betrayed when the truth is revealed.
I really love character driven stories. What bothers me is that these characters are NOT themselves. Dante as a faithless cheater? Its not in his DNA. Liz keeping Jason from his family at all costs? Ignoring her children? Not the real Liz. Guilt would have choked her. Anna as a hand wringing mess? No..not the real Anna. Nikolas as a heartless killer? Nope..not the real Nik. The real Nik wouldn't dishonor his love for Emily by taking ELQ out of her family. There is a big mess to clean up. I had high hopes for the new team, but it appears that we will be playing another round of Who's the daddy? and will we get another return from the dead in the form of Carlos? The only way to get the WTD story to play is if Carlos is alive. He will torment Anna and try to send her over the edge. Then he will find out Sabrina is pregnant. Whatever shall he do? I don't like the endless cycle of the same thing over and over. Another mob shooting. Another war. Another triangle. Please! Some imagination, please? The Jason reveal is coming fast. If someone tells him he is Jason, it won't have the same impact as it would by him remembering. If he doesn't feel it, it means nothing. He won't upend Sam's life because he feels no pull to her. He has to remember. Ava is another problem for me. I used to care about her. When she killed Connie, she turned into a ruthless conniving and heartless bitch. She would sell her kid if it would benefit her. I feel no mercy for her at all. I would love for Kiki to turn out to be Nina's. I can see Madeleine getting rid of the baby to Silas's lover. She wouldn't have aborted her because the staff at Creighton Clark may have looked at her differently. Did you forget that Nina was a patient there? Remember Sam trying to get into the records? Patrick was with her. He ran into Robin. Small world....

Time is counting down to the big reveal. It boggles the mind that there have been so many clues that have been missed or ignored. Let's start at the beginning. Jason was at Crichton Clark as Robin's patient. She was working to come up with a way to revive Stavros and Helena, using Jason. Her true reason was to save Jason for his son. He was given the serum without it being tested. It seemed that he was dead. But, no! So he was programmed to be a soldier/killer for the Cassadines. The night that the clinic was raided, Jason had broken free and pulled out his ventilator tube. This damaged his vocal cords. He found Robin and they escaped just before the clinic blew up. They stole a car and headed back to Port Charles. They were followed and when Robin dropped Jason off at Sonny's, he was recaptured by Helena's henchmen. Robin was also taken. Jason managed to escape his captors and was promptly hit by Ava. This caused his memory loss. The clues... Jason, now known as Jake Doe, breaks Faison out of jail, shoots Nathan and escapes. He plants a bomb on the boat to kill everyone, but remembers in time to stop the deaths. He slammed Paddy on the table in booking. He took Carlos down in the blink of an eye. He went to work for Julian and stopped a hit..on his own. He has these mad skills. He acts like Jason. He has memories of Robin. His wedding ring was in Niks safe. His overwhelming feeling of deja vu at the Q mansion. He felt drawn to both Carly and Michael. Mrs. Yi knew him as Jason. Spinelli thought he was Jason. Sonny thought he was Jason. Seriously, people! Helena was involved. She has done this before! Nobody can see this is Jason? Really? Now several people know the truth. Elizabeth, Nik, Helena, Laura, Lucky, Hayden and little Jake. Someone has to figure it out. When it happens it will blow apart several lives. Besides Liz, there is Sam and Patrick, Emma and Danny and Nik. I am not sure how this will all play out but I can't wait for Monica to hold her son. Sonny will be overjoyed as will Carly and Michael. The fallout will truly be epic. Will he be Jake? Jason? If Jason, will he be Jason Morgan or Jason Q?
And what about little Jake? Is he just quiet or is he pulling wings off of flies? His demeanor is unsettling. If Liz can't see that this kid has issues, she isn't Liz. This Liz is totally out of touch with reality. She condones Nik shooting Hayden in the head? She allows an innocent man to sit in prison? She keeps the man she claims to love away from his family? This is so far out of character for her, I have a headache. Ron Carlivati did a number on these characters that may not be able to be fixed. Nik has become pure Cassadine. The funny thing is, he is often uncomfortable with it. He hasn't talked to Lulu at all. His family avoids him at all costs. I can't see how Liz can be saved. I love Liz, but not like this. Nik has money and power. He will always be accepted.
I hope the writers find a way to correct the ego trip that Ron Carlivati went on. He believed his own PR. We are paying for it.

Happy new week everyone! Before we begin, I wanted to tell our readers that beginning this week, we have a new page! Its for guest commentary and opinions from real fans. This week we have Barbara Sleeper Sargent. I read it and loved it. Please check it out.
Port Charles has become a hotbed of intrigue and drama. I am not thrilled with more mob violence and danger. We have had enough of it. I want more personal interaction and character driven stories. Speaking of characters, can we please bring them back to their true nature? Elizabeth would never keep lying to Jason. She would have told him the truth. Nikolas is a parody of himself as well. He would never have had a woman shot to protect a lie. Sam is nothing like she used to be. The real Sam would never have accepted that Jason died and Robin knew it. She would have hunted Robin down and demanded details! Anna has become a rogue killer who takes the law into her own hands. The real Anna would never have been so sloppy and unprofessional. The real Sonny would never have gone to the warehouse alone and unarmed. It bothers me that Franco is now the honorable de facto father for Kiki. The next show you see is all from the new head writing team. I can't wait to see if they intend to make things right. Please at least make them better. The blatent Godfather ripoff is bad enough, now Michael has become the voice of reason with all things Corinthos. Ava is not my cup of tea. Even trying to soften her character by making her a caring mom is too little, too late. As the newly crowned head of the Jerome organization, she painted a big target on herself and her family. Sonny has been in the game long enough to know when he is a target. Ava forgets that there are more enemies than Sonny out there. Ava is a mother of convenience. She loves Avery, but forgot Kiki. This alone makes me hate her.
Paul Hornsby is a deadly dangerous man. He has a weakness, I believe. His son Dillon. He is using Tracy and her connections to add a veneer of respectability to himself. He and the mayor think they are running the town, but, the silent partner is going to be much more invested in a preplanned endgame. Nikolas comes to mind....
Valerie is making it clear that she wants Dante and is not afraid to let him know. Since the film student left his camera running, there is a record of Dillon and Valerie spilling their secrets and it will come into play. I really want these secrets that have been festering to come to light.
Is anyone else curious as to what happened to Brad and Rosalie? Even Lucas is MIA. Does Rosalie still work for Nik? He knows her deep dark secret. Is it really important or just a time filler? So many storylines have been dropped or ignored. Kiki supposedly hates Nina, but on Friday she was fine with her being in the apartment. Someone asked me if I thought that Nina would buy Silas's apartment. If she does, that would be creepy. I can't imagine why she would do that.
It appears that Jason is starting to use his brain. This week he begins to question Elizabeth's honesty. Things are looking up. Its been too long. Comments and questions are welcome, please join the criticallist Facebook group!

Oh the delicious irony! Sonny fought for years to keep his sons out of his business. Michael vowed to stay away from Sonny. Now, Sonny is on his back. Michael has stepped in and taken the reins of the mob. He is a natural at it. He grew up watching and learning how it's done from Sonny. He learned all about handling violence from Jason. Jason also taught him finesse. Michael became a CEO at ELQ, and knows the art of negotiations and deals. That, coupled with his cunning will make him a formidable opponent for anyone. Ava will underestimate him. Will Paul take him seriously? I think so, but he may not see Michael as a threat. Sonny and Carly will not be happy about it at all. But, the only other candidate is Ric. Sonny doesn't want to go there, does he?
While waiting for the Valerie bombshell, it occurs to me that a baby is not going to happen. I think the new team has a different idea. Dante is drawn to Valerie and we know she has a major crush on him. He is going through some serious drama on the family front and job front. He is trying to find the person who shot his father and guess who is there with a friendly face and words of comfort? I think Lulu will walk in on something between them, a hug? Some conversation? She will put it all together and Dante will admit what happened. I hate the idea of another baby resulting from cheating.
Jake is being overloaded with clues and memory flashes. He dreams of Sam on a bike and he has dreamed of her in bed. Sonny called him Jason. He has all of Jason's skills. More reminders coming this week to push him to the eventual and inevitable breakthrough as to who he really is. He has to come to this on his own. Even if Liz tells him, he still can't become Jason. He has to come to it on his own. But it is coming up fast. Watch for the landmines. The will be laid out and ready to explode. The shrapnel will break more than hearts. It will break relationships and businesses. Nik won't have as much stock in ELQ.
How will the Quartermanes deal with their golden boy becoming the acting don't of the mob?  That alone will be delicious. Imagine Sabrina's reaction. The wild card in this drama is Ric. He believes that he should be the one to take the reins while Sonny is unable to do it. Sonny will end up advising Michael on what to do, even though he isn't happy that his beloved son is in that position. Morgan will get jealous and rant and rave until they make him get the help that we desperately need him to get.
Julian has become the scapegoat. Ava is not loyal to him at all. She will tell him she was at the mob meeting and that she misdirected their wrath about Sonny's shooting. She has to understand that no matter who she points the finger toward, Julian will be blamed as the mastermind. Ava has no sense of honor left. Her only goal is to come out on top. She left Kiki in the dust and hasn't even asked Julian to check on her. Avery is the prize in the Beat Sonny Olympics. Ava's sell by date has passed. Looking forward to your comments!

Another week of near confession and misguided deeds. You can always count on someone walking in on a conversation or monologue and completely missing the point. Or, someone is ready to confess a misdeed and they are interrupted. That always changes their minds.
Sonny is pretty much out of commission. We all know that Michael will take over to protect Sonny's interests. Carly will tell him no. But, Michael knows what needs to be done. If only he could get Morgan to cooperate. And fly in the ointment is going to be Ric. He feels that as Sonny's brother and consigliore that it should be him to sit in the big chair. I honestly believe that it will break Sonny's heart to see Michael in the business. Relax Papa! Michael won't be alone. Jake will be glued to him. His skill set will come in handy.
On the romantic front we have Dante and Lulu, Patrick and Sam, Liz and Jake, Michael and Sabrina and Maxie and Nathan. Who will get their happily ever after? Dante slept with Valerie and he can't blame the alcohol. Why not? The next morning, he tried to get Valerie to shower with him. He is as attracted to her as she is to him. He loves Lulu and their son but that forbidden fruit was too tempting. Now we have a probable pregnancy. Lulu will be devastated. She has been working toward a friendly relationship with Valerie that will make her feel like an idiot. Patrick and Sam will be engaged, as Liz and Jake are. Weddings in Port Charles are very eventful. Jake will become Jason at the wedding. I want to talk about Maxie. She loves Nathan but is flighty. She is spending more and more time with Dillon. I think she will fall for him down the road. As she pulls further away from Nathan, he will need someone to talk to. His partner? No, Dante has his hands full with a broken marriage and a pregnant mistress. So who will it be? Lulu of course. They can comisserate about their faithless partners. It would make great drama for Dante and Nathan if Nathan begins a relationship with Lulu.  Michael and Sabrina are about to get life changing news. A new Quartermane is coming. Between this and Michael being the acting CEO of Murder Inc, looks for some turbulence. Patrick asked Sam if she missed the danger of being married to Jason and she said no. She said she missed the adventure. This could make her crazy when she finds out that Jason is alive. When Jason remembers,he will tell Liz that he can't marry her because he is still married to Sam. He won't know right away that Liz has been aware the whole time about his identity.
The mob war is heating up fast. Is Paul involved? It sure looks like he is. How about Nik? Its possible that he is following the plan laid out by Luke, Helena and Jerry Jacks. First takeover ELQ, then the mob. Launder the dirty money through ELQ. Its a smart plot.
I have been reading all of your comments on the group page. Some of you should be writing the show! The ideas and insights are wonderful. I sincerely hope that you will continue to post your ideas and thoughts! We all appreciate you all taking time to read our website and Facebook group page. Thank you!

