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Welcome to The Critical List.
All questions and comments can be sent to our Facebook page!  PM's are welcome.

GH will have 2 live episodes in May. On May 15 and 18 make sure you don't miss it!

General Hospital has garnered an impressive 28 nominations for the Daytime Emmys!

 The role of Patricia Spencer has been cast. Dee Wallace Stone will play her. The Nightmare on Elm Street is almost over!

The role of Kiki has been recast. Hayley Erin will be taking over the role. She formerly played Abby Carlton on Y&R.

Kristen Alderson is leaving GH. She plays Kiki Jerome.

The role of Agent Sloane has been recast. Rob Derringer is being replaced by Grayson McCouch

Brandon Barash is listed as recurring, so he may be around for awhile.

Bradford Anderson will be returning as Spinelli, but we don't know for how long.

Kimberly McCullough begins taping December 15th. Look for Robin near NYE.

Christmas will have a huge amount of reveals.

Lisa LoCicero is pregnant.

Kimberly McCullough returns soon as Robin.

Hugo Napier returns as Larry Ashton, Tracys ex and Neds father!

It has been confirmed the Billy Miller IS the new Jason Morgan.

Sebastian Roche is coming back to GH for a short while. Be sure to catch Sebastian Roche in the new movie, A Walk Among the Tombstones, starring Liam Neeson.

Tyler Christopher is taking an extended vacation next year. He is NOT leaving the show. It will be taken is smaller increments of time.

More resurrections and returns coming.
The next sweeps period will be very action packed!
Ian Buchanon (Duke Lavery) doesn't have to much coming up and may look for short gigs until his storyline picks up.

Tony Geary is going on vacation. He is also recovering from back surgery.
His character will be seen onscreen through phone calls. He will be back in October! Word is his character will be bringing a woman with him. His partner!
Kimberly McCullough will make a brief return very soon.

Some returns coming! Ned, Robin, Victor and Helena. A Jason recast for summer.

Juan Santiago makes an appearance in June for the purpose of ushering Sabrina off the canvas (TeCa’s) maternity leave.

Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge, B&B) will be making a brief appearance on GH this week (Week of May 5th). Could his band, Player, be performing at the Nurses Ball?  (source: SID)

 On twitter, Devin DeVasquez, his wife posted, "It's only a special appearance. He's way too busy and doing many different things."










It looks like plans for the next Nurse’s Ball are under way. According to Lynn Herring’s FB page, she’s already being fitted for her gowns.

Kirsten Storms has returned to work, her first taping date was March 3rd and apparently she will be bring her personal guru with her. He’s supposedly quite a character. I wonder if she is subconsciously replacing Spinelli. I hope not.

 Donna Mills tenure on the GH is shortlived. She only did about 12 episodes and we’re not sure if there are any more appearances on the horizon.


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