Hi friends! Let me start by saying that I found myself eager to see the show. That hasn't happened in a long time. I wanted to address some of your comments and messages forwarded to me by April. I can see where you are angry and disappointed by Michael. Some of you feel that he is selling out. Backtracking, Michael was raised by Sonny. Sonny was always there for him. As Sabrina rightfully pointed out, Sonny shot AJ under extreme circumstances. Sonny has a mental illness that does not do well with stress. He walked in on AJ choking Ava, and she was screaming that he was killing her. Coupled with his hatred of AJ, and believing that AJ killed Connie, he pulled the trigger. He honestly believed that he was doing the right thing in saving Ava. Now that Sonny is possibly dying, Michael is trying to hold on to the man he knew as his father his whole life. He hasn't changed his name back, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. What I do see is Ric trying to step in to run Sonny's business. His argument will be that he has the knowledge and experience. Carly won't stand for that. Morgan is in no condition emotionally, so Michael will move into Sonny's shoes and his house. He learned a lot at Sonny's knee, as well as head of ELQ. He can negotiate and make critical decisions in extreme conditions. I believe he will actually do a better job than Sonny. Wait and see... I also think that Jason will step in to keep him safe.
Jake/Jason is about ready to be revealed. It won't be anywhere near satisfying if someone tells him he is Jason. He has to remember on his own. I think he will be torn between his new life and his past. He is Sonny's best friend as well as Carly's. He loves Elizabeth. He love(s/d) Sam. He feels a bond with Michael and Monica. He will know he has two sons! How to proceed?  This big epiphany will happen at his wedding to Liz. You know that Sam and Patrick will be there. So will Carly and Spinelli! It will begin with a whimper, but watch for the bang. This will have far reaching implications on many fronts. Romantic as well as business issues will be twisted. He won't go through with the wedding and he will struggle with how to tell Liz and Sam. He won't know right away the number of people who know the truth already. And Nikolas will lose his hold on ELQ. Jason is entitled to 11.5% of the stock. The devastation this news will have is like dropping a bomb on the town. Sonny and Carly will be overjoyed, but there will be guilt that they didn't recognize him. Liz will lose him and Jason will feel bad for her. Until...he learns the truth. Sam will be shocked and overjoyed, but part of her loves Patrick deeply. She will wonder why she didn't feel the connection to him, and why he didn't feel pulled to her. The only ones who win up front? Danny and little Jake. I can't wait to see Monica get the news. I truly hope that Jason is the one who tells her and Michael who he is.
Is Valerie really pregnant or does she love Dante so much that she plays the oldest con on earth? Time will tell. Dante is about to discover how much his one night cost him. Here's some advice to all the spouses who think (or know) their spouse is cheating. End things BEFORE you hop into someone else's bed. Its wrong to screw first and ask questions later. I know that Lulu will split with Dante. Will she keep the apartment? Or will she move to the MetroCourt or...perhaps to Tracy's? Yes, Dillon lives there, but she isn't thinking about that....
Nina and Franco are poised to become real citizens of Port Charles. But first, let's get her out of Ric's control. Nina is much stronger now. This could be fun.
Now we need to discuss Sloane, Carlos and Johnny Z. A reminder of their background? Johnny was able to get out of prison because of Luke. He worked for Luke, and so did Carlos. Luke and Helena were partners. When Luke and Helena were caught after the bombs on the Haunted Star and the Elm Street house, Sloane was there to help them any possible way. He was obviously trusted by Helena. Now, Luke's plan to take over ELQ have been realized by Nik. Its quite possible that Nik still has Carlos and Johnny on the payroll. Wait, you may ask, how is Carlos still alive? Simple. Anna may have shot him once, and in her shock and grief, may have believed that she killed him. Sloane was right there to "clean up" and have Anna indebted to him. Carlos was picked up by the Cassadines and sent to one of their secret worldwide clinics with Robin.He was the one who got rid of evibence that TJ was kidnapped. See? It could have happened. If it did, them we know who is trying to take Sonny's, as well as Julian's territories. Thoughts?

Things are finally starting to progress. Madeleine is off to jail, Nathan made Ric aware that his plot has been exposed and Kiki knows about Morgan and Ava. Soon, Jason will know who he is and that will throw Niks plan for a curve. The Jason reveal will blow Port Charles wide open. What will happen with Sam and Patrick? Elizabeth? Sonny was shot on his wedding day. That was a twist! It's usually his brides who get shot or blown up. I guess statistics would show that its probably his turn. The question is, whodunnit? Julian is the obvious choice, so it's not him. The Asian mob with Ms. Wu? Possibly. Nikolas? He has his finger in many pies. Becoming a crime lord would cement his position as a true Cassadine. A new syndicate? Is Carlos truly dead? Anna was in shock. Could Sloane have convinced her that she killed him? Yes, she did pull the trigger, but after that? Anything is possible. Its also a good way to secure her silence about Nikolas and the election. Stay tuned! Looking back on the character of Morgan, since his return as an adult, he has been written as bipolar. The peaks and valleys of his moods and abysmal decision making have been there the entire time. This story should be told for everyone who is going through it and everyone who has a loved one dealing with it. Maybe we can get back the kind and gentle Morgan we used to love.
Michael and Sabrina are in for an unexpected surprise soon. Could it be a baby? A new Quartermane would be great. Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) is pregnant, so its possible.
Nina and Franco are finally out of jail and Shadybrook. In order for them to remain on canvas, they absolutely must integrate into the fabric of the town. Franco needs to go back to GH with his art therapy. He was good at it and it kept him grounded. Nina needs to make friends. Maxie would be perfect. She is Nathan's girlfriend and Nina needs someone to talk to. Maxie can bring her look into the present and give her confidence. Nina can get involved in the community in a positive way.
It's's happening... Valerie is pregnant. She will be telling Dante next week. Their tryst was an eye opener in more than one way. Dante admitted that he wanted her, desired her, and that showed me that he was not the pillar of righteousness that he always appeared to be. Dante deeply loves Lulu and Rocco. His selfish and lustful indulgence will cost him dearly. He will have to tell Lulu the truth before she learns it from someone else. Of course he will be too late. Lulu will find out that poor Valerie is pregnant by accident, either from Bobbie telling her or she will overhear a conversation. Either way, she will make the connection and the marriage is toast.
Dante will stand by Valerie because she is carrying his child. She will be all apologetic and fragile. Olivia should be in church saying the rosary over all the lies and secrets that are circling her family. Lulu is going to need love and support,
too. Luke is gone so it won't be her dad. Her mother is returning, so she can help. Nikolas loves Lulu and will no doubt be there for her as well. We can count on Carly, Maxie, Dillon and Tracy to be there. Bobbie will be caught in the middle of this mess. She is going to be the mother figure to Valerie. She loves Lulu, but won't take sides. Maxie will not take it well when she finds out that Nathan knew and never told her. What a mess!
Julian is going to spend lots of time denying his involvement in the mob war. Even Alexis will have doubts about him. Where will this lead? Hold on. This flight is finally airborne!

Welcome to the circus! The ride has been wild and sometimes unpredictable. Ric getting arrested was expected. His release? Not so much. Why was he released? Well, it seems that he saw something in the evidence that pointed the Keystone Kops in a new direction. Yes, Madeleine. Momma wants the money. She doesn't want the family name smeared all over the news, however. She likes the good life. She wants to be accepted back into the upper echelon once more. No more dated clothing (Maxie was able to zing her about it), no more living below her standards. How did she get Silas to sign away his claim to Nina's money? Silas didn't want it, but he would have known Madeleine was up to something. Maybe that's why she killed him? Ric still thinks he has a shot at the money. He is totally unaware that Nina is on to his plot. Nathan is doing his absolute best to clear Nina. This might even be watchable. Nina is still fragile but wising up quickly. Franco seems to be able to tether her to reality more than anyone. Nobody really hears Nina. I'm sure its frustrating for her. Franco listens and cares. For now, she needs him. Nathan loves her and cares about her, but he doesn't take her seriously. I would love it if she made a female friend. Maxie comes to mind. She has been there. Everyone thinking she had nothing between her ears, hurting people without meaning to really hurt them... Yes, Maxie should make friends with Nathan's sister.
Let's move on to Lulu. On the surface, she has it all together. We know there is a time bomb, but Lulu doesn't. She has a solid (cough, cough) marriage, a beautiful son, a successful business and friends. Too bad its going to explode like biscuits in a hot car. Lulu decides to befriend Valerie and this will be the pin that pops the balloon. Valerie is living at Carly's house. Bobbie lives there too. Valerie begins showing signs..obvious signs of pregnancy. Bobbie is a nurse. She will put two and two together and get five. She will at first assume that Dillon and Valerie have been biblical. Dillon will probably be the one to figure out the truth. The question is, what will he do about it? If he tells Lulu, she will be hurt and angry. She will at first blame herself. Dillon won't put her through that. He will get into Dante's face, however! Dante will make excuses and whine and promise to make things right. He will run to Valerie and ask her if its true. She will cry and break down so delicately in his manly arms. She will tell him she will do this alone. Don't give her a second thought. Its her mess. She will deal with it. Dante will vow to be there for her. Will she really be pregnant? I think she may have a scare, but will capitalize on it. She wants Dante any way she can get him. It will blow up in her face, but by then? Damage is done. Dante and Lulu will be separated.
Lots of things will be blowing up soon. This includes Jason's identity, Who is after Sonny and Nikolas and his takeover of ELQ. Also on the agenda? The election fraud. Buckle up. The ride will be all over the place!

Hello everyone! We have had a very wet and thunderstorm filled week here, but I was still able to watch the show. Ava in the courtroom gave me hope that the Denise debacle would soon be over. The scene where she was playing with her phone was so heavy handed, I was kind of offended. We know she is blackmailing Franco. We know she has a photo. Only a blind judge or a brother in law couldn't see her pointed looks at Franco or hear her obvious comments. Maura West is a terrific actress. However, I can't stand Denise or even Ava anymore. She supposedly came back to town to be close to her daughters. I watched her "dying" scenes with tears in my eyes as she spoke to Silas. Then, the real Ava came back. She is selfish and heartless. How can she justify sleeping with her beloved daughter's boyfriend? She can't. Its lust. She wants what she wants and to hell with everyone else. I'm sure that she would exploit Avery if given the chance. I'm not excusing Morgan at all. He may not know she is Ava but chasing his girlfriends aunt and bedding her is beyond creepy. It's sick and twisted. It is probable that he is bipolar. If so, then he is not responsible for his poor and questionable decisions. I still get skeeved out watching. Ava hasn't mentioned Avery in weeks. She is more concerned with her comfort. She threatened the only person who cared enough about her to save her. Silas put his career and personal freedom at risk to give her a chance at a new life. A healthy life. His death really doesn't bother her in the sense of personal loss. It doesn't bother her that Kiki lost her father, the ONLY person who loved her unconditionally. I hear fans clamoring about how much they love Ava (Maura West) and I used to be one of them. Now? I'm tired of her. She is not the Jerome throwaway kid who needs love and acceptance. She is cruel and thoughtless and she needs to go. She will never change because we've seen her waste too many chances at redemption.
Another thing that irks me is Ric and Madeleine. They are so damn cocky that they openly joined forces to "care for Nina". Franco is not my favorite character, but he loves Nina and is trying to keep her safe. I want, no, need to see Ric and Madeleine pay for this gaslighting of Nina. Nina is fragile. She lost 20 years of her life and her child. Her mother did this to her out of greed. She doesn't care about Nina. I still think that mommy is hiding something sinister from her past. Nina now knows she didn't take Avery. Madeleine still acts as though she did. Makes me wonder...did Madeleine kill Silas? Or was it Ric? If it were mommy dearest, she would know that Silas took the baby. She isn't reacting as if that were the case. Ric hasn't visited Nina at all since he dropped her off. Interesting...
Anna is coming back. She will deal with Sloane and their night together. He is only back for a short arc so, he may die. Another return is Kristina Corinthos. We can hope she is more mature and no longer hates on Sonny. I do wonder how she will like Julian and Patrick. They seem to be destined to become family. She will most likely accept Patrick, but Julian? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please drop them at our Facebook group.
Hello friends! I hope you are all having a decently acceptable week. I wish we had more exciting things to talk about, but since we are in that transition phase... The time between summer stories and fall stories is notorious for being boring. We have had a few nuggets, so let's start there. I'm loving dead Silas. He has passion and can say whatever he likes to anyone he likes and nobody can kill him again. This seems to be a favorite tactic of RC. He did it with dead Carlos, too. We are getting a few clues to his killer. Ava watched him die, but she obviously wasn't the killer. Nor was Nina. Franco is innocent. We know this because he was arrested for the crime. My money is on Madeleine. She raises psychotic to a new level. I know she feels some level of guilt about Nina. The backstory must be disturbing. Something Nina said to Silas.. She said he got her away from her parents. Madeleine tells everyone that Nina was always crazy. Its there. Its coming out. What? Nina's father. He left her everything. Why? Guilt! My guess is that he molested and abused her for years and Madeleine knew! She never protected her or acknowledged it. She whispered about Nina's problems in case her circle ever heard Nina's claims. Think about it. Nina blocked most of it out, but she knows she can't trust mommy. will come out.
Let's talk about Nikolas for a moment. It was a stroke of genius to get Hayden away from the hospital. If her memory returns, she is now at his mercy. I'm not sure what his deal is yet, and why he needs ELQ, but he is obviously not able or willing to let it profit. Nik and Hayden have passion and fire. Nik doesn't trust her, but I will bet he is going to fall for her. Her back story will be sad and or tragic. This is a story whose outcome may change under the new writers. Elizabeth is unrecognizable now. Yes, she can be sneaky, but she outgrew that. She loves Jason, but the real Liz would not keep him from his child. It is glaring that RC was trying to shake things up by having characters behave out of character. Tony Geary remarked about how RC was micromanaging how the actors acted. He told them when to look up, sigh, cry or react. Actors know how they are supposed to interpret the material they are given. Directors guide them to structure their actions and responses in the context of the scene. Because of this "out of control" control, the show suffered. Unhappy actors and fans both complained about what was happening. It appeared that Ron C was trying to recreate OLTL and AMC into a new hybrid with GH. Prospect Park still owned the characters of John McBain, Starr Manning and Todd Manning. Todd and John would have been amazing additions to the cast. Franco and Silas/Stephen Clay? Not so much. I love both actors, but they are just not palatable. Especially Franco. RC "borrowed" them and promptly killed of Starr's family. I get that he wanted to be the hero to the fans of the cancelled soaps, but it was a failed attempt. When Ron Carlivati replaced Garin Wolff as head writer, fans were clamoring for a change. Fear that GH would be next to go had fans grasping any shred of hope. The effect was immediate. Ratings came up and the network was happy. Heady with his own success, RC began to think of himself as a savior. He began writing without thinking of the characters. He did some good things, he mined the past to bring things into the present. He resurrected the Nurse's Ball, but it was really the Nurse's Ball lite. Gone were the great acts, the inclusion of all of the hospital staff and the heart seemed to be barely beating. But, it was back!! We can hope that the new head writing team takes this to heart. We miss the Quartermanes at Thanksgiving. We miss the love and humor. We miss FAMILY!  Show us that you care, dear writers. Its not about your vision or your ego. Its about the show, the characters and the fans who support the show even when they feel that its not worth watching. We hear that the focus will no longer be on the precocious children and their love lives. Thank you! While the kids are cute, too much time was spent on silly triangles. They were written as miniature adults. Dates and dancing? What about horseback riding and swimming? Let kids be kids and use them as such.
Now let's touch on Dante/Lulu/Valerie/Dillon/Maxie and Nathan. Its obvious even to the blind and socially awkward that Valerie is in love with Dante. Dante views their one night stand as a mistake that needs to be buried. Valerie sees it as an opening. She gets that Dante chose to be the husband and father he should always have been, but she also hopes that Lulu finds out. She doesn't want to be the one to tell her, because Dante could not forgive that. So, first she spills all to Jordan, spinning that the fault is all on Lulu. She will make sure that someone else finds out. My vote? Maxie. Maxie has apologized to poor Valerie. They will come to an accord. However, Maxie does not trust Poor Valerie and that mistrust will cause Valerie to make statements or to let Maxie overhear a whispered conversation. Maxie will run to Nathan first, who doesn't seem shocked. Now we will have two couples in crisis. Maxie will do whatever she can to protect Lulu, and be angry at Nathan for hiding it from her. It will lead to trouble, possibly even a temporary break up. This mess is destined to become messier! The mob business is rearing its violent and bloody head again. Let's hope they focus more on Sonny and his family than on a war. Till next week...

I hope everyone had a restful weekend! We all said a sad good bye to Silas. The suspect list is long, but some clues stood out. First, whoever killed him posed no fatal threat to him. He was stabbed in the back. No sign of a struggle at all. Many of you have come up with theories about it, so let's go through the list!
Ava; She had a great motive to silence him. He knew too much. She was really Ava, and she was rutting with Morgan. He took the baby to procure life saving bone marrow. That enabled Ava to create her alter ego, Denise. Silas was ready to talk to the police and Kiki. That would send Ava to prison and She would never see her daughters again.
Morgan; He was more interested in covering his own ass and Ava's to care about Kiki. He promised Ava that he would make sure Silas never said a word. Mind you, he has no idea that Denise is really Ava. He is angry and detached, and feels no remorse. He never had a shot at the Port Charles brain. Now he is acting weird and guilty.
Nina; She was holding the knife over his body. That means she is innocent. Nuff said.
Ric; If Silas took baby Avery (he did), the whole gaslighting plan would collapse. Did he overhear Franco and Nina talking? Did he eliminate the hole in his plan? If so, is Madeleine next?
Madeleine; She had the most to gain, financially. If Nina was convinced she took the baby, she would be committed to Shadybrook. Helping Ric, with the crib, doll, blanket and crying baby, they were almost there. Franco tipped her off when he insisted he knew that Nina didn't kidnap Avery. Madeleine practically drew him a map to Shadybrook. Did she follow him and get the name? Did she kill Silas so he couldn't confess? Could be...and could Franco be next?
Kiki; But how? She was away. Or..was she? Maybe she came back early and Silas told her that Ava and Morgan were lovers. Maybe he told her that Denise is really her mother Ava, and he was going to the police. Perhaps, on emotional overload, she tried to talk him out of it. He insisted and she snapped. Stabbed him and blacked out. We will know in a couple of weeks.
Remember the awkward foursome at the Floating Rib? I couldn't help but notice Valerie and her little dig on Lulu. She had to bring up Lulu and Dillon going off to Canada. She is still hot for Dante and very resentful of Lulu. Trouble is coming and her name is all over it.
Its Official. Nikolas is full on Cassadine. He feels completely justified in all of his actions. Murder, intrigue and lies. Helena must be so proud.
Here is my thought.. Ron Carlivati believed that all the characters needed shaking up. So many have been written out of character that fans don't recognize them. Nik as a killer? Liz with no moral compass? Michael as a ruthless, soulless avenger? Morgan was a sweet caring kid. Now he is a total douche. Unlikable and uncaring. Monica using her judge friend to further Michaels agenda?  This character assassination has to stop. I truly hope that the new writers have the chops to take on the challenge of rescuing the show and characters from whatever cave of weirdness they are in. Bring back ROMANCE, not sex for shock value. Relationship over hookup. Family and friendships. Remember the show is called GENERAL HOSPITAL. I would rather see plots furthered than five minutes of foreplay and sex. Its not necessary to show us a blow by blow. We get it. Move things along. Find a groove. Don't drop storylines for weeks or months and expect the fans to stay invested.And bring back the Nurses Ball of old! The glamour, angst drama and talent! We will be seeing the work of the new writers by mid October. Don't disappoint us.
So, what did you think about the show last week? I got a good bit of information from what I saw. First, Silas had no hope of living as soon as he told Franco he kidnapped Avery. Then all the other suspects lined up. Ava had to shut him up as soon as he told her he was coming clean, both about her affair with Morgan and her true identity. Ava knew she had no more leverage. Morgan couldn't allow him to tell Kiki the truth. He is more protective of Ava than he is of Kiki. But, he had to shut Silas up. Nina was livid when she learned that Silas took Avery and kept quiet knowing she was a suspect. Franco was just stupid enough to play with the knife so he could scare Morgan. Madeleine is sneaky and slimy. Franco tipped his hand by talking to her. Its not a stretch to think that she followed him to Shadybrook. If she overheard their conversation, she knew that a confession from Silas would blow any shot of her and Ric getting the money. Let the games begin!
Laura overheard a conversation between Liz and Nik that shook her to the core. She asked Nik and he was honest about it, but no remorse at all. Nikolas is not himself. While he still has soft spots for Laura, Lulu, Spencer and Liz, he is cold and has no conscience. Our Nik would never plot a murder to cover his lies. Look at his relationship with Britt. He used to value honesty and honor very highly. I feel like the answer is there, but I missed it. Why ELQ? Why lie about his financial situation? And why is ELQ failing under his leadership? Nik is a very good businessman. Something is very, very off.
Sonny's business has been hit twice now. I keep remembering the mantra that nobody can just walk away from this life they chose. So, I must question whether Julian is lying out of his kissable mouth. It was too easy and too fast to be real. I think we will be seeing the real Julian again very soon.
Dante has a guilty conscience. Even if I hadn't watched him cheat on Lulu, I would know. Flowers, candy, jewelry and constant declarations of love and apology would be apparent to a blind man. So far, Jordan and Nathan know the truth, aside from Valerie and Dante. Valerie's lunch with Bobbie screamed that Valerie will need advice and council from her aunt. Its going to be a huge mess.
Sam and Jake are getting closer to the truth and to each other. I see a great friendship for them. But, time has passed. Feelings are not the same. Both of them have moved on to different lives. What will happen when Jason recovers his memory? He is not going to forget the life he is living now. He still feels love for Liz. Its even possible he could forgive her for lying about his identity. She made her decision on a night that was fraught with emotional blows. Ric being exposed, shattering her world, Nik throwing the truth at her at that time? Emotional overload. I sincerely hope that she finds a way to tell him. He has a right to know his mother and nephew, as well as his sons and all the other Q's. Sam is his wife. Whether or not he remembers their feelings is another story. Just because someone tell him who he is, doesn't mean he will suddenly remember and slip back into his old life. It would be best if he remembered on his own. At least then he can make better decisions.
Till next time...

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good week? The past weeks highlights were all about Luke. Laura Wright gave an Emmy worthy turn as Lena Spencer once again. She and Tony Geary killed it in those scenes. Even if you don't care for Luke, he made General Hospital number one with his antics, hijinks, trouble and the epic romance with Laura. Good luck to you Tony Geary, and thank you for the love in the afternoon.
Now..on to spoiler talk. There is going to be a murder. The only clue is that the killer will shock us. I have to go with the Ava/Morgan/Kiki triangle. I think that either Kiki will kill Ava or Ava will kill Kiki. Sex and jealousy are great motivation. Kiki will catch Morgan and Denise(Ava) in the act very soon. It will be the catalyst for the upcoming act. Besides, as much as I love Maura West, Ava/Denise is too much. I will not miss the character if she goes. Just my opinion...
Who else wants to punch Dante in the face? You don't move on to someone else until you end things with your current partner, even if you believe your spouse is cheating. And for the record, the affair is the worst kept secret since Jason's true identity. I digress..the night that Dante kissed cousin Val, he told her that they both knew there was something between them. That's a man looking for an excuse to cheat! This does open up a lot of doors for a deeper story. Lulu will separate from Dante, forcing him into the role of non custodial parent. Dillon will be her sounding board and his feelings will come back for her. Maxie will learn that Nathan knew and that will make her question the level of trust between them.
This week, Dillon knows that things ate strained all around and makes a deal with Valerie. They will make sure that Lulu knows Valerie is no threat. Too late! This mess is just going to get stickier when Val has her meltdown.
Monica is going to have more scenes with  Jakeson. This delicious buildup is going to make the payoff so much sweeter! I don't think Liz's lie will be uncovered until way after Jason gets his memory. Why is it taking so long? Think about it. I know everyone wants Jason back so he can know his sons and maybe even reunite with Sam. If it happens to quickly, the payoff will be small. This sweet agony makes you scream into your pillow but waiting will be so worth it. Those who hate the lie that Liz is hiding will get to see Jason's hurt, betrayal and anger over time wasted. Those who want Liz and Jason can see that he has come to love her deeply and WOW! He will be in a tailspin. The Jasam lovers will see Sam caught between the past and the future but dealing with the present. Think of Monica. She is developing a friendship with Jake, a bond. He can never go back to the Jason who didn't care. The build is amazing and necessary. Be patient. Who really wants to see and hear Carly cry and carry on about how she knew..deep down? I think I can wait. Great stories take time. Bad ones are rushed.
The elephant in the room:
Ron Carlivati has been replaced as head writer. While some of his choices have been questionable, you can't deny that he reignited interest in GH. The Fluke story was an unexpected surprise. Throwing Dante and Valerie into bed was a mistake. It happened too fast and it was out of character. The Ava/Morgan/Kiki triangle is cringeworthy and is just bad. End it now. We won't be seeing any of the new writer's work until sometime in October. Let's hope we get better stories and pacing. Thanks Ron. Welcome Jean and Shelly.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. We are in the rainy season and the afternoon and evening storms have caused the frog population to explode. The lizards have taken refuge on my patio, driving my indoor cats insane.
Speaking of insane, Ric's plan for Nina is well underway. I truly believe that this plan is beyond cruel. I never much cared about Nina until she got better. She was trying to find her place in the world. Franco may love her, but he isn't right for her. Anyone who has a family member struggling with mental illness is highly offended by this storyline. Its time for Nina to unload all of her fears on the only people she knows who care about her. Silas and Nathan. Silas knows she didn't kidnap the baby. Nathan is a cop. He might figure out that the only time she hears the crying baby is at the hotel, with Ric. I really want Ric to pay dearly for this, and Madeleine too.
The secret of Dante and Valerie is about to explode. The only way that two people can keep a secret, is if one of them are dead (take note, Nikolas!). Valerie has already spilled her guts and Dante's personal business to Jordan. We all can see her tearful breakdown coming, and Dante having to go to her to talk. She will build that up in her mind as Dante must love her. She will also turn up pregnant. Real or not, it won't matter. It will destroy Lulu. Dante and Lulu will split up. He will dutifully stand by Valerie because she is "carrying his child". Valerie is about to get really manipulative. Lulu will be more and more hurt, and Dante will not see the reality of their situation. Cue Olivia to rush back to try and save the marriage.
Morgan and DenAva gross me out. And every time Kiki calls him "Captain", I want to scream. There is nothing romantic at all between Ava and Morgan. They rut like pigs. Neither one has any likable qualities. Ava used to be interesting. Then more of her personality came out. She is unlikable. She has no moral compass and will kill anyone who is in her way. Its time for Ava to tell Morgan who she is, because he is an idiot, and they should run away together. Far, far away. Send Kiki off to school. The girl has no marketable skills. I don't understand how they get by with no money. They must be living off of Sonny and Silas. These characters add nothing worthwhile to the show, and take time away from interesting storylines.
Luke is coming to the end of his run in Port Charles. No matter what anyone says, he gave us some of the best storylines in daytime television. I will miss him. Thank You, Tony Geary! It was a helluva ride.
Little Jake is back! His miraculous return is going to impact Port Charles in many quarters. The most immediate is Elizabeth and Lucky. They have a great gift. Jake doesn't recognize them right now, but he will. Cam and Aiden have their brother back. Who else? First we have Lulu who was also a guest of Helena at one point. She gets her nephew. Carly has a huge stake in this. Not only is Jason's son back, but now she has the mystery of the true donor of the kidney. Sam is in for a shock as well. This is Jake! Jason's first born and big brother to Danny Morgan. This will send her reeling. Monica knows that Jake is a true Quartermane. She never got a chance to know her grandson. This horrible wrong can now be fixed. Lucky is not staying, so that brings us to Jason. Will Jake feel the same pull to Jason that Danny does? Will Jason feel the connection? How will Liz be able to keep her ugly secret when father and son are in the same room? It's getting stickier. On Fridays show, Monica told Dillon that she would love to see the house filled with Quartermanes. On top of that, so many times in the last two weeks we heard the Emily drops. It would appear that we will have another return from the dead. Fans of the show mourned the loss of so many of the Quartermanes. Now it appears that the family is being rebuilt. Nikolas is hiding something and it may tie this all together. I miss those wacky Quartermanes. They put the fun in dysfunctional. I can't wait till Thanksgiving.
Now the elephant in the room. Dante cheated. Yes, he thought his wife was cheating. Yes she lied to him. The real Dante would have stayed in Vancouver and confronted Lulu and Dillon. This version took the moment to avenge his anger by sleeping with a more than willing Valerie. At first, Valerie was lost and alone after losing her mother. Dante was kind and compassionate to her. She began falling for him almost immediately. He couldn't see it, but Lulu and Olivia did. Valerie is passive aggressive in her dealings with others. She heard Maxie's warning and forced Dante into defending her. Then, she ran to Lulu to assure her that she would never go after Dante. She started by insisting that Dante have dinner with her to celebrate her new job. No Lulu? All the better. When the debacle of Luke and Tracy's engagement party happened, she left with Dante. Downhill from there... Then Lulu followed her parents. Dante started drinking and Valerie was there for him. When he tried to turn away, she grabbed his arm and turned him to her. She gave him the doe eyed compassion and he kissed her. They should have stopped there but more was to come. She came back and again with the sweet touchy feely, only this time she went full out mattress kitten. Knowing that Dante was in pain and hurt, what did the little angel of mercy do? She blabbed all to Jordan. Again, as with witnessing Lulu and Dillon, she let herself be forced to confess. Now Jordan will have a skewed image of Dante, with his lying, cheating wife and his screwing Valerie. When Dante came to tell her that Lulu was home and she didn't cheat, Valerie tried her best to change Dante's mind. Lulu is still lying and must have slept with Dillon. This is only the beginning. Valerie's work will begin to suffer. Jordan will call her in for a heart to heart talk. Valerie will tell her that Dante used her and she thinks she is pregnant. Whether or not she really is, is moot. She will destroy Dante and Lulu and still look like a victim. She will force Dante into a corner after Lulu tosses his lying cheating ass out. It would be epic if Tracy insisted that Lulu and Rocco move into the mansion. Let's face it. NuDillon is hot.
Everyone is demanding that Jason learn who he is right this minute. Not me! I want the biggest bang for the buck. Patrick and Sam married, Jason and Liz engaged..the big soapy mess! Then he can remember and everyone goes crazy. Let them all sort out their feelings and relationship problems. I like the new Jason. His personality is more free and easygoing. The time they are taking to reveal his true identity should be used wisely. He can build relationships with the family he once turned away from. Even Tracy has a favorable impression. I would love for him to get close to Monica. They are building a new start for Jason. Not a killer, not a lapdog, and not an unfeelingly stranger. I want to be there for the ride....

At first I was disappointed. Rolled my eyes, shook my head. Luke reduced to a second rate, third act with Jennifer Smith? This was the kidnapper? Turns out (thankfully) that she was a red herring. The women in Luke's life ( Laura and Holly) finally made peace with the past as well. It was too clean and too fast, but it kept with Laura's quiet dignity. Luke decided that Lulu must be kept close to him to make sure she wasn't used as a pawn in this twisted plot. That explains how Lulu and Dillon entered the search. Our merry band of ragtag rescuers put together clues and were led to a lumber warehouse. Lulu and Dillon were useful in distracting the guards with a swadust pregnancy, while Luke rushed in to save his sons. Holly and Laura ended up captured along with Lulu and Dillon. Luke found Ethan...alone..on a pressure bomb. No Lucky, however. Ethan explained that Lucky escaped leaving Ethan behind. That struck me as odd and out of character. Luke diffused the bomb and Ethan was saved. As for Lucky, only one thing would keep him from returning. What? Saving another Spencer. That's what! Little Jake is alive. Probably taken by provenance of another child's misfortune. It would be a huge coincidence that Frank Smith ran down a child while following Luke. He would know of Liz and Lucky and their kids. At the point in time, everyone thought Lucky was Jake's father. By allowing Luke to believe he killed his grandson, Smith was assured that Luke would be emotionally destroyed. But, you may ask, how did Joss get his liver? Another child's misfortune. In children, transplants are common and it can happen that a universal donor was there in the child. I digress.. At the time of the accident, the head was very swollen and all agreed it was unrecognizable. Jake's miraculous resurrection rights a terrible wrong. His "death" was gratuitous and unnecessary. Now the rebuilding of the Quartermanes begins. His return, as well as Jason's, redistributes the stock in ELQ. Jason gets 11.5%, Jake gets 6.5%. Take that, Nik!
Monica returns from her vacation with Judge Walters and now things on the Jason front will heat up. First, news that her grandson Jake is alive will be epic. Jason is hanging around Michael at the mansion so they can strategize. In case anyone missed it, Alan gave the deed to Monica... Monica is going to run into Jason (as Jake) and they will talk. He is drawn to her as she is to him. The bond they feel will be part of the reason Jason will recover his memories. It will be a box of Kleenex® moment when it happens. The revelation with literally blow up lots of lives. Picture it in your head, Carly? Sonny? Sam? Patrick? And Liz and Nik. Hayden knows the truth, but will she remember?
Nik is catching hell from everyone. There is more to the story than being cash poor. If that were true, where did he get the cash to buy out Nina? I think we will soon find out the truth. And it will surprise everyone.
A quick opinion on the Nina/Ric debacle. Nina is still emotionally very young. She lost 20 years of her life..gone.. Her mother has been harping on the fact that Nina has always been crazy violent. I'm not buying it. Madeleine is jealous of Nina. She was the apple of her father's eye. I feel sorry for Nina. In so many ways she is child-like. I would love to see Silas step in and figure things out. He could help her find the tools to deal with her feelings of inadequacy. They could expose Ric and Madeleine together. I'm not sure that Franco has the stability that Nina desperately needs. Silas and Nina part two?
Back to Jason... I would love to see him and Monica develop a friendship. She could talk to him, he could confide in her. He would look on her as a mother figure, and she would see him as a son. The reveal that they are indeed mother and son would be emotionally satisfying and I would cry like a baby. That's my wish... I know that everyone has there own idea on how it should happen. Till next time...

Hi everyone! Aside from the fact that east coast viewers missed the last fifteen minutes of Fridays show, it was a good week. Lucy used her sword of truth to cut Michael out of the CEO seat. Her explanation was like a knife. When Michael asked why, she looked him in the eye,..and said "Duke". We were all shocked to learn that Lucy actually voted her conscience instead of being blackmailed. She really changed the whole game. A devastated and upset Michael headed for Sabrina. They talked things out and it turns out the Sabrina is really Jiminy Cricket. She made Mikey look into his choices and motives and he didn't like what he saw. It doesn't matter if you hate Sonny or love him. He has every right to his daughter and he had his taste of karma.
Who is dumber? Morgan or Ava? I only ask because these two are either super horny or have amnesia. They were broken up before Ava went to prison. She had boinked Sonny is the crypt and Morgan had a problem with that. She must have forgotten that Morgan brought a vengeful Sonny to extract vengeance for killing Connie. Now they are behaving like long lost star crossed lovers. And Kiki! Eww! She was married to Morgan, he leapt from her bed to her mother's and back to hers. The creep factor is off the charts on this one. Silas can see it, but he brought Ava back from the brink of death. We need to get him a woman. Liz will be available soon...
Jake will be getting clues to his identity coming fast and furious. This fall will be the big reveal, but I have questions. How will Jason feel about Sonny killing his brother AJ? Will he embrace his new path on the side of good? How will Carly justify covering up Sonny's guilt? Will he feel the same way he did before about Sam? Will it matter that her father is Sonny's bitterest enemy? Of this, I can't be sure. When Jason was with Sam, he had a different mindset. He is not the same person, no pun intended. She is different, too. She has seen the quiet and gentle side of life. She is safe and secure with Patrick, Emma and Danny. They are a family. Such a mess! There have been lots of changes for Jason to absorb. It will be interesting.
I don't know if many of you noticed, but the writers latch onto seemingly throwaway lines that show up later as story lines. One line this past week has intrigued me. Nikolas was talking about Helena getting "dotty in her old age". Watch for it... Helena will end up with dementia and long held secrets and lies will be revealed! You heard it here first.
Valerie comes off as the concerned friend to Dante, but that girl is a shark! She kept that "I'm here for you" mantra going while pulling Dante to her... He was upset and drinking, a lethal combination. Dante should have known that Lulu wouldn't run off with a lover like that. He should have known something more was in play. It is a soap, so I know that a little conflict is necessary. But falling into bed with Valerie? Too much... It would follow that she will end up pregnant or claim to be. They said that Luke's final adventure would have long lasting effects. That would be a big one.
Till next week.....

While it seems silly that the soap plot they are using for Luke's final GH adventure is kidnapping Lucky, and demanding that Luke and Laura pretend to reunite, its pretty smart! Think about it.. If Luke leaves town with Laura, nobody will go searching for him. Who would miss Laura? So there you have it. Now they can engage in danger and no worries about anyone coming to help. That could only slow them down. I have a feeling that Ethan has also be snatched, and that's why Holly is involved. Soon we will see lots of faces from the past, like Scorpio and maybe Helena as well as the Smiths. The possibilities are endless. I wonder how Laura will explain her return to Port Charles without Luke? Thanks to some clips and photos, Lucky will be showing up on Liz's doorstep this summer. I would love to hear his story. Why hasn't he even checked on his kids? Cam always called him dad. And Aiden? He may be out in a life of toddler crime with no daddy.  But, the question is how he feels about Liz. I know he made peace with Nik before they left. It will be Delicious, yet short lived fun.
Nikolas has been found out. Don't expect him to pack up and go home. He has worked too hard for this. Rosalie is about to sing like a canary, but Nik still will be using her. He knows her secret! It must be a doozy. The fight for ELQ will alienate his family and friends, but Nik doesn't care about popularity. He is done being the nice guy. This fight will leave scars all over town. There is no guarantee that the Q's will win. If Jason remembers who he is, it will change everything. How? The allocation of ELQ shares. Jason is entitled to 11.5%. That would knock Nik's shares down.
Denise/Ava is playing a dangerous game. She can't seem to keep her legs closed with Morgan and she is pushing too hard to get to Avery. She put Silas in an impossible situation with Kiki and his career. Ava still has that selfish entitled ideology about her. She doesn't care about her daughters as much as she claims. Silas is too good for her. Even Sonny is too good for her. I was hoping that her cancer and near death would have made her more appreciative and maybe more circumspect. But, no. Sadly she is just a tad more ruthless. I want this Ava to pay and pay dearly for killing Connie and engineering AJs death. Even the Sonny haters must admit that she is responsible. Sonny truly believed he was saving Ava from an out of control monster. How can she keep going with this? She has no heart. Her "love" for Avery is overshadowed by her lust for Morgan. Avery will become ill and I would bet that Morgan will be her blood or liver donor. Something will happen to change the game and rip everything apart.
Valerie won't admit it, but she is falling in love with Dante. When she has "evidence" that Lulu is keeping something from Dante, she doesn't stop to ask Lulu... No! She runs off to tell Dante. Just to protect him. Just because they are friends. Just because she wants to bed him. Watch and see! Lulu can't defend herself and Dante will jump to conclusions. Valerie will be the soft caring shoulder...and the trouble begins.

We are on the Titanic. We are having fun. Lookout! Here is the iceberg. There are lots of crashes, figurative bombs and heartbreak ahead. Laura loves Luke, but not in the way that they would need to have to reunite. So, what's the deal? Lucky. He is in mortal danger. It has to be kept quiet. Laura came to get Luke, unaware that she was about to blow apart Tracy and Luke. Anyone who knows their history is aware that Luke and Laura put aside everything for their kids. Remember when the Cassadines put the snatch on Lulu? They moved heaven and hell to rescue her. Now, Lucky needs them. On this latest adventure, we will find Holly and Ethan on the trail. Another surprise? Robert Scorpio. Yes, a wonderful look at the past and a new adventure. Tracy can't be a part of it because she is one badass mama. She has to be free to move on after Luke realizes that he can never be good enough for her. Luke truly and deeply loves Spanky. And because of that, he will let her go. There will be tears and cheers. Enjoy the final ride.
Jake Doe is head of security at ELQ because Michael has a good feeling about him. Although we know Jake is Jason and a good guy, Michael should have someone slap him for not checking out Rosalie. Nobody cares what's in her past. We just want this whole charade to be done. I understand that its necessary because it paves the way for Jake to recover his memory. Being submersed in the business and family will light that fire. The fallout will be epic for everyone in town. Sam and Patrick are a happy couple about to be imploded and Liz and Nik will get backlash that could be in the Marvel Universe. Monica and all the Q's will be thrilled, as will Carly. Carly will do everything to find out what happened and Sonny will feel guilt and shame for trying to kill his bff. Julian knows that Jake has some knowledge of his business. It could get ugly. The main thing is this...will Sam drop everything and everyone to run into Jason's arms? Or will she agonize over the love and family that she has with Patrick? I know Jasam fans and Liason fans both have their wants and desires, but they both may be disappointed. Too many years, too many things have happened to all of them to just pick up where they left off. Let's face it, Jason "died" and was resurrected by Robin. He came back to town only to be roadkill for Ava who was running for her life. After his miracle orthopedic and plastic surgery, he began living a new life. You know what they say.. You can't go home again. Everything is different. Jason is different, Sam is different. Their lives moved in different directions. We'll have to wait and see..
The Jersey Devil is turning Port Charles into a suspicious and wary group. Ava wants both of her daughters and will stop at nothing to make it happen. A near death experience has done nothing to soften Ava. She was vicious to the only person who fought to keep her alive. Poor Silas! He sure knows how to pick em. Look at his list. Nina turned out to be the psycho all other psychos try to emulate. Ava's actions speak for themselves. Sam had baggage that would take five bellhops to move. Ava will be unmasked and will take Silas down with her. Its going to be ugly. Let's think about Avery/AJ. She is going to be one messed up kid. Her story is all over the internet and it ain't pretty. The daughter of two violent mobsters, a criminal legacy to define her bloodline, and let's throw a vindictive,  angry adopted brother who stripped away her identity and her family. Even if her parents are criminals, they are her family and they love her. She will hate Michael and the Quartermaines. The Q's always talk about how they took AJ away from Sonny as payback. Sad, and will blow up in their faces.
Ric is the Ric of old once again. Nina better watch out, Ric can always find a panic room. There are a few possible scenarios here. Ric can play up to Nina while plotting with Mama MadDog, which could get him a slice of the pie, or he can find a way to neutralize Madeleine and enjoy life with his rich, yet somewhat odd and unstable wife, or..the most likely scenario. That is petitioning the court to become the caretaker/conservator of Nina and her boatload of money and arranging an early demise for his new mother in law. After that, Nina will "run away"(die, end up in a far away loony bin or panic room), allowing Ric to be the grieving bridegroom. He can even blame Franco for her convenient disappearance. Come thought so, too.
Now I have to get into Dante's business. He knows that Lulu is uncomfortable with Valerie leaning on Dante. So, what does he do? He agrees to go out to dinner with her before he speaks to Lulu. If he respected his wife and marriage, he would have told Valerie that they could do it on a night when Lulu was available and they could plan it. What about Rocco? Did he expect Lulu to give him a bottle and the remote and rush off to the Floating Rib? The one redeeming moment was at the Haunted Star when Lulu introduced Dillon to Dante! Priceless...
You all know what's coming. Dante will tell Lulu not to hang around Dillon (because it worked so well when he said the same thing about Johnny Z) and she will get her panties in a wad. Valerie will get him to talk about it. And Dillon will be Lulu's shoulder. Trouble in Paradise!
This was the beginning of Luke's goodbye. Laura is here. Soon we will see Holly, Lucky and Ethan. There is supposed to be a big adventure to usher him away. Tracy will realize that Luke will never be the stay at home hubby who sits by the fire recounting his glory days. It will be bittersweet and fun and heartbreaking. I hope that Laura sticks around for awhile. She has a rich history to mine in Port Charles. She could drive Lucy and Bobbie gonzo, since Scott never really got over her. Lulu needs her as does Nik. Nik just doesn't realize it yet. Besides, she has grandsons all over town. Maybe while she is here we will find out the Nik has a brain tumor. That would explain his out of character behavior. It worked for Franco... Maybe he was always this way and masked it so he would be accepted. Time will tell. I like Nik the fixer. He is bad enough to make you notice and worry, yet civil enough for you to want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I want to know what his motive really might be. I doubt that it's greed. He has a sizable fortune already. Maybe he is getting even with the Q's for their shabby and nasty treatment of him years ago. He is like a pirate, and damn! That's sexy. Well, this is the pivotal week to watch. Next week we will have a lot to talk about. Till then, happy viewing!
I hope you all had a pleasant week! Shall we get right down to it? Mayor Lomax is delusional to think she could run for governor with low poll numbers. But, I think she will be a victim of her own ambition. Nik is proving to be ruthless and he doesn't like to have anyone else tell him what to do. I can see Lomax doing just that. She will try to play hardball with the dark prince. She may end up like Hayden. Speaking of Hayden... She is still alive. In soapland that means she will awaken at an inconvenient time. That little plot twist will make Nik and Liz very worried, and Sam and Jake very hopeful. Trust me on this. Hayden won't reveal anything, either by design or bad luck.
Does anyone think that Denise Dimuccio is real? Not me! That's Ava with a plan. The worry on her face, the tattoo, the knowledge of who everyone is, speaks volumes. Just wait..
Valerie will be working at the PCPD. Anyone want to bet that this former criminology student will be brainstorming cases with Dante? I don't even think she is aware that she has a major crush on Dante. It will rear its ugly head soon. How do I know? Dillon is coming back (recast, don't get excited) and he and Lulu were very very close. The friendship is still there. He and Lulu will cross paths often. Lulu will be at the Q mansion to see Tracy and Luke. They will bond again. Dante will be jealous. Pit two jealous people against each other, add two "friends who listen", and you have a recipe for trouble. It will happen.
Nina did give me chills and giggles when she told Sonny to be nice or she would put a seafood fork in his eye. And Franco watching Nathan and Maxie sleep seemed so... Franco. I see why he did it, and using that little plot device allowed Maxie to explain to Nathan about her past one night stand with Franco, bring them up to speed on Nina and Ric and let Maxie use the Port Charles brain. She did a great job explaining to Nathan that Ric could use this convenient marriage to his benefit. I thought that Maxie being more horrified by Franco using her nail file was totally in character. Seriously, was anyone surprised to see Ric visit Madeleine? Franco is right about one thing. Ric being Nina's husband could allow him to get her money released. He is a built in conservator. I feel sorry for poor Nina and I hope that Ric and Madeleine are exposed before they rob her blind.
Things I have wondered about... Why hasn't Sonny even mentioned his daughter Avery? And did he forget his moment of compassion when he talked to Morgan about not killing Avery's mother? Why didn't Patrick try to reach Robin when Duke died? Does Nik know that Granny Hels is holding Robin? If so, why doesn't he release her? Is Max still recovering on the island? Is Spencer still a spoiled, entitled little jerk? Will he still call Cameron a townie? Where is Silas? Alice? Aiden? Epiphany? Danny?? So many opportunities to use them...wasted. I realize that the canvas is crowded, but shouldn't we see more family bonding with Sam and Emma, Patrick and Danny? Who watches all of these missing kids?
Lucas and Brad are planning their wedding. Lucas is all primed for a spectacular event, and Brad wants low key. So low key that nobody knows... This will bring in the family he never sees. They are in the Asian mob. Conflict coming on many fronts! Brad's grandfather was a mob head. Lucas's father and grandfather are (and were) in the mob up to their eyeballs.. Let's just say that the seating chart is the least of their worries.
Okay.. Jason/Jake. I know that so many of you want this to be done and over. I am putting a bullseye on my back, but I find the delay necessary. Jake has fallen for Liz. They are moving forward. Sam is happy, content and safe with Patrick. They are raising their kids together. Too soon to interrupt that. It has to bloom, maybe even bear fruit. What a huge dramatic mess when Jason regains his memory if both Sam and Liz are pregnant! What's a poor rich scion turned stone cold killer to do? What about Sam? Patrick? Liz? Nik? How will he feel after dealing with coming back from the dead and feeling nothing for Sam? Sort that out!
Let's talk about Laura. She returns at the end of the week. While most people believe she is going to usher Luke of the canvas, that's not quite right. She is going to impact his departure, but she is not there for that reason. Her appearance will have an impact on Nikolas. She may reach his heart. Lulu will benefit from her mother being around, too. Laura can meet her grandson Rocco and maybe pull her other grandson Aiden out of limbo. She can counsel Lulu about Valerie. The best summer in years...
Laura can visit Mac and Felicia, Anna and Lucy and Bobbie and maybe visit Scotty. Julian will have more eye candy once Alexis sees him for the mobster he still is. The fun has just begun.....
Its a purge, an upheaval, and everything is on its ear! Anna, the enforcer of law, has become the avenger. She has taken the law into her own hands yet again. Sloane, who came to town as a poor man's Dudley Dooright, became a pawn/puppet to the Cassadines and now is covering up Anna's crime. Nikolas, our sweet and caring Prince has ordered the death of a young woman. Olivia faked her child's death and was ready to lie to her other child about it. Carly had a well reasoned and logical argument for Sonny to wait to avenge Dukes death. Obrecht did a favor for Ned and Olivia. These people are totally out of character. What's next? Is Sonny going to open a kitten rescue? Will Julian join a monastery? Will Ava sling hash at Kelly's? These turnabouts are heading to a bigger picture and an exciting summer!
Jake will remember who he is.  He has to find out on his own. If someone tells him that he is Jason, it will mean nothing if he doesn't feel it. It would be a cheat. What circumstances will cause this epic event? And who will have to face the hitman/enforcer with their lies? Think of the impact on Port Charles. Sonny? He has tried to kill Jake, he hates his friendship with Carly and he is losing Shawn. Sam? She is in a serious relationship with Patrick. They are raising two children together. Ok, one is Jason's son, but Sam asked Patrick to be the daddy. She is mothering Emma. Julian? Awkward!!! Monica? Yes, she is still in town...just hanging out with Jocelyn and Aidan and Alice... She gets her son back. She is two for two in the dead son is really alive sweepstakes. Liz? Yup..she loses at love, yet again. She knows the truth. And her guilty knowledge is going to blow up in her face. Nik? He a puzzler.. Is he good yet misguided? Is he evil with good manners? I can't wait to see where he lands on the karmic meter.
Sloane keeps talking about nailing Julian and dismantling the Jerome organization. Not a single mention of Sonny's mob. Why not? Sloane has secrets. Big ones.
Jordan makes a deal to save Shawn's sorry ass. He was truly cruel to her. He was offended that she stopped him from killing Jake. She could have just sat down and filed her nails. He isn't a very good hitman. Seriously.. Think about it. Name his successes. The only thing he hit was Jordan's egg. Shawn Butler, you ARE the father.
Ric took a bride! Of course he has an agenda. Have you figured it out yet? ELQ stock. Nina is the pipeline to the shares that Franco holds. There's always an angle with Ric. And when Madeleine shows up, you will get your answer. How will Sonny relate to his new sister in law? Chances are good the Michael won't be asking Aunt Nina to babysit.
Who is this woman? Is she Ava? Or someone else? We won't know for sure just yet. But, that face will attract loads of attention. Think of the cops...and Sonny!
Moving on...
Poor Lulu! She has her hands full. Her father is Public enemy #1. Her little brother in law is "dead", and now she has to deal with her cousin having a crush on her husband. Said cousin is getting a job throwing her right is the path of Dante. I smell smoke....Will Julian leave the mob behind? He loves the power. I can't see him just slinking away from it.
So much is happening and nobody who is watching is completely satisfied. Know this, everything you are seeing is like a building block. You can't see the final product. What you are seeing is a mystery to you. When all the pieces come together it will make sense. Soaps are like a river. Moving, changing and never the same from year to year. You may get your wish for a favorite couple to unite, or reunite, but they won't necessarily be a couple in six months. You may hate it. You may vow to quit watching. Then..something electrifying happens! And they reel you back in. True fans don't pin their whole reason for watching on one person or one couple. True fans see the potential for growth. And that's what keeps us watching. Till next time.....
Anna! She did it..she shot Carlos in cold blood. Shocked as I was, I was cheering. He was so smarmy, taunting, and cocky that I would have done it myself. Sloane will help her cover it up, of course. He likes her. Who else wanted to smack Hayden upside the head. When she challenged Nik like she did, I could just hear a gun cocking. Liz and Nik are safe for now, but soon they will have to pay the piper. One thing did make me blink twice. Sam and Jake don't have that spark. I don't think its because of the actors. I think too much time has passed for them to pick up where they left off. I'm not even sure he belongs with Liz, either. Time will tell. One thing is for sure. Monica needs to know. It would be wonderful if Jason remembered who he is before Nik takes over ELQ. Can you see the power play? It would be epic. Another thing is, how will Sonny react to his best friend's resurrection? Carly will be overjoyed. Sam, once she gets over the shock, will try reconcile this man with the man she loved. But, is he? How will this affect Patrick and Emma?
Ava will be back very soon. The end of this week or the beginning of next. Has her brush with death softened her? Not really likely. She has some issues, like reclaiming her baby. How will she do this while avoiding a murder charge and escaping? The bigger question is how will Julian get out of this hole he dug for himself? He was so cocky and sleazy while speaking with Sonny that I wanted Sonny to punch his lights out. And I find Julian kind of sweet and handsome. I feel bad for Alexis, Sam and Lucas. Julian is headed to a place that usually means death or prison. They've already done prison. I hope they find a way to create some kind of uneasy coexistence with Sonny. I truly enjoy William DeVry.
Now let's peek into the future... Valerie. She is going to apply at the PCPD. We know what this means, right? She will be crossing paths with Dante all day and now they have the job in common! Can Lulu deal with it? My guess is no. Maxie may even feel a bit insecure over the perky and capable Ms. Spencer. Picture it... Dante is in a tizzy over a case and Valerie offers her feedback and a sympathetic ear...not conducive to a happy marriage. And I am sure she will rush to offer comfort over Olivia and the baby. About Duke. Duke was a wonderful character. Many years and many scenarios molded him into a sexy, enigmatic and awesome man. His romance with Anna spanned so many years and so many obstacles that whenever they were together, we knew something was going to part them. He deserved a better sendoff than he got. My hope is that he was drugged and spirited away to return at a later time. Thank you,  Ian Buchanan! It was always a pleasure.
OK.. I admit it. I am really disappointed in Liz. I can see her motives, but she should realize that lying to someone to get what you want is a Ric move. This is going to blow up in her face big time. She is going to regret it as the guilt eats her alive. Anna was in such denial about Duke and his involvement with the botched hit was painful to watch. Its so obvious that Sloane is in love with her and wants her happy. Now that Carlos the inept has killed Duke, Anna can divert those emotions into dismantling the mob. Taking down Julian Jerome is going to be more important to her than taking down Faison ever was. Sloane has a huge hard on to break the Jerome's and their organization. Julian had better watch out. His right hand man, Carlos, won't be around anymore so he will need someone to fill in. Jake will do nicely. Imagine when he remembers he is Jason. Working for Sonny's enemy and the police won't go down well. Speaking of Jason, its possible that he may keep quiet to Sam at first. He would put her happiness and security above his own. He stayed out of Jakes life to keep him safe. He may do the same for Danny. Besides, he is up to his neck in a police sting.
Is it just me or would anyone else like to see Maxie or Liz ask Obrecht for advice? I think it would be a hoot! Leisl needs a friend. She grew on me.  Britta was not on long enough. She can handle Spencer much better than Nikolas and the kid loves her. Instead he gets Hayden. Nina would be a better option. At least Nina wants to be a mom. Speaking of Nina, she deserves much better than Franco. He doesn't trust her and treats her like she has no brains. But... I think they will get married. Why? Because crazy follows crazy. Another couple that needs help? Try Alexis and Julian. She is law and order, he is crime and chaos. Its all about to blow up. Watch kiddies..the debris field could be huge. And what about the children? Sam.. Lucas..unnamed baby boy and Danny?
Patrick and Sam are a nice couple. They are a team and not in a "duck! Those bullets are meant for us" kind of way. Danny and Emma are bonding too. Emma has had so much loss in her young life, I wouldn't want her to lose another mom. She lost Robin, Sabrina, baby Gabriel and Duke. Give the kid a win!
Sabrina brings out the gentler side of Michael. With her he is more human. Sonny and Carly are going to make baby steps thanks to her. Morgan will feel like he is invisible and that will push him into something spectacularly stupid. Traditionally summer brings the younger cast forward. So look for TJ and Molly, Valerie, Dante and Lulu, Nathan and Maxie as well as Spencer, Emma, Cam and Josslyn to be more prominent.
There's a wedding coming. A surprise wedding. And the live shows will begin with a shooting. Sweeps and live shows... Things to watch for? Actors using real names instead of characters...flubbed lines...forgotten lines and cues...and inappropriate laughter. Enjoy, kids! See you next week!

How was your week? Aside from the rainy season creeping in, mine was mostly uneventful. Now that sweeps are here, some storylines will reach their climax and new ones will begin. Ric and Liz, Maxie, Spinelli, Nathan and Ellie, Duke and Anna, Dante and Lulu, Patrick and Sam..all of these couples will experience changes. Judging from some of the leaks, there will be at least one wedding, perhaps two! We know that a murder mystery was teased for May. If I had to guess, I would say its Hayden. Since Dukes death will be kind of obvious..Think about it... She will have lots of people who want her gone. The list will be long, too. The suspect list; Ric, for obvious reasons, Jake, he was taken advantage of by Hayden, costing him Liz....Liz for the same reasons, Nikolas because she made threatening statements to him and he told her he would bury her alive, then that pesky blackmail, Carly, because its well known they hated each other, Pete the fake face Jake, because she and he were partners in crime, so to speak. There may be more by the time she is found dead.
Olivia and her bundle of joy will take center stage for at least a day. Why? Sam knows the baby is really Julian's. Will this be the catalyst to send Ned and Olivia out of town and off the canvas? And who will be running the hotel in Olivia's absence? Dante and Lulu? Laura??? I don't know, but it will shake things up. Power plays always do. Unless Olivia opts to let Carly run it and they just split the profits.
I am pretty much over Spencer complaining that he is hideous and a monster. Nik! You have some serious bucks. Get that kid some counseling! His whole rant is so over the top, I want to run screaming from the room. Maybe some people enjoy the precocious love quadrangle. I am not among their numbers. Let kids be kids. Beg for a cell phone, complain about dance class, maybe fight with a friend. This idea that children are miniature adults is wrong. Let them be kids!
Duke is going to die. Murdered, to be precise. Mob hit or angry enforcer? Anna will be rocked right down to her sensible shoes. I think she and Duke will talk, and reach an accord. Then he is off to Wraithville. Sam and Patrick will comfort Emma, and Patrick will be the shoulder Anna needs. This may force the Robin issue into the open. Sloane will also understand what Anna is going through. He responds by making her focus on the case and ultimately on him.
Lulu might seem unreasonable where Valerie is concerned but she really isn't. Valerie is clinging to Dante because he was the one to take care of her when her mother died. She might not have any designs on Dante yet, but she will definitely get there. Valerie is emotionally fragile and Dante is too consoling.
Luke is in the mental hospital while TG is on vacation. Facing what he had become will provide more meaty scenes with him and others. Tracy is just the rock he needs to hang onto. When this is over, Luke will be different.
Spinelli has been kind of underhanded and skeevy in his pursuit of Maxie. I have a feeling that he will use baby Georgie to get what he wants. I hope I am wrong, I really do. I like the character, just not as a snake. I don't want Maxie to settle for him out of some sense of duty, either.
Nina seems to be coming into her own. I like that she is standing up for herself and not being led around. Franco treats her like a doll. Fun to play with, but don't give her any sharp objects. I don't want her to be crazy, but feisty. A woman coming into her own without having to explain herself constantly would be so refreshing!
Well, very soon the Jason reveal will happen. Look out! Watch your breakables! Things are going to explode!
Till next time.....
May sweeps are here so let's sit down and discuss what's coming!
The hits are coming. Not just bullets, but Magic Milo and his band of barely dressed beefcake. Epiphany will sing, the younger ladies will do a musical number and..Duke and Anna will tango! Spencer will be doing a tribute to Moms, so look for a ghost of Courtney to appear. Emma will be MIA when she is due onstage. Nathan and Maxie, as well as Spinelli and Ellie will end up dancing together. Maxie is uber jealous of Ellie and Nathan. She might not be inclined to stay with Spinelli out of duty. Lucy will orchestrate some reunions as well.
The ball will go for three days. Toward the end, all hell will break loose. Someone will die, others will be in mortal peril. Liz will have to give her answer to Ric. Will he be exposed before she makes a huge mistake? Sonny hates Jake, and what happens at the Nurse's Ball will either erase it or escalate it. We are also going to witness someone realizing that Jake is Jason. Perhaps Jake himself? Will it come out in a public way? Maybe..but with the chaos, maybe the lightbulb moment will be lost. I don't believe for a minute that it will be that easy. Sam will be married to Patrick first. Either that or so intertwined with him and the kids as a family, she won't know what to do.
Olivia is about to drop her baby into the big mess that is parentage. I have a feeling that she and Ned will get married in the hospital, or soon after. Both characters are leaving so..let them leave as a family with a secret that will rear its ugly head down the road. Besides.. Ned wants to get out of town before Tracy learns that Franco has Ned's shares.
The mob war is about to explode in a big and ugly way. Let's face it, Anna and Duke still love each other so the tango will be their last connection. Why? You saw the sweeps preview! Sloane and Anna stumble upon a body. The murder mystery? Who killed Bruce??? That's right. Bruce, Dukes bodyguard, will be taking the big dirt nap. Or going into some weird portal to return later if needed. Duke will make critical errors in his quest for revenge. Anna will be working with Sloane to find the killer and perhaps a new love. Sonny will feel guilty like nobody's business. He put Duke in this position. He will have to step back into the bosses chair sooner than anticipated.
Ric is desperate to lock Liz into marriage before his scheme is discovered. Too bad that Carly made "Saving Private Jake" her mission. Now comes the fun part. Carly makes a very public and embarrassing (to Ric and Hayden) exposure of the phony wife scam. Jake, Liz and Ric are caught off guard. Things change in a heartbeat, but bullets start flying. I don't expect that Carlos will be in town much longer since he was the one who shot Bruce. Its not his fault! He was aiming for Duke. Alexis and Julian will probably have to be on opposite sides for a while. She will give her "I can't be with you while you are doing this" speech, and he will give her his pat "You knew all along what I do" answer. Jake will be the hero, but Sonny won't like it... But wait! There's more! Jason will be found out. Once he knows who he is, how will he react? He is not the same Jason who was shot by Raison (literally). His outlook on mob violence has changed. He has become a more rounded and insightful man. Oddly enough, he feels a connection to Sam but not a romantic one. How this plays out will be the summer story. Jason is actually in possession of a code of honor. How will this affect his love life?  So much more.... I will continue this next week if you like. Let me know on our Facebook page!

Did anyone else expect Michael to start foaming at the mouth? I love Chad Duell, but his drunken Michael does not float my boat. Its always the same. He squints and walks with a sideways lean. His arm flies up and he starts yelling. He looks like a psycho Jacob Marley. Michael should never drink. He needs to take up yoga. Anyone who lives with a drinker can tell you that alcohol doesn't mask a personality. It enhances it. Michael is an ugly, nasty drunk.
Dear Nedly gave 11% of his ELQ stock to Franco. I truly thought that Olivia would stop him and tell the truth. I was disappointed, but I choose to overlook it because Ned declared his love. Golly Whompus I am going to miss him.
There is a spoiler out there that Olivia starts cramping. Who wants to bet that they must deliver the baby and it will need blood? Blood that must come from the father who isn't Ned? The truth will come out and Julian will be happy and mad. Alexis might feel a tad overwhelmed by this. My guess is that it may cause tension between her and Julian. Ned will feel foolish and sidelined. Losing those shares is going to really hurt now...
I must confess that I am looking forward to Ric being exposed. Publicly would be awesome. Let him find someone as twisted as he Nina. But not Nina. She is too good for him.
Maxie seemed to backpedal on how she and Spin got back together. I think she will drift back to Nathan. Ellie is in town so she and Nathan could "date" and make Maxie and Spinelli rethink what they really want.
Dante and Lulu are coming into conflict. Dante likes Valerie and wants to help her get on her feet. Lulu is not so generously inclined. After all, Valerie tried to cut Luke's throat. Things like that make a girl uneasy. Valerie will play the "Lulu hates me"card.Lulu will blow things out of proportion due to anger and jealousy. Dante will defend poor Valerie. Fasten your seatbelts. Turbulence ahead!
The mob war is about to blow wide open. This will make several things happen. First, Duke is going to be on the wrong side of a bullet. Sonny will be forced into defending his territory. Sloane and Anna will get closer. Julian and Alexis will end up on opposite sides, at least for the short term. There will be gunplay at the Nurse's Ball. Jake will end up saving several people, including Sonny and Carly. This may trigger his memory. Will he rush and tell everyone he is Jason? Nope. He doesn't want to endanger his loved ones so he keeps quiet. He still finds himself drawn to Liz, however. Liz is a sweet yet romantically challenged woman. She wants a home and family to come home to at the end of the day. Unfortunately, she is so in love with the idea of love that she always overlooks the shortcomings in her paramour. Lucky was her rescuer. He saved her emotionally when she got raped, so she overlooked his tendency to be high handed and unyielding. She was only able to see it when he got hooked on drugs and Maxie. Zander was no love match for her either. He was convenient. Ric is a manipulator in every incarnation. She will always fall for his lies and she is guaranteed to be hurt by him. Nik filled a void. He was really the best of all her loves combined. Too much has happened for them to be together right now. Jason has always been her love. From the time she was a lost and troubled teen, he has been there for her. The night of the blackout, she walked in on Lucky and Maxie humping in her bed. Did they show remorse? Shock? Shame? No. They looked at her like she was intruding. So, she went to talk to Jason. Her friend. But, that night found Jason hurting over Sam doing Ric. The two hurt and lonely people hooked up. It was sweet and hot and romantic. The next morning, Jason made her breakfast. Neither of them knew the condoms were defective.....
Back to the present. Word is that Patrick proposes and Sam accepts. This will make the Jason reveal all the more poignant. She will be married to Patrick and be torn between her two loves. Hopefully she won't be carrying Patrick's baby. Patrick is as fertile as Sonny. The thing that sticks with me is that Jason feels no pull to Sam other than seeing her in his dreams. Kind of like when he met Hayden.... I don't think he is the same man emotionally that he used to be. He has a soft and playful side now. The old Jason was cold to people. He often looked bored with them. This Jason and interesting! I can't wait to see what the new Jason will be when his memory returns. I can hope that the part of him who loved Monica returns. That's all for now. Happy Viewing!
i everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I have been pondering some things that need to be addressed before they drive me up the wall. Carly! She is hell bent on exposing Hayden and has the tools right in front of her. She owns the damned hotel and can check the bills and payments. If she looked, she would see that two lobsters, champagne and dessert were charged to Ric Lansing. Maybe his credit card held the room. Even when you pay cash, almost every hotel needs a credit card on file. Wake up! Another plot hole that needs to be filled. Couple that and the timing of the supposed fight between Hayden and Jake and Voila!! When did Helena have time to implant the chip and brainwash Jake if he was hit walking away from Hayden? The words came out of Carly's mouth when she was yelling at Jake over the appearance of his "wife". She asked him about the convenience of her timing, yet never caught on to her own reference to Helena. Drives me wacky...
Let's talk about Valerie. She is sad and adrift as well as lost. Dante has talked to her and comforted her when she was tried to kill Luke. Lulu is wary of her, and Valerie can't quite trust Lulu. She knows that Lulu will protect Luke at any cost because she felt that for her mother. She will continue to bond with Dante, and that will make Lulu insecure. This will cause problems in their marriage. They love each other, but they will fight.
Morgan and Kiki never expected the fallout from their actions to be so negative. Sonny and Carly are as concerned for Michael as they are for Avery. Morgan, to his credit is only trying to help Sonny while getting a bit of revenge on Michael. Kiki is misguided by the anger she feels over the loss of her mother and the shabby, degrading treatment she received from Michael. At the MetroCourt with Morgan, she knew that she was burning a bridge, but she felt it necessary to get Avery away from Michael. What truly aggravated me was Michael and his whiny speech to Sabrina about Kiki. He was hoping she was telling the truth about loving him forever, yet here she was with Morgan! What did he expect? She did her best to shelter him from the truth, and tried to explain that to him. He pushed her away and even went so far as pushing his sexual escapades in her face. He was cruel and nasty to her when she walked in on him with Rosalie. He not only showed contempt for Kiki, but he treated Rosalie like a prostitute. He used her and didn't care that she was embarrassed by the whole encounter.
Silas was conveniently in town so the hospital encounter with Nina could happen. That puts her in the vicinity of Avery, who is there to be checked out prior to going home with Kiki. Michael is also not where he is supposed to be. Another coincidence. Lucas is called to the ER before he can examine her, so Silas volunteers. Here's what I think.. Silas took a cheek swab of the baby and it shows a preliminary match for Ava. The end of Friday's episode showed a lurker sneaking into the room with the baby, who was conveniently alone. Who snatches her? My guess is Silas. He will harvest some bone marrow while he has the opportunity. Since the baby will be missing, Dante will investigate. Nathan will be on the case as well. The baby will be found safe and sound, bit the questions will remain. Silas will rush off to New York with the key to saving Ava. Ava would never agree to using her daughter's bone marrow, so Silas will tell her he is giving her the drugs to end her life. She will be saved, but boy will she be pissed!
Ned is sweet and kind. He will do everything he can to honor his commitment to Olivia. His misguided attempt to put the brakes on Franco will make him give up some precious ELQ stock. Ned is not completely stupid though. He will have to ask Michael to step down as CEO. Moot point, since Nik will be taking over the company very soon. The repercussions of this will be widely felt and will shake up lives and loyalties! The smallest stone can cause the biggest ripple. Some little things that will come back to bite people are ready to drop..such as:
The ring at Patrick's house.
Cam seeing Hayden with Ric.
The guy Ric hired. He will appear where he will be seen by Carly or Liz.
Morgan changing the meds. Alice knows he was in the house unsupervised.
Carly hiding the truth from Sonny about Jake.
Duke moving ahead with the hit on Jordan without Sonny's sanction.
Carlos hitting Sonny's shipment. Julian doesn't like Carlos acting on his own.
Nik burning the ballots.
Kiki and her temper will get her into serious trouble and her whole scheme to get Avery will unravel.
Now..let's get back to Franco. I kind of thought his thing with Nina was sweet and that he truly had a heart. Then..he watched the video of Avery getting knocked over. He thought it was hilarious. Even Nina was uncomfortable with his reaction. She raised a good point when she reminded him that they had vowed to love and care for the baby....ripples....
Till next time......
I hope you all saw the anniversary episode! If not, find it and watch it! It is soap at it's finest. Elizabeth Korte weaved the past and the present seamlessly. We not only learned Luke's devastating secrets, but incorporated iconic characters from the first episode! General Hospital debuted April 1st, 1963. Fifty two years later it's still here and moving ahead. To have Steve Hardy, Jessie Brewer and Phil Brewer play a part in the whole reveal was amazing. I hope everyone loved it as much as I did.
Laura Wright took on the role of Lena Spencer. She played her with quiet dignity and fierce protectiveness. Later, after Luke became himself, he told Carly how much she looked like his mother. Its wasn't tongue in cheek. It was moving and powerful.
How far is Ric going to go before someone shuts him down? I hope its done by an angry Cassadine. Ric and Nik are both in love with Liz, but Nik only wants her to be happy. Ric treats her like the prize in the romance Olympics. Does he not consider what will happen to their coupledom when Liz learns the truth?
Back to Jakeson... I have a feeling that Jason will remember who he is, but won't speak up. Why? He will see that Sam has moved on with Patrick and he won't interfere with her happiness. Something will happen to change his mind, or someone else will figure it out, like Spinelli. It will come out just in time to keep Sonny from killing him.
There is much speculation that Duke is on his way out. If its true, they are setting it up now. He has decided on his own to kill Jordan, without Sonny's sanction. It can only end badly. This will involve Anna and Sloane. One of them will have to shoot Duke to save Jordan. That would be high drama, not to mention destroying Anna if its by her hand.
The intricacies of the writing weave stories together with an eye to the future and respecting the past.
Back to the muddy waters of Port Chuckles. Nik must be desperate or horny to hop into bed with Hayden, the whore of Beecher's Corners. She pretends to be married to Jake, propositions Ric and beds Nik. Keep her away from Sonny..
Speaking of Sonny, I know that he is a polarizing character and makes the wrong decision for the right reason but taking away his daughter is wrong. He truly loves his kids and would lay down his life for them. Michael doesn't see the big picture at all. I have been in the position of raising the children of a killer. Whether or not your intentions are to protect the children, if you deny them their family or birthright, you can destroy them. Its better to swallow your anger and bitterness to allow them to know where they came from. They are innocent. They can learn the truth when they are ready. Give Avery back to her father. Better that than explaining to her why Michael calls her AJ. Happy Viewing!

Hello! I hope everyone had a good week. I have been pondering what to talk about and finally decided that I should address what I believe is happening.
Morgan and the little cupcake Kiki have hatched a plot. It is simple and most probably effective. Replacing his allergy meds with "something stronger" could work very well. Don't think about Michael driving with Avery in the car, or driving impaired. Nobody is going to get hurt like that. Michael does drink. Right now, he is using it to blunt his feelings. He is not a social drinker. This is important because of his family history. He is at risk to become addicted. Morgan was correct about that, so using it to make Michael appear to be under the influence was quite inspired. Morgan is not the hothead he used to be when he was first brought back to town. Morgan's behavior with Kiki, Michael and Sonny is exactly how Michael is behaving now. Something is going to happen that will wake Michael up to his true motives. Too bad that someone will have to suffer for it. The collateral damage will cause huge ripples.
Luke is finally going to find the answers he has suppressed since his youth. Its going to be ugly. We saw on Friday that he clocked Valerie in the head, and now has Bobbie and Tracy at gunpoint. That's the easy part. On Wednesday, April 1st, we are going to witness a huge reveal. Questions will be answered and there will be tears. But FIRST, a flashback into how GH began. It will be fun if you can sit still knowing that Luke is about to have his childhood crime/trauma pushed in his face. Epic is too small a word for what will happen.
One has to wonder about the people in Jakeson's orbit. Once everyone knew that Helena was involved, bells should have been going off in a lot of heads! He has Jason's body type, he is drawn to the Quartermanes and he had brain surgery. Let's add the fact that he knew about the ring and took the Phoenix from Sam's place, he has Jason's skills! Patrick knew that he was alive at least for a while. Robin was acting oddly, so he should have at least considered the possibility that Jason survived. Of course, he does feel warm and squeaky for Sam, so that might color his judgement. I have a feeling that by the time Jason remembers who he is, Sam and Patrick will be deeply involved and playing house. How will Sam deal with that? Its obvious that she loves Patrick, but is it strong enough to keep her out of Jason's arms? For that matter, will Jason still feel the same way for Sam, given his feelings for Elizabeth? He isn't going to forget his life now, just adding his past to the mix.
Ric needs to step back and look at what he's doing to Liz. If the past has taught him anything, it's that lies, deceit and trickery will kill a relationship. He just can't grasp it, so he is doomed to fail.
Now would be a good time to let Nik be the hero. He doesn't need to unmask Jason to save Elizabeth's peace of mind.
Thinks are starting to pop! Enjoy the show.... If you have any comments, please post them to our Facebook page under the post that this column has been published. Thanks!


WARNING: Contains Spoilers!

Hello Kids...Another week of surprises and secrets.. So, it really is Ewen who has Robin!  Did we not see this coming the night he rescued Liz and disappeared? Why would a doctor leave a woman in obvious physical distress unless he was scum or was hiding? Now he has his filthy paws on Patrick. He will be responsible for Patrick's mental health. What will happen? I see that Robin will have some gaps in her memory, thanks to the ECT. Anna is looking for her and she is not one to be trifled with. Robin will return, and she and Patrick will have a difficult reunion. Will she remember him? Stay tuned. You will not believe what happens..
As for Johnny and Todd.. Wow. That clash was awesome! You think Johnny will be redeemed? Not a chance folks. Not when you see how far he will go to look good. Todd is willing to go down in flames if it means taking Johnny with him. The baby switch was not so secret after all. Johnny has ears all over town. Now, since you know he knows, do you really think a nice guy would keep that secret? Carly is Jasons best friend. If Carly knows that Johnny knew about the switch..wowzers..She will take no prisoners. It will be like Sherman through Atlanta all over again. I realize that Johnny (Brandon Barash) has many fans who love him. He used to be the sad bad boy who was abused by his daddy. We now know that daddy was really grandpa and Johnny killed him in cold blood. Something wicked this ways comes...
Sam and Jason will have a long road back to each other. Sam will get her son back soon..BUT, she won't yet know that Jason is the daddy. That will be another bombshell. (Sidenote; even though Steve Burton bought a home in Tennessee, that doesn't mean he is leaving the show. Steve has company . Scott Reeves and his wife Melissa Reeves have their home in Tennessee as well. Its beautiful there and the lifestyle is better for families)...Back to my rant..Sam is drawn to John McBain. They have some mystical connection. He should just tell her he is really Caleb and she is Livvie and they are timeless. Jason will be lost after the divorce is filed. Not that he will drift..Elizabeth is in danger. He will do whatever he needs to do to protect her. They have been in each others orbit for so long, neither can really let go. Their timing has always been bad.
Luke and Tracy and Anna..Anna will not be too mad at Luke once she realizes that Robin is really alive. Will she let Robert know? Tracy will find herself busy on all fronts. With ELQ and the past as her mob ties return to haunt her...Will Michael be the saviour of ELQ?

July 22
The stories are gearing up for some big reveals in September. Those reveals will lead to more stories and mysteries as the 50th anniversary gets closer!
I have a confession to make. I lurk. yes..I lurk at many message boards to check the pulse of the fans. One thing that drives me crazy is the negativity. We fought so hard to save GH and so many posters do nothing but complain. The main complaint is the addition of some characters from OLTL. Why? Change keeps things lively and interesting. You have to admit that Todd is a great addition to the cast. His backstory is awesome and his future in Port Charles will be funny, tense and interesting. Starr and Michael are a cute couple. They found each other despite their painful first interaction. Joe Jr is going to provide some angst and drama that will be fresh. Look at the future. Joe Jr., Jerry Jacks,Todd Manning and Sonny Corinthos! Clash of the Titans! You may hate the mob stories, but they are here and you might as well find a bit of enjoyment that at least some of these guys wiill have a less than happy ending. Why do many fans complain that they hate change, yet complain when nothing ever changes? Now, the couples fan base must put up with my whining.. Jasam; Jason was honest with Sam. She wanted him to accept her baby with no reservations. He probably could have if she had just given him time to absorb everything. She was impatient and forced the issue by moving into the motel. What did that accomplish? It put her on a collision course with John McBain..a sexy, hot collision course. Jason turned to Elizabeth, who really wants Jason to be happy..Jason is the one who kissed her, not the other way around. Lante!! OK kids, lets cut to the chase..Lante will survive. They have normal early marriage growing pains. They have gone from independent individuals to a committed couple. They will have misunderstandings and arguments, but they will survive it. Forget Jolu..It is not happening, nor is Latrick. Patrick is spiralling downward, and Lulu is trying to be a friend. Maxie is not equipped for it and who else is there? Jarly: Johnnys secrets and lies will kill them as a couple. While Carly could understand if Johnny did something stupid, she hates to be lied to about anything! She will have a hissy fit at bare minimum. Spinelli and Maxie..She loves him, he loves her and they are both too wounded to admit it. It will take some time to get them where they need to be. Alexis will get some action too! First with Jerry Jacks and then with Shawn. Screw menopause!! Skate; Kate is not fully integrated with Connie yet. The baggage that group is carrying could never find enough skycaps. With the addition of Joe Jr., we have the makings of a huge diasater. Kate is Treys mother, Joe never told him the real truth. Trey is involved with Kristina who is Sonnys daughter. The truth will come out, then its bye bye Joe Jr.. McBam is a very real possibility. Why? Sam will get her baby back with Johns help. The paternity reveal will come later, after Sam and John get closer. The fan bases will have input into the outcome. Molly and TJ? Who really cares? Molly is mouthy and condescending. TJ is not a fully developed character. The future looks good, if you like exciting rides!!

July 11, 2012

Well kids, here we go again...
Heather is running all over town getting dirt on anyone and everyone. She has a bit of electronic help. Its funny..She has been in a mental hospital for years and still managed to pick up all the knowledge she needs to record the victims! Also, she has it all sent to a real time computer? I can't use all the features on my smartphone..and she can become as cunning as a CIA operative? Anyway..Kate will be confronting her past when she faces Joe Jr. Joe Jr. wants to take Sonny down in the worst way. He has help..his son Trey, who is also Kates son. He has a built in hatred for his bio mom who ran out on him. Kristina can't see past her own hormones to make any sense of whats happening. What kind of reality show is this anyway? Kristina talks into the camera like Barbara Walters on nicotine. She explains every encounter and scene. She comes off looking like a petulant and spoiled child. BORING! Michael and Starr have discovered there is life after death. This pairing will have lots of dramatic potential. Lets hope the writers mine it. Patrick starts to see Robin! Is she real or memorex? Patrick's meltdown will showcase his depth of grief over Robin. When she returns, he will also have
trouble coping! Now..the things that drove me nuts..Anna saw the dogs alerted on the shed where Luke is being held. A patrolman tells her that someone probably dragged the body through there. They do not investigate? What about looking for evidence for an eventual trial??? The writers dropped the ball there. Heather telling Sam that its Jason's fault her baby died should have made Sam slap the smug right off her face!
I love Todd! He is evil, nasty and criminal..but he is one of my favorite characters. When he walked in on Carly and Johnny with the toss away line "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit", I loved it! I digress..Todd needs to wise up and lie..He met Heather near the shed, he told her the baby needed help. She took the baby and reappeared with a live baby. He didn't know the difference. Now, she spilled a bit and is blackmailing him. He is just looking for a way to tell Tea and Sam the truth in the least painful way. Luke may die of thirst and starvation soon. He has been there for a while. Notice he doesn't have much of a beard? The Liz/Ewen "romance" will open some doors. Such as who Ewen really is, and his connections to other characters. Jason and Sam have a long road to travel, since she is drawn to John. John returns from
Llanview with news. He and Natalie are no longer a couple..Look out Jason! Sonny has his hands full with his personal life, leaving little time to run the business. Max and Milo must be doing it, as they have been MIA of late. Spinelli found his dignity and Maxie is on the outside looking in. She hates the view..Mac and Felicia are hiding in the attic. Is nobody curious? What is the status of Crimson? The summer will be filled with lots of revelations and twists that will change the dynamic of some couples...Relax Lante fans. They are ok. That is, until Dante gets suspicious of Johnny. That makes Lulu upset. Then she realizes Johnny is hiding something. She won't back away because he is trying to frame Luke. Lulu will be in a good position to get dirt. Carly will find that she is drawn to Todd after the downfall of Johnny begins!

June 23, 2012
Luke has stepped in it once again. Crazy Heather has managed to brazenly lovenap him. She would never call it kidnapping. Luke has a history of bailing when things get to emotional or sticky, and his three way with Anna and Tracy is sticky, to say the least. It will be a bit before anyone realizes he is really missing. In the interim,Tracy will point guilty fingers at Luke out of jealousy. She can't stand the idea of Luke and Anna!  In other Spencer news,Lulu and Johnny have a new partnership!  FYI Jolu shippers, it ain't happening, so don't get your feelings hurt. Johnny loves Carly and Lulu loves Dante. Lulu will eventually put the clues together and look for something to nail Johnny, guiltwise. Dante will help her just because he loves her and wants her to be safe! Oh..there is the little factoid that Heather knows the truth about Ethan and Robert..poor Anna...
Carly is basking in the glow of new love. Too bad it is going to blow up in her smug little face. Johnny is guilty, we all know that. Todd will try to warn Carly about the creep factor, albeit unsuccessfully. Todd also has other taking Sam's baby for Tea, watching his daughter with Captain Cool (Trey), watching his daughter with the mob prince (Michael) and the small matter of the blackmailing nutcase (Heather). OH! And Sam comes to him for a job. Strange bedfellows...
Jason and Liz have a deep friendship. Everyone can see it. Many are concerned. Ewen will get worried and jealous, Sam will warn Ewen..Steve will question her judgement, and Patrick will warn Ewen to beware the brooding enforcer. Of course, Patrick has his own baggage. Maxie moves in..leading to painful and emotional moments. Patrick has been burying his grief and it begins to come out in various ways. he will have a long journey back from the darkness. Just in time to witness the resurrection of his presumed dead wife!
Is it just me, or is Kristina a total 14 year old tantrum queen? Somebody should clue her in..If she is doing this to "revenge her life", she is blowing it big time. Her reaction to Starr was so insensitive and juvenile, I threw a shoe at the TV. She is trying to impress Trey..well? Guess what? What guy in his right mind would want to date a girl who would ruin your life if she got mad? A case of not thinking things through to a logical conclusion. How dare Sonny give her her dream of Yale? The bastard! To think he hated her so much he would do something that mean..and her reaction to Starr's explanation of her going after Sonny? Simply, so what if your kid is dead! My father sent me to Yale! Revenge is MINE!!
Kate is an emotional mess. Her breakdown has been painful and fascinating. Kelly Sullivan is a rare actress who seems to physically change when her character becomes someone else. It is amazing! As much as I respect Megan Ward, I doubt she could pull this off. Sonny has undergone a maturing as well. He made the decision to stand by the woman he loves instead of letting his ego triumph. This summer will be a revelation in terms of truths and the past and future. We know that Joe Jr. is coming to Port Chuckles. He has two sworn enemies..Sonny and John McBain. Fireworks on all fronts! Speaking of fireworks, John and Sam spend a lovely time watching fireworks together..they are both drawn to each other, and both have significant others. A recipe for romance and heartbreak. This summer will be epic! Stories will wrap faster, new people will inject drama and comedy, and we will see people we thought dead come back. Thats right..PEOPLE..more than one. Heather will finally get her just desserts as well. A baby will come home and a family will be shocked that a notable figure is still alive, even though the death was witnessed. Hmm..any ideas? I am sworn to secrecy..for now.

June 17, 2012

The show has been really good lately. Not everyone is happy because they feel that their couple/fave character is getting a bad deal. This is a soap. If everyone was happy and nothing ever happened, would you still watch? honest. We need the shake up that happens on our screens.
Luke finally has a story that has some meat to it. A love triangle, a murder and Heather! Anna is back as commissioner and Mac will get a story. heather is bat guano crazy. She has a hand in all the nasty goings on. She also has a partner in crime..stay tuned! Kristina is proving that she stopped maturing at 14, Michael is getting some hormones and Johnny shows us what happens when crazy shows itself. The baby switch is classic soap, and while trite and overdone,still has promise. When it ends, the damage to many will last for years. Todd is a great addition to GH. he plays well off of many characters. I LOVE John and Sam together. Jason has been a real horses ass since the rape. Its been all about him.. Too bad, suck it up and show some caring for the real victim. Carly is deluded by Johnny. But, she always has has blinders for bad boys. Maxie is so self involved, I hope Spinelli finds someone who truly appreciates him. Lulu and Dante are growing past the honeymoon stage. Fear not..its groing pains. They will be fine. Kate/Connie is a good story and has shown Sonny in a better light. Things are looking up. I like the new direction the show is taking. Remember, its a soap..not a reality show. Relax and enjoy the ride. 




















